Saturday, October 29, 2016

The Fourth Battle of Armageddon is about betrayal

Everyone has enemies, and we have dealt with them all our lives, but as the conflict reaches the Fourth Battle of Armageddon, what is so hard to deal with is that our allies are not there to help us--they seem to have betrayed us.

Betrayal is based on misunderstandings and different goals. In a family genocide, for example, our family never had the capacity or even the will to help us get our life. Everyone is dragged into the conflict and eventually, everyone is fighting for their lives, and no one knows who to trust.

This is the point where people die because they see no way out of their crisis.

If this was a battle, it is a rout, but worse, because all sides are overcome by fear and everyone will die unless they can find a way out of the crisis.

The first battle of Armageddon is based on a Moment of Choice where one person stands on the principles and that choice affects the security and support of another, who goes down into the games. With global Armageddon, that Moment of choice was was between George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein. Saddam Hussein stood on the principles that he was the legitimate president of a sovereign nation, and that he was attempting to comply with UN sanctions. George W. Bush went down into the power games with his preemptive strike. Ripples of effects went out from the Grand Lie that George W. Bush told to justify the preemptive strike.

Now, globally, we are at the point of the Fourth Battle, and the acts of violence have become deplorable, and people are fighting for their lives all over the world. The crisis will get worse and worse.  The United States and Russia are fighting in Syria, and many wonder if it is the start of a proxy war.

This plan for the international government is the solution. It is An Exit Strategy for Iraq, but it is also for the entire planet. The two obvious untenable options now are to continue to be squeezed or to fight until everyone is dead.

Many people saw that George W. Bush had no clear exit strategy for getting out of Iraq. His choice was the surge, but that was to go down deeper into the power games. The knee-jerk reaction that ends a war makes a genocide worse. It appeared to work for a while, but while the U.S. military was congratulating themselves for a successful conclusion to the conflict, ISIS was establishing sleeper cells in all the nations, and all the states of the United States. Surges and drone strikes won't work any more.

What stops a genocide is that someone must say stop. There must be a way for the conflict to end, and the solution that benefits everyone is the international government.

To overcome the lack of trust, the international government will make win-win agreements, which build trust and set the stage for future agreements.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Our Soul Agreement with the World Leaders

When the plan for world peace was first introduced in 1999, it was to our prayer circle. As the chapters of the book that Seth and I were channeling were finished, I brought them to the prayer circle and passed them around for everyone to read. Then, when it came time for the finished manuscript to be submitted to the publisher, the book was rejected, and we turned the book over to God and Seth.

What was ignored by the prayer circle was the message in the book, with all the tools and empowerment necessary to create world peace is our own lives. It really didn't matter whether the publisher accepted the book or not, because on the individual level, we were given the opportunity to create the life we want, but everyone already had a plan and each believed he or she was on course to bring it about.

The same thing is occurring on every level. We have a soul agreement with the world leaders for them to hear the message, but not to accept it, because no one changes his or her behavior until it becomes necessary to do so. People make choices that are supposed to lead to their goal, but misunderstandings kick us off course, and it isn't until we come to the understanding that we are lost that we ask for help.

Religion for the masses is not there it educate people, but to be the foundation for when we get into crisis. That is when you become a student.

The world leaders are aware of the plan now, just as the publisher is aware of the book, and now we can continue on and work on the next level. There is a saying that "we can plant the seed but it is up to God to enable it to grow."

As the proposals are introduced, the first step is to bring in the independent members of the organization, and the first people to come in are the professional publishing team. This time, it is not attempting to convince the publisher to accept the manuscript, because Seth has brought the team together and one is the trigger and the other is the intent.

The trigger is the catalyst that brings everyone together, and the intent is the person who, once everyone is together, his or her agreement motivates the idea to go forward. Their agreement benefits everyone.

The same thing is occurring on the international level. There is a trigger and an intent, and once the intent agrees, the plan will move forward. You could say that all the leaders of the first eight nations to come into the plan for the international government are the first team, and all have something in common. They all fell into crisis due to the sense of judgment.

Each year, eight more nations will receive proposals, and they will create a team, also, with a trigger and an intent.

Now it is time for the prayer circle to understand that there are three levels to the Universe--the Father, the Mother and the Son--the Principles, the Power and the Project. For the projects to go forward, all three levels must apply.

If the books are pirated, for example, the three levels of the Universe don't apply. Seth told me that half the income from the books must go to support the organization and the projects, and not to worry if the books are pirated because there is always a backlash to the games. As people fret and ruminate over the fact that the books have been pirated, they lose power to the pirates. To regain the power they have lost, Seth has included the tools of emotional healing and soul reintegration in "A Manual for Peace." The pirates are coming down in power as they face the backlashes and we are learning where true power comes from.

The second proposal draws in the channels to work at the crisis center. Many people are in crisis, and to get out of your own crisis, you must help others to get out of theirs. Mankind is learning the power games don't work, and to get the life you want, you must apply the Universal Law of Cause and Effect as a tool rather than a punishment.

The intent of the crisis center team must agree to bring in all the channels.

The intent is parallel to the United States, the overview perspective.

Many world leaders are aware of the plan, but it won't be until the U.S. government agrees to the plan that the plan will go forward. Already, the second year's nations are starting to gather, but they cannot solve their problems until the first issue is resolved and that is to end the conflict in Iraq. The Exit Strategy for Iraq sets the stage for the creation of the international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield. The United States cannot afford to wage a global war, so we are being squeezed by China and Russia, and Iran and the Philippines to make our choice.

Will we stand on the principles of the international government, and on all three levels?  

Monday, October 24, 2016

What everyone wants

The one thing that every person on the planet wants is to be able to create the life he or she wants. Each of us is born with a blue print in our hearts of the perfect life for us, one that allows us to fulfill our purpose in life. No one knows how to do so.

The framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature is synonymous to the Biblical Banquet Table, and mankind lives like the proverbial dogs that fight for scraps that fall onto the floor. The floor is the third dimension, the legs are the fourth, and the table top is the fifth dimension, so to reach our place at the table requires us to let go of what keeps us in the third dimension and then start to function bases on the principles of the cooperation of nature. We must overcome our nature.

Our prayer circle was, basically, and ascended masters program that enabled us to function on a higher level. Now the teachings we received we are able to pass on to the rest of the planet so everyone can do the same thing.

The children who are being born now remember what it was like in Heaven, and they are still willing to share their talents and gifts with others, but they are being dragged into the crisis, too, and it is getting harder for them to overcome the power games the adults are playing.

It is the responsibility of the adults to bring world peace, and the young adults to maintain world peace, and the children to live in peace. They are not capable of doing what the adults refuse to do.

Jesus said, "Suffer to bring the little children to me." This is how that will come about.

The children have the right to come to me and to ask to be part of the organization, but one of their parents must be willing to share his or her talents and gifts. Then, the parent has the right to bring in other children, and they will have the right to bring in the other parent. It is by invitation--and by demonstration. We will help the children to create their life without interference, which is an inalienable right all of us have granted to us by our Creator.

If you deny another person, no matter his or her age, the right to live their life without interference, under Universal Law, you lose the right to get your own life, and that is synonymous with being able to fulfill your purpose in life.

The same thing applies to the nations. It is up to the people to invite their government into the international government. If a government is oppressive to its people, it risks being left out of the international government.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Sitting in the Silver Chair

C.S. Lewis wrote the Narnia Series as allegory for these times, and he said, "behind every story there is a white witch." The White Witch is a sociopath who plays the power game of Lust to outsmart others, like a cat playing with a mouse. One of the stories is "The Silver Chair," where the prince is trapped and forced to sit in a Silver Chair by the Lady of the Green Kirtle, who plays the games of Greed and Envy.

How do they get free from the chair--something they hold onto that became a trap to them?

In the story, they are freed by two children and a Narnian Marshwiggle, and the requirement is that the prince must ask for help from Aslan, they all must overcome the illusion that the Lady weaves, and then they must fight the Lady to stop her from playing the games.

The games are bad, not the people. We are working to stop the games. It is like helping people overcome drug abuse, alcoholism and diseases like pancreatic cancer, which are all based on games. This is the reason for creating our crisis center.

Everyone wants to be part of the plan for the international government, but not all people see how it will benefit them to participate. There must be a give and take idea that is based on sharing one's talents and gifts. They are easy to share. It actually benefits you to share your talents and gifts, and what you get back with each win-win agreement is multiplied. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements.

To give you an example, I channeled a book--"A Manual for Peace," and before it could be printed, I needed to edit the book and format it for printing. All I had was a manuscript. I met a man at a garage sale. He was a retired editor for a trade journal. He was also very lonely, because his wife had died and he missed her very much. He agreed to edit my book, which would have cost me a thousand dollar, and in return, I channeled his wife. It was a win-win agreement, and it set the stage for the next win-win agreement. He trusted me to take care of his house and cat while he went into the hospital, and my daughter and I had a place to live for several months. It benefited everyone.

The White Witch plays the power game of revenge, which involves five power games, and it seems that everyone who is involved with the acts of revenge have the same goal, that the revenge is the means to an end, but they actually have different goals and so are constantly undermining those who brought them into the revenge.

You cannot get your life by getting revenge, but you can get your life by making win-win agreements, and sharing your talents and gifts.

The opportunity that arises based on participation in the plan for the international government is backwards from the door that is the ultimate conclusion from the power games. What people want is to be able to get their life on a higher level, but it can't come from controlling and outsmarting others. People 180 degrees from where they think they are. What they want is behind them instead of ahead of them, and must turn around to see their potential to get their life.

Think of the world leaders who have been oppressed, and just want to be equal to the other world leaders. They see the opportunity to function on a higher level, but as equals to the other world leaders. People who have been oppressed lack equality. Compare them to the world leaders who are jockeying for power and don't have it in the United Nations, and the international government is their opportunity to take their power games to control and manipulate to the higher level to become emperor of the planet, working from within the structure.

Why would anyone choose to be equal over being the king of the planet? Because there is always a backlash to the games. They don't understand Universal Law.

If you try to outsmart someone, you will eventually demonstrate that you don't understand.

If you are grabbing for something, you will eventually lose it.

If you envy someone, you deny your own capacity.

You can't get your life by playing power games, but you can get it by sharing your talents and gifts with others to make win-win agreements.

Those who rely on the power games don't understand what their talents and gifts are. If you are a sociopath, you are pushing away responsibility for your actions, and equating power and brutality. Power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done. We are looking at the where true power comes from, and you cannot convince anyone who is trying to outsmart you that they don't understand that what they are doing won't work. They are pushing people away from them, and eventually, they will be completely alone.

Everyone plays the games because we all come from a sense of lack, and the games are all based on fears. Our projects enable us to assume responsibility to undo the damage we have done and to start to share out talents and gifts. Those who play the games of Lust and Envy rely on weaving an illusion because they don't know what their capacity is. Their capacity becomes in weaving an illusion.

In the Faith of the Pure Ray church calendar, last month we celebrated Confucianism, which is based on the principles of Capacity--based on sharing your talents and gifts to create a niche. On the opposite of the circle, opposing it, we can learn from Judaism and Buddhism. Judaism focuses on finding partners to help you create a niche or cash flow. Buddhism focuses on getting the support you need, which comes from sharing your knowledge and expertise with others. You cannot get it by playing the games of greed or trapping others to extort money from them, or by working with others to get revenge on someone.

If you are sitting in a Silver Chair, you must be willing to be equal to all the others, which may be hard for princes to do.

Our intent is to make everyone equal, the king or queen of his or her own family. No one has the right to interfere in someone else's life.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Unraveling the Logjam

In Rwanda, the genocide reached the point where no one was safe from the mayhem as people with prejudice and ulterior motives moved in to take advantage of the opportunity to grab for what wasn't rightfully theirs. The masterminds behind the illusion and the mayhem of a genocide understand that their power is in weaving an illusion, and continue to twist and turn and come up with new ways to outsmart the people who just wish to live their lives without interference. This is the result of the ripples of effects that go out, drawing more and more people into the crisis.

Being able to live your life without interference is an inalienable right granted to us by our Creator, and government's purpose is to guarantee our inalienable rights. To deny another their rights goes against Universal Law--you lose your own rights. It takes time for the backlashes to be manifested, so many people do not see the Cause and Effect of their actions.

To stop a genocide, does it take someone like Paul Kagame to bring together an army to degrade and destroy, or can it be done another way, because how do you know who to shoot? What if that single act of violence is someone defending himself and his family and his property because he is the rightful owner and was drawn away from his property and family temporarily and someone moved in and is declaring himself to be the rightful owner, or the rightful head of the family, like what has occurred with Boko Haram and the abduction of the young girls?

How can you take a case like this to court, if the court documents have been subverted? What if everything you can do has been twisted and turned?

You cannot unravel the illusion. With each ripple that comes in, there is a log-jamming effect that reinforces the illusion, and you are always in the reactive mode. At this time, the United States is attempting to stop the mayhem in Syria, but Syria is one more place the global genocide is erupting and the illusion is very strong. The mayhem can erupt in every nation, and in any city, and eventually, if your plan is to degrade and destroy, you will fail.

To end the conflict in Iraq, which is where the global genocide started, someone must stand up to defend Saddam Hussein. Our organization is doing that, but the issue that he was innocent of the charges against him must be addressed. People must understand the difference between the principles and the power games that have created a schism within our government and started the Battles of Armageddon that are tearing apart the planet. We are introducing a plan that ends genocides and has the capacity to unravel the illusion by teaching people about the power games related to revenge, how they work, why they don't work, and how to function on a higher level when the games backlash on you.

For conflict resolution, everyone must be considered equal. Everyone is in crisis. The victims of the power games and the perpetrators of the games as they backlash are in crisis, but everyone plays the games. To unravel the illusion, we start by creating the crisis center, and offering free channeling sessions with God, the Creator of us all.  God doesn't judge people. The games are bad, not the people.

When people are in crisis, they are 180 degrees from where they think they are. Your plan must enable people, to overcome the crisis, turn people around again and to get back on course to their goal.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq sets the stage for the international court system, and disputes will be settled in court rather than the battlefield. To unravel the illusion, we are first introducing the books that are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis, then the Oxford and Stonehenge event to funnel people through the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and then progress into mediation where everyone has a voice, which enables a sense of respect and tolerance to come about. The next step is to take it to the courts, followed by purifying the legal system to address the glitches that enabled the conflict to occur.

The last step is participation in the international government, and that is what everyone wants to do. That is the point where everyone is functioning on a higher level, which is what the mayhem was meant to achieve, but never had the capacity to do.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is contingent on all Americans working together to amend our Constitution to create the additional layer of government over the top of what already exists. This allows us to regain the power we lost by breaking Universal Law, and the entire planet the opportunity to function on a higher level.

World peace must come when the people demand it from their government. At this time, we have two presidential candidates who are hawks, people who equate power and military might. Equating ideas is what gets people into trouble. But, our Founding Fathers were wise men and they placed in our Constitution more than one path to amend our Constitution, and the president of the United States does not sign the amendment into law. He or she has one vote, just like everyone else. Congress is log-jammed, also, and has prevented the States from being able to exercise the States rights to amend our Constitution through the Article V path that our Founding Fathers included in the Constitution. Just recently, a nonprofit organization hosted a mock Article V amendment convention, and so there is growing support for one to be held. With a 20% Congressional approval rating, many people believe it is time for Congress to turn over responsibility to the States.

It is time for all Americans to take back responsibility for our lives, and to regain the power we turned over to our government. It is time to demonstrate that you cannot get the life you want by preventing someone else from having their inalienable rights that our Constitution guarantees because it goes against Universal Law.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Saddam Hussein to George W. Bush: "I want a divorce"

For a global renaissance to come about, every person on the planet must assume responsibility for his or her own financial support and security. At this time, the planet is being torn apart because half the people are facing their fears because they depend on another person, and that person is not willing or able to support him or her.

Marriages now are oftentimes based on romantic attachments, which turn into genocides, because when the breadwinner of the family stands on the principles, it threatens the spouse's security and support, and the spouse's fears are triggered. His or her response is to go down into the power games, including acts of revenge. A series of battles occurs, called Battles of Armageddon, drawing in more and more people.

The last stage of a genocide is negotiation, but the terms are untenable, so the couple splits. That forces the spouse to make a choice. The spouse can enter into another marriage right away, or may also face his or her fears and start to assume responsibility for his or her own life. That involves joining the organization or the organization framework, which extends to include every person on the planet.

The framework is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, which is based on sharing one's talents and gifts in a series of win-win agreements. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreements.

On the international level, the entire planet is enduring a genocide that was started between Saddam Hussein and George. W. Bush. When Saddam Hussein stood up in protest that the sanctions were too oppressive, it triggered the fears of George W. Bush, who went down into the games. The United States was looking for natural resources, and Iraq has or had the world's third largest reserves of oil. Rather than to make a win-win agreement for the oil, the United States went to war in Iraq. The conflict devolved as a genocide, and it has continued to draw in more and more people into the conflict.

Within our organization, the same battles have gone on between me--I am parallel to Saddam Hussein-- and my estranged husband, Jeff, who is parallel to George W. Bush. His mother is parallel to George H.W. Bush, and our daughter is parallel to the Iraqi people.

The financial crisis in our family has spiraled down so that no one is able to get the life each of us wants. We all have the potential and the desire to function on a far higher level. I have my talents and gifts of being able to channel, and have channeled many books, but the act of revenge against me drew in many people to prevent me from being able to use them, and the rest of the family cannot see how they can create a cash flow by sharing their own. I started my own publishing company, but have not been able to sell my books.

We are going through a divorce process, but rather than tear apart the family completely, it is up to me to help everyone to transition to the point where they are responsible for their own lives, part of the framework of the organization.

The solution that ends the genocide is the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. We are going to court, but not under the existing courts. We are going to first create the court based on the proposal, and do it within the organization to demonstrate the potential of the plan. I was squeezed out of the family, just like Saddam Hussein was, so the court case is between our daughter and her father. It starts out with getting the books published to demonstrate it is possible for me to create a cash flow based on my talents and gifts, and that allows me to offer my family positions in my business.

I have been going through the top row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which is designed for those who stand on the principles. It helps me to rebuild my financial support and family foundation based on my talents and gifts. The Lifepartnership packet contains the information on how to apply the Conflict Resolution brochures in my own life. It is my opportunity to function on a higher level, but not by relying on someone else for my support.

If I succumb to the fear of failure, and fall into the trap of relying on someone else for my financial support, I would leap into another marriage. Get into another cycle.

But, I have a choice to go up, down or straight ahead. If I resort to acts of revenge, I go down, face the backlashes, and no one comes out ahead. If I ignore the crisis, I pass it on to future generations, and it takes seven generations to undo the damage. Rather, I choose to find someone who can be my advocate--my lifepartner--who can speak from his own similar experience to defend me to my family to end the family genocide, and I will do the same for him. This allows us to create a win-win agreement so that both of us can draw in our family. Everyone comes out ahead.

Demonstrating the potential of the Exit Strategy for Iraq allows everyone to come out ahead. The next step is to demonstrate its potential within our organization to end the hostile takeover of the organization based on the character defamation campaign, and then on the international level to end the global genocide that started in Iraq.