Friday, April 15, 2016

Turn around and go through the door.

There are seven power games that people play, and governments generally play five of them, and all five are part of the act of revenge. Two of the games--genocide and slavery-- are based on weaving an illusion. Both involve backing someone into a corner.

When you are backed into a corner, the solution is not to fight or to allow yourself to be squeezed more and more, because both lead to one's death. What is not obvious is that there is a little door behind you, in the corner, and if you turn around, you can go through that door. The door represents joining the World Peace Movement, and the international government. It involves doing what is in everyone's best interest, and sharing your talents and gifts with others through win-win agreements.

The oppressors who weave an illusion are really no different from anyone else on the planet. Everyone plays the games. We learn them as we grow up in our family, such as watching a parent rely on alcohol to solve his or her problems. Eventually the games stop working, and then we must find out what is working. You can't get the life you want by relying on alcohol.

As the plan for world peace was introduced, a small group of people took the idea and claimed it at their own, and because they seemed to have power and prestige, many people believed that they were the rightful owners of the plan, and had the capacity to bring it about. They don't have the capacity. The framework based on making win-win agreements exists, and they are based on sharing your talents and gifts. They were weaving an illusion. They didn't understand the plan, and when that was discovered by people who had a wider perspective, they escalated the games. Mayhem erupted, and many people were backed into the corner.

They played the games of genocide and slavery, and wove a web of deceit so strong that people could not see any solution, and many people have died.

The one thing that small group of people didn't understand is that even as they wove their web of deceit, they were also trapped in their own lies.

There is always a backlash to the games, and they thought they were the backlash, but they hadn't seen the backlash yet. They thought they could punish anyone who stood in their way and who resisted, and that had been the result of their previous games, but when they targeted the plan for world peace, what they hoped to achieve by playing the games was gone.

People who play the power game of war want respect. People who perpetrate genocides want to demonstrate capacity, and the ultimate conclusion of waging war is not getting respect, but that no one respects you, and you can't demonstrate your capacity by weaving the illusion that you have the capacity to do something, or get intimacy by enslaving others.

The United States has relied on regime change for many years, believing it would enable us to get control of natural resources and strategic locations around the world. That power game seemed to work, but ended when George W. Bush preemptively invaded Iraq. He perpetrated an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein. By perpetrating a genocide, George W. Bush demonstrated his lack of capacity, and the game was perceived as a power grab.

The fact that Saddam Hussein had been attempting to comply with U.N. sanctions means that the war went against the intend of the U.N. Charter to prevent unprovoked attacks, and it is considered an unlawful war. This collapsed the U.S. power base, and triggered other world leaders to grab for power to see who will be the next superpower.

Grabs for power fail because the game is compensatory. People who have true power don't have to grab for it. Anyone who grabs for power is coming from the belief structure that he or she doesn't have any power.

Imagine that one of those world leaders takes his or her power games to the next level, seeing what is occurring on the international level as a grand opportunity to get his life on a far higher level. The most powerful person on the planet. Emperor. It is in no one's best interest for one individual to dictate terms to every person on the planet and to have a power base that relies on brutality or illusion. That individual would be able to rise to a far higher level in power by becoming part of the flat hierarchy of the proposed international government, equal to all the others. There would be no backlashes if he or she is doing what is in everyone's best interest.

The people who have perpetrated the hostile takeover of the organization have played many power games, grabbing for power, and have therefore demonstrated their lack of power. They don't understand the plan, and they don't understand the principles. They are backing themselves into the corner, too, just as they have backed others into the corner. By denying others their opportunity to get the life they want, and having a way out of their crisis, the projects that benefit everyone have not been established, and so they also don't have a way out of their own crisis.

Universal Law is immutable. The simplest definition of it is "do unto others as you would have them do to you." You cannot get the life you want by breaking Universal Law.

The legal system of the international government will be based on Universal Law. By basing it on any other system, such as Sharia, people will stand up and protest. The creation of the caliphate, for example, is based on forcing Sharia Law on the entire planet, but no one is in agreement for that to come. The only thing that will be accepted is what treats everyone fairly and equally.

Karen Holmes,