Saturday, November 26, 2016

The children are ahead of their parents

This is not a race to the top of the mountain, but if it was, the children would beat their parents.

The small children are willing to share their talents and gifts with others, and are willing to work together, and even are defending each other, but the adults are not. Some of the adults are mentally ill because they accepted something from someone who didn't have it, or are playing the power games that are based on weaving an illusion, and have woven a web of deceit themselves.

The rule that Seth gave me is that a child is welcome to come into organization but one parent must be willing to share his or her talents and gifts--become an independent member. That allows all the children of the family to come into the organization and they have the right to invite the other parent. This ends the conflict in the family.

We have children who have lost both parents, but that should not leave them out of the framework our organization stands on. The solution is to enable them to continue to share their talents and gifts by helping at the crisis center, and when we expand it to other towns through our tent tour, they can work with the Light-bearers in any crisis center.

Group channeling sessions enable the child to hear the truth direct from the source.

Children being born now, according to Seth, are Indigo Children and they remember Heaven. They are more open than their parents, but they still need help because they lack discernment. As the adults weave their webs of deceit, the children are vulnerable to the lies. When circumstances seem to logjam people in the Illusion, the children are being targeted.

I recommend that around the world the children be allowed to request sanctuary within the churches, temples and mosques, and the schools, but that there be oversight so that they don't become places where children are taught something that drags them into the conflict or extinguishes the Light in the children. If the clergy doesn't recognize the Light within the children, then some other place should become the sanctuary.

At our prayer circle, we were told that if the teachers don't stand up to teach, there will be war.

Our Children's ReEmpowerment classes are part of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and hopefully, the adults will stop waging war long enough to enable the children to find sanctuary here.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

We Are Syria. We Are Iraq. We are the World Peace Movement.

The ripples of effects from the Grand Lie have gone out to draw in every person on the planet. What is happening in Syria and Iraq is happening all over the world. A global genocide is spreading across the planet, and no place can avoid being dragged into the crisis. Even in America, the darkness is growing.

I live in Oregon, on the southern Oregon Coast, and once I was sitting in my car and watching the sea gulls landing in a small lagoon. The birds landed in a group on one side of the lagoon, and a few minutes later, one bird flew to the other side, and one by one, every bird but one followed that bird.

This is what has occurred in our organization. At first, the plan was centered in Oregon, and then eventually, every one of the potential members of the organization "flew down" into California. People are drawn to those who they believe have what they want.

It is the matter of where true power comes from, and some people believe power comes from money, and others believe is comes from military might, and others believe is comes from brutality.

If you want something, you can be trapped. To avoid the trap, you must know what you have. If you stand on the seven principles, you are unbeatable. The problem is helping those who are vulnerable and have been dragged into the trap.

I am not implying that the people in California are bad. Seth has worked with many groups, introducing different information in each group. The idea is for the groups to work together and bring about the plan for world peace, and I am sure the Seth channels have no objection to working with the other groups. The information Seth offers is the opportunity, the capacity and the equality to be able to create the life we want, and so we already have what we want. But, those around us don't, and that is what makes them vulnerable to those who function on a very low level.

As people are backed into the corner, the solution is to turn around and go through the door, and become part of the World Peace Movement, but those who play the power games of Envy and of Lust, which leads to genocides and slavery, have done everything they can to block the door. The games are based on weaving an illusion. The three other games related to revenge--war, massacres and terrorism--have reached their ultimate conclusion, and the pendulum has headed back toward the midpoint, but the games based on weaving an illusion have swung further out.

For a minute, consider the Iraqis and the Syrians, and the fact that they want to live their lives without interference. This is an inalienable right granted to them by the Creator of us all. Then, imagine what justification there is for any other nation to continue to fight on their sovereign soil. Many say this is a proxy war between Russia and the United States.

There is no justification for anyone other than Syrians and Iraqis to be there. The plan for the international government has been introduced, and those who have gone down into the power games are trying to keep it from coming about. This is their time to shine. Times of crisis enable those who function on the lower end of the evolutionary continuum to have their opportunity to get their life on a higher level, such as a hurricane or tsunami triggers an evacuation, and looters defy the order to leave.

The information from the spiritual hierarchy offers everyone on the planet the opportunity to get their life on a higher level. No one must wage war, because disputes will be settled in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead.

When there are riots and looting, what collapses it is that someone stands up to say, "this is not right."

To end a genocide, military response is not the solution. It makes the crisis worse. No matter how mighty the military is, they are already outsmarted. To end a genocide, someone must stand up and say, "stop." This is what the Seth channels are doing.

The first 25% of any movement stand on the principles. We rise in protest, but no one listens unless we offer a plan that benefits everyone, and that is the plan for world peace.

This is the World Peace Movement, and many people are rising in protest that they games of revenge are oppressive to the people.

Enough is enough.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Iraq has been kicked off course

How many people saw the photos of average Iraqis proudly displaying purple fingers to prove they had voted?  A new day had dawned in Iraq, and an oppressed people were on their way to democracy.

Their new government was put into place by an outside force and so it will never be considered a legitimate government. It denies the people of Iraq their right to choose their own leadership, even while they choose their own leadership. It was as if Iraq was lifted off their course to create their life and set down in another place headed in the wrong direction. It seems as if Iraq is able to govern themselves, but that is not the case.

It is not up to the US government to put things right in Iraq. It is up to our organization to do so, because the first family to come into the organization is parallel to Iraq and we speak from personal experience as advisers to the Iraqi government. We don't tell anyone what to do, we demonstrate how to do it, because we are applying the principles of the proposals in our own lives.

Seen from the wider perspective, it is possible to find the logical solution to the crisis. Imagine being where the Iraqi people were and are. The first lesson mankind is working on now, in terms of doing what is in everyone's best interest, involves "doing unto others as we would have them do to us." Would American citizens want foreign soldiers invading the United States and barging into our homes and killing fathers in front of their children? No. Then, the rule is not to do that to others. The justification has been, it is in no one's best interest for ISIS to create sleeper cells in every nation, so we must protest ourselves from their acts of violence, but that does not address the root cause of the crisis, and so it is making the crisis worse.

For the United States to extricate ourselves from Iraq, we must set into place a structure than enables disputes between nations to be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and one that guarantees the rights of the Iraqi people--all the people on the planet--to function on a higher level.

The power game of regime change failed when George W. Bush attempted to topple Saddam Hussein, because he was considered innocent of the charges against him. That fact cannot be swept under the proverbial rug. Iraq has been kicked off course, and a feud is in no one's best interest.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Can Donald Trump end the crisis in Syria?

This morning, the news from Syria is that Bashar al Assad is saying he hopes Donald Trump will be an ally. President Obama has sided with the rebels, so this would mean a 180 degree change in US foreign policy.

Who is right and who is wrong? The conflict in Syria has created what is basically a proxy war between the United States and Russia. Bashar al Assad claims he has no interest in targeting his own people. Is he telling the truth? Did President Obama choose to support the wrong side of the conflict?

The question now is, can Donald Trump end the conflict in Syria by becoming Vladimir Putin's ally? 

The illusion is strong now, and it will be impossible to discern whether Putin is taking his power games to a higher level. His recent acts of aggression in Ukraine suggest that he is grabbing for power.

The United States appears to be an ally now of the Iraqi government, but the core conflict is between the United States and Iraq as a result of the Iraq War, which kicked Iraq off course. Its government did not evolve from within the country, but as a result of outside influences, and so it will never be considered Iraqi, and there will always be resistance. The United States is responsible for ending the conflict in Iraq, but the solution is to withdraw from Iraq and leave protecting Iraq's sovereignty.

This is where the proposed international government comes in, and the Exit Strategy for Iraq. But for now, let's focus on Donald Trump, because we don't know whether Donald Trump will support the plan for the international government, and his chosen advisers suggest he supports the Bush neocon's perspective.

Religion was brought into the justification for the preemptive strike, and that was also demonstrated by Donald Trump's conservative Christian support. Why did they support him, even with his comments regarding woman and minorities?

The conflict in Iraq is between a Christian country and a Muslim country, and that swung the proverbial pendulum, but when Israel, a Jewish country, enters into the conflict, the pendulum starts to revolve, drawing in more and more nations and religions into the conflict. A fourth element brings the pendulum back to the center point, and that is the principles of Buddhism, which in the case of the Middle East relates to everyone getting their financial support.

Gautama Buddha taught the principles of getting one's support, but he walked away from immense wealth and chose a life of poverty, and making win-win agreements to get food and a place to sleep. He taught the principles of Buddhism to wealthy businessmen. He understood how they live because his father was extremely wealthy.

This is the huge question facing the United States now in regards to Donald Trump, and the reason this election was such a surprise to so many people. His supporters are willing to overlook his vices because they believe he can create a sense of prosperity for the United States. What is ironic is that by becoming president of the United States, he must walk away from his wealth and businesses.

Does Putin want carte blanche in Syria so he can take over the Middle East and all its oil reserves. Does he want to foil the United States foreign policy? Can Donald Trump create a global renaissance that enables everyone on the planet to function on a higher level?

The backbone of every economy is small business. A climate that enables and even encourages small businesses is what will stabilize the Middle East, and in fact, Saudi Arabia is trying to transition from an oil-based economy focused on the al Saud family to one based on small businesses. The solution is the plan for the international government. The first principle of the global renaissance is that everyone must function from within their own capacity.

Donald Trump is a businessman who has no prior government experience. He is functioning at this time outside of his capacity. He stands on the principles that he can make a business deal, but that is not how governments function. Business deals are not win-win agreements.

This is the lesson Donald Trump is teaching the planet. People must be responsible for creating their own sense of prosperity and governments must stop waging war, disputes between nations must be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to support the people, instead.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Behind the Rise of the Shadow World Government

When the idea for the proposed international government was first introduced in 1999, in a book called "A Manual for Peace," by Seth and me, everyone at our prayer circle thought the idea was great. Everyone signed a paper in support of the plan. The plan for world peace then became the overview plan. The principles we stand on create a framework of projects, and everyone assumes responsibility for our own project, and the plan for the international government became my project.

World peace is too big for most people to think about. The plan separates into segments, based on the Flower of Life patterns, and then into projects, and everything is based on sharing one's talents and gifts.

Rather than working together by making win-win agreements to create the plan, the prayer circle started to dissolve at that time. Everyone was getting the life they want, like God had given it to us on a silver platter. The problem was that we didn't know how to create our projects. We had to start to make win-win agreements.

As the idea continued to spread, I talked to people about the plan, channeled proposals in 2003, and sent them first to the stakeholders of the conflict in Iraq, and then when no one paid any attention, created a newsletter and sent it to the embassies in Washington, DC. The idea was leveraged up the levels of government. The ambassadors would not regard my simple newsletter, but when they found out how many people from their nation supported the plan for the international government, they listened to that.

As the idea went out, people made assumptions that were not true. The assumptions are based on the idea where true power comes from. Equated ideas get people into trouble. The truth is that the books and proposals are channeled from a seventh dimensional entity, named Seth, and because he is doing what is in everyone's best interest, he has the support from God, the Creator of us all. That is where Universal Law enters into the picture, and is the source of the plan.

There were still the people who wanted to do their projects, but didn't know how to do them. The idea continued to spread after the prayer circle collapsed, and one of the people who heard about the plan made the judgment against me that she has more capacity to create the plan, and so she went around to the other members of the original prayer circle and drew them toward her.

She is not connected to the source. Only enough information about any of the projects has been introduced to open the idea to debate, and it takes all 200 people of the organization to bring the plan about. Everyone must function from within their own capacity, and no one can function outside their capacity.

Seth works with several channels and we are scattered all over the United States, and he probably has channels in every country. It is up to him to make the connections, but the woman who stole the plan knows people in two or more of the Seth groups.

The rise of the shadow world government is based on the number of people who equate the ideas about where true power comes from. She drew people around her and offered them what she doesn't rightfully have, and trapped people in the illusion. Rather than to function as a queen bee, she functions like a spider.

Spiders don't have the capacity to  make honey. They function for their own interests. They trap other insects and suck out their life. This is how the shadow international government functions and rose into power.

In one of my earliest channeled messages that came out of the prayer circle, one of my guides, an elemental spirit--Spider Mother--talks about how if a spider makes a web that stretches between two objects, it should stretch between two solid objects, not a solid object and one that can be blown about in the wind. The web will break. The solid object is the plan for the international government and the movable object can be a person of power, such as Hillary Clinton, who appears to be a solid object--a tree--but she has been tossed about by the wind.

There has been a fear that an international government will rise that will enslave people, and what is ironic is that those people who fear the creation of the international government have been the easiest to become trapped in the spider's web.

At this time, no one really knows who supports the plan for the international government and who is part of the shadow government. It really makes no difference. The first proposal addresses the need for disputes to be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, and by the time we introduce all the information about how revenge works and why it doesn't work, it will be possible to have fair trials, and the truth will come out in court.

God will not work with anyone who does not stand on the principles of Universal Law.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Vengeance is Mine, sayeth the Lord!

We are all citizens of the Universe, but some people choose to leave themselves out of the Universe by relying on the power games associated with revenge. How can someone actually do that? 

The Universe has three levels. The Principles, the Power and the Project. Or, an easier way to understand it is the Father, the Mother and the Son levels. 

This is  not a judgment. If you look at the game of baseball, for example, it is a game that people play, but there are rules associated with the game, and then there is the game that is being played on a particular day. If you are not abiding by the rules of the game, you are not playing baseball. 

The Universe stands on the principles of Universal Law, and Religion is a cultural interpretation of Universal Law, so if someone is getting revenge on purpose, attempting to rip others apart, that individual is not standing on the principles of Universal Law. To target innocent people to drag them into the conflict is a power game that puts you outside the Universe. 

If you are targeting innocent people on purpose, you are not standing on the principles of Universal Law. ISIS, for example, by using innocent people as human shields, is not standing on the principles of Islam. 

If you declare that you are going to teach someone who has never heard about baseball a new game, called baseball, but you knowingly teach rules that do not stand on the principles of the game, you are not part of the Universe. You are weaving an illusion. This is how genocides function--by weaving an illusion. It is done as part of an act of revenge. You are outside the Universe, because you are not standing on the principles of Universal Law. 

The Light Source Invention demonstrates seven Universal principles.

Everything starts first on the spiritual level, then progresses to the mental level and finally to the physical. This week, for example, many people around the world were shocked when Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election, but if she did not win it on the spiritual level first, it wasn't going to happen on the physical level. She meticulously worked her way through the mental level planning, and brought it to the physical, but it was in no one's best interest for Hillary Clinton to win the election if it didn't happen on the spiritual level first.

In previous posts I talked about the shadow international government. It is not in anyone's best interest for an international government that doesn't stand on the seven principles to be created, or to be someone's agenda to function on a higher level. It isn't standing in the Light.

Everything happens for a reason, but oftentimes that reason is to demonstrate what we no longer wish to experience. Then, once we let it go, we must decide what we do wish to experience.  

There are several rules associated with the creation of the international government, and among them is that the invitation to participate must come from the people. Governments generally play five power games, and the games are oppressive to the people. War is based on the power game of Pride, and so the first principle that we are standing on is that disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield. Fr trials to be fair, every nation and every individual on the planet must be considered equal.  This is a constitutional right granted to all American citizens. 

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Breaking News! President Obama is trapped!

The president of the United States is trapped and sees no way out of his crisis. President Obama has a very wide perspective, and he saw the potential for the plan for the international government to be the solution to all the problems we are facing as a nation and a planet, He went out and talked about the plan, and many people agreed to it, but those who are jockeying for power to become the emperor of the planet, who play the power games of genocide and slavery, have tried to prevent the plan from moving forward. They are killing people and destroying historical sites and mosques to keep people in fear.

How can I say this? What proof do I have? Our man who is parallel to President Obama is trapped in the illusion. What is occurring in Iraq and Syria is occurring within our organization. Whatever he does makes the crisis worse. He must turn it over to someone who has the capacity to solve the problems. Who will that be?

Many world leaders are in this same crisis. Every time one of these world leaders tries to make a move, a "rain of terror" starts. The entire planet is log-jammed this way. People are trapped in the illusion.

When the plan for the international government based on the U.S. Constitution was first introduced, a shadow international government was also created by people who saw it as their opportunity to function on a higher level. The shadow international government is a sham. An illusion. There is no international structure where world leaders are coming together to create the international government. If they are meeting to talk about the plan and even making agreements, they don't know who their allies are nor their enemies. There are many misunderstandings and plots and subplots being hatched. If their goals are not the same, eventually, the agreements will collapse.

The shadow international government  exists because most people are by nature reluctant to join movements, or uneducated or uninformed, and those who are grabbing for power take advantage of that fact. The game of weaving an illusion is based on outsmarting others. No one is in agreement for such an institution to be created. At this time, some who appear to be part of it are actually trying to become the emperor of the planet and others believe that the shadow government is the international government and don't know how to find a sense of balance again.

This battle over the plan was inevitable. They stole the plan, but didn't understand the plan, so they stole the principles, but didn't understand the principles. Then they have to work with my organization because it is up to us to create the projects, but our organization is divided, too, and most people are pushing away those who can help them and holding onto what can't.

In the Illusion, people are 180 degrees from where they think they are. The Illusion is based on believing you cannot get the life you want, but that is no so. You just haven't seen it yet. It is based on the misunderstanding about where true power come from. It is a matter of equated ideas, like money and power. Equated ideas get people into trouble. People may appear to be audacious, and appear to have everything, but in reality, they have nothing. It is a matter of understanding that there is always a backlash to the power games because they come from a sense of lack. Why grab for power if you already have it?

The symbol of revenge is the pentacle. If you draw a five pointed star and remove the points, what is left is a pentagon.  The U.S. military appears to be the most powerful in the world, but were not able to stop the insurgency in Iraq, people who made weapons in their kitchens. The grab for oil and a strategic location in Iraq ended up by creating a civil war and no one got control of the oil. The knee-jerk reaction that ends a war makes a genocide worse, so if President Obama is listening to his military advisers to end the conflict in Iraq, they are making it worse, not better.

There are the world leaders who rose to power within their own nation by playing games of genocide and slavery. Both power games rely on weaving an illusion, and most of those world leaders rule countries that sit at the bottom of the economic continuum. Look at the Light Source Invention and see that poverty follows slavery. They appear to be your ally but the aid never reaches the people.  Now they are doing a hostile takeover of the planet.

The fear associated with the international government is that it will enslave people, and this is what keeps people from stepping up to participate in the debate, but by refusing to participate, it becomes a sense of betrayal, and if you betray someone, that is part of the trap. They own you and your family.

To kill others denies them of their inalienable right to live their life without interference. It may seem to work, but it goes against Universal Law, and Universal Law is immutable.

The World Peace Marketing Strategy allows everyone to get the life they want, and no one can be left out of the benefits of the plan. It is just that those who saw the idea as their grand opportunity to get their life as emperor of the planet are making waves in the Light Source Invention, and therefore, have proven their intent.

People know oppression when they see it. The illusion is crumbling because everyone has shown their intent. To get your life on a higher level, you must function on a higher level. You cannot get the life you want by weaving an illusion.

The rule is that the invitation to join the international government must come from the people, not the governments. Not the world leaders. Not President Obama. He can agree to the plan and by doing so, enable it to go mainstream. But, the idea keeps going out and out and eventually, everyone will become aware of the plan. The United States must amend our Constitution. It starts not the president of the United States, but our organization, because we must go out and lobby the people and speak about how the plan will benefit them for them to vote for the plan. We have absolutely no power, but power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done, so we have more power than anyone can imagine.

The plan for the international government must come from the people, when the people are ready.

Friday, November 4, 2016

If you want revenge, you will be trapped

Many people are in crisis because they chose to get revenge.

Revenge is based on five power games. Five people come together with what appears to be a common goal and the revenge is a means to an end, but none of the people actually have the same goal.  By accepting the opportunity to get revenge, they are betraying the person who is the target, and may have started as a simple misunderstanding suddenly turns the relationship into two adversaries or even enemies. Revenge makes you vulnerable to being drawn into the character defamation, and thefripples of crises that go out from the Grand Lie, and logjam to the point where people die because they come to the understanding they cannot get their life.

Revenge is descending into Hell, and circular thinking patterns. You got what you wanted, but it was not what you wanted--your dream life. You got revenge.

Our technology team received ideas for three innovative inventions, but before they can create their projects, they must address the idea of revenge, and this is where Iran comes into the picture on the international level. Iran is a technology-oriented country, and no one knows whether they will use their nuclear power to get revenge on Israel. Iran wants to be equal to the other nations, and overcome the effects of the economic sanctions that were put on them, but are they willing to stand on the principles of the cooperation of nature?

Before the Iraq War started, Saddam Hussein sent his nuclear scientists into Iran and assumed that this would be a gesture of good will. Both nations were being oppressed by the United States, but the Iran betrayed Saddam Hussein. By doing so, Iran was trapped in the illusion that is being woven by those who play the power game of Lust, which is manifested by slavery and human rights violations. Lust and Envy, and genocides, are both based on weaving an illusion.

How can anyone overcome the illusion that has trapped nearly everyone?

The first thing to understand is that mankind lives in the third dimension, which is called The Illusion, and we have been trapped in the illusion for almost as long as mankind has walked on this planet. Our global society is the result of countless past genocides and wars and massacres. The spiritual hierarchy has sent mankind ascended masters to raise mankind out of the illusion.

The contingency for world peace is that everyone has had to be squeezed to let go of the old structure which is based on power games and to come into the new, which is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. The games have had to reach their ultimate conclusion and players of the games have had to face the backlashes from the games.

The first step for most people who walk away from organized religion and become a student of spirituality is to face a crisis, and to find a spiritual teacher.

At this time, the spiritual teachers are facing their tests, too, so it come down to the point where one individual has a plan and demonstrates it works, and that brings in more people, and they bring in more.

That started with our prayer circle and the books, which are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis. As the plan for world peace is being introduced, it must differentiate into segments.

On the international basis, we start with Iran.

Iran is a technological nation, but it is also a theocracy. It bridges spirituality and technology, but focuses on power and where true power comes from. Does it come from power games? Having extreme wealth? When Iran comes into the plan for the international government, it can bring in the business and economics segment.

But, every religion is based on the application of Universal Law. By getting revenge on Saddam Hussein, Iran got trapped in the illusion. Before Iran can join the framework, they had to walk away from their project of creating an energy source, and its possible use as a weapon.

It is the idea of opposing ideas on the planning circle, which we address in the Faith of the Pure Ray project. If you have a plan, will it be used as a tool or a weapon? Will it benefit mankind or tear it apart?

We are now looking at Science and Religion.

The idea of Universal Law of Cause and Effect  is similar to what Sir Isaac Newton said, that "for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." Mankind is now addressing that to get the life you want, you cannot go against Universal Law. It can be a punishment or a tool to enable you to get the life you want.

The power games no longer work. There is always a backlash to the games. The preemptive strike on Iraq was an act of revenge that went against the principles of Universal Law, and by denying the Iraqi people their inalienable rights, America is now losing ours. To get them back, we must guarantee them to every person on the planet, and leave no one out.

The game of Lust is also a power games and comes from the fear of Loss, of being hurt, and pushing people away and holding onto them. The ultimate conclusion of the game is that you are entirely alone. No family. No friends. When played on a cultural, national and international level, it leads to slavery. Imagine, then, that for the world leaders who play this game, their people are property. To come out of the Illusion, its victims must have a place to go, and that is the plan for the international government, and the Faith of the Pure Ray project.

The power a nation has is based on population in the international House of Representatives, and the Faith of the Pure Ray churches will include offices of the international government to enable people to leave the nation if they believe they are being oppressed. That nation will lose power on the international level and see the immediate backlashes from the games.

The United States is responsible for ending the conflict in Iraq, but does not have the right to interfere in that nation. To regain the power we lost by preemptively invading Iraq and toppling their government, we must stop playing the power games of regime change, and guarantee to the Iraqi people their inalienable rights. The contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq is that the Unites States must amend our Constitution.