Friday, April 15, 2016

The Family of Paths to Create the Life You Want

Everyone wants to be able to get his or life on a higher level. Eventually even those who believe they can get it by perpetrating acts of violence and mayhem against innocent people will face the backlashes from their power games, and will come to understand they cannot get their life by breaking Universal Law.

At this time, every person on the planet has been exposed to the idea of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect--karma or the Gold Rule. Some still think of it as punishment and others see it as a tool that enables them to get their life. By helping others to create the life they want, they can have the help they need, too, and during this time period, the backlashes are immediate.

Because everyone plays the games, people are squeezed by the backlashes of the games to let them go. The games are not always easy to recognize in your life. It is easy to see that murdering another is a power games and has ramifications, but cancer, stroke and diabetes are also based on the games and you are taking your own life. The games are oppressive to the people.

To rise out of the abyss, you must let go of what is dragging you into the abyss. If you are an alcoholic, and have hit the bottom of the abyss so that you have lost everything and you no longer believe you can get the life you want, you must let go of the belief structure that alcohol will help you get your life, and turn around and start to rebuild your life.

There are three main ways we offer to start on your journey to create the life you want. They create a "family" of concepts.

  • Track Our Progress, and the government proposals and projects, are like the Father, who is the potential of the family. Without the government's involvement, it would be hard for the people of any nation to bring world peace. 
  • The World Peace Marketing Strategy, and the four segments of the people of every movement. Mankind divides into four segments--five if you include the future--and this path is the Mother perspective. Everyone is offered the opportunity to get the life they want, and no one is left out of the benefits.  She teaches her children the principles of what they need to understand.
  • Walk the Rainbow, which follows the planning process you take to rise out of the crisis. This is the Child of the Family. When the individual is ready to make the journey, he or she Walks the Rainbow through the planning process, all the way out of the crisis to the point where he or she is creating the life he wants. 
The governments are also Walking the Rainbow. Each government proposal has a sets of books that explain the principles, and application of the principles and the stages of the planning process to enable everyone to make progress on their journey to world peace.

Karen Holmes