Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The symbolism of the Star of David

The Star of David is associated with genocides. Jews during the Holocaust were required to wear a yellow Star of David on their clothing to set them apart from the others. 

What is ironic about requiring them to wear this symbol is that it demonstrates how to end a genocide. Perhaps the perverse logic at the time was that no one really was willing or able to make the effort to end the genocide.

Everyone has a problem and everyone has a solution, and the idea is to bring the two together. The triangle that points up represents the people in power who have the problem. The triangle that points down represents the people who have a solution but has no voice. 

The overlapping areas represent mainstream-thinking, and there is a continuum of frequency from side to side. Mankind is evolving or devolving. You won't find the solution to any crisis in this area because their perspective narrows as the crisis progresses through a series of misunderstandings. 

There is also a continuum of frequency from top to bottom. The higher the place one is on the symbol, the more power he or she has. The lower, the more viable the solution. The extreme upper and lower points represent the person who is responsible for finding a viable solution, and the lower is the person who has the solution but no voice and no power.  

The lower symbol is what occurs when the two people at the extremes come together, and the solution goes mainstream. 

In the case of the plan for the international government, President Obama and his administration are represented by the triangle that points up, and our organization is the triangle that points down. What is preventing the two triangles from coming together is that he has not yet made any contact with the person at the bottom extreme, so the plan has not yet gone mainstream. The two triangles may be already sliding together by working with potential members of the organization, but that is not enough to create the international government. It passes the conflict on to future generations. 

On the parallel level, President Obama must defend Saddam Hussein to stop the genocide. The Exit Strategy for Iraq is the solution to ending the global genocide that is unfolding.

Everyone has a problem and everyone has a solution, and the idea is to bring the two together.