Monday, April 4, 2016

Multiply Your Resources Club

Besides calling for a global genocide watch, and asking the ambassadors to Track Our Progress, Karen Holmes told them that the economic structure of the international government will be based on each nation finding a niche based on it natural resources, and the departments of the international government will make win-win agreements--superseding existing trade agreements.

It isn't always evident what you have, and the departments of the international government will be happy to help a nation figure that out. Until that time comes, the solution is to watch other nations learn what their niche is based on the proposals and the planning process.

We are starting with the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and helping the United States and England find their niches. This allows England and the United States to step back from attempting to control other nations to ensure access to needed natural resources. 

Within our organization, many people were drawn into the conspiracy without understanding what was occurring, and are not that willing to fight, but must defend themselves and their family. The offer to participate in the creation of the international government by joining the conspiracy fell through. People are standing and watching. That is not a problem. 

Many people have reached retirement age or are disabled to the point where they can't get a job, and because we have never been able to create a solid financial foundation, we depend on Social Security. It is never enough. A small network has formed, but because of the chaos from the hostile takeover bid, no one is willing to make the leap to participate in the Multiply Your Resources Club. 

If you have every person on the planet working together, you have all the resources of the planet. This is our goal. The international government will be the all-inclusive, global version of the Multiply Your Resources Club. 

Karen Holmes is a channel, a prophet, who started the prayer circle in the early 1990s. Up to twenty five people came together to pray for world peace, and to help people in crisis. She channeled the messages, and worked with her guides on a series of books that are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis. The first people to come into the framework are the people from the prayer circle, because they know that she wrote the books, but they were approached by the conspiracy and offered the opportunity to function on a higher level, so they are backed into the proverbial corner. The next people to come in are the channels, because they don't listen to anyone on the physical plane. The channels trust their guides, who are all working together on the higher planes.

Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his books with Jane Roberts, who passed away in the 1980s. Seth is now working with Karen Holmes, and with other channels. While the male and female aspects of God give their blessings to the plan, he can be considered the architect of the plan for the international government, and responsible for providing additional information about the projects.  

The contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq is the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal. Karen Holmes is responsible for the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and another Seth channel is responsible for the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal. Each has drawn around them a group of people, the inventors and the investors. 

The resistance to the two sides coming together comes from people who deny their own capacity. They are attempting to control what is occurring, but without the understanding of what it takes to create the plan for the international government. They are weaving an illusion, and creating chaos.

To stop the chaos, the Getting Out of the Abyss classes--the curriculum--includes the Chaos in the Family packet, which looks at how women can come together in the Virtuous Woman's Club-- which is based on Proverbs 31 of the Bible-- and the men can come together to learn how to Defend Home and Nation. While their parents are getting out of the abyss, their children will learn how to overcome the effects of the crisis in the family. 

The World Peace Marketing Strategy and the projects allow everyone to function on a higher level. To get your life on a higher level, you have to function on a higher level.