Sunday, August 28, 2016

Taking the Exit Strategy for Iraq personally

We know the same crises occur on every level, and it is possible to apply the solutions offered by the proposals to the individual and family levels, too. The Exit Strategy for Iraq enables those of us who have endured a character defamation campaign the opportunity to end the crisis or who have suffered a hostile divorce to end the conflict in the family so that everyone can function on a higher level. 

The best place to start is with the Conflict Resolution brochures, and the 1-2-3. No one can prevent you from getting the life you want. That is not to say people will try to do so, and maybe in the most horrific circumstances, but the truth is, if you are doing what is in everyone's best interest, those who try to stop you are fighting the Universe and they can't win. 

Under Universal Law, what you do to someone else is what is done to you, so like Michelle Obama said in her Democratic presidential convention speech, "when someone puts us down, we go up." We can stand on higher principles and function on a higher level. And, like an entrepreneur, we can see opportunities to solve the same problems on every level. You just have to stand on the principles of Universal Law, and use it as a tool rather than a punishment.

To end a personal genocide, you need to have someone to defend you, even if it is a judge. You have to choose who will do so. If you choose someone who cannot speak from personal experience, that individual will reinforce the games against you. The best way to find someone is to create your niche based on your talents and gifts, and work with people who have the same goal. This will be useful when we address the U.S. Survival Cards, which are part of the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal. 

Everyone who is part of the global renaissance will have a niche based on talents and gifts, and nations will have a niche based on natural resources, and the international government or our organization framework will find a market for your product or service. My niche is my publishing business, and what makes it unique is that my gift from God, the Creator of us all, is to be able to communicate with anyone on the other side. My books are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis." How many people are there around the world who want to know how to get out of their crisis? I have a global market. 

I have declared my intent to create the life I want, and am making it come about, and will invite others to come in when they are squeezed by the end of opportunities in their life and see the potential of participation. 

The Conflict Resolution brochures say that your lifepartner can be your advocate. That individual may seem to be the person who is driving away your family, but in truth is the only one who can bring your family back. Everyone else will only make matters worse. But if your entire family is killed in war or an accident or targeted by hostile forces, you can still walk forward and create your own life if your lifepartner never shows up to defend you, because a judge can, too.

For women to find their lifepartner, we must be responsible for our own financial support and security. We have our own vocation and our avocation, and with lifepartners, one's vocation is the other's avocation, and we mentor each other. Lifepartners have the same goal, and it is not to get revenge on another person, because there is always a backlash to the power games. 

As the marriage is breaking apart due to different goals, if you have children, the family becomes more of a clan as the marriages break apart and reform with other spouses. Our organization is like a town, and everyone works together with each functioning from our own capacity. 

The books allow the ideas and the principles to permeate society. The first book is "A Manual for Peace."

My entire family has some sort of connection to books. We all love books, love to go to libraries, have a desire to write books, or a gift to channel them or watched the books being channeled and took notes, or have experience working in book stores, or have worked in warehouses or can fix machinery, or know how to print books, or are in crisis and know the books will help get them out of the crisis. Everyone loves the plan for the international government, but the conflict has been an obstacle. The solution is to bring in another person, the one who has the capacity to end the conflict, because it helps him or her to do so.

This is where my lifepartner comes in. The first two "dynastic" families come together, and it allows both families to function on a higher level. I don't know who he is yet, but if our goals are the same, at some time we will find ourselves working on the same project as our paths collide. 

My family is going through the Battles of Armageddon, which started when I stood on the principles that created the plan for world peace. That threatened the security and support of those who depended on me, and they went down into the games. I had channeled the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and started across the top row, attempting to make it happen in my own life. By goal is to "rocket out of the abyss."

People can't see the larger perspective. People are afraid. The person who assumes responsibility for doing what is in everyone's best interest allows everyone to function on a higher level. If another individual in the family believes he or she is better qualified to be the overview perspective of the family or clan, it only creates more chaos. People thought I was crazy to let go of my old life and start working on the plan for world peace, and it was easy for them to get entangled in the conspiracy against me. 

The conflict is hard on people. Everyone must come together to undo the damage that has been done, and to heal the personal rifts that prevent everyone from creating the life each wants.  

The Exit Strategy for Iraq starts with bringing together the professional publishing team, and then the events at Oxford and Stonehenge, when opposing sides come together to address the plan, and deal with unification and conflict resolution. Then, mediation, and then the court case, and by that time, all the grievances have been resolved. The last two steps are to purify the legal system and to be advocates of the solution at the conference in Europe. You have overcome the world view of the crisis. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Embrace the Dimness

There is no way to convince someone that what he or she is doing by playing power games won't work. What people believe is based on a lifetime of experiences, and to this point, the games always seemed to work. That individual must reach the point where there is a backlash to the games, which leads to the exact opposite effect than what they hoped to achieve.

In a previous post, I talked about White Witches, sociopaths who function only for their own interests. They play the power game of Lust or Envy, which means they weave an illusion to outsmart others to back them into the corner. The ultimate conclusion of the games they play to get glory or respect or abundance backfire on them because the games go against Universal Law, and there is always a backlash to the games.

For a while, acts of revenge bring people together, but no one has the same goal and so they start to undermine each other as they continue to make choices that are supposed to help them create the life they want. The revenge is the means to an end, but everyone is lost and headed away from their goal rather than toward their goal.

Mankind is devolving into chaos, but let's say it is possible to learn from our mistakes and turn it all around. This is where the books that are associated with the proposals are important, starting with the booklet series that address the six principles of each proposal... And people don't even have to read the books to understand the principles, because the On The Rainbow catalog is a resource in itself. You can read the synopsis of the book and know that revenge brings together people who play five power games and there is always a backlash to the games, and you cannot get true power by getting revenge on someone. True power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done.

The unifying factor is that everyone plays the games, that the games are bad, not the people. As those who are playing the games are losing power, those who are assuming responsibility to undo the damage are rising in power, and eventually everyone meets in the middle point, where people everyone is equal.

The world leaders who have been judged to be Axis of Evil have embraced the plan first, because they want to be equal to those who are are judging them. Our first eight proposals are to nations that devolved into chaos because of a sense of judgment.

Rather that to attempt to convince the entire planet that what they are doing isn't working, we will start with ending the global genocide that is tearing apart the planet by focusing on one conflict between two individuals.

The real fight at this time is not with ISIS, even though that is what seems to be the fight. ISIS is a delaying tactic only to prevent the creation of the international government. By delaying the plan and creating confusion, it allows the future emperor of the planet the opportunity to weave more and more illusion. That game backfires on the player, too. As we introduce the idea that everyone on the planet has his or her inalienable rights granted to him or her by the Creator of us all, it demonstrates we function on a higher level than the emperor. Fighting ISIS demonstrates that you are willing to sacrifice people, too, including innocent children.

Saddam Hussein stood up and protested that the UN sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children. His mistake was to offer a plan that would put the United States over a proverbial barrel by denying us oil, and that threatened the security and support of the other Middle East leaders. No one agreed to his plan.

The dispute that kicked the planet off our evolutionary path is the preemptive strike on Iraq by George W. Bush, which was an act of revenge. Ripples of effects have gone out from the invasion of Iraq. For him it was one small, logical step, but for the rest of the planet, it was a major leap. Like every ultimate conclusion of the power game, he crucified an innocent person and it backlashed on him. He walked toward a proverbial door, reached out his hand to turn the knob, and on the other side of it was supposed to be his respect, his success, and his opportunity to demonstrate his capacity, but instead he found a Brick Wall. What he wants is behind him, not ahead of him. He is 180 degrees from where he thinks he is.

You can't get the life you want by forcing your own agenda when it is not in your best interest in the first place. If you are lost, you must turn around. All it has taken is for him to step back and look at what happened, and then have someone tell him you cannot get respect or success or capacity by playing the power games, and then explain to him what does lead to respect or success or capacity.

For George W. Bush to be able to demonstrate his capacity, he will agree to our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, and for him to help end the dispute by working together to set up the international court system that is part of the international government. All he has to do is turn around and do what is in everyone's best interest. He can go through our ancient rites of conflict resolution and unification at Oxford and Stonehenge, and be treated like a king, but he must allow one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants the opportunity to do so, too, and then they go through mediation and the court case, and no matter who wins, everyone comes out ahead. Everyone on the planet benefits from what he will do.

As to the White Witch behind ISIS, when I said ISIS is state-sponsored, it is in no one's best interest for one individual to attempt to takeover the planet--to become the emperor of the planet, and to rule by force, and to force everyone to function based on Sharia Law. It is up to each nation and culture to decide their legal system within their nation, but not to force it on any other nation or people. As the dispute between the United States and Iraq is setting up the precedent for disputes between nations to be resolved in court rather than the battlefield, everyone will be deciding the docket for future court cases, including those against the man or woman who is using force to promote his or her own agenda behind the proverbial door.

Those who are playing the power game of Lust, trying to enslave people by outsmarting them, are only fooling themselves. People know oppression when they see it. It is just that they see no way to be able to go up and to rise out of the crisis, and so they spiral down into circular thinking patterns, that they must do something but they don't know what to do.

The saying is that all it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing. It takes time for the solution to trickle through society for it to become apparent. Stopping one individual from creating sleeper cells which perpetrate horrific criminal acts won't work because you are always in the reactive mode. What it takes is for one individual to stand up to defend the person who is being defamed, and then for the next to do so, and the next, and eventually, the sociopath is alone, which is the ultimate conclusion of the game of Lust. He or she is alone and demonstrating a complete sense of cluelessness.

So, rather than to fight the Darkness, let's focus on "embracing the dimness" (I do not intend to make this phrase to be a tool for ending conflicts) for a while, and work to end the Iraq Genocide. ISIS can fade away and everyone can just go home when everyone comes to the realization it is in no one's best interest to fight them. We are all citizens of the Universe, and subject to Universal Law. The power game of Lust leads to slavery, and they have no where to go. They were backed into the proverbial corner, also, by the White Witch. The dimness that I am referring to are those who are committing crimes in the name of the White Witch, and would rather be home living their life, but they have no home to go back to.

Everyone agrees to the plan for the international government. They agree to the plan it guarantees them the right to live their lives without interference. If they can get their life, like George Bush, by recognizing the power games they play, and the fact that everyone plays the games, the stigma ends.
The rite of conflict resolution at Stonehenge involves soldiers wearing white robes and black robes. Let's consider who will wear the black robes and who will wear the white.

How do you deal with the legal ramifications of the crimes that have been committed by the gangs of genocidaires? This is something our organization must address as we work to purify the U.S. legal system. With the Battles of Armageddon raging, half the planet could end up in prison, and how can you maintain a prison system under those circumstances? If people are backed into the corner when they join a gang and are required to commit crimes, the true culprits are those who make them do it, so our plan must address every aspect of the crisis for it to succeed.

Monday, August 22, 2016

White Witches and Revenge

The California segment of our organization, which has not yet officially come into our organization, is part of the Crisis in the Family segment. California can be considered the overview state because it is a melting pot of cultures and religions, and it bridges states and nations. The California Community Property Law was meant to protect families during divorces, but instead, it set the stage for California to experience major social crises related to the family.

Romantic attachments turn into genocides, according to our Conflict Resolution brochures. The idea of trophy wives has turned California families into family genocides. Therefore, we can watch the organization families in California, but also the state of California to see how they demonstrate the solutions that are offered in our proposals.

One of our projects associated with the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy involves purifying the California Community Property Law, but right now we are addressing the acts related to the rise of the White Witches--women who wage war when their security and support are threatened. White Witches rely on two power games and are easily drawn into acts of revenge. They see it as their grand opportunity to get the life they want, and they make their ascension to the fourth dimension, but because getting their life is based on weaving an illusion, they know they are fakes, and they have become mentally ill.

White Witches are sociopaths, and there are male and female sociopaths. It is a matter of their little fears and big fears being flip-flopped, and the power games they play, including the games of Lust and Envy, which are based on weaving an illusion.

We won't be able to address this form of mental illness until after the Full Training Session. One member of the family must assume responsibility for taking the classes, so right now, there is chaos in the family, and the White Witches have come together to get revenge on everyone.

The Crisis in the Family segment, together with the White Witches, is opposite to the World Peace Movement. White Witches rely on others for their security and support rather than by assuming responsibility for their own security and support, and by sharing their talents and gifts in win-win agreements.

In "A Little Angel Told Me....", which was written for people who are facing their end of life crisis, Archangel Michael says that when you are facing your end of life crisis, "it is like you are playing poker with the devil, and you only have a pair of sevens. Well, the devil doesn't even have that."

White Witches must learn from demonstration, and must be invited into the family by someone in the family who assumes responsibility for ending the conflict in the family. Oftentimes it is the end of life crisis that makes it possible for the family to come together.

The economic foundation of the international government and the global renaissance is based on making win-win agreements, and you must be willing to share your talents and gifts with others to make that come about. Those who don't understand what they have to share must wait a bit to see how it is done, and will allow either the organization or the international government to come in and advise them on what they have.

The global genocide is spreading, and the White Witches seem to have all the power, but they are weaving an illusion. The truth is, no one can prevent you from getting the life you want. We can solve the global genocide by understanding how to deal with romantic attachments, which is something most of us have experienced. If your family has been torn apart, I recommend the Conflict Resolution brochures as a great place to start, and then Walk the Rainbow to create the life you want.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

The principles of the projects

In a recent post, I dropped a huge bomb on readers by declaring the plan for the international government is spinning off into a new segment, and there will be battles over the technology. Everyone is tired of the battle over the plan, but each time a new plan is introduced, it will go through the same resistance. People who rely on the old structure for their security and support will resist the plan, and it won't be until everyone is able to create a sense of abundance from it that the resistance will end.

There will also be the same problems with pirates who attempt to steal the idea and claim it for their own, but without understanding the plan or the application of the principles.

A good example of this occurred during the time of Jesus of Nazareth, when Judas Iscariot betrayed the disciples and attempted to force them to follow a secular agenda. He thought he recognized the potential of the plan, but didn't understand the plan or the principles.

It isn't a problem for the plans to be pirated. The problem is that the people who are unaware of that fact are torn apart by the conflict, and the illusion is so strong that they can't see their way out of their crisis and the opportunity to rise to the higher level. As each plan is introduced and goes through the same process, those who made it through will be able to help others who follow and the road will "rise up to meet them."

All of our projects must stand on these principles--

  • Every project is based on the same principles.
  • People must be able to get their life on a higher level.
  • Your plan must leave no one out of its benefits.
  • Everyone must agree to the plan.
  • Your plan must enable people to have recourse to change what is unfair.
  • Your plan must function under the principles of Universal Law.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Our soul agreement with the world's leaders

A soul agreement is established before you are born, as part of your purpose in life. A soul group comes together with a common goal, and everyone functions together to bring it about. A billion people were born at this time to bring about world peace, each working from his or her own talents and gifts. Our organization's soul agreement with the world's leaders is that they will listen to the plan. Then, what they do is up to them.

Our organization's founding documents declare our exempt purposes to be to purify the U.S. legal system, to heal rifts, and to offer loans to independent members for clinics for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing.

The principles we stand on create a framework of projects, and using my gift of channeling, I bring through from the higher levels, ideas for fifty innovative projects. They are the first fifty projects to fit into the framework. I turn them over to the 200 independent members of my organization, who are all part of the soul group, and they have their capacity to bring them about. As they create their projects, they offer them to the world's leaders to be established within the nations as part of our advisory work.

As people fall into crisis, their perspective gets narrower and narrower, and it takes someone with the wider perspective to offer a solution. As a channel who can communicate with anyone "on the other side," my perspective is very wide because I can draw into the solution anyone, including the past kings, queens and presidents, and even God, the Creator of us all. When you are in a crisis, you fall into circular thinking process, that you must do something, but you don't know what to do, but you must do something...., and the solution to t dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest.

My books are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis, and they carry the person in crisis out of the abyss step by step and stage by stage. If you know the root cause of any crisis, with the planning process you can find the solution. We don't tell people what to do, but how to do it, and then allow the person to make the effort to walk out of their own abyss.

The first people to follow this advice leads the way for the next, and a long line forms, with each person demonstrating it is possible to rise out of the abyss. For conflict resolution, you don't try to convince someone, you declare you will go get the life you want--which is what they want to do, too-- you go do it, and then you invite the other person in, and that person gets into line behind you.

All this is very simple and logical, except when you are in a crisis yourself, so rather than to explain it to you, I recommend that you read the books and apply the information in your own life.

All the projects must stand on the same principles. The first principle is that mankind functions within spiritual laws, including the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. This is a free-will Universe, and mankind has the right to do what we choose, but there is always a backlash to the games, because they go against Universal Law. If you grab for power, you lose it, and true power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done.

Our soul agreement with the world's leaders is not that they take our advice, or to give us lucrative government contracts. Not yet. First we must demonstrate the potential of the plan to solve the problems, and they will do the same thing on the government level. The contracts will come as part of our advisory level work, and we will offer a catalog of completed projects to the world's leaders to apply in their own country. First, our independent members must take the projects from ideas through the planning stages, get the funding by applying their own talents and gifts, open the ideas to debate amongst the average people (because the same crises occur on every level)  through the tent tours, then offer them to the world's leaders.  That is when we can make contracts as advisors to the nations. It allows us to purify the U.S. legal system, and finally, the nations become their advocates at the conference in Europe. Our organization will host the first conference and then turn responsibility for future conferences to the world leaders.

We will get everyone back on track to world peace.

We aren't there yet. Everyone must walk up the long, dark tunnel out of the abyss.

There has been a hostile takeover bid on our organization. A very strong illusion has been woven. What has occurred is that a small group of people who appear to have great power have obfuscated the plan for world peace. They take advantage of those who want something, or who don't function from their own capacity, or those who are trusting of others. Two of the power games rely on weaving an illusion, and one is based on outsmarting others. These people are not part of my organization. They may be some time in the future, but not now.  This is why our proposals and planning draw in particular groups of people, starting with the professional publishing team.

It comes to the point where we have three choices, up, down or straight ahead. We can work with the existing publishing industry to print our books, and the cost of the books is lost. We can fight with the conspirators who have pirated the books, and who keep all the money from our remarkable, unique books--channeled messages from God--for themselves. Or we can draw in the professional publishing team and as they assume responsibility, they get their livelihood and half the income from the books comes back to the organization to fund our projects. Everyone comes out ahead.

The first question to those who assume responsibility for a project is, "Are you willing to stand on the principles of Universal Law?" All the projects must do so or they will fail. All the people will do so or they will face the backlashes.

At this time, the professional publishing team has not come into the organization. It is a matter of 1-2-3. The first people to come in are actually the other channels, because they must be able to see that it is possible to create a cash flow in your life by sharing your talents and gifts with others. Their perspective has narrowed and they are being squeezed to participate in the framework, just like everyone else.

Eventually, everyone will be squeezed to let go of what isn't working in their life, and must turn around and do what will work. That is when they get into line and follow those who demonstrate the potential of the plan to rise out of the abyss.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Let's have a poll!

How many people will choose to wage war over taking disputes to court?

This is not just a poll. The application of the principles is what is important, so I ask that you take some time to consider your answer. When you choose one, you cannot just walk away from it. You must stand on the principles of your choice.

We live during a time when mankind can evolve or devolve into a global conflict, and your vote is is important for deciding mankind's future.

Think about the ramifications of your choice.

If you choose war, will you agree to be on the front lines? Are you willing to have war on your streets? Are you willing to die as a soldier or a civilian who has been dragged into the conflict? Who will pay for the war? Are you willing to give everything you have to protect your family, your town and your nation?

If the winners of this poll are those who vote to resolve this in court, the next question is, which court will handle disputes? Another choice.

Will it be the existing international courts? Not all nations are signatories of the international courts, so not all disputes will be resolved.

Will it be kangaroo courts set up by warlords, or if the results of this poll are close, will it be sharia law in your town, because of the vast number of people who didn't agree to the results of the poll?

Will it be a court that is part of the proposed international government? Are you willing to make the effort necessary to bring it about, including talking to your family and friends about it, debating every part of it so it can function on the highest level possible? Will you have a voice in its creation?

This poll is part of the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, which leads to the creation of an international court so disputes between nations are resolved in court and the monies now wasted on war go to the people instead. Read the planning for it on our website at

Monday, August 15, 2016

Hint: ISIS is state sponsored

How can you stop ISIS? It is state sponsored. It is becoming more and more pervasive, with sleeper cells in every nation.

You don't fight ISIS. You walk away and function on a higher level. You start a club where everyone is considered equal, and once it becomes apparent that there are more benefits to being part of a club where everyone is equal, people rush there.

This is why America became a melting pot of cultures and religions. People left oppressive countries to find a place that has greater freedoms and opportunities.

It is in no one's best interest for one individual to be the emperor of the planet. That individual is mortal. He or she rises in power and rules by force, but there is always a backlash to the games.

The United States has resorted to playing oppressive power games, too, but where do you go if the United States is becoming oppressive?

To the international government.

It enables the nations all to function on a higher level, and people may wish to return to their homes, because people like to live within their own culture.

What can stop the mayhem?

The mayhem starts when one individual stands on the principles and it triggers the fears of another person, who choses to go down into the power games.

A series of battles occurs, and the last battle ends when one side walks away from the other side.

It can be by dying, or by walking away from the conflict, and the first person who walks away from the conflict is the winner.

But, if you can't walk away from the conflict, then you must deal with conflict resolution.

In our organization, many potential members are divorced couples, and when the plan for the international government was opened to debate, generally speaking, the husbands were interested in participating in the organization, but those who chose to pirate the plan went to the wives and drew them into the conspiracy--into the revenge.

Why would someone get revenge on someone they never met before, and who is doing what is in everyone's best interest?

The people who are perpetrating the mayhem are weaving the illusion that they are the leadership of the organization, and they have taken the plan and are tearing it apart. They believe they can do anything they want, and no one can stop them.

Many people are going through their end of life crisis now, and in Archangel Michael's booklet, "A Little Angel Told Me..." he says, "it is like playing poker with the devil, and all you have is a pair of sevens, and the devil doesn't even have that."

Each plan has a trigger, who functions as a catalyst, but who is actually not part of the "equation." The trigger is someone who makes a statement, but the statement is ludicrous, and then must back down, and tries to "maintain his or her face" by weaving an illusion.

Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who came to two separate individuals, and it is his responsibility to bring the two sides together to form the organization. The trigger has prevented the two sides from coming together.

The plan for the international government has attracted the attention of many people in power, and it seems so simple and logical, but it isn't. No one can do another's project because it is based on one's talents and gifts.

For conflict resolution, everyone must be seen as equal, and everyone is in crisis now. The books are "channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis," and anyone can read the books, starting with the 200 independent members of the organization. That does not make someone who has a book an independent member. The second step is to come to the crisis center, which involves group and individual channeling.

The crisis center was started, and the conspirators wove the illusion that it helped people to get out of crisis, but anyone who went there was dragged into a crisis.

The solution is to join the organization.

People recognize the games when they see them. People know what oppression is. If a government is oppressive to its people, they leave and find a place where there is greater freedom, and this is what made America great. But, the United States plays power games, too, and there is rising anger against us, which will be resolved as we let go of the power games and join the plan for the international government. We can say "ever again" and this time mean it.

As the people who are so oppressive lose power, they will come in, too, and they must work to undo the damage they have done.

Friday, August 12, 2016

The First Prototype for Fourth and Fifth Dimensional Technology

Our organization is introducing fifty innovative projects, opening them for debate, and then turning them over to the project teams at our Full Training Session, when all 200 independent members first come together to prepare for the conference in Europe.

At our prayer circle, Seth came to us and asked for four members of the circle to meet for three days of intensive training. I was one of the four. Although two of us are channels, my main guide is Seth, and he is responsible for introducing new project ideas. Each of us has a different focus, and I am an idea person. That weekend, Seth introduced the Free Power Source invention.

One of the individuals at the session is parallel to Iran. That country is perfect for assuming responsibility for the invention. All 200 nations will participate in the debate, and even the creation of this invention, but what makes Iran and our independent member perfect for this invention is that he bridges technology and spirituality. Our inventions are fourth and fifth dimensional projects, and it will require a certain spiritual focus to be able to comprehend the principles associated with this invention.

What about selling innovative technology to Iran? Our projects will go through the same progression as our Track Our Progress planning, with opening the idea to debate, bringing in the people, the tent tour, and advisory aspect, purifying the U.S. legal system and then the conference in Europe. In the advisory aspect, we will offer a catalog of projects to the governments that hire us as advisors, and they can choose which projects they would like to establish within their nation. We must address legislation within the United States to allow us to sell innovative technologies to other nations. They must be part of the process to create the international government. 

This invention allows Iran to transition out of its nuclear power program. Why is that important?

Did you see the movie "Men in Black"? The plot is to protect a little blue and white marble that only a few consider to have great importance. It is the Earth--or an Earth. Then, in the final scene, the camera pulls back and back until it steps away from our Universe, and there is a Universe within the Universe within the Universe concept. There is an element of truth in that movie. Atoms are not just building blocks for molecules, they are also universes and may or may not have the potential for developing life. If you split atoms, you are destroying entire universes. 

Under Universal Law, if we continue our nuclear program, we face the backlash of losing the rights for our own universe to continue to exist. We would not have reached our potential for maintaining life on our planet.

Everything starts first on the spiritual level, then progresses to the mental level, and finally to the physical.  Today, I would like to introduce the first prototype for understanding fourth and fifth dimensional technology, and open it to debate.

Kinetic sculpture known as
Newton's Cradle

  1. The first ball can be considered God, the Creator of us all, and standing on the principles of Universal Law. If we do what is in everyone's best interest, we have our Creator's blessing to create our project in the form of soul agreement--a contract--that we will have everything we need to do so, including receiving our talents and gifts. God works with the other kingdoms, also, as part of the win-win agreement.
  2. This ball can be considered Seth and the other seventh dimensional entities. The seventh dimension is about tolerance and empowerment, and creating a plan that is in everyone's best interest. 
  3. This ball represents the Seth channels who function like Seth's Flower of Life pattern, based on the principles of the cooperation of nature. I am responsible for the plan for the international government, and channeling project ideas for fifty fourth and fifth dimensional plans.
  4. This ball represents the fifty independent members who will assume responsibility for the projects, sharing their talents and gifts.
  5. This is the 200 independent members who will help to create the projects, each functioning from their area of expertise. As we all come together, we will offer these projects to the entire planet through our advisory aspect. 
The energy of the balls returns, also. By everyone benefiting from the project, it returns all the way to our Creator, who is making their ascension from the twelfth dimension to the thirteenth. 

We live inside of our Creator. Lady Gaia is known as Earth Mother and Universe Mother. 

Can you see how technology must be able to bridge spirituality and technology? 

At Oxford, we will introduce the Grand Unification Principle--also known as the Unified Field Theory, which is what brilliant mathematicians and theoretical physicists have searched for like the Holy Grail. Scientists are reaching the top of the proverbial mountain and finding God at last. 

We are introducing a new blog today that will cover fourth and fifth dimensional technology. It is called "The First 50 Projects of the Global Renaissance."

Going back to history, raising the planet to the higher level

During the time period between 2008 and 2012, all the cycles of history lined up. We have been replaying historical events from all the cycles, including the billion year cycle. Change only occurs easily at the beginning and end of a cycle, so this has been a time of great changes.

During that five year time period, the plan for the international government was opened to debate, and it has offered mankind the opportunity to function on a higher level. Without the plan for the international government, the end of the cycle related to the power games left mankind only two untenable options. Mankind has been at the point of falling into the abyss or rising to where world peace and a global renaissance has been possible.

As we look back to the past cycles, we can carry the planet to the higher level by learning from the past.

The same soul group has come each time and replayed the historical events. A billion people have been reborn over and over again, dragging the Earth forward in its ascension. With the end of the billion year cycle, we have made it to the point where we are moving from the third dimension to the fourth, and then the fifth.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq goes back to Oxford and Stonehenge, and even further back into the past, to Atlantis. When Atlantis fell, the Earth was torn apart by the misuse of technology. As the continent sunk in the ocean, waves of Atlanteans fled to surrounding continents, including to England to start Stonehenge, and to Mexico, and they became the Aztecs. The Atlanteans took with them their knowledge base, including advanced technologies,  and they changed the cultures of their new lands.

The battle over the plan for the international government is ending as it becomes apparent to the vast majority of the population that it is in no one's best interest for one individual to rise to the level of emperor of the planet and to rule by force, or to rely on the existing international structures that have proven to be unable to prevent or end wars.

Now the plan starts to spin off to the battle over technology. Rather than to allow it to tear apart the planet, we will crunch thousands of years of history into just a year or two by standing on the principles of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect. We will declare there is always a backlash to the power games, and demand that every plan must pass cultural review for it to be produced, including the plan for the international government.

The plan for the international government has passed cultural review. As of today, people in 85 nations support the plan for the international government. It benefits everyone. There is no resistance to the plan if everyone is part of the debate, and we are encouraging open debate on the plan.

Our events at Oxford and Stonehenge address unification and conflict resolution, and draw in the technology team. Together we are introducing three new inventions that will ultimately join three nations that to this point have not seen any justification for working together.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

The battle over the plan spins off

Not everyone will be interested in world peace. To most people, it is the application of world peace that is important. The plan goes from the most general perspective to the individual level. The battle over the plan becomes the battle over technology.

The idea for the international government has been opened to debate, and many people are aware of the plan. The battle over the plan has been the choice over mankind's future. The existing structure has proven it cannot end or prevent wars, so depending on it leads to the proverbial slippery slope, and passing the crises on to future generations. The rise of the caliphate is mankind's choice to go down deeper into the power games, and that choice is in no one's best interest. The only choice that allows everyone to function on a higher level is the proposed international government.

Imagine that world peace is a circle, and around the circle are the segments of technology, business and economics, crisis in the family, conflict resolution and tolerance and empowerment.

As we are learning in the Faith of the Pure Ray, when you come up with a plan that benefits everyone, you progress through the planning stages and steps, around the circle, and on the opposing side of the circle are security issues and conflict resolution.

If mankind chooses to stay with the existing structure or to go down into the power games, we are not within the circle at all. We are not addressing opposing sides of the circle with either option.

For example, to bring peace to the Middle East, there are three nations that align east to west: Iran, Iraq and Syria. If you bring peace to Iraq first, it stabilizes Iran and Syria. If you bring world peace only to the United States, on the opposite side of the Atlantic Ocean, it does not stabilize the Middle East. Our plan for Iran, which is a very technological nation, is part of the spin off from the plan for the international government.

A battle over technology is starting. We have the nations that desire nuclear power and the Asian nations, and they must be able to create world peace within their nations also. Before we can convince nations that desire nuclear power or are maneuvering for oil reserves to let go of their drive to procure this technology or resources, we must be able to offer them a way to function on a far higher level by letting it go.

Our technology team is responsible for introducing these innovative technologies. The ideas are here now, but before the inventions can be ready for production, world peace must be in effect.

For example, our Free Power Source invention will do what it says, but it works on unmagnetized light, which is something that exists on the fourth and fifth dimensions, and not on the third. For the invention to function, mankind must evolve. How can we tell mankind is evolving? As Seth says in "A Manual for Peace," scientists are finding species that they thought were extinct, and new stars are being found in places where they were not found before. It is because we are evolving to the higher level that we can see them.

Let's consider that Iran would like to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes, but many people do not trust Iraq to do so. In the era of the Free Power Source invention, which can only be used for peaceful purposes, there will be no doubt about Iran's intentions. If they have one of the inventions, and they are playing power games, the machine won't work.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

It takes two

At the beginning and the end of every cycle, it takes two.  It is not always evident, but one stands on the principles and the other is the application of the principles.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal is contingent on the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal. Americans are assuming responsibility for the damage that was done in Iraq. By denying the Iraqi people their rights to live their lives without interference, under Universal Law, we lost our rights to live our lives without interference, and to regain our rights, we must guarantee the same rights to every person on the planet.

To every person on the planet? Why not just Iraq?

Ripples of effects went out from the grand lie to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq. The truth does not overcome the lie. The conflict devolved as a genocide, and eventually every person on the planet has been dragged into the conflict.

ISIS is not a terrorist organization. It is a state-sponsored army that is perpetrating a hostile takeover of the planet to instate a dictatorship form of government. It places one man as emperor of the planet, and dictators rule by force. ISIS is the result of the ripples of effects that went out from the Grand Lie to justify the Iraq War. They were brought in as the result of the power game of Lust, which on the larger scale leads to slavery. ISIS combatants are basically slaves who have no place to go, and are living pegged to Dante's last wall of hell along with those who are getting revenge on the planet. They cannot rise out of their abyss until others show them the way out, and the first to start the long walk out of the abyss is the United States as we assume responsibility for our failed foreign policy in Iraq.

What is occurring within our organization is that people have been brought in as part of the hostile takeover of the organization, and like how gangs function, they were trapped when they were forced to perpetrate crimes. This is occurring mostly in the California segment of our potential independent members, and what set the stage for this is the California Community Property Law. It was meant to protect families during hostile divorces, but instead, it is tearing apart the state. It made marriage the way for a woman to have her security and support, but rather than being based on her sharing her talents and gifts with others, it is based on her appearance. When she equates appearance and her financial support, the marriage is over as she grows older and fears loss of her ability to keep her husband.

California bridges a nation and a state, and we are concentrating on ending the California Genocide, and the ripples of effects that have gone out from that. We are using California to demonstrate how to end a genocide. The California Community Property Law will be addressed as part of the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray.

The Faith of the Pure Ray, along with the international government, will make it possible for anyone who believes he or she is being oppressed--enslaved--to leave that nation and to go to a place where there is greater freedom. It enables people who have gone down into the power games to rise out of the abyss.

We started a blog for the conference in Europe, and one for purifying the U.S. legal system. These two steps are at the end of the cycle for the Iraq War and America's involvement in the Middle East. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Up, Down or Straight Ahead

This month, we are focusing on the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal on the World Peace Plan blog, and the booklets that address the six principles associated with the proposal are the Time Series. 

People wonder why it is taking so long for the plan to come about, and as Father Time explains in the Time Series, it is all about the choices people are making to go up, down or straight ahead.

When the opportunity comes at a Moment of Choice, people are choosing to go down into the games or straight ahead, which passes the crisis on to future generations.

The same thing is occurring on the international level. The plan for the international government has been introduced and opened to debate, but rather than to see it as the potential to function on a higher level, and for everyone to work together to bring it about, most people don't recognize the potential of the plan, choose to let it go, and then don't have the energy to keep moving forward.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Offer

The mayhem is out of control. It feels like Pandora's Box has been opened and chaos has escaped and cannot be put back into the box. This feels just like Iraq.

Before Saddam Hussein was assassinated, it would have been possible for George W. Bush to go to him and make an agreement, to put him back into power temporarily until a new government was formed. That would have fit the justification for his overthrow and unified everyone. But, after his death, the simple solution became more difficult. We  had to rewrite the proposal.

Now, we are in a similar crisis, and now it is time to make another offer.

Our three remarkable Conflict Resolution brochures say that everyone wants to be able to create the life they want, but people don't know how to do it. The solution is the 1-2-3, where you declare you will go get the life you want, you do it, and then invite the others to come in. Once you make your demonstration, you are setting circumstances up for others to join you, and it is easy for them to see how it is done.

There is a line that has formed all the way from God, the Creator of us all to the person who is "pegged to the last wall of hell" and is getting revenge on everyone, including God. No one can be left out of the solution, so even that person who is the self-proclaimed "woman of darkness" must have a way out of her crisis. The solution is for each person in the line to do the 1-2-3 and to demonstrate it is possible for the person who will listen to that person to follow the example.

God would like to make their ascension from the twelfth dimension to the thirteenth. That is based on us making our ascension, also, because we are a part of God. The seventh dimensional beings, like Seth, would like to make it to the eighth dimension, and us third dimensional beings would like to make it to the fourth and fifth.

The offer is that those who have pegged themselves into hell must stop their mayhem, and put themselves voluntarily into the tor (Torhana's Freedom) and be willing to undo the damage that has been done. This allows them the opportunity to rise out of their crisis, too. Our independent members have the right to invite family members to all of our events, except the Inventor/Investor Parties, but they are also responsible for security of those they bring. This allows them to create a sense of equality in their family, and places them into the line.

God comes first in line, offering their blessing on our plan to bring world peace and allow the planet to make its ascension.
That allows the seventh dimensional beings to create the international government that guarantees to every person on their planet their inalienable rights.
That allows the God, the Creator of us all, and then Seth channels to come together to create the international government, who bring in the families of the 200 independent members.
That allows the light-bearers to come into the framework of win-win agreements based on sharing one's talents and gifts to enable each of us to create the life we want.
That allows the light-bearers to teach the principles to those who are in crisis.
That allows those in crisis to overcome their crisis, and to walk forward to fulfill their purpose in life.

The children who are being born now are Indigo Children, and they remember Heaven. They are willing to share their talents and gifts with others, but they have been targeted.

Jesus said, "suffer to bring the little children unto me." If they can demonstrate it is possible to create the life you want, then their parents will be willing to listen and do the same thing--right on down the line. These are all the children, including  those who are part of the Children's ReEmpowerment classes.

God gives us everything we need to fulfill our purpose in life. It is given to us on a proverbial Silver Platter. To deny someone what is on their Silver Platter, you lose your opportunity to get what is on your own Silver Platter. This is Universal Law of Cause and Effect. Karma. This is one of the things that has been damaged, and the damage must be undone.

This offer allows people to function on a higher level, just like offering to Saddam Hussein the opportunity to be equal to the president of the United States by assuming responsibility to end the conflict in Iraq. This constitutes a choice. One option is for those who have committed the crimes to go to into the existing criminal justice system and get the death penalty.  The other choice is to face a swat team or other violent death. Or to go into the tor and work with the independent members of the organization to purify the legal system, including how to end a genocide. That requires them to allow the two sides of the organization to come together--to unite Oregon and California segments of the organization.

We always have three choices, but the last choice is always that two choices lead to one's death, and the one to go up leads to us assuming responsibility to undo the damage we have done by creating a project that benefits everyone.