Sunday, April 24, 2016

Focus on the California Genocide

The California Community Property Law seemed like a good plan for protecting families when a couple divorces, but romantic attachments turn into genocides, and ripples of effects spin off, just like other genocides.

Potential independent members of our organization are scattered around the United States, but the focus is between two main centers--Oregon and California. Those who are perpetrating the hostile takeover of  the organization are also victims of the California Genocide, and of the sociological effects, such as gangs and drugs, and can apply what they have learned to protect and defend the victims of the genocide that is tearing apart their state. They will help to purify the California legal system of unfair laws and practices that came as the result of their community property law.

The next family to come into the organization is ideally suited to do this. As the segments of the family that have been caught up in the sociological effects of the California Genocide turn around to work within their family, they will demonstrate the potential of the Exit Strategy for Iraq to end genocides. 

First, they will unify to work on the U.S. Constitutional Amendment project, and the first step is to allow the professional publishing team to come together, and then help to create the crisis center in Brookings. By doing so, they assume responsibility to undo the damage they have done, and this allows them to start their own projects that benefit everyone, and their focus is on California.