Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Walking the Rainbow

The first step to create the international government is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and the first step of that proposal's planning is to bring together the professional publishing team. The government proposals are channeled "books" by Seth through Karen Holmes, and their books are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis." 

The power games are oppressive to the people, and at the ultimate conclusion of the games, someone dies, and so there must be a way for people to overcome the end of life crisis, and overcome the effects of the power games. In comes On The Rainbow Peace Store!

This post is not meant to be a sales pitch for these books. Seth placed on Karen Holmes the rule that at first she can only sell her books to independent members of the organization. We have to prove the books work through demonstration. That allows us to speak from personal experience. 

When faced with the end of life crisis, you have three choices, although only two are obvious and both are untenable. One is to die. The other is to rely on the existing structure that doesn't know how to solve the problem, and to hope for a cure. What is unseen is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and that is to understand how the physical crisis devolved in your life, and to come up with a plan that addresses the root cause of the crisis. The plan must help everyone to overcome the same crisis.

By leaving others out of the process, by attempting to come up with a lucrative cure for some fatal disease, by putting yourself first, you won't find the cure. When the international government is functioning, shared research will ensure that cures are found because everyone will be doing what is in everyone's best interest.

As On the Rainbow's website states, "Rainbows are a symbol of hope when you are in crisis," and "They are also a symbol of the planning process that allows you to rise out of your crisis."

The colors of the Rainbow actually represent the stages of the planning process. Red is the color of Creativity. If you know the root cause of the crisis, you walk the Rainbow to create a project, and then you go through the planning process.

For those people who are at their end of life crisis and see only two untenable options, the solution is the Pass it On books, which are meant to be gifted. The Crisis Packet has three little booklets, "A Little Angel Told Me...." is by Archangel Michael and Karen Holmes,  is your visit from an angel with you are in crisis. "The Principles of Spiritual Shopping," by Lady Gaia and Karen Holmes, allows the reader to crunch the dimensions in your own life and create Heaven on Earth by just understanding how to bring into your life only what you would have if you died and went to Heaven. And "Roles and Goals" by I AM That I AM and Karen Holmes explains how equated ideas get you into trouble in the first place. 

Each of the government proposals has a set of books that explain the planning steps and stages, the principles of the proposal and the application of the principles. Starting July 1, we will announce the proposal and all the books that go with it, but we will be able to sell books only to the independent members of the organization until the professional publishing team comes to help with the books. The Exit Strategy for Iraq's books are on the first page of the technology segment, and they explain where true power comes from, including how revenge works and why it doesn't work.

Mankind is not ready to create the international government. People are relying on the power games that I AM That I AM say are based on equated ideas, and that is why we are all in trouble. Mankind must Walk the Rainbow to rise out of our crisis. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

"I'll be dammed!"

Once the Grand Lie has been told, ripples of effects go out to draw in more and more people, and the ripples reinforce the lies. The truth does not overcome the lies, it just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust.

What causes this is that many people are holding onto something that is dragging them into the abyss, and they can't let go of it.

The ultimate conclusion of any power game--which is based on misunderstandings--is that the power game backlashes on you. You are 180 degrees from where you think you are. Grabs for power, for example, lead to a loss of power.

The point of the Brick Wall is like walking up to a door and on the other side of the door is your grand opportunity to get the life you have always wanted, but when you open the door, what is on the other side of it is nothing but a Brick Wall. Because in the Illusion, everything is backwards, what you want is behind you, not ahead of you. You must turn around.

The covert and overt actions weave an illusion that to let go of what is dragging you into the abyss will lead to your death, but the truth is, the person who is dragging you down is also in crisis and reacting of fears. There are no victims and no villains.

Then it comes to the point where you once again have three choices, and the question is who will you let it go to? Will you reinforce the power games, keep holding onto it until you face another backlash, such as a financial crisis segues into a legal crisis, or choose to go up and to stand on the principles?

On our Root Cause cards, Lady Gaia, the female aspect of God, says,

"Understand the root cause is not an "act of God," outside of your control. You have the capacity to create your life, but just don't see it yet. Let it go, whatever is worrying you." 

She also says,

"Once you understand the root cause of any problem, it is then possible to understand the solution. These cards offer solution to the problems that have plagued mankind. It is up to you what you do now with what you have. What will you create?"
"This organization shows people how to create the life you desire, and if you function according to the Four Rules: what you do must benefit all people, you must work on it every day, no one can prevent you from doing it, and you must be willing to work with other to make it happen, then you are unlimited as to what you can create. World peace will come when all people understand these simple rules, and are working to apply them."


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Someone will always defend you

Genocides are based on weaving an illusion. Once the Grand Lie has been told, ripples of effects go out to draw in more and more people. The truth does not overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. When you are deep in the illusion, it seems that there is no one who will defend you, because everyone is trying to defend themselves.

There is always someone who will defend you. It may be someone who it benefits himself or herself to do so. It may be a judge, who is responsible for defending your rights, and for keeping the peace. It may be one of your life-partners, who has the same goal and is defending your project, too. It may be God, who is standing on the principles of Universal Law.

The only thing you can trust is Universal Law, and you can depend on it to defend you. No one has the right to prevent you from living your life. By doing so, that individual is going against Universal Law, which is immutable. When someone puts you down, you go up and that person goes down.

If you defend someone, under Universal Law, you will be defended.

The global genocide that is spreading and drawing in more people started as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq. Our organization is defending Saddam Hussein. While many people consider the world to be better off without him, he was considered innocent of the charges against him, and because there were no WMD found, he was attempting to comply with UN sanctions. We consider him at the time to be the chosen leader of his sovereign nation. The preemptive strike went against Universal Law, and the intent of the UN Charter to prevent unprovoked attacks.

Our plan is to create an international government that guarantees the rights of the people, and one of the rights an individual will have will be to leave a nation if that individual believes he or she is being oppressed. That individual will go to offices of the international government for help, and the offices will be located in Faith of the Pure Ray churches. (Read about how they can help you get the life you want.) Our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal not only works to end the global genocide, but it sets up an international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield. The international government will defend you, too.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Setting the Princes Free

In an earlier post, I talked about the men who are trapped by women who play the power game of Greed--Ladies of the Green Kirtle from the allegorical story, "The Silver Chair" by C.S. Lewis. Today, will go into that further.

The allegorical stories are tools that enable the Crisis in the Family segment to resolve the crises. At this time, the allegorical stories appear to be the opportunity for the woman who is playing out the White Witch to perpetrate acts of violence on others, but in the future, the Family Plan segment will help families come back together by a kind of role-playing concept. Now, we are offering a way for the men who are trapped in a Silver Chair by a woman to be freed.

When the Grand Lie is told, the truth does not overcome the lie. Ripples of effects to out to draw more and more people into the crisis. the ripples log-jam and reinforce the others.

The overview person who is being trapped is Karen Holmes, a channel whose gift from God is to be able to communicate with anyone "on the other side." There are men who are playing the power game of Greed, also, and to be free, she must demonstrate that the importance of the Four Rules, which are that what you do must benefit everyone, that you must work on your project every day, that you must bring in people to help you, and no one can prevent you from getting your life. These rules allow you to overcome the resistance to your plan.

In the nearly ten years since the harassment started, Holmes has continued to make great progress in creating the plan for the international government. What has kept the organization from coming together is the illusion that has been woven. She understands that the ultimate conclusion of the power game of Greed is that the player of the power game ends up with nothing, but people keep trying to take what is not theirs to have.

Holmes and the men who are playing the game of Greed are playing out "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader," by C.S. Lewis. She is Lucy, and they are the monopods, the people who are invisible and are immature. They would like to be "beautiful people" but due to a fear of failure, they cannot walk forward to create their life. They appear in "The Last Battle" as the dwarves who remain in the stable, and think that the feast that Aslan prepares for them is trampled lettuce leaves. As she demonstrates that it is possible for someone to rise from the very bottom of the socio-economic scale, they should understand that they can apply the same process in their life, too.

The rule for setting free the men is that children are welcome to become part of the organization, too, but they need one parent to be willing to share his or her talents and gifts. When parents separate and divorce, the child may choose to live with the parent that plays the power games rather than the one who is standing on the principles. This rule allows the children to bring in both parents.

When you come from a sense of lack, the fears can overcome you, and you begin to grab for what you lack. Holmes has been on the bottom of the scale for a long time, and what is stopping the next family from coming in is the judgment against her. Judgment is what has gotten the first eight nations into trouble.

Karen Holmes is parallel to Saddam Hussein, and is responsible for the Exit Strategy for Iraq. She is the founder and director of the organization, which as of today has affiliate members in 85 nations.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Who will defend the family?

Our organization has been dealing with a hostile takeover, just as the nations have been with the rise of ISIS. One individual sees himself or herself as the emperor of the planet, and is working to undermine the families, taking advantage of the Battles of Armageddon that are raging across the planet.

It is not bad to take advantage of the crisis. Entrepreneurs see the advantage, too, but do what is in everyone's best interest to solve the crisis, and function from their own capacity. It is in no one's best interest for one individual to be the emperor of the planet.

Armageddon means "the silly things people do." Armageddon is not the end of the world, necessarily, but the end of a cycle. The first battle of Armageddon occurs when one individual stands on the principles during a Moment of Choice, and it triggers the fears for security and support in another who is dependent on that individual. That person goes down into the power games. It can occur within families or nations.

An example of this is when Saddam Hussein protested that the sanctions placed on Iraq were oppressive, and it threatened the security and support of George W. Bush, who decided to get revenge on Saddam Hussein. A series of ripples have gone out from the preemptive strike.

The battles of Armageddon bring others into the conflict, including people who take advantage of the conflict. The individual who wants to become emperor of the planet is offering those who went down into the games by getting revenge on Saddam Hussein the opportunity to function on a higher level, but the offer is based on weaving an illusion.

This is why our organization is introducing the proposals one at a time, and working to release the log-jam. The first issue is that disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, which is a higher form of functioning than global conflict.

Those who are standing on the principles, like Saddam Hussein, are driven out of the family. Their question is "What can I do?" The solution to every dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest. That involves using the crisis to create or participating in a project that benefits everyone. By working through the first row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy projects, it defends the family and helps to unravel the illusion that has been woven.

The first to come into the World Peace Movement are those who stand on the principles. It is our responsibility to teach the principles to those who were overcome by fears for their security and support. They must assume responsibility for their own security and support to regain the power they lost by getting revenge.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal comes first, and it is a U.S. economic stimulus plan. It contingency is that the United States amend our Constitution to create an additional layer of government over what already exists. The United States went down into acts of revenge, and now we are facing our fears. When George W. Bush declared "we will fight them over there so we don't have to fight them here," he insured that we will fight them here. Now, to solve this crisis, we must do what is in everyone's best interest, and allow Saddam Hussein to be defended.

Saddam Hussein will defend his own family, Iraq--even from the grave--through a book that will be published soon. "The Faith of the Pure Ray" is a collaboration by Lady Gaia and I AM That I AM, Jesus, Moses, Gautama Buddha, Muhammad, Rama, Confucius, Lao Tzu, Karol Wojtyla and Saddam Hussein. They are unifying the world's seven major religions. The money from the book will go to rebuild Iraq.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Earth is facing its end of life crisis

The premise of our Track Our Progress segment is that the same crises occur on every level, so if you introduce a solution on one level, you can also apply it on the others.

We have our physical bodies, but we also live on the planet, and it has systems, too. Our blood is remarkably similar to sea water. Energy runs through planetary ley lines just as energy runs through our nervous system. (Our technology inventions will go into that in greater depth.)

Mankind is going through a global genocide, too, and the ripples of effects  have gone out and are affecting all the levels, including the planet.

Potential members of our organization have been faced with a disease--Prion Disease-- that we consider to be one of the weapons associated with genocides. The U.K. faced the animal form of Prion Disease Mad Cow Disease. Once the prions are ingested, ripples of symptons occur, too, and they spiral downward, just as with a genocide.  There is no cure for Prion Disease at this time within the established medical community, just as there is no established solution for a genocide.

No dairy farmer will purposely feed his cows food that will kill them. The prions are more likely the result of covert actions or a sting operation. The prions are ingested--the Grand Lie is told, and the illusion is woven, and it triggers amyloidosis, which creates a log-jamming effect against the nerves. If the farmer is dealing with a character defamation campaign, he not only has a problem with his cows, he has a problem with his relationships that create the log-jamming effect. Then, the next step is that he cannot deal with being drained of his resources. With no resources, he can't run his farm, and the next step is being denied a fair trial and he faces security issues. That is when he passes away, unless someone stands up to defend him--just like how a genocide functions.

On a parallel basis, the same thing is occurring on the Earth. The Grand Lie was told to justify the war in Iraq, and ripples of effects have gone out. The Illusion has been woven to bring religion into the conflict, and the truth does not overcome the lies. ISIS seems unstoppable. People who play the game of Greed are looting natural resources. An example of the Earth being drained of its resources is a machine is in production now, and may already be in use. It is a machine that has the capacity to extract minerals from the sea water, including precious minerals. What seems like a great idea to make certain people very wealthy will wipe mankind off the face of the planet. The ocean's minerals function as electrolytes, which play a vital role in how a body functions.

The next step is that the neurotransmitters are released as the nerves are destroyed, and the energy stops flowing through the ley lines. How do you get it started again?

My organization is standing up to defend the Earth. Our plan to stop the genocide is the Exit Strategy for Iraq. We are defending the Earth and Saddam Hussein.

The overview must come first

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is the first proposal, and it appears to be an Iraqi proposal, but it is a U.S. economic stimulus plan that allows the United States to plug the drain on our economy to the Middle East.

The United States placed into power in Iraq a segment of the population that is not the overview concept, and it kicked Iraq off course to their goal of being sovereign and prosperous. The new government did not evolve from within the culture so it will never be accepted as legitimate and so there will always be resistance.

The overview must come first, in Iraq and also in the creation of the proposed international government. The Iraqi government is spiraling down because their government is not doing what is in everyone's best interest, and the entire planet is spiraling down because the international structure does not treat all people and all nations fairly and equally.

The United States can be considered the overview perspective of the planet. We are a melting pot of cultures and religions, and because of our Constitution, which guarantees to every American our inalienable rights, we function on a higher level than most other nations.

The U.S. federal government is the overview concept of the United States, and it allows each of the individual states to be sovereign, but also the opportunity to function on a higher level as part of the union.This form of government, if instated as a separate layer of government over what already exists, has the capacity to allow every nation to function on a higher level, and every citizen of the planet the same inalienable rights to function on a higher level.

The United Nations can be considered the overview perspective, but its Charter is not a constitution, so it is not a government. Under its auspices, the United States attempts to go into other nations, like a big brother, and helps to solve crises, but a better way to function is to allow the United Nations to fade into history and to solve the problems by working to create the international government, and allow the departments made up of experts in their fields from every nation to solve the problems. The United States sends foreign aid to other nations, but it is done at the expense of its own people. With the shared resources of the planet, the international government can solve the problems far better.

Within our organization, the first family to come into the framework based on the cooperation of nature is not the overview perspective of nations. This family is parallel to Iraq. This family has experienced the same crisis that Iraq is facing. The Iraq conflict devolved as a global conflict--the overview crisis. The worst case scenario for the planet, because ripples of effects have gone out to bring in every person on the planet, and he existing international structure has proven it cannot end or prevent wars and genocides. What is more, the vast majority of the population of the planet consider the United Nations to be the overview international structure, and so the entire planet is on the proverbial slippery slope.

The rise of ISIS will always meet resistance because it is in no one's best interest for one individual to be emperor of the planet. That individual is not the overview perspective, but functions for his or her own best interest. and rises to power because he or she equates power and military strength or money. These are ideas that must not be equated because if you lose your money, your lose your power. If you face a stronger army, you lose your power and the war. The overview individual functions as a servant of the people to enable everyone to function on a higher level, and carries mankind forward in our evolution.

The Iraqis want to be equal to everyone else, and allowed to live their life without interference. This is one of the inalienable rights granted to every person on the planet. Participation in the international government allows the Iraqis these rights, and this is why so many people around the world, especially those who have been oppressed, have become affiliate members of our organization.

The second family to come in is parallel to the United States, and the man who is the overview perspective is facing resistance from members of his family--his other brothers--who are very likely parallel to other nations. The oldest brother is mostly likely parallel to Somalia. This brother would like the opportunity to function on a higher level, but doesn't see how it can come about. To get his life on a higher level, he must function on a higher level. He cannot get his life by getting revenge and his support through piracy. He must turn inside Somalia to find his niche, too.

The first issue to address on a global level is that disputes between nations must be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to support the people instead. The first dispute ends the global conflict, but it won't be the last case. The international court system will handle cases between nations, such as what is occurring now between the Somalia and the United States. The dispute does not have to go to court. It may be resolved peacefully out of court as the creation of the international government progresses.

The first eight nations all fell into crisis due to a sense of judgment. The United States is one of them. In this presidential election we are seeing an example of this. There is strong support for a candidate who is being called racist, and who favors building a big wall to keep Mexicans out, and who would like to deport Muslim Americans.  His supporter's focus is on the sense of abundance and prosperity that can come from supporting a prosperous businessman who never ran for office before.

Eventually, the World Peace Movement will reach the individual level, and each of us on the planet will realize that we are responsible for our own prosperity and have to make it come about in our own lives. No government, or even another individual, has the capacity to create our life. It is up to us to do that.

Our overview relationship is with our Creator. We are first citizens of the Universe, which is more than a huge number of stars floating in an empty space. The Universe functions on twelve dimensions and is sentient. Mankind exists as part of the Creation. Every atom of our Universe is subject to Universal Law. This is the true overview perspective, and to function outside of it creates chaos. The overview Law is Universal Law that says, "Do unto others as you would have others do to you."

To get peace, we must give peace. To get abundance, we must enable others to have a sense of abundance, too.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Tor-Hana's Freedom

Our organization has endured a hostile takeover, a character defamation campaign that is an individual form of genocide. Many, many people have been dragged into the crisis. The genocide is being perpetrated and perpetuated by those who function for their own interests, and the solution is found in the fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy.

What has been so difficult to address is to unravel the illusion that has been woven. People are log-jammed and see no way out of their crisis. It has reached the point where the only thing anyone can trust is Universal Law.

It has been the practice of the perpetrators of the acts of mayhem to subvert the spiritual teachings and to twist them to their own advantage. That is backfiring on them. One of the projects that we are introducing--Tor Hana's Freedom--enables those who abuse power to step out of their crisis by assuming responsibility to undo the damage they have done, but this project, too, has been subverted into Tor-hana's Revenge.

This is a Moment of Choice for those who are perpetrating acts of mayhem. Will they stop playing the power games, turn around and undo the damage they have done, or continue on playing the games and face the backlashes from Universal Law? 

With the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, we are going to Oxford and Stonehenge to stop the global genocide that came from the preemptive strike on Iraq. It devolved as a genocide, an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein. With Tor-Hana's Freedom, we work to stop the acts of mayhem that are based on the illusion from the games of genocide and slavery that are log-jamming the conflict. We are looking at an event that occurred in England, also.

A tor in England.  Tors consist of huge tocks that rise to
the surface and become hill or mountains.
Hana was a woman who lived in England millennia ago. She was buried alive in a tor due to an act of revenge. The mayhem she perpetrated was so cruel that the people put her into their version of a prison. She became Tor-Hana.

Hana was not the only person to abuse power. There is a story associated with the Arthur legend that Merlin was also put into a tor. He was instrumental in bringing Arthur to power, but then he abused his power. He believed he was unstoppable.

Imagine Merlin or Hana sitting in the tor. They wre shunned by everyone in their community. What did they do? Insist  they could continue to get revenge on those who put them into it? Who could they get to help them out of it? Who would help them get their life?

The tor was Hana's opportunity to re-think and reform. To let go of the games. The people of her community could have killed her, but they didn't. They gave her a choice.

Hana died in the tor.

Tor-Hana came to two of the organization channels several years ago and asked for help. Tor-Hana's Freedom is now an organization project to address abuse of power issues. The project is still in its infancy, so we here are addressing only the overview concept that is related to the World Peace Marketing Strategy in an attempt to stop the mayhem.

The choice to stop the games and assume responsibility to undo the damage leads to a project, and to get his or her life on a higher level. To continue on with the games leads to the death of the perpetrator from the backlashes of the games, and to the last project associated with the fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy--the Time Machine.

The Time Machine may allow the individual to resolve his or her crisis even after their death, like Tor Hana. If he or she is the Pure Ray of their family, responsible for the carrying the family's racial purpose forward, then after a period of time, Lady Gaia, the female aspect of God, can enable that person to come into the future, when mankind has evolved out of the crisis and its ripples, and learn the principles of conflict resolution, and because Absolute Time functions simultaneously, that person can go back and affect changes in the past.

Universal Law is immutable. Every atom in the Universe is subject to Universal Law. You cannot get the life you want by breaking Universal Law.

To learn more about how Time functions, we recommend "The Education of Oversoul Seven," by Jane Roberts. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

The Silver Chair

Our organization is introducing fifty innovative projects, and they allow fifty individuals to become the next Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, which is a remarkable opportunity to get one's life on a higher level. Each project is based on one's talents and gifts, and like building Apple or Microsoft, it takes everyone working together to bring it about.

At the same time, our projects don't always bring in any money, and money is the main focus for many people. The second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for those who have been affected financially, and that row has a different kind of project. It is all about unraveling the illusion that prevents someone from having a sense of abundance in his or her life, starting with the principles that each of the seven major religions teach. Everyone who participates in the framework based on the cooperation of nature must function from his or her own capacity rather than relying on others.

The second row includes the allegorical stories--like living in a fairy tale--that unravel the little world of illusion that some people inhabit. They fit into the Crisis in the Family segment. The allegorical stories are based on the Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis, which are allegory for this time, and they start with "The Last Battle," which is the global genocide that started with the conflict in Iraq, and they continue to spin off into the other six stories.  These stories are based on the seven crises that families can experience. Behind each story, as C.S. Lewis says, "there is a white witch."

An allegorical white witch is a sociopath, someone who functions entirely for his or her own interests. That person is the allegorical devil who, if you accept what that person offers, backs you into a corner and traps you there. She (or he) is playing the game of Lust, which is based on outsmarting you. She may play all seven games, and pushes off responsibility for the damage she has done on others.

Seven men with vast potential for their future are each  trapped in the little world of a woman whose fears have flip-flopped. The men are tied to an allegorical Silver Chair. The women are allegorical Ladies of the Green Kirtle, grasping for their financial support through a hostile takeover. They play the game of "You Are Good." Before the plan for world peace can move forward, these men must be freed, and the women must see how they can create their life, too.

C.S. Lewis offers insights into how to free the men by unraveling the illusion that is based on the power games of Lust and Envy--which lead to slavery and genocide.

Also, our books explain how to overcome any crisis, and as the proposals are introduced, they each have a set of books that explain the principles, the application of the principles and the planning stages that allow the crisis to be overcome. The focus of the first proposal, the Exit Strategy for Iraq, address where true power comes from, and the five power games associated with revenge. Two of the games related to revenge are Lust and Envy.

The US government uses diplomacy to help other nations overcome the crises they are facing, but doesn't necessarily understand the power games that are being played. By doing so, they may inadvertently reinforce the power games that are trapping those with vast potential, or become trapped, also, by someone who is offering something he or she has no right to have. At the same time, to rely on power games to grab for power, like what occurred with the preemptive strike on Iraq, always leads to a loss of power. There is always a backlash to the games.

The international government will allow every nation and every individual on the planet to function on a higher level. The power a nation has will be based on its population. It is in the best interests of every world leader to turn inside the nation and to start to focus on creating a niche based on natural resources. That is not always easy to do. The international government will go into nations as advisors and help those nations to understand what resources that nation has, resources that were not apparent, and then help to find markets for those resources.

Within our organization, while all the allegorical stories are spinning around and around, we are working to establish a club, called "The Multiply Your Resources Club," which allows participants to create abundance in their life, based on the Flower of Life teachings. This club allows participants to lift themselves up into the top row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, but first they must overcome the crises in their life that came from grasping for power or abundance, and work to undo the damage they have done to regain the power they have lost by relying on the power games of revenge.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Let's take a side trip to Somalia

Today, we are going to work to unravel one of the log-jammed issues that are preventing the plan for world peace from coming about.

Somalia is considered a failed state. There is a continuum of frequency around the world, and what separates Somalia from Iraq--the focus of our first proposal, and one that relates to conflict resolution-- is Yemen, which is on the brink of being a failed state, also. The Gulf Counsel plays an important role in stability of the region, but conflict is tearing the nations apart, and they are facing the opposite direction from what leads to stabilization.

Peace in the Middle East is possible only when they turn inside their nations to enable their people to prosper.

Somalia is shaped like a seven, and is divided into three parts. The southern part is considered the overview "family" concept of Somalia. The upper left corner is focused on creating a sense of legitimacy through Rule of Law, and the upper right corner, which sits between the other two parts, is focused on its improving its economy, but piracy plays an important part of its economy.

The family that is parallel to Somalia is made up of two brothers who were both at one time married to the same woman, who has assumed responsibility for the family. Each of the three has focused on different aspects of the law. She is the overview concept--more spiritual. More focused on Universal Law. One brother went to law school, the other brother could have gone to law school, too, but was more of a playboy--a musician. They are inextricably linked through family relationships, but each has a very different perspective. Each would like to get his or her life on a higher level, but is stymied by choices they have made in their life.

The brother who is "the Horn of Africa" points toward Yemen for his support. They all have a long history with Yemen, but the other's relationships are "watered down" by their other relationships, and each still has his or her prime focus.  Yemen has declared itself an ally of the United States on the War on Terror, and relies on the United States for funds to fight terrorism, oftentimes at the expense of their own people. Factions of Somalia have been sacrificed, too.

Africa is a continent with vast natural resources, and their African cultures go back to the beginning of time, but during the colonial period, the rulers of Europe changed everything. Third world nations oftentimes become "bank accounts" for the industrialized nations. The African nations are facing another major change now with the introduction of the proposed international government, and the choice between that and the caliphate.

The "playboy brother" sits and watches oil tankers and yachts pass through the Suez Canal. In days gone by, being boarded by Yemeni pirates would have turned into a party on the beach and a paying small ransom to leave, but then he got greedy and more violent.

Now, the nation is divided over the revenge against Saddam Hussein. Saddam has been gone many years, but the acts of revenge against him have sent out ripples of effects that have brought in many people. The playboy brother has seen this as his grand opportunity to get his life on a far higher level, just as Yemen has. He can't let go and turn his attention inside the country to enable his "family" to prosper. He keeps running afoul of the Rule of Law, which has become a major trap for him.

The first principle of the proposed international government is that everyone must function from within his or her capacity. That is difficult to do what you don't know what your capacity is.

Our Exit Strategy for Iraq allows England to return to its traditional role of conflict resolution. Somalia must return to its traditional role, too. Rather than to focus on western law, they must return to their roots of Universal Law. Western law evolved as the rulers of lands made laws that benefit them, but Universal Law is a spiritual law that benefits everyone.

What you do to someone else will be done to you. To get your life on a higher level, you must enable others to get the life they want, but the question for those who function for their own interests its, "who has what you want?"

You can't get your life by getting revenge.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Who has what you want?

The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for those who function for their own interests, and this group of people are the ones who when they are dragged into the crisis, have the capacity to create a rebellion.

If the conflict is a divorce, for example, one stands on the principles and one goes down into the games, and gets revenge on the other. Say, the wife goes out and complains to the neighbors or extended family, about her husband. Once they get involved, it is difficult to contain the conflict. If someone from outside the family wants to get revenge on the husband, it can become a character defamation campaign, which is an individual form of genocide.

To get out of your crisis, you must make a win-win agreement with someone, and it comes to the point where you must understand what it is that you want, and find the person who has it. The people who play the five power games associated with revenge all seem to have the same goal, but actually don't. The revenge is a means to an end, and everyone is actually undermining each other. The hell of it is when you want revenge, that is all you get out of it.

This is what has occurred within our organization, and is occurring on the international level.

Ripples of effects have gone out to draw in more and more people, and the ripples have log-jammed everyone into a huge sense of illusion. No one knows who to trust. Some people have come into the quagmire because they were offered something, and it was a grand opportunity, but the person who offered it didn't have the legal right to it, and it was meant to trap the person to prevent them from joining the organization. Those who function for their own interests don't care whether someone is in crisis.

It is as if people are caught in their worst fears. Everyone has a big fear and a little fear, and when those fears are flip-flopped, they become mentally ill. They have sold their soul to the allegorical devil.

Many people are in their end of life crisis because they don't see how they can get the life they want.

To get the United States out of its economic crisis, President Obama went to the think-tanks and the leaders of major corporations, and businesspeople, for advice, but he was 180 degrees from where he thought he was. Everyone he talked to functioned in the mainstream sector of the economy, and had a personal agenda. The person President Obama was looking for was the person who was on the bottom and was rising out of the crisis, and could drag everyone out of it, too.  The person who had experienced the same crisis and had a plan for getting out of it. The person who had no voice because he or she was on the bottom of the economy, and when they came together, everyone could function on a higher level.

In the scenario of the divorce, the wife is getting revenge because she relies on her husband for her security and support, and she fears having to be responsible. She fears having to go out and make her own living, but that is what she must do.

The husband is dealing with a character defamation, and during this time of crisis, must rise out of his own crisis, and demonstrate that it is possible to get his own life. When it becomes apparent that by getting revenge she is losing her power, and he must keep on rising in power, and when they meet at the middle, that is when conflict resolution is possible.

For conflict resolution, the first requirement is that everyone must be seen as equal. To stop the genocide, someone must defend the person who is standing on the principles.

When Karen Holmes introduced the plan for the international government, it threatened the security and support of her husband. Karen is parallel to Saddam Hussein, and her husband is parallel to George W. Bush. It affected the life of their child, and the rest of the family, and many others were draw into the conflict.

Our organization is offering our Exit Strategy for Iraq as our solution for defending Saddam Hussein, and for ending the character defamation against him.

The first principle of the global renaissance is that every person function from within their own capacity, by sharing one's talents and gifts. Most people don't know how to do that, so the focus should be on fulfilling one's purpose in life, which is to do what is in everyone's best interest, including those who are actively getting revenge on you. The conflict stops when everyone sees it is possible to create a financial foundation, because it undermines those who are getting revenge.