Monday, April 24, 2017

The Armenian Genocide still causing ripples today

Today is the anniversary of the Armenian Genocide of 1915. It seemed so long ago, but the ripples of effects are still going out today. This post draws together one of those ripples from what occurred in Armenia with what is occurring within England now and many other parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, the Pacific Islands, and the United States.

About a year ago, I came across an article on the internet about a young couple who are searching for a cure for prion disease. Doctors have diagnosed the wife, Sonia Vallabh, with what they believe is a genetic form of prion disease, and they have formed Prion Alliance, a nonprofit organization, to search for the cure. What  I found remarkable is that her mother was a victim of the Armenian genocide, and she faced her own persecution.

When I first heard about Mad Cow Disease in England in the 1990s, I wondered what kind of farmer would feed his or her cattle tainted feed.  Obviously, no farmer would. It would have to be an act of sabotage, and the ripples of effects go out from that event, because having to kill the cows is a financial crisis, and the land is affected, and apparently future generations of the farmer's family are also at risk.

Prion disease is a physical manifestation of a genocide, and the ripples of effects go out in the body just as they do in the environment. Prions are very difficult to destroy in the body and in the environment, so parts of England are tainted, and the effects continue to be manifested in the people. There must be some sort of conflict resolution, also, and a form that not only ends the battles but also stops the ripples of effects.

What is occurring in these parts of the world are tragic, but what is horrifying is that the conflict in Iraq devolved as a global genocide, and effects of prion disease must be stopped to prevent the entire planet from falling into this crisis.

With a genocide, just as in Armenia, the perpetrators believe they have been victimized, and so they are getting revenge, and so their acts, just as in Armenia, are deliberate. The Iraq War devolved not as a war, but as a genocide, and therefore the acts of war perpetrated by the US military and British military are acts of genocide. The United States was not attempting to perpetrate ethnic cleansing on the Iraqi people, but the character defamation of Saddam Hussein was an act of revenge, which is made up of five power games, and one of them is genocide.

Our trip to Oxford and Stonehenge will help to help to end the global genocide that started as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq. When we go to England for the Exit Strategy for Iraq, we will address the definition of genocides, and we will work to unify the entire planet.

Stonehenge was the site of many ancient rites, and the kings and queens who went there left gold and other valuables in payment. Obviously there were no banks or other places of safe-keeping, so the locals were paid in gold for their contributions to the building fund and the feasts, and stashes of these artifacts have been found buried in the farmer's fields. The last conflict resolution rite held there led to it being vandalized, and so it was obviously not a war but an act of revenge, and one of the power games associated with revenge is greed. Imagine what a target Stonehenge became for conquest.

The wise men (and women) who officiated at the conflict resolution rites didn't know how to end a genocide, and so the structure has sat dormant for all these years. It will be rejuvenatated, and will evolve to the next level, and part of that will help to heal the effects of the prion disease in England and the rest of the world.

In the future, our organization is planning to build a healing arts center, and we will address the effects of the Seven Deadly Sins there. Just like in England, people will come here from all over the world to overcome the effects of the Seven Deadly Sins, including prion disease.

Drama Queens, May I have your attention, please?

William Shakespeare
Every project starts out with a plan, and then in the first step in its creation, is attacked by "boogiemen." You could say they are pirates, or the naysayers, or the people who put down the idea, and by doing so, they shoot themselves in the proverbial foot. This is probably the main reason your plan must benefit everyone, and why it is so important to keep walking forward. Eventually, you must draw in everyone, including those who are limping along after you.

In "Transformation to a New You," Queen Victoria explains the difference between average people and the powerful elite. Average people want to remain anonymous. Maybe the battle is actually with ourselves, that the person who is creating the project must come out of his or her comfort zone, and powerful elite who normally draw attention to themselves are limping along and everyone is aware that they have perpetrated an historic and horrific faux pas.

Several years ago, I channeled the first act of a play with William Shakespeare, called "You Will See." It is not up to me to hand out projects, but it is something of a carrot on a string dangling in front of a stubborn mule, and all the while the "drama queen" is running full speed trying to prove her capacity to do another's project.

William Shakespeare will not return to complete the final acts of the play until all the other projects are moving forward in their progress, so those who would be first are last to come in--actually next to last, because the international government is last. It won't come until everyone is ready for it to come, even those who function entirely for themselves. 

The world leaders are aware of the plan, and they are the powerful elite and have their own agendas. They are proving their capacity, but if they are doing what is only in their best interests, they are doing what is in no one's best interest. Many know about the plan for world peace, and so our focus now turns to the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and working to overcome the traumatic effects of their oppressive power games, and taking Oxford and Stonehenge to the next level related to conflict resolution.

This morning, we are adding a new link to the World Peace Marketing Strategy in the form of a blog for the "You Will See" play. Its first performance, once everyone comes together, will be at the conference in Europe for the world leaders. 



Sunday, April 23, 2017

Spam X 470,000

Last week, the arrest of one of the world's ten most notorious spammers was announced in the media. He is a Russian. It was reported that his wife said he had confessed to influencing the US presidential election.

The election is not the only target of Russian spammers. Our website forum has also been spammed, and we are in the process of deleting tens of thousands of pages of pharmaceutical ads and links to Russian shopping and porn sites.

Why would anyone waste his or her time posting hundreds of thousands of ads on a forum? It is to waste everyone's time, and to make spending legitimate time on the forum so frustrating that people walk away. Those who play the power games do so not to stop a movement, but postpone it to the point where people lose interest, or worse, resort to covert and overt criminal acts to stop people from working together for the common good.

When Jesus was Nazareth was crucified, he prayed for those who were persecuting him, saying, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do."

One of the inalienable rights each of us has granted to us by our Creator is to be able to have a voice in our government, but the powerful elite's financial support is based on the existing structure, and so when a movement starts, or even a great idea is introduced, they resist the change. They see their power games as their grand opportunity to get their life, and so they grab for it.

The spammers don't see the potential to be part of the global renaissance, but it is not just the Russian spammers who are attempting to postpone the plan for the international government. Every project has its boogiemen, and that is just part of the planning process. The idea is to keep going until the plan demonstrates its potential to bring in the people.

In other words, don't allow the boogiemen to interfere in your life. Keep walking forward.

It will take days to delete all that spam, and hours of each day to keep the forum up and running, and offering every person on the planet their opportunity to have a voice in their government. Under Universal Law, by giving others their opportunity to have a voice in their government, we will be granted the same right.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Demonstrating Capacity to End Disputes

There are now three choices for mankind's future. That is enough to stop mankind from continuing to fall into the abyss, but then we have the long walk up the proverbial dark tunnel and out into the light.

The United Nations has proven it cannot end or prevent wars, and the rise of the oligarchs has created pools of their supporters who are holding onto their shirttails as the powerful elite attempt to rise into political power. The question is transitioning from which international structure will be mankind's future to how will disputes between nations be resolved.

In our organization, the idea for the international government was introduced, but it was too big for people to see how it would function. At the time, everyone relied on the United Nations as the only institution with the capacity to bring world peace.  The fragmentation started as the result of the Iraq War, and how the United Nations responded. The population of the planet is dividing into segments, based on how they react to the fragmentation, and each segment comes in only when they see the potential for them to get their life on a higher level.

As the United Nations and the Oligarchs demonstrate their capacity, or lack of it, to end disputes, so must the plan for the international government. Donald Trump has no intention of taking North Korea, Syria and Iran to court. If he did, which court would he choose?

At this point in time, the US government is severely divided over party lines, and it won't be until the midterm elections that any real change is possible. We will leave the United States behind for a while and continue to address the steps to create an international court system with the capacity to take disputes off the battlefield and into the courts.

The power games that the people in power--the world leaders, the governments and the powerful elite--are playing are oppressive to the people, but everyone plays the games. The games are bad, not the people, so the focus now is on how the games work and why they don't work. If mankind has been falling into the abyss and has finally declared enough is enough, then the long walk up the dark tunnel can be easier and less fearful if someone lights a lantern.

The newsletters are the first tiny ray of light in the darkness. Each issue contains a government proposal and the simple and logical background information that explains how the crisis devolved and the planning steps and stages to end the crisis. Each proposal is like a brick that is placed to create the foundation for the international government. When the foundation is complete, what is built on top of the foundation is up to the international government and the people in the form of legislation.

The plan for the international government is based on channeled messages from God, and so the only authority we can base it all on is Universal Law. That allows the international government to function on a very high level and for it to guarantee to every person on the planet our inalienable rights granted to us by our Creator. The UN is based on a conglomeration of treaties and agreements that make up international law, and the Oligarchy is based on power games, which are based on misunderstandings, like "Might is Right."

The US Republican Party has always been associated with big business, but George W. Bush drew in the Conservative Christians. He equated the two, and drew God into the conflict in Iraq. As students of the Faith of the Pure Ray understand, each of the major religions plays a favorite power game, and Christians power game of choice is to wage war. It comes from the power game of Pride, which is based on the belief that you are more important than another person, and therefore have the right to put another down. The game comes from the lack of respect, and Christians believe they will get respect by waging war. Donald Trump is one of the powerful elite, and his Vice President, Mike Pence, is a very strong Christian. Together they represent the two sides of the Republican Party, and they are taking on the dictators who seem to be threatening US security.

The Iraq War was an act of revenge, and it started with the Gulf War perpetrated by George HW Bush. He set the stage for Saddam Hussein to be judged as Axis of Evil. That conflict devolved as a genocide because no one has the right to judge another person.  The power game of choice of Jews is the game of Envy, which leads to genocides. People who perpetrate genocides believe they lack capacity. Jared Kushner is a Jew, a young man whose expertise is real estate business, and he has been given the responsibility for ending the conflicts in the Middle East, among a long list of other duties.

Can they resolve the conflicts around the world? Can they end the global genocide? We are not judging them, but making people aware of the potential for the global conflicts under their control to devolve, and offering the understandings of how the power games work and don't work and solutions that allow mankind to function on a higher level.

Steve Bannon is the potential fourth element. His presence can attenuate the potential for getting the United States into a global conflict or make it worse. His role appears to be to handle the rise of the proposed international government, but will he recognize the principles or stand on the power games?

Genocides are based on weaving an illusion, and once the grand lie has been told, the truth doesn't overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. As the ripples of effects go out from the grand lie, the only thing you can trust is Universal Law. It is immutable. It applies to every atom in the Universe. It is the lantern that we can hold that will bring mankind out of the abyss.

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," is the tool we wield to rise out of the abyss. It allows us to regain our power. "Do unto others as they have done to you" is a weapon that may appear to work for a while, but there is always a backlash to that game, and it collapses your power base when played on an innocent person.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The hare performs for the crowds

Our organization is working to introduce ideas for fifty innovative inventions that help to solve the crises mankind is facing, and they all will follow the same planning process. One independent member will become boss of the project and teach the principles of the projects to the next level, which is the Flower of Life level. 

The planning process starts with an idea... and then comes the idea that what you have is so remarkable that your head is in the proverbial clouds, and as you walk forward into the planning process, you are so elated that you have no idea of the abyss that is just under your foot. You become a fool. People around you become jealous of your grand opportunity. Your first thought is, "World peace is possible!" and it is only after several minutes or even days your realization becomes "I can create a cash flow in my life!" For the pirates around you, the thought has always been "This person doesn't have a clue how to bring world peace! This is my grand opportunity to get my life! All I have to do is make everyone believe this person doesn't have the capacity to do this project." 

The judgment on you by the pirates is that you don't have the capacity to achieve your goals actually reflects back on them, so it becomes a race, and maybe Aesop wrote his famous fable about the hare and the tortoise for the fool who is starting out to create a plan. The tortoise walks forward one foot in front of the other, and hopes that eventually the hare will tire himself or herself out. The reason the hare doesn't win the race is because winning the race is not in the hare's best interest, because the next step is that you must prove your capacity. The race is not proof of one's capacity. The project is not to prove you are audacious, or talented, but to overcome the fear of failure that unempowered you to the point where you became the hare or the tortoise. 

Many people are working at jobs that are not fulfilling or have relationships that are based on what is second best. Eventually you sabotage yourself to the point where you believe you can't get the life you want, and this is where people who are dying are.  

The race is difficult and can be even a matter of life and death because when the prize is grand or even great---or simple and logical, the pirates fight even harder, and the application of the plot to steal the plan is revenge, including character defamation, to bring in the cheering crowds.

Who actually wants the tortoise to win? People equate power and money, or even power and audacity, because it demonstrates being able to do something that is beyond the crowds to achieve. 

While the hare performs for the crowds, the tortoise must keep walking forward, even if the crowd turns into a mob. That is why he or she must do what is in everyone's best interest. The planning process must address conflict resolution. It isn't until the pirate becomes a fool, also, based on sharing his or her own talents and gifts and capacity, that the conflict ends. You cannot get the life you want by performing for the crowds, or functioning outside of your capacity. You cannot get your life by being audacious.

I channeled a minibook, called "The World Peace Plan," with five of our guides--Bob Miller, Seth, Benjamin Franklin, Teresa of Avila, and Lady Gaia (the female aspect of God), and each speaks from his or her own experience about the planning process. Seth asked me to send copies of it to the people on my mailing list, and I watched for their reactions. They looked perplexed because the mini-book is not what they expected. They were able to understand, like the fool, that world peace is possible. Maybe they see that the tortoise can win the race after all and that the race doesn't always go to the swift. 

The first book that our organization will distribute to all of the independent members of our organization is "The World Peace Plan." It is the kind of reference book that you keep handy as you walk the race against the hare. 

It will become available to the general public when the professional publishing team see the potential of the plan. 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Ending the Oppression through Watchdogs

I was a dental hygienist for many years, and one of the responsibilities we had as a team was to be watchdogs against oppression. If we saw a child was being abused, it was our responsibility to report it to authorities. Watchdogs play and important role in world peace, also, to help to end oppression of any kind.

I am a channel, and my gift from our Creator is to be able to communicate with anyone on the other side. I started a prayer circle in the early 1990s, and out of the circle, from our spiritual guides, has come the plan for world peace. The plan benefits everyone, but when the plan was first opened to debate, a small group of people have been perpetrating a hostile takeover of the organization in the form of character defamation.

Character defamation is an individual form of genocide, so we are demonstrating how to end a genocide by applying the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposals on the individual level. What has occurred is that this small group of people have gone onto the astral plane and functioned as intellectual property spies.

One of the Four Rules to get your life is that no one can prevent you from getting your life, so even with people harassing you, the idea is to keep moving forward. The people on the astral plane have watched and heard all about the plan now for the last nine years. They know no one can do another's project, and that they don't understand the plan or the principles of the plan, but the fact that they now have three choices enables them to let go of their acts of harassment, and turn around to become watchdogs to those who are not standing on the principles of the organization.

If you compare this to the Holocaust in World War II, imagine the guards were just as responsible for the crimes as the ringleaders, but they also were average people who were brought into the acts. Some looked the other way when prisoners attempted to escape or were even kind to the prisoners. They bounced back and forth between being Nazis and being fathers or brothers or husbands. They may have had the power to kill the Jews, but their criminal acts may have made them better people in the long run. They may have avoided facing trial.

The people on the astral plane have worked to keep separate the independent members of the organization, but by doing so, they are breaking Universal Law, and facing the backlashes of their power games. They may even be potential independent members and have a future place in the organization, because the principles we stand on declare the games to be bad, not the people.

They have heard all about the plan for world peace, but they are not able to steal the plan and claim it to be their own.  They have three choices. To rise out of their abyss, they must let go of the power games and can never again fall back to the games. They must turn around and work with their families they have betrayed by perpetrating criminal acts, and work to protect the innocent people who have been dragged into the genocide, or they will face the full backlashes from the existing legal structure.

As they declare "this is not right," they start to collapse the mob mentality that leads to mayhem. One person can collapse a mob, because that act places those around him or her into a moral dilemma, too, with only one choice, and that is to walk away from the conflict.

The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for those who function for their own interests, and they become watchdogs for the entire organization to make sure we are standing on the principles. When these people are dragged into a movement, and they are being squeezed, that is when rebellions occur. These are not people who stand on the principles, but when they do, that will assume responsibility for their own projects and become part of the framework, too, but function only on the individual level.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Progressing to the family level

Several years ago I wrote a letter to the ambassadors in Washington DC, and declared the end of the military competition for power and the beginning of an economic race based on the plan for the international government. This paradigm shift takes disputes off the battlefield, and turns the world leaders inside their country to create a sense of prosperity for everyone. In terms of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, fourth row people suddenly become second row people, because they must work within their countries rather than outside the country.

The second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for people who have been affected financially by the conflict, and it helps them to assume responsibility for their own financial support. It starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray, which unifies the seven major religions--which ends the global conflicts based on religions--and it teaches people the principles of how to create the life you want.

It turns people inside their family, and inside their nation, to create a financial foundation rather than grabbing it from another nation or family, and therefore facing the backlashes from the power games.

The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for those people who care only for their own interests. We all fit into that segment in regards to another's family or another's nation. We have no right to interfere in another's life, and most of us don't like being dragged into another family's disputes. What family or nation is free of conflict? The projects associated with the fourth row segment demonstrate how to "walk the straight and narrow," which are principles taught by the religions, so rather than to fight, it is possible to turn around and work within the family to create a sense of prosperity, which is what is necessary to end the conflicts. It also demonstrates what happens to those who chose to continue to perpetrate acts of revenge and mayhem, and how they leave themselves out of the plan for world peace.