Friday, December 23, 2016

As ripples of nations support the plan, they trigger crises in the next ripple

The first nations to support the plan for the international government are those who have been declared Axis of Evil nations. The judgment against them put them into a crisis situation where they were not treated fairly and equally by the industrialized nations. Their support for the plan put the next ripple of nations into a crisis situation, and they are the nations where "economic hit men" have gone in to take advantage of the people.

The support by those nations that have been targeted economically puts the next ripple into crisis, and they are the world leaders who are trapped, and can't let go of what they are holding onto.

We are now addressing a series of archetypical crises--allegorical stories--that are leading to sociological crises.  We refer to them as Crisis in the Family.

On a parallel level, we are introducing the plan for the international government, and our organization has two parts--the inventors and the investors. As our independent members announce their support for the plan for the international government, it triggers a crisis in their family. There is a Family Plan segment, also, and that allows us to address the Crises in the Family issues by playing out the allegorical stories.

The solution to every dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and that is to join the organization or the plan for the international government. The plan must be able to solve all the problems.

The archetypical White Witch is a sociopath who believes he or she has the capacity to outsmart all opponents. The is based on the idea of the inverted triangles, where he or she has the wider perspective based on covert and overt actions and all opponents have a limited perspective on the power games that are played on them, like cat and mouse. The opposing triangle is that the sociopath is functioning outside of his or her capacity, and those who understand the power games are profiling the sociopath, who cannot be convinced that what he or she is doing won't help them get their life.

As C.S. Lewis said in the Narnia Series, "Behind every story is a White Witch."

As the White Witch plays his or her oppressive power games, it backs people into the corner and triggers them to turn around and come into the organization or the framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Help stop the super-volcano in Italy from erupting!

In the early 1990s. I read an article about the erratic behavior of the magnetic poles, and then had a vision of the core of the planet. It was burning very hot and the flames were rising. At our next prayer circle, I brought it up for discussion, and we got an answer. The spiritual hierarchy told us that there are ley lines on the planet, and the energy runs through them. When there is a lot of negative energy, the ley lines get wider and there is more "friction." It makes the core of the planet hotter. That affects the magnetic field of the planet.

We were given a prayer to say at our prayer circle, and we prayed for the 100 mile radius, the planet and the galaxy. Each week, we met and prayed for peace and for people in crisis, and for the planet. We started to see remarkable results, especially in the 90 miles radius because it became evident. The weather patterns--the winter storms--were never as bad as predicted by the Weather channels. Fishermen went out onto the ocean based on the signs rather than the weather reports.

The prayer circle's focus shifted in 2007, and people headed different directions.

Several years later, I read about volcanoes erupting, and searched the Wikipedia article about the core temperature, and it has risen dramatically and inexplicably over the last 30 years. While this seems like an Act of God, outside of our control, that is not the case at all. Mankind plays a very vital role in the stability of the planet. What other explanation is possible? We are no closer to the sun. This fact can also be a factor in global warming.

Now, in the news from Italy, the scientists are warning that the super-volcano that is under Naples is showing signs again of rising, and it has the capacity to tear apart the region, and affect the weather patterns of the entire planet. The earth is a closed ecosystem, and what affects one part affects the entire planet.

The ley lines run from one geographic location to another, like a network. What other network exists that focuses on Italy? Naples is over 100 miles from the Vatican, and that may be the focus of the energy that is building. St. Malachy prophesied the end of the Catholic church, that this is the last pope. The truth is, Pope Benedict XVI was the last pope of the last cycle, and Pope Francis is the first pope of the new cycle. He is setting into place the plan for the next cycle of popes.

If you see the connection to the ley lines and would like to help stop the supervolcano from tearing apart the planet, please go to my website, and you will find the prayer circle format. Please print it out and start your own prayer circle.

If you want to help with the Catholic Church in America project, please go to our website at Catholic Church in America website. That and the Faith of the Pure Ray project involves unifying the world's seven major religions, which have also caused a huge amount of friction in the world.

Finally, please join the debate on the creation of the international government. Its departments will assume responsibility for global issues such as this.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Today is the Solstice, so Up, Uranus?

Please excuse the silly astronomical/anatomical joke in the title. This is Armageddon, which means "the silly things people do," and among the silliest is to declare you are an expert in some field in which you have no experience, and then when caught unable to explain the theory, you may try to deflect the anger or tear apart the plan with a "gotcha"--an Up, Uranus!

I am not making a confession about our capacity to bring world peace. Our organization has experienced a hostile takeover bid, an act of revenge, and two of the power games associated with revenge depend on weaving an illusion. The conspirators seem to have all the power and credibility, and they have drawn people away from the legitimate organization, but they are functioning outside of their capacity, and when caught in their illusion, they generally do something silly.

Today is the solstice, and people from all over the world have traveled to Stonehenge to watch the sun rise, and have joined the celebration. How many of them understand the true purpose for the standing stones? Its original purpose has been lost to antiquity. Archeologists piece together their finds into a plausible interpretation for how life functioned 5,000 years ago.

Scientists say that an experiment must be able to be replicated and get the same results. The legal field say there must be a preponderance of evidence, and so the solution must be able to explain even the toughest questions that have arisen.

As we introduce the information to the world that Stonehenge was used as a site for conflict resolution, and the scientists expand their field of interest in their research, we may meet resistance from those who rely on the existing structure, and from the revelers who have gone to Stonehenge and have justified their partying as their right based on religious tolerance.

People who rely on the existing structure for their security and capacity, when the existing structure collapses, may go down into the power games.

This is where the World Peace Marketing Strategy comes into the picture. It enables everyone to function on a higher level, and this is something we will talk about when we travel to Stonehenge, because Stonehenge explains how people are drawn into movements.

Before we pack and get on the plane to England, we must demonstrate our capacity to solve the problems, so first comes bringing together our professional publishing team to help us with disseminating the teachings.

Then, we must be able to explain to the math professors at Oxford about the Unified Field Theory, and to be able to answer their toughest questions. In other words, we must function from our own capacity.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The first solution is the Exit Strategy for Iraq

The premise for this blog is to apply the solutions that are introduced in the proposals on the organization level, but the shadow organization has run ahead with the planning and has woven the illusion that they are the legitimate organization. They have backed people into the corner and prevented them from seeing their choice to function on a higher level.

The first idea that is being introduced is that disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies wasted on war will go to the people instead.

Everyone in our organization is learning our lessons, about power and where true power comes from, about revenge and how it works and why it doesn't work. About learning to recognize the games when we see them in other and in ourselves.

This is a tough test that everyone is facing, and even the channels are in the darkness.

So, let's put ourselves back in time 5000 years and figure out how the people who built Stonehenge took advantage of conflict and built an innovative conflict resolution venue that still stands-- and will hopefully be put back into service in the near future.

We Are Divided and Blocked, Too, But There is also Light

The ripples of effects have gone out from the Grand Lie, and more and more people have been drawn into the illusion. Their goal is to separate people to keep them from communicating. If people meet on the street, the talk is very superficial.

What has occurred in Iraq and Syria is also occurring in Oregon and California. Our organization is enduring a hostile takeover bid, just like Iraq and Syria. The same crises occur on every level.

In "A Patch of Heaven," a booklet by eight US soldiers who were killed in Iraq, the Chaplain talks about how after he was killed, he traveled around the area and saw how the people lived. he went into their homes. They were in fear and worried about loved ones, and praying for peace. Little bursts of Light would go out with the prayers, but not enough to overcome the profound Darkness.

The Chaplain went home and watched his wife and children, and then he went searching for where the Light shines all the time, and that is why he came here. This  is where he found the Light he was looking for. This is an old warehouse where I publish, print and ship my books, which are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis."

Our organization is named Seth and Suzeranda Corporation. Seth is a seventh dimensional entity and he can be considered the architect of the plan, although he works with many others on his level. I am Suzeranda, which is my spiritual name, and I have fixed this multidimensional plan for peace on the third dimension. Together, the principles we stand on create a framework of projects that benefit everyone. It is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. Because we stand on these principles, we have the blessing of the Creator of us all to create our plan. That is where the Light comes from.

What is allowing world peace to come is that over half the population of the planet has now prayed for peace. The United States was not standing in the Light when we invaded Iraq. You cannot bring peace by waging war.

On December 12th, in the US Court of Appeals, an Iraqi woman is taking George W. Bush to court, and the basis for her case is the Chilcot Report--the Iraq Inquiry. This court case will stir up the question of whether George W. Bush waged an unlawful war against Iraq. That draws the entire United States into the case, because at the start of the war, Bush had an approval rating of over 70%.

The House of Representatives is starting its new two year session, and change only occurs easily at the end or the beginning of a cycle. Now is the time for Congress to address our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, and that triggers the plan for the proposed international government.

The first step in the creation of the plan is for the professional publishing team to come together to assume responsibility for the books. As Congress starts to consider the Exit Strategy for Iraq, the Light can start to come back into the world.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Shadow International Government Is Outsmarting You

One of the power games related to revenge is the game of Lust, and that name does not necessarily involve a sexual connection. The game of Lust is a compensatory power game that comes from the fear of Loss, and when played on the national and international levels, it leads to slavery and human rights violations.

Those who play the game of Greed set the stage for those who play the game of Lust to come into the Pentacle of Power. (If you want to learn more about the power games related to revenge, I recommend the Power Series.)

The game of Lust is a combination of the Game of Pride and the Game of Envy, where you are coming from a lack of capacity and a lack of respect. Your goal is a combination of a voice and abundance, which draws you into a social setting with wealthy, powerful people. Imagine that you don't feel comfortable being in their society, and so you have woven the illusion that you are very intelligent. You maybe are intelligent. You are in this social setting and make a comment about someone, a judgment, that makes you appear to be utterly clueless, and you don't know how to overcome your gaffe. You fear the loss of your goal, fear being ridiculed, and so you start to attack the person who is being judged.

People who play the game of Lust are functioning from outside of their capacity. Their capacity becomes weaving an illusion, trying to proven themselves by outsmarting you. The problem is that at first, most people give them the  benefit of the doubt, because what you see in someone else is what is inside of you, and these wealthy, powerful people are functioning for the most part from their own capacity, and so they see everyone as doing the same thing.

The idea for the international government is no secret. It has been online for 17 years, and the planning for the first 8 proposals has been online since 2012. Those who play the game of Lust have made themselves appear powerful and capable by appearing to know all about the plan for the international government, but they are not standing on the principles of it.

People recognize oppression when they see it. You cannot defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives, so the power games become very oppressive, The games are covert, and you can be trapped in a moment.

This person is playing the roll of the allegorical devil, and is dragging you backwards in your progress.

So, how do you rise out of this crisis? You cannot convince someone that what they are doing won't work. To turn someone around it takes small steps. Our class materials and books offer you a way out of the crisis.

If you find yourself facing someone who plays the game of Lust, I recommend that you do what is in everyone's best interest, and that is to join the plan for the international government. The problem is letting go of what is dragging you into the abyss. That is why we start with opening ideas to debate. That allows people to see that it is possible to function on a higher level.

Imagine then that the person who is playing the roll of the allegorical devil is trying to drag you backwards in your progress, so rather than to fight, you turn around and start making progress in creating your own project, which is based on doing what is in everyone's best interest.

The person who plays the game of Lust is a sociopath, and uncomfortable in society. Many people play the game of Lust, and fear loss, but most don't reach the point where they resort to committing crimes. The rule Seth gave to me is that these people must be invited into the organization by their family, who will assume responsibility for the security issues.

There are world leaders who are sociopaths and they have enslaved their people. They have outsmarted their people, and the rule is that every nation is welcome to participate in the plan for the international government, but they must be invited into it by their people.