Friday, April 1, 2016

The Simple Solution for Yemen

Everyone wants to be part of the plan for the international government because it allows everyone to function on a higher level, but the power games get in the way.

The people have been frustrated that their leaders attend summits but never seem to accomplish anything. The world leaders have used the games to gain power and prestige, and so people are grabbing for power. By adding the creation of the international government into the equation, and leaving out the people, the question becomes who will have the most power in the international government. Will it become like another United Nations, with a Security Council?

Many people see the president of the United States as being the most powerful person on the planet, but that is not so. The power a nation has is derived from the people, and in the international government, the power a nation has will be based on its population. The House of Representatives, one of the houses of the legislative branch--which decides whether legislation is the will of the people--is based on its population, so the more people a nation has, the more voting power it will have. In the executive branch, every nation will send a president to the international government, and they will decide whether legislation is executable. All the presidents will be equal, and they will each have one vote.

A flat hierarchy allows mankind to function on a far higher level than a vertical structure, where people are grabbing for power and climbing the proverbial ladder of success. The new paradigm allows mankind to be unlimited in what can be accomplished.

The international government will guarantee the rights of the people, and one of the rights an individual will have is to be able to leave a nation if he or she believes he has been oppressed. If a government is too oppressive, the people will leave, and the government will lose power on the international level.

In the case of Yemen, or any nation where the leadership has become oppressive to its people, the simple solution is to declare that the government must be invited to participate by its people.

Our organization will host a conference of world leaders to work together to set up the three branches of the international government, experts in various fields to help to set up the eleven departments, and groups to present cultural demonstrations so that everyone can appreciate the wide diversity that is represented in the nations. Before the conference can be scheduled, our organization must work to purify the US legal system prevent unfair practices that have caused chaos in the U.S. legal system from spreading chaos onto the international level.

We have a series of books that will explain how the international government will function. They will be launched along with the proposals to explain the principles of the proposal and the application of the principles.