Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hostile Takeover Bid on the Organization

Whenever someone introduces an innovative idea, those who rely on the old structure for their security and support become fearful and resist the creation of the plan. We call them "boogiemen." They come onto the scene during the first step of the planning process, and leave once the plan reaches the third stage when the plan has brought in its support--everyone must get his or her financial support. 

All plans start on the spiritual level, then the mental level, and finally the physical level. Completing it on the spiritual level makes it possible. The mental level makes it probable, and the physical level makes it likely. 

The plan was first introduced in May of 1999 when Karen Holmes channeled a new book with Seth, the spiritual teacher who was famous for his books through Jane Roberts. The chapters of the books were taken to the prayer circle and passed around, and everyone liked the book.

When it came time to find a publisher, the book was rejected and put on the proverbial back burner.

That was the point where the family of Karen Holmes decided to attempt to force her to go back into dental hygiene, but she couldn't because she had let go of her license to practice.

When her family pushed her out, it set the stage for others to put her down, including a small group of people who attempting to pirate the books and the idea for the organization.

While the general concept was accepted, participation in the plan involves letting go of one's security, and that is a very difficult thing to do.

If you have a plan that does not address the root cause of the crisis, you go around the planning circle, but you cannot make it pass security issues. You may be able to live a life of crime for a while, but as some point, you will be caught. Letting go of one's security generally is the last step before dying, and so many people in our organization are facing their end of life crisis.

Everyone has had his or her own concept of what constitutes their security. For some, it has been weaving an illusion, and the loss of security comes when the truth comes out.