Saturday, April 16, 2016

Taking the first step to world peace

Yesterday I talked of three wonderful paths to world peace, but today I will talk about how the beginning of the paths are blocked to those who wish to Walk the Rainbow, and what to do about it.

The hostile takeover of my organization is in the form of a genocide--a character defamation campaign-- and ripples of effects have gone out from it to draw in thousands of people.  Just as demonstrated by the Light Source invention, the crisis started with oppression, and has gone around the circle twice and is now on the third cycle. Thousands of heinous crimes have been committed. They are acts of mayhem to prevent people from participating in the plan for world peace.

The first was the criminal acts, then the investors, who are/were mostly powerful attorneys/ responded by threatening law suits, and the third time around the circle, the criminals started wantonly killing others, including small children.

The same thing is occurring on the international level, with extremist groups like ISIS and Boko Haram. Degrading and destroying the groups is not the solution because it doesn't address the root cause of the problem, and so it is making it worse. There are sleeper cells in every nation and in every state, and they will rise on a global basis once the second circle is complete. As this is being written, there is a flow of extremists from Syria and Iraq into Libya. That does not mean that Syria and Iraq are free now, because the schism within the governments still exists. Those who stand on the principles are being overwhelmed by those who have fallen to the games.

The conflict won't end until everyone has their financial support. It takes a fourth element to come into the crisis, and in this case, that is the principles that were taught by Gautama Buddha, and Buddhism.

A way to look at it is as family dispute--a hostile divorce. If a husband is unfaithful, it affects the security and support of the wife, and their children are left of the proverbial bridge between the two parents. They have no foundation to get their life. It takes a fourth element--a judge--to ensure the rights of the child to get his or her life.

Those who have no social conscience function for their own interests. They would like to see the idea for world peace fail. They cannot take control of peace, and so do what they can to postpone it. They are first to grab onto the idea, and prevail when those who do have a social conscience don't stand up in enough numbers to stop them from committing their acts of mayhem, but for them to be heard, they must offer a plan that benefits everyone. The investors didn't have that plan. They knew about the plan for the international government, but their knee-jerk reaction was to fall back to legal recourse, and at this time, there is no way for anyone to have a fair trial. The illusion has even spread to the point where court documents have been subverted.

People who have a social conscience are generally slow to act. The longer they wait, the more likely they will be overcome by their fears.

People who stand in protest have no voice unless they can offer a plan that benefits everyone. Our Social Conscience cards, which are part of the Getting Out of the Abyss class curriculum--the first row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy--are based on the Tree of Life concept. Our students become the teachers to their family and friends, and the teachings keep spreading until every person on the planet is able to create the life he or she wants. Everyone has a mentor. The first plan is the plan for the international government, and the plan enables the creation of a global renaissance. It leaves no one out of the benefits--even the extremists.

The first step is for the United States to defend Saddam Hussein. The problem is that there is a schism within the governments, where one side is standing on the principles and the other is falling back to the power games. The Democrats understood that it wasn't a good idea to invade Iraq because our nation lost its power base, and many Republicans still think we defended Iraq from an evil dictator, that the war was justified. It is a matter of the letter of the law as opposed to the intent of the law.
The Exit Strategy for Iraq takes the crisis off the battlefield and into the courts, and the monies now wasted on war go to support the people, instead.

Saddam Hussein had actually been an ally of the United States and our government supplied him with intelligence and arms during the Iran Iraq War, one of the most brutal in the history of the planet. When it became apparent that the United States could not stop the insurgency, we could have gone to him and made a deal to give him back his power temporarily in exchange for helping Iraq transition into the international government, but his assassination prevented that from occurring.

Everyone has a problem and everyone has a solution,

and the trick is for the two to find each other. This is represented by the Star of David symbol, with two opposing triangles. When the two sides meet, the two triangles slide together into a hour-glass shape. How this functions, say that President Obama is looking for a solution to the ISIS crisis, and goes to his think tanks or military for a solution. They came along the cycle of misunderstandings with the president into the crisis, and see only the narrow perspective. Of course the military will have a military solution, but it won't address the root cause of the crisis. But, defending Saddam Hussein is not something President Obama may wish to do, because he risks alienating the Republicans who still see that we were justified in ridding Iraq of an "Axis of Evil" dictator.

Once President Obama announces his support for the plan for the international government, and opens it to debate, there will be a wave of peace that goes out, as if a window into heaven has been opened for everyone to see that world peace is possible. The idea goes mainstream.

Everything mankind needs to function on a higher level is included in the first year's proposals and projects. Everything that mankind needs to rocket out of the abyss. The three paths from yesterday's post allow every person on the planet to function on a higher level, and to create the life each one of us wants.