Monday, November 23, 2015

2012: Exit Strategy for Iraq: Bringing in the Independent Members

The plan for world peace has been introduced and opened to debate by the world's leaders. Now it is time to bring in the people of the organization to fulfill our end of the agreement.

It takes the full 200 independent members to create a project, but not all are involved the same way. Each shares one's talents and gifts, and has the wisdom gathered by a lifetime of experiences to offer.

At this time, there are many potential members who have been squeezed to participate by the end of the opportunities to get the life they want. They are in crisis, many in the end of life crisis. What we have is the channeled insights that are available online at and the books that Karen Holmes channeled with some of her guides, who are the past kings, queens and presidents who are coming back to help bring world peace. They are working to undo the damage they did during their lifetimes.

The books are amateur-quality, and Holmes was instructed to print only 200 copies of each book to sell to the independent members. The books are "channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis," but it is a long journey out of the abyss, and it doesn't happen overnight. The independent members will apply the information in their own lives to prove it works, and demonstrate it to the people around them.

When one person rises, it enables everyone to rise.

Having the books enables the other channels to rise out of their crisis, because being able to create a cash flow enables others to see it is possible to do it by sharing one's talents and gifts.

In 1999, Holmes channeled the first book, "A Manual for Peace," by Seth, a seventh dimensional entity who was famous for the work he did with a channel named Jane Roberts. Together, they sold over 7 million books, and they are still being sold. Their books are considered classics of spirituality. Their books their books teach that you create your own reality. Now Seth is returning to teach how to create your own reality.

We are starting first with the professional publishing team. Once the independent members demonstrate the potential of the books, the team will understand there is a market for the books. The first independent member to demonstrate the potential of the books to enable one to create the life he or she wants is Karen Holmes, the founder of the organization.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

2012: Exit Strategy for Iraq and US Constitutional Amendment proposals

The plan for the international government has been leveraged into the world's leaders, and opened to debate. Now it is time for the organization to assume responsibility to make the plan a reality. We must bring in the people of the organization.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq requires the active participation of all the organization's independent members, but is the responsibility of the founder of the organization, Karen Holmes, because she and her family are parallel to Iraq, and when she opened the debate on the plan for the international government, she was targeted with a character defamation campaign, just as Saddam Hussein. She is a channel--a prophet--and she channeled the proposals and founding documents of the organization, and a series of books on world peace. Her niche is her publishing company. Her books are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis."

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is contingent on America working to amend our constitution to create the additional layer of government over what already exists. The organization is formed under the nonprofit organization 501(c) 3 section of the IRS code, and therefore must limit lobbying efforts to a small percentage of the overall work we are doing. The amendment proposal must be turned over to another individual, whose family is parallel to the United States. That individual is also a channel, and it is his responsibility to create the crisis center. He will be responsible for the Family Plan segment of the organization, not an independent member of the organization. (The organization's independent members are the first 200 people to join the framework, which includes every person on the planet.)

The resistance to the plan has grown to the point where many people are in severe crisis. They are being squeezed to participate in the framework. Joining the organization is the solution to their crisis. The purpose behind the character defamation is a hostile takeover of the organization. A group of people see it as their opportunity to get their life on a higher level, but their perspective is limited and they are forcing their agenda that is based on waging war to bring peace. Their actions are becoming more and more illogical.

The character defamation campaign is an individual-level genocide, and ripples of effects have gone out from it, just as it has on the international level as a result of the preemptive strike on Iraq. Genocides are based on weaving an illusion, and it has come to the point where no one knows who to trust, and people are fighting for their lives. One segment of the lies prevents the next family from coming into the framework, so many people who are part of his segment of the organization see no solution to their crisis.

Insight into how to resolve this crisis comes from the Faith of the Pure Ray level of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and the Planning Process. Christianity addresses the idea of the Plan, but opposing the plan is Islam and as the idea for the plan progresses, the focus shifts to Hinduism and Security. The plan must benefit all people for it to be accepted, but no one really understands how to bring it about, and people in power are relying on gamesmanship and failed policies, and facing the protests. Then, some people are attempting to steal the idea and use it for their own interests, and the issue of security must be addressed.

As the focus continues to shift to security issues, and defending the planet from the rise of  ISIS, the United States will continue to defend Iraq from ISIS, but the solution is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and the Constitutional Amendment rather than waging an unending war against the entire planet. It will become more and more apparent that we are facing a global genocide as we address the Judaism segment. This is all part of the dance between the religions.

There are three religions in conflict in the Middle East, and solution to the Middle East crisis is the introduction of a Fourth Element, and that is the principles of Buddhism. Opposing Buddhism in the dance of the religions is Confucianism and Taoism, which address Capacity and Tolerance and Empowerment. Once everyone on the planet is able to create a sense of abundance and prosperity by sharing one's talents and gifts, the conflict will end.

For conflict resolution, the first requirement is that everyone must be considered equal. The games must backlash of the players of the games, and they must lose power, and simultaneously, the victims must be rising in power by assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done, and for their own part in the conflict.

Within each of the families and nations, there is one individual who stands on the principles and one chooses to go down into the games, and this opens the family to hostile takeover by those who function for their own interests. A series of Battles are being fought within the families and the nations.

It is not time to make trade agreements or treaties, or even agreements to work together on creating the international government. Once the Grand Lie was told, the truth cannot overcome the Lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust.

No one can do another's project because each project is based on one's talents and gifts. It is impossible for the hostile takeover to succeed, for many reasons, including that it is in no one's best interest for it to succeed.

The rise of the hostile takeover, from ISIS and within the organization, offers mankind the choice to go down and to tear apart the planet through a global war. That, and the collapse of the old structure because it can't be reformed to be more fair and equitable are untenable.

There is a continuum of frequency, from the most general to the most specific. There are those who think globally and those who think only of themselves, and those who think globally will be first and those who think only of themselves will be the last to come into the framework.

The framework is based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, of making win-win agreements, which build trust and set the stage for future agreements, but not many people now understand how or are willing to do so. Many people believe they can get the life they want by getting revenge, and it won't work. When their plot fails, they must look for something that will work, and, like an alcoholic hitting bottom, it takes someone who has successfully overcome the same crisis to demonstrate how to rise out of the abyss.

Karen Holmes,

We Are Parallel to the International Level

We are just average people, but our organization is parallel to the international level, a microcosm of the entire planet. Each of the 200 independent members of our organization is parallel to a nation, and we have experienced the same crises in our own lives. By applying the solutions that are offered in the proposals in our own lives, we can become advisors to the governments, and speak from our own experience.

The same crises occur on every level. By solving the crises in our own lives, we demonstrate the solutions work.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What is Track Our Progress?

The plan for world peace is huge. It will take the next 10 years to reach our destination. Each year we are introducing proposals to solve the problems a nation is having, along with supporting projects and events.

Rather than to attempt to keep to a time-line, and attempting to force issues,  we are following an event-line and allowing things to come slowly and in perfect order.

Track Our Progress offers the planning process for each year's proposals--a "roadmap to peace." We have the itinerary for our journey, and will take it step by step and stage by stage.

When you are in a crisis situation, your perspective has narrowed to the point where you can see only two options, and neither is tenable. What is not apparent is the third option, which is to do what is in everyone's best interest. Track Our Progress allows us to see the third option, that there is a simple and logical progression of events, and all we must do is to make the small steps to bring it about. We can leap back and forth between the larger perspective and the narrower.