Saturday, February 13, 2016

Thinking outside the box

The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, and people all over the world support the idea, but how to bring it about is the real question. It takes a paradigm change in what people think. The old structure is based on power games and climbing the ladder of success. The new international structure is a flat hierarchy.

There has been a schism, where some people see the potential of the old structure to rise in power, and think a flat hierarchy is absurd, and some see the new flat structure as the only solution to prevent a global conflict.

For example, those who think globally see that the United States lost power by preemptively striking Iraq, and see the international government as the way the United States can regain our power. The other side thinks the preemptive strike was a logical move, one that the U.S. government has used for regime change, and this is how we got our power, and supporting the creation of the international government makes no sense to them. Why let go of the United Nations when we are on the Security Council? Why let go of our power?

People won't come into the framework of win-win agreements until forced to do so. They have to let go of what no longer works. They must let go of what is dragging them into the abyss.  This establishes a continuum of frequency that ranges from those who function globally--even Universally--to the individual level.

One of the analogies Seth uses is that mankind is like jigsaw puzzle pieces all jumbled up in a box, and people are climbing over the backs of others to rise to the top. When squeezed to let go of what is dragging them into the abyss, it is as if a giant hand comes and picks the piece out of the box and lifts it onto the table top. As other pieces are squeezed, lifted and placed on the table, they can be fit together.

An example of this is between the first two nations who are being offered proposals--Iraq and the United States. The first issue is to end the global genocide that devolved as a result of the preemptive strike on Iraq. It went against the intent of the UN Charter to prevent unprovoked attacks, and one of the premises of the US legal system, that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty, which is important because you cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives. Our Constitution guarantees the inalienable rights of the individual to be able to live the life we want without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government. By preemptively striking Iraq, the U.S. government under President George W. Bush perpetrated an unlawful act against international law, and broke an unlawful U.S. federal law premise, and he also broke Universal Law, and is now facing the backlashes from that grab for power.

The sanctions against Saddam Hussein included the Oil for Food program. Iraq's oil production was limited, and under these sanctions, an estimated 500,000 Iraqi children died from inadequate food and medical care. That is example of thinking inside the box. A far better Oil for Food program between Iraq and the United States is being proposed by our organization, and that is to enable Iraq to join the international government as equal to the United States, and the international government's commerce departments will make win-win agreements between Iraq and the United States. Iraq has oil, and the United States needs it. The United States has food, and the Iraqi people need it. Everyone functions on a higher level when there are fair and equitable trade agreements between nations.

The bigger picture that is slowly coming out from the pieces coming together is yet to be seen. Mankind can create anything we want. We can let go of what is dragging us into the abyss, and think of new ways for how things function.

If you look at the alternatives, of one individual making it to the position of "emperor of the planet," how can that person solve the problems? The logical outcome of that is a global conflict as people fight to maintain their freedoms and sovereignty.

Our first focus, then, it that disputes between nations will be settled in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will support the people, instead. Let's see what burst of creativity comes from the first win-win agreement.

Karen Holmes

Friday, February 12, 2016

Allegorical stories explain emergence of an arch-villain

Albert Einstein encouraged mothers to read fairy tales to their children. I wonder if he was doing so to trigger their minds to rise to greater heights or to teach problem-solving skills and logic.

C.S. Lewis wrote the Narnia Series as an allegory of what is occurring during these times, and because the crises occur on every level, we can apply the same information on the individual and organization level to solve the problems in our lives, too.

"The Last Battle" comes last in the series, but it actually can be considered the overview story, and starts at the same time as "The Magician's Nephew."

Once we get our organization established, our Family Plan level will work within families to help end family genocides and the ripples of effects that go out from them, but until that time comes, we are caught in the same crises that Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy experienced in their alliance with Aslan, and their battles with the White Witch.

Seth, the seventh dimensional entity who was famous for his books with channel Jane Roberts is playing the role of Aslan, and he is now working with channel Karen Holmes on the books. She is Lucy. They are working together to establish the organization--the legal name of it is Seth and Suzeranda Corporation. Holmes's spiritual name is Suzeranda Melchizedek.

Rather than to name the other characters, we can speak of how the White Witch is a woman who has been diagnosed with sociopathy, and is actively getting revenge and perpetrating a hostile takeover of the organization and the plan for the international government. 

"The Last Battle" is raging now. Many people are fighting for their life, and are backed into the corner. People have been dying, and are so fearful that by being forced into the little stable that they will lose their life. On the other side of the stable door is peace and light, but they don't see it as they battle the Calormenes.

Ironically, the people who are perpetrating the battles are from Californian and Oregon, and they are really, really mean. In this area of the United States, we Oregonians have more in common with the Northern Californians than the people who live in Portland and Salem, which is the capital of our state. In many ways we are CalOr citizens in our culture.

If you are familiar with the Narnia Series, you know the White Witch sacrifices Aslan, and that has occurred with his books. Holmes's spiritual guide is Seth, and they are working together with the spiritual hierarchy and the past kings, queens and presidents to undo the damage that has been done, and the books are "channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis." 

The White Witch cannot achieve in the hostile takeover of the organization, but is kicking people through the doorway into Narnia. She cannot compete with Aslan. 

As she did with Edmund in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe," she offers people something that they want, and that entraps the person. It is up to Aslan to free everyone, and that involves the books, the channeled insights and the government proposals.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Undermining the revenge against Saddam Hussein

The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, and we have affiliate members in 83 nations. It is time now to draw in the independent members. Each of our 200 independent members and his or her family is parallel to a nation, and people won't come into the framework of the cooperation of nature unless squeezed to do so. We are at the point in the planning process that is called "herding cats," which are notoriously difficult to herd.

Imagine willingly letting go of the United Nations. It has had to prove that it can't end or prevent wars for everyone to agree to let it go. The world's leaders have had to be searching for a new plan to which everyone will agree. The new plan must be already in existence, and solving problems, and be able to address the conflict that arises from those who function only for their own interests. This leads to three choices, and two are untenable. The failing old structure, the one that is based on power games and puts one person over another, and the new structure that is in everyone's best interest. This final choice is the one that allows mankind to evolve to a higher level.

Since 2008, people have been squeezed to make this choice, to go up, down or straight ahead. Straight ahead is to ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage. The choice to go down into the power games leads to conflict, and there are always backlashes to the games. The choice to go up is to stand on the principles.

Our potential independent members have been squeezed, and many have stood on the principles and their spouses have chosen to go down in the power games. The choice to go up is the logical choice, but those who play the power games have been getting revenge, which draws together people who play the five power games of war, genocide, massacres based on the game of greed, slavery and terrorism. Some seem to think they can function with impunity, and see this as their opportunity to get their life on a higher level. Many people have been backed into a corner and see no way out of it.

Our focus now is to unravel the acts of revenge.

This is where the Iranians come in. The question has been, will Iran use its nuclear capacity for peaceful purposes or for revenge? Are the Iranians standing on the principles or going down into the power games?

To undermine the "Pentacle of Power"--the five games of revenge--we, as a planet, must look at what set the stage for the misunderstandings, and made so many diverse groups of people all seek to get revenge on Saddam Hussein. What common goal did they have, and what did they want to get out of their power games?

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The professional publishing team

The first book that Karen Holmes channeled was written in  May 1999, with her guide, Seth, a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his books through Jane Roberts. "A Manual for Peace" explains the application of the principles of how world peace will function, and offers prophecies for the next thousand years. 

You might wonder why it took so long for it to make it to the shelves, and that story will be told soon, once the professional publishing team comes together. The books were pirated, and the illusion associated with them must be unraveled. 

How could they stand on the principles of world peace by going to war?

With each proposal that comes out, there will be a set of published materials that offer the proposals and explain the principles, the application of the principles, the overview concept, and the planning stages and steps. Each proposal is unique, and covers diverse topics related to world peace, as different as conflict resolution and business and economics. Each year, we are introducing eight proposals, so imagine the difficulty in one person being responsible for understanding all the topics well enough to pass the judgment of the experts in the field, offering innovative concepts that are presently beyond what is found on the internet. The only way that could be done is by channeling the information from the spiritual hierarchy.

"A Manual for Peace" seems simple and logical, but Nobel Prizes still go out to people who are attempting to bring world peace. Peace has been beyond the greatest diplomatic minds on the planet. 

This book goes beyond what the prayer circle imagined back in 19999. It helps to unravel the illusion that has gone out as part of the ripples associated with the global genocide that is unfolding as the result of the Iraq War. 

In December of 1999 Holmes and Seth channeled "A Manual for the One World Government," which is associated with the Constitutional Amendment proposal. It helps to bring together the two sides of the organization--the inventors and the investors.

Seth told Holmes not to worry about the books being pirated, that they would come out once a "million people were in the right time, place and frame of mind for peace to come."  He said also that the pirates would face the backlash from their power games. 

The international government's legal system will be based on the principles of Universal Law. This helps to unify the planet, because we are all subject to it, and it helps individuals to understand the power games don't work. So, if the games don't work, the next question is, what will?

The cooperation of nature. Making win-win agreements to get what you need. But, then you must discern who has what you want. If you want revenge, you will face the backlashes from the games.

Our books explain how to recognize the games in our own lives and when we see them in others. 

The curse of prion disease is associated with genocides

At our prayer circle, we received the prophecy that seven curses will spread across the planet. The curses are associated with the power games people are playing, and will spread as the games reach their ultimate conclusion. We were told that tsunamis will occur, and pancreatic cancer, and many people who play the power game of Pride will experience premature aging. One more relates to the deaths of children, but this will come from seemingly unknown causes, and not from them being murdered.

Prion disease may be one of the curses, or it may be a covert or overt action that is played to take away the freedom of the people.  If it is a covert action, the associated game is Greed, which leads to massacres. Whatever the associated games, it is tearing apart the potential members of our organization and so we are working to introduce a solution as part of our Crisis Center.

At this time we believe it is associated with genocides as part of the ripples of effects that go out, part of the illusion that is woven to terrorize the people. The existing structure has no cure for prion disease, which has a human form and an animal form.

As part of our services to the world leaders, when we are offered a government contract, our animal advisory team will check the health of wild animal populations, and work with locals on health issues that include Mad Cow Disease.

Monday, February 1, 2016

A Moment of Choice with three options

When the existing structure has proven it cannot solve a crisis, the people who are responsible for solving the problems are squeezed to let it go and start to look for a solution. If their plan does not address the root cause of the problem, it makes it worse.

They have three options. Two are untenable. 

One is to ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage that has been done. Each generation is associated with one stage of the planning process. In religion, this is to be in purgatory.  This is the slippery slope, but it is more like a slow decline to a cliff. You continue on, slowly losing power, until everyone realizes you are all in deep trouble, then there is a crash.

The second is to rely on power games. The games go against Universal Law, so there is always a backlash to the games. In religion, this is Hell. The games all end up with people dying, such as waging war, genocides, massacres or terrorism. This is also untenable, because the perpetrators of the games face the backlash.

The third option is to do what is in everyone's best interest. This is Heaven on Earth. In the planning process, each stage is associated with three steps. The third step allows you to move forward.

Our organization is addressing the issues that are global first, and then there is a continuum of frequency to the individual level. 

The plan for the international government was introduced, and we are facing the issue of conflict resolution. These are the first two proposals. The United States is also a microcosm of the entire planet, an overview concept, and the preemptive strike against Iraq was the ultimate conclusion of the power games associated with regime change. The issue of no WMD is a vital one to address because Saddam Hussein was attempting to comply with UN sanctions, which means it went against the intent of the UN Charter and went against Universal Law. That policy no longer works.

So, what will work? How does the United States satisfy our requirements for oil, and do we need a strategic location in the Middle East to defend ourselves from Iranian influences?

We now have three options. 

Karen Holmes,
Principal and Director
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government

Mental illness from the ascension process

Mankind is evolving and reaching a milestone that is the boundary between the third dimension and the fourth. This boundary involves a radical change in belief structures, going from the third dimensional belief that you can't get the life you want and so you settle for second best to where you understand in your heart that you can get the life you want, which is fourth dimensional thinking.

Mankind will stay in the fourth dimension for about twenty years or so, and it will be characterized by people blaming others. This time period will include many court cases, such as the the one between the United States and Iraq.

There is a crisis associated with this stage of mankind's development, and that is a form of mental illness that comes if you are offered the opportunity to get the life you want, but it is based on functioning outside of your capacity. It is similar to being bi-polar, and it comes because you understand you can get the life you want, so you leap to the fourth dimension in thinking, but you know you are a fake, functioning outside of your capacity.

Two possible examples of this are George W. Bush with the events associated with 9/11 and his response, and Pope Benedict XIV. They reached a position of great power, but in their policy decisions and how they reacted to crises, whatever they did made their crisis worse.

The conspiracy group pirated the project ideas and assumed they had greater power to bring them about. They had money, they had great ideas. They therefore had power they never had before. When they demonstrated their lack of understanding of the principles of creativity, they started to destroy what they couldn't keep. They believed money and power can be equated, and then that brutality and power can be equated, and both got them into trouble.

To overcome this form of mental illness, it must be done by demonstration. Once they realize the ideas cannot be equated and they have lost their money or have been charged with crimes, they lose their power. Their families have been torn apart by conflict, and from the grab for power, and so their family members must be able to rise out of their abyss, and by assuming responsibility for their family, they rise in power. This creates an sense of equality, the first requirement for conflict resolution.

Our organization's projects include two classes to address this form of mental illness. On is "Facing Your Fears," and the other is "Exorcism of Demons." Each time someone chooses to go down into the power games based on revenge, they set into place before them an event where they must face their fears. They are breaking Universal Law, and face the backlashes from their grab for power. The classes are not for the mentally ill, but for family members who are the only ones who will assume responsibility for ending the conflict in the family.

The people who wanted to be first to come into the organization will find themselves forced to move to the back of the line. They will be invited to come in by their family members who function for everyone's best interest, just as the world leaders will be invited to come into the framework of the international government by their people.

With the Exit Strategy for Iraq, George W. Bush will face his fears with the court case from his preemptive strike on Iraq, but by doing so, he will help to establish the international court system and help to democratize the entire planet, but it must be done through the creation of the international government, and not by force.

You can't bring peace by going to war.

Karen Holmes,
Principal and Director
The World Peace Organization for the One World Government