Friday, April 22, 2016

Spiraling Down into Crisis

When you are in a crisis, it doesn't work to think positively. You must come up with a plan that benefits everyone. You will see that the plan that benefits everyone is the creation of the international government.

Before the Exit Strategy for Iraq can come about, mankind must reach the point where the United States lets go of the power games. People must hit the point of the Brick Wall--the bottom of the abyss. They must say "enough is enough."

What is dragging people down into the abyss is holding onto something that cannot help you get the life you want. People rely on compensatory games, like alcohol to make you feel better. As some point it becomes apparent that alcohol doesn't work, when you hit the point where you lose what is important to you. There is always a backlash from the power games.

But for the alcoholic that has hit the Brick Wall, there are still people from previous relationships that still see only the opportunity to play the games, not that the games have affected them, too.  It is like a line that forms of when people are ready to let go of the games. Until someone hits the point of the Brick Wall, you cannot convince them that the games don't work.

With genocides, which are based on weaving an illusion, many people are holding onto what has dragged them into the abyss, and cannot let go until others have done so. The United States is the overview concept, and we are the first to let go. Until we do, no other nation will come to participate.

This is now Armageddon, which means "the silly things people do." Armageddon starts when one person stands on the principles and that Moment of Choice affects another's security and support. Armageddon occurs every day in marriages and in business, but global Armageddon was triggered by the preemptive strike on Iraq. When Saddam Hussein went to the Arab League to protest that the sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children, and he called the United States the oppressor, he was standing on the principles and defending his people from "the oppressor." This triggered fears in George W. Bush, and he went down into the games of one-upmanship.

A series of skirmishes and battles have occurred--the Battles of Armageddon--and it drew in every person on the planet in some way. The United States and Iraq were allies at one time. Bush could have gone to Saddam Hussein and worked out a solution, but he didn't. Like a hostile divorce, they reached the point of no return when Saddam Hussein was hanged, and George W. Bush was backed into the proverbial corner, with no way to end the insurgency. He started a civil war rather than to gain control of Iraq's oil reserves and a strategic location in the Middle East. The power game of regime change no longer works.

None of the games work anymore. All the games have reached their ultimate conclusion, and a series of "curses" are starting to occur where everyone is facing the point of the Brick Wall.

Now, the U.S. government must find a way out of the abyss for our own nation, and all the people on the planet.

When you are backed into the corner, the solution is not to fight or to allow yourself to be squeezed, because both lead to your death. What is not apparent is that there is a little door behind you, in the corner, and if you turn around, you will see that it is there. That is your option to do what is in everyone's best interest.

While others see the opportunity to grab for power, and to create a vertical hierarchy that puts one individual on the extreme top of heap, as the emperor of the planet, that can only lead to the Brick Wall.  The real opportunity is to work together to create a flat hierarchy that enables everyone to function on a higher level.  The little door is to join in the creation of the international government.

The world leaders are jockeying for power, and playing the games. The illusion is so powerful now, that is appears that if a nation joins the movement to create the international government, it will lead to their death. It is as if all three options now lead to one's death. This is what has occurred with world leaders such as Hugo Chavez and Kim Jong Il, who both liked the plan for the international government--it treated them fairly and equally. The nations that have been declared Axis of Evil spiraled into crisis due to a sense of judgment, and were the first to support the idea.  Our first year's proposals are for nations that got into their crisis based on a sense of judgment. The United States also got into its crisis by judging other world leaders as evil. No one has the right to judge another.

If the United States refuses to participate in the plan for the international government, they will have ignored the crisis and passed it on to future generations, and it will take seven generations to undo the damage. That choice leads to be continually squeezed to the point of death.

At the point of the Brick Wall, the person dies unless a spiritual teacher comes along and demonstrates how it is possible to overcome the same crisis, and this is what our organization is doing. We are the spiritual teacher, and because we are in the same crisis, we are relying on our books, "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis."

We have a series of booklets, called "The Battles of Armageddon." They explain how mankind has been spiraling down in the crisis, and how to come away from the crisis.

The books are only available at this point in time to the independent members of our organization, but our catalog is a resource in itself. You Walk the Rainbow to rise out of the abyss and go on to create the life you want, and then you demonstrate it is possible to do so other others in the same crisis.

The nations are Walking the Rainbow, too. Each of our government proposals has recommended reading that can be found on one page of our catalog.