Tuesday, April 19, 2016

"You are not the seven curses"

The spiritual hierarchy came to the prayer circle and gave us many insights and prophecies, and among them that seven curses will spread across the planet. They are based on the ultimate conclusion of the power games. The people who are perpetrating the games to what they perceive as their own advantage have taken the insights and prophecies, and have subverted them. They are undermining the prophecies and attempting to back the people into the corner, and framing the prophets.

ISIS has done the same thing. There is a prophecy that Jesus and Muhammad will work together in the future, and the fulfillment of that is the Faith of the Pure Ray, where each of the seven major religions works together to teach people how to create the life they want. Turning the prophecy to their advantage does not justify targeting the Christians, but it does to keep their soldiers motivated to perpetrate the crimes. The ripples keep going out.

By subverting the prophecies, the conspirators back themselves into a corner. They are willfully breaking Universal Law. They are not above the law. They are not the law. There is always a backlash to the games, and to get out of their corner, they must go through the door, which is to do what is in everyone's best interest. They must let go of the games and undo the damage they have done to keep their own power, which their power grab demonstrates they are lacking.

The ultimate conclusion of the games is that someone dies, and so far, the caliph--whoever he is--has not figured out how to overcome his own death.

Enslaving people involves the belief that you are outsmarting others, and backing them into the corner. The Hebrews were enslaved by the Egyptians, and yet Moses freed the slaves by prophesying the seven curses. Covert and overt actions cannot be equated with outsmarting someone. To overcome slavery, you need a place to go, and this is also being subverted by mixing extremists into the refugees.

All this is being done to postpone the creation of the international government. Just as President Obama is degrading and destroying ISIS, they are doing the same thing to him.

Participation in the proposed international government allows a nation to function on a very high level. Included in the proposal to Iraq are the ten benefits that every nations will receive by joining the international government. If you consider that ISIS is (to some extend) state sponsored, the world leader behind the creation of the caliphate has a choice to grab for power or to be equal to all the other world leaders. If he chooses the power grab, he risks assassination.

People who play the power game of slavery, based on outsmarting others, do so because they believe they lack intimacy. He fears being hurt so he pushes people away. If he chooses the international government, he unifies his nation and allows his people to participate in the global renaissance, so he becomes a hero to his people.

Who is he out-smarting?