Saturday, April 2, 2016

There is no need to fight ISIS

Genocides are based on weaving a sense of illusion. The ripples of effects have gone out from the Grand Lie, and many people have been drawn into the genocide, including ISIS. The problem now is that the truth does not overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust.

The darkness cannot function on a higher level than the light. Darkness is based on fear, and the only thing it can do is to make people so fearful that they turn and run, like being routed in a battle. The darkness's plan is not to win the battle, but to postpone the introduction of the new plan. The idea is to perpetuate covert and overt acts because no one can defend themselves from prejudice and ulterior motives. Understanding what is occurring from the widest perspective allows those who stand in the light to stand to fight the darkness and the fears.

The seven power games are based on three fears--loss, death and failure. Everyone plays the games. The games are bad, not the people. If you back someone into the proverbial corner without giving them a way out of the corner that allows them to function on a higher level, it puts them into a dilemma with two untenable options. They can die or come out over the top of you. This is where North Korea is now--backed into the corner with no way out of it, and willing to deploy its nuclear weapons.

Our organization is working with God, the Creator of us all, to introduce the plan for the international government, and God is the widest perspective possible. This allows us to overcome the darkness that is associated with the sense of illusion that has been woven.

For our Creator to accept the plan--

  • Every part or project must stand on the same principles
  • People must be able to get their life on a higher level
  • It must leave no one out of its benefits
  • Everyone must agree to the plan.
  • It must give people recourse to change what is unfair. 
  • It must stand on the principles of Universal Law.
God, the Creator of us all, does not work with anyone who does not stand on the principles of Universal Law.

During times of change, the old prophecies are brought out of storage and dusted off. Is this the prophesied End Times-- the Rapture?  Is this the time for St. Malachy's prophecy for the end of the Catholic church? Is this the End Times the Mayans foretold in their calendar? ISIS believes that this is the time for Muhammad and Jesus to come together. But, so many misunderstandings exist about prophecies. Prophecy is a potential future, sometimes a warning and sometimes a promise. How will they play out? How can you fit these times of change into the prophecies?

These are the end times that were prophesied by the Mayans, the Christians like St. Malachy, and the Mayans, but they are not coming as many people believe. These are the end of a cycle, and great changes are possible only at the end and the beginning of a cycle. The cycle that is ending is based on the power games, which no longer work. You can't reach the end of a global cycle by taking the games deeper. The Bible prophesies a Thousand Years of Peace, and it is based on the creation of the international government.

The rise of the caliphate does not have the blessing of the Creator of us all because it does not stand on the principles listed above. No one is in agreement for the rise of one individual to be the supreme ruler of the planet. To declare oneself the caliph allows us to understand only what we, as a planet, no longer will tolerate.

There is no need to fight ISIS. Our plan introduces the Faith of the Pure Ray, which unifies the world's seven major religions into one body of knowledge that teaches the principles related to how to create the life you want. There are no other institutions on the planet that do this. Each of the world's seven religions teaches one segment of the knowledge. This is the fulfillment of the prophecy that Muhammad and Jesus will come together.

God, the Creator of us all, grants to every person on the planet certain inalienable rights, which are to be able to create the life we want without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government. When governments become oppressive, they deny the people their inalienable rights.  Under Universal Law, if you deny anyone their inalienable rights, you lose your own rights.

The preemptive strike on Iraq went against Universal Law--and also the intent of the UN Charter to prevent unprovoked attacks. Ripples of effects have gone out to draw in the entire plan. To maintain our inalienable rights granted to Americans, we must offer to every person on the planet the same inalienable rights granted to us by our constitution. The first two proposals of the international government end the conflicts and grant these rights to the entire planet.

There is no need to fight ISIS. There is no need to fight North Korea. All mankind must do is to join the efforts to create the international government, and to stand on the principles of Universal Law, which will be the basis for the international government's legal system. The first proposals lead to the creation of an international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead.