Friday, December 22, 2017

The U.S. Economy Is In Trouble. What can we do?

Many people equate money and power, two ideas that should never be equated, because if you lose your money, you lose your power. Equated ideas get people into trouble, and so the United States is getting into trouble.

How many people are wondering how the tax reform changes will affect them? The answer became much clearer to me when I saw the graph for income inequality. People are hoping the tax reform will help to make America great again, but when the wealth of a nation is concentrated at the top, which has gone on much longer than the tax reform act, the money doesn’t trickle down, the economy stagnates. Why? The power is consolidated there, too.

The power of every government is derived from the people, but the focus is shifting to the power being derived from the money. Imagine what occurs in dictatorial nations. The power is consolidated into one man, and if he plays the power game of Lust—which is based on weaving an illusion that leads to slavery—acts of terrorism occur, and then the nation becomes a failed state. Yemen is on the brink of becoming a failed state.   

Years ago, at our prayer circle, we were warned that the US government will cut start cutting social programs. The solution to this economic and political crisis we are facing as a nation and a planet is for the people to shift our focus from money to sharing our talents and gifts with each other. We are learning the principles of the cooperation of nature.

Think of it. What did people do before money existed? Everyone still had food to eat, and it was free. There was barter and trade. There were even societies where those who gave away all their wealth got the most power—potlatches.

I am not saying money is not important. I am saying that our economy is about to become stagnant, and the first principle to overcome that is for people to start focusing on sharing our talents and gifts with each other.

I have many plans that will help everyone overcome this crisis of equating ideas that should not be equated, starting with US Survival Cards, which help people understand how to rise out of poverty, based on how wealthy families from the past worked together to overcome an oppressive economy and went on to create a dynasty.

On a parallel basis, the same thing will occur between nations. The United States must rely on our niche, too, and that is not our wealth, but our Constitution, and our unalienable rights. It set us apart from other nations, and it drew people here from other nations that were more oppressive. It is what made America Great.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Genocides are Bad for Technology, Bad for Business

After many years in power, the leaders of the nations know what their neighbors want and what they don't want. They have history together. They have waged wars on each other and aligned with each other against other nations, and in the case of the Middle East, their relationships have gone back thousands of years. The Middle East is the cross-roads of civilizations that go back 60,000 years or more. Cultures live together in close proximity, and in diversity there is also a sense of unity, because they have lived together for so long.

There is a continuum of frequency around the world, but also between Iran, Iraq and Syria. Theirs is  based on the principles of equality, but the application of the principles is technology and having a strong financial foundation, which Iraq had had. Saddam Hussein encouraged education and prosperity, and discouraged terrorism. Iraq had oil reserves and the money went to help the people. He understood the historical significance of Iraq, and considered Iraq to be equal to all the other nations.

As the result of war, the borders between nations were redrawn across cultures, which led to great turmoil in the Middle East and greater influence from England and the United States in the region.
A series of wars followed, which set the stage for the Iraq War, which devolved not as a war but as a genocide.

The Iran/Iraq War lasted eight years and it was one of the most horrific conflicts in the history of the planet. They used chemical weapons on each other, and so making technological advances in nuclear and chemical programs were vital to the security of both nations, but also oppressive to the people. The United States played a major role in that war as an ally to Saddam Hussein. The WMD that were found after the Iraq War came from the Iran/Iraq War.

Then came the Gulf War, which set the stage for the Pentacle of Power to form. Saddam Hussein went to the Arab League and protested that the UN sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children, and Madelaine Albright, the Secretary of State under President Clinton, when asked whether it was worth it, answered yes. Saddam Hussein assumed the other Arab leaders would side with him, but they didn't because of the oil relationships. 

Before the Iraq War started, Saddam Hussein sent his nuclear scientists to Iran, a kind of peace offering in hopes that Iran would side with him against the United States, but Iran saw no obligation to defend Saddam Hussein. Iran's focus was on becoming equal to the other nuclear powers, and that gesture allowed Iran to focus on building its nuclear program, but also to gain power in the region.

Iran went to other nations in the region to draw support, and that including Yemen and Russia.

When no WMD were found by UN weapons inspectors, the preemptive strike backlashed on George W. Bush. He didn't get control of the oil reserves. He started a conflict he couldn't end.

President Saleh was also interested in creating a nuclear power program, and so a strange alliance was formed between Yemen and Iran. He saw the collapse of the US power base as his opportunity to function on a higher level, and he took his power games one step further. His nuclear program ended quickly due to lack of support.

Bashar al Assad is a doctor who got dragged into the family business of being dictators of Syria. His focus is on making money, and having a strong financial foundation. For years, Syria influenced Lebanon, who was in crisis because of terrorism. They were eventually driven out of Lebanon.

President Saleh was the man behind the rise of ISIS as part of his web of deceit. His goal was to become the emperor of the planet, and he used the prophecy of the caliphate to his advantage.

The truth is, the plan for the international government allows all nations to be considered equal to all the other nations. For Iran to become equal related to technology, and Syria to "play with the big boys," they must become part of the proposed international government.

On a parallel basis to the America Revolution, Saddam Hussein was parallel to John Adams, Iran is parallel to Alexander Hamilton and Syria is parallel to George Washington.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Ripples Keep Going Out

Once the grand lie has been told, the truth doesn't overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. At that point, the only thing you can trust is Universal Law.

For world peace to come, every person on the planet had to be exposed to Universal Law, and the idea has trickled out to permeate the global society. That does not mean that everyone believes in it or lives their life in accordance with it.

Among the potential independent members of our organization, the ripples of effects have gone out, drawing in more and more people, and those who are playing the games of Lust and Envy are very busy weaving illusions to the point where the illusion is so strong, people are backed into the corner and see no way out. This is an existential threat for many people. Even the legal system has been corrupted. It is as if the truth has been twisted and turned, at first to benefit the few over the many, but then just to tear it apart out of a sense of jealousy and revenge.

I have been working to introduce into the US court system the fact that there are three levels to our legal system, not two. When laws and practises are based on two levels, that is when the laws contradict each other and can be used to justify denying citizens of that nation their unalienable rights that are granted to us by the Creator of us all. The laws are based on power games, not principles, so a law can be considered constitution, and therefore legal, but it is unlawful because it goes against the basic premises of our legal system.

When the president of the United States talks about fake news, it is a warning that we are in either a genocide or being enslaved. We are starting to see this same twisting and turning in regards to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. People lie to protect their security, and the problem is, that once the ripples go out, those who are being investigated may have been twisted to the point they believe they are telling the truth, but it is not what really happened.

This is the point where the only thing you can trust is Universal Law.

An example of this is the justification to force Kim Jong Un to comply with demands for denuclearization.  Many people would consider that to be a good thing, but why should this be a unilateral demand? Why not treat every nation fairly and equally? If nuclear war is not something anyone wants, why not make it a global ban? Better yet, why not make it so soldiers have to fight with guns, which will satisfy the munitions manufacturers--but what about the innocent people who are dragged into conflicts? How about if mankind agrees to resolve disputes between nations in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead.

The Iraq War devolved not as a war, but as a genocide. The grand lie was told to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq, and because it was based on a sense of judgment, the conflict devolved as a genocide, not a war. The knee-jerk reactions that ends a war makes a genocide worse. The ripples keep going out to draw in more and more people, and the truth is twisted and turned to the point that no one knows who to trust. This is occurring all over the world as the result of the Iraq War, within every nations and even within families.

This has been going on for a very long time. In the United States, there have been countless Black people who have been unjustly treated in our legal system because of character defamation and racial prejudice, and even executed--assassinated--without due process of the law, and their murders have gone free.

How can anyone have a fair trial?

Universal Law stands on seven principles--equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance. The international legal system will be based on these seven principles, and if even one person stands up to protest that the laws the international legislative branch makes do not stand on these principles, that individual can take the law and the international government to the supreme court. In the United States, anyone can take a law to the supreme court, but because so many Americans have forgotten about the three levels of our legal system, it will take a great deal of times and efforts to overcome the ripples of effects that have gone out from all the grand lies that have been told. Therefore, the international legal system will be based on the US Constitution, but not on our legal system, and it will function on a far higher level because of mankind's attention to Universal Law.

Our Exit Strategy for Iraq establishes a protocol to end genocides, and will offer everyone involved--the entire planet--to be able to function on a higher level.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Open letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan:

My organization offered Congress a tax reform plan--the Lift the Public Plan--that benefits everyone from the top 1% to the homeless and those on fixed incomes. Having a plan that benefits everyone is how to rise out of a crisis situation. 
When you are backed into a corner, you see only two options and both are untenable. You can continue to be squeezed or come out over the top of a far greater force and fight, and both are existential threats. 
North Korea is in this existential crisis, and that is why they have chosen to fight. You cannot back someone into the corner without giving them a way to function on a higher level. The plan for the international government is the solution to the North Korean crisis, not to back Kim Jong Un deeper into the corner. 
This is not about North Korea, but on tax reform. The House has passed your plan for tax cuts that benefit the wealthiest, and Republicans are happy about that, but if your plan does not address the root cause of the crisis, it will make it worse. Bush left office with the economy in crisis, and Obama had to come into office "running." 
The backbone of the economy is small business. The crisis in our economy is the power games based on greed, and the ultimate conclusion of the game of greed is you end up dead broke. 
Donald Trump campaigned on the promise to his supporters that he will Make America Great Again, and that he will create a sense of prosperity for everyone. For him to keep that promise, he must let go of the idea that he will consolidate the wealth--which is not how prosperous nations function, but it is how third world nations function. He must enable everyone in America to be able to create that same sense of prosperity, like his University was supposed to do. 
Trump wants to be successful. He says he is a master, but the mark of a master is not how many students he has but how many masters he creates. 
How can average people assume responsibility for their own prosperity? While your plan for tax reform is setting the stage for the next economic crisis, my organization will be working to create our US Survival plan that is based on the principles of how to create a family dynasty.  

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Free the Slaves

On our Purify the U.S. Legal System blog, I recently posted my letter to the U.S. Supreme Court introducing the three levels of the Universe concept, which clarifies misunderstandings that have created chaos within our legal system. The misunderstandings allow our government to consider laws and practices to be constitutional, and therefore legal, when they are not, and the courts can justify denying Americans and people all over the world our unalienable rights that are granted to us by our Creator. 

The Universe functions based on Universal Law, and the Law of Cause and Effect is just one of the laws. We live in the third dimension, but we can't see what is on the same level that we are. We see what is one dimension below us. On the third dimension, we see duality, so Cause and Effect is the law that the majority of mankind is focused on now. We are looking at the fact that what you do to others will be done to you.

The three levels of the Universe are the Principles, the Power and the Project, and they are the same in every aspect of the Universe. These are known as the Father, the Mother and the Son in religion. This was another misunderstanding that came about when it was discovered that men play a role in procreation, and the female aspect of God was omitted. The Father level fixes the "family" on a particular level. It sets the principles. The Mother level is evolutionary from that point because it is based on power, and abuse of power. The Son is supposed to be the combination of the two, but when the principles are omitted, and there is an abuse of power, this level creates chaos. 

Universal Law is immutable and every atom of the Universe is subject to it. Sometimes it takes a long time for the effects to be seen, so many people don't recognize Universal Law as being valid. People react out of fear, and play compensatory games that seem to work but never had the capacity to work, and so there is a disconnect there that is not apparent until the ultimate conclusion of the games. By leaving out Universal Law, which are based on seven principles of Equality, Liberty, Freedom, Compassion, Abundance, Capacity and Tolerance, we can justify playing power games that are oppressive to everyone, because there is always a backlash to the games. 

For example, if you are coming from a fear of lack of power, and you grab for power, you reinstate lack of power in your life. 

In my previous post, I talked about Charles Mansion, and the game of Lust--one of the Seven Deadly Sins-- and said that acts of revenge draw in people who play the game of Lust, which leads to slavery. The Iraq War devolved as an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein, an act of revenge that brought together world leaders who were playing one of five power games, and so we are reaching the ultimate conclusion of these major oppressive games, including global genocide and global slavery. Governments believe they can take what belongs to others and can own people. We are seeing governments leave out Universal Law and its principles, and to go down into the Power games level, justifying their actions legally but not lawfully. 

How do you free the slaves? Our Faith of the Pure Ray project offers insights into how Moses freed the Hebrews from slavery. 

If you are not aware of the story, Moses was a Hebrew who was cast adrift in a little boat as a baby, and was discovered by the Queen of Egypt and raised as part of the royal family. She kept his family history a secret, but the truth came out after the queen died, and Moses was driven out of the family. The Hebrews were enslaved at the time so Moses assumed responsibility for freeing his people. 

Moses went to the pharaoh and demanded he let his people go. The pharaoh's priests demonstrated their power to weave an illusion. Moses was also able to weave an illusion, but to  also see through their illusion. Two power games are based on weaving an illusion, and once the grand lie has been told, the truth doesn't overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. The only thing you can trust is Universal Law. The illusion was what enslaved the Hebrews, but Moses understood the principles of Universal Law. 

As the governments around the world leave out Universal Law, and go down into power games, it seems they have unlimited power, but there is always a backlash to the games. True power doesn't come from enslaving others. 

The pharaoh didn't immediately free the Hebrews, and so Moses prophesied seven curses that would tear apart Egypt. 

As we re-introduce the three levels of the Universe through our letter to the Supreme Court and through particular court cases, and declare that Universal Law is immutable and applies to every atom in the Universe, and we start to remind our government of the fact that our unalienable rights are given to every person on the planet by the Creator of us all, we cut through the illusion as Moses did, but we can't expect anyone to let go of the power games. We can't convince anyone that what they are doing won't work until they reach the ultimate conclusion of the games. They are unleashing the seven curses that are the backlashes to Universal Law, which are based on the Seven Deadly Sins. 

This is not a judgment on our government or on anyone. Everyone plays the games. If you play the game of Lust, like the pharaoh of Egypt, it may seem as if you have unlimited power, but you are relying on a power game that doesn't have the capacity to help you get the life you want. What you do to others will be done to you.

Our books go into the games related to the Seven Deadly Sins in greater depth. Our books that are associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal address the five power games associated with acts of revenge.

As people reach the ultimate conclusion of the games, they reach their end of life crisis, and so during this time period, many people will die unless the information is introduced on how to overcome the end of life crisis. That is what we are working to do now within our organization. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Games Narcissists Play

Yesterday, Charles Manson passed away. He died in prison at the age of 83. He was a narcissist who drew around him followers who helped him to murder a popular Hollywood actress and her friends and family. Before the murders, Manson cultivated relationships with the Beach Boys, a famous California band. 

You can read more about the famous murders in many other places. Manson and the murders he perpetrated can be used as an archetype, and my reason for bringing this up today is to focus on the same crisis that is occurring among the potential members of our organization, and in many other places around the world. I would like people to recognize the games when they see them, and to understand how and why they occur. Hopefully, this can stop or prevent the same natural progression of events being perpetrated by others. 

Revenge brings together people who play five power games.
Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust, and Anger.
Many people play the game of Lust. People who play the game of Lust fear getting hurt, and will hold people to them and then push them away. The ultimate conclusion of the game is they are alone and unloved, and how many people are in that crisis? Narcissism is a form of mental illness, and Lust is one of the games associated with revenge.

Revenge brings together people who play five power games that are known as the Seven Deadly Sins--Pride, Envy, Greed, Lust and Anger. If you place all five games in a circle, and draw lines between then, the lines form a five pointed star--a pentagon, the symbol of revenge.

The games are called the Seven Deadly Sins because when the games are played, someone dies. It is no coincidence that US military headquarters is shaped like a Pentagon. Pride leads to war, Envy leads to genocide. Greed leads to massacres. Lust leads to slavery. Anger leads to terrorism.

When you draw a five pointed star, you start with the game of Pride. People who believe they have the right to put others down bring in those who believe they have the right to judge others. They in turn bring in those who believe they have the right to take what belongs to others, and if you can take what belongs to others, you can own them, and if you can own them, you can deny them a voice. They all appear to have the same goal, to get revenge on someone, but they don't have the same goal, and so eventually, they undermine each other. Pride undermines Anger, which undermines Lust, and so on.

Two of the games associated with revenge--Envy and Lust--are based on weaving an illusion. When the president of the United States, for example, talks about fake news, and when people start lying, you know an act of revenge is being perpetrated and that should be a warning that these power games are devolving.

The game of Greed brings in those who play the game of Lust. The Beach Boys were very popular and were making a lot of money from their concerts and sales of gold records. Manson insinuated himself into their lives but didn't fit well into the California beach culture, and so he moved on, but he drew with him young women who fell for his illusions. They were very loyal to him.

In its extreme form, Lust leads to slavery, and it combines elements of war and genocide. If you draw a line from the power game to the opposite side of the circle, you can see that the revenge is a means to a goal. The person who plays the game of Lust lacks intimacy and has a goal that combines abundance and a voice, but lashes out at others and takes what is not rightfully his or hers to have. No one has the same goal. The games go against Universal Law. There is always a backlash to this game, The person ends up alone and unloved, which is what has been the misunderstanding in his or her life all along. That belief reaches its ultimate conclusion.

It is a spiritual truth that what you have, you get more of, and what you lack, you lose. The solution  is to consider all people to be family, and the earth is your home. You do what is in everyone's best interest, which allows you to fulfill your purpose in life.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Our Tax Reform Plan: Lift the Public

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to reform our tax codes. Now that he is in office, Congress has taken on the challenge, and will be battling over the plan at least until the end of the year.

In August, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan visited Portland, Oregon, and spoke about the need for tax reform. He believes the U.S. "has the worst tax system in the industrialized world." Our organization is presently based in Oregon, so we used his trip as an opportunity to tell him about an Oregon plan for tax reform that benefits everyone--our Lift the Public Plan, which can be considered the best tax reform plan.

The Lift the Public Plan requires only one small change to the  I.R.S. 501(c)3 tax code to make any business partially tax exempt, but the plan benefits everyone from the top 1% to the people on fixed incomes, and even the homeless. Under the plan, merchants and service providers set two prices for goods and services, and the customer chooses which price to pay. If he or she chooses the lower price, it is taxed as usual. Choosing the slightly higher price puts it into the Lift the Public Plan, and the money goes to fund a program to train entrepreneurs, or they can also donate goods and services to a Lift the Public Shop in their town where everything in the store is given out free. This helps to stabilize the local economy during difficult economic times, and to allow for steady growth as entrepreneurs start small businesses. Landlords can also become partially tax exempt if their renters are Lift the Public Plan businesses. The benefits of the plan can be spread by extending the tax exemption to their vendors.

If our organization was a business, here is a partial list of the vendors to whom we could pass on our tax exemption:

Acco Brands Day Timer
Fred Meyer

Then, they could pass on tax exemption to their vendors, and so on.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Who is Seth?

Genocides are based on weaving an illusion, and the illusion is very strong, so the question is, who is the head of this organization? Who is the rightful leader and did the hostile takeover succeed to the point there is a new rightful leader? And, if this organization is incorporated under Seth and Suzeranda Corporation, who is Seth and who is Suzeranda?

Seth will speak for himself and explain who he is, but today, let's look at his relationship to this organization. You will get to know Seth very well over the next ten years for his books and government proposals, but he is already well known for his books, and therefore, has proven his intent.

Seth is a seventh dimensional entity, a spiritual teacher, who has worked through many channels--prophets--over the years. The most famous Seth channel was Jane Roberts. Together, she and her  husband, Rob Butts, sold over seven million books. Jane crossed over in the 1980s, but Seth has returned. He channeled the founding documents for this nonprofit organization, possibly the first time in history that a seventh dimensional entity has any kind of legal status besides through an estate in the form of a will or trust, but like a will or a trust can be obfuscated, so can an organization, but neither estate or organization can stay true to its true purposes if obfuscated.

Each of the dimensions is separated by a concept, and we can't see where we are. We see one dimension down. Third dimensional entities don't function as seventh dimensional entities. Our focus is on third dimensional lessons. Karen Holmes--Suzeranda Melchizedek--is one of Seth's students.

As Seth explains in "A Manual for Peace," through Karen Holmes, one billion people are working to bring world peace. That book was channeled in May and June of 1999, but has not been published yet. First, Holmes must bring together the professional publishing team.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Soul Group

No, I am not talking about music. I am talking about karmic debts, becoming truly empowered and functioning on a higher level.

Mankind plays power games with the belief that by doing so we can get our life on a higher level, but what happens if that is a misunderstanding? What happens if you can't get your life by playing power games? You reach the ultimate conclusion of the misunderstanding, and if someone doesn't set you straight again, that is when you die. The lesson mankind is working on now is where true power comes from.

Everything happens first on the spiritual level, then progresses to the mental level, and finally to the physical. In Heaven, before we are born, we have already learned that lesson. To evolve to the higher level, we must assume responsibility to undo the damage we have done. Everyone on the planet is part of a soul group, a group of people who reincarnate together to replay past lives, a spiritual kind of do-over. The soul group has a common goal, and all work to help mankind evolve. Mankind is always spiraling upwards, so each time it is a bit easier to deal with the karmic debt.

I sure there are questions about why this organization is functioning as it does.

One of the reasons we don't just invite people to join our organization as most others do is because our independent members are part of a soul group, and we are replaying past lives, working to undo the damage that has been done in previous lifetimes. We may be reincarnated people, or aspects or archetypes of people replaying major events in history. Aspects are people who have not yet been born who follow someone in the body around so that they can be reborn at a later time to play out the same scenario, Archetypes are more general, like a similar plot in a story. Many people believe they were Joan of Arc in a past life, but it really doesn't matter whether you were that person, you are an aspect or an archetype, and besides, who really wants to be persecuted as Joan of Arc was? Maybe it is a way of saying "I am being persecuted, but history will remember me as being a saint."

We also have racial purposes, which are that we are descended from people who were involved in some sort of conflict that kicked the family off course. This is known as a "curse of the generations" in the Bible. My family is dealing with a two thousand year old curse of the generations.

Everything functions in cycles, and during the time period between January 2008 and December of 2012, all the cycles lined up. Change only occurs easily at the beginning and the end of cycles, so this has been a time of great changes. We are replaying major events in history, such as the time of Jesus of Nazareth, the American Revolution, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Genghis Khan. 

For all intents and purposes, mankind can wipe clean all those karmic debts and curses by working on our projects that benefit everyone.

On a parallel basis, our organization is working to set up an international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield and the monies wasted on war go to the people instead. The existing international structure, based on the United Nations, is flawed. One of the flaws in the UN Charter is that a nation doesn't have to be a signatory of the international courts, so disputes between nations are not resolved. While it may seem to be in the interests of that nation to not be a signatory of the courts, eventually the anger builds against that nation. As I said, true power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you and others have done, so by not assuming responsibility, you eventually lose power.

The United States can wipe clean the disputes against our nation by agreeing to participate in the plan for the international government, but by not agreeing to participate, now that the plan has been introduced, by forcing an agenda the anger is once again building, and a new slate of court cases is being established. A new cycle of crises are being passed on to future generations.

An easier way to see this is the choice between Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.

The difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven, there is a solution to your problems.

Hell is to go down into the power games of revenge, or any of the Seven Deadly Sins, which are based on the fears of loss, death and failure.The power games lead to war, genocide, massacres, slavery, terrorism, famine and diseases.

Purgatory is to ignore the crises and pass them on to future generations, and it can take even up to two thousand years to undo the damage.

We are all born with our spiritual gifts from our Creator so we can fulfill our individual purpose, our group purpose and our racial purpose. It is not a matter of money, because we have everything we need to fulfill our purpose. It doesn't matter whether you live in a palace like Versailles or a little hut made out of sticks in the desert, you can still fulfill your purpose in life. Each of us made a soul agreement with our Creator to be provided with everything, including relationships, at the right time and place. We are gently nudged, like a shepherd guiding his or her sheep, to get back on track if we get lost along the way.

My gift for our Creator is to be able to communicate with anyone on the other side. I am channeling books with the past kings, queens and presidents, who are returning to undo the damage they have done during their lifetimes.

Mankind is being unified. All the soul groups are working together to bring world peace. We have become one soul group with each of us born to undo the damage and working together to do what is in everyone's best interest. The first project is the plan for the international government. Everyone will have a say is how it functions, so please join the debate on the plan. That opportunity to have a voice will continue to exist, because the One World government will enable the individual to take unfair laws and practices to the Supreme Court.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Change Coming for Track Our Progress

Our organization is announcing a minor change to the Track Our Progress planning for the first year. We are moving North Korea to the last column.

If you think of the eight nations each year that receive government proposals as a team, all with something in common, when the last one comes in, they all come in. The first eight nations all fell into crisis due to a sense of judgment. The rising conflict now between the Trump administration and Kim Jong Un is demonstrating that no one on the planet wants to be dragged into a nuclear war, so as Kim Jong Un comes into the debate, he will draw in all the other first year nations. The plan for the international government is a "universal" diplomatic solution because it benefits everyone. We all know what we don't want, and now it is time to decide what we do want.

It has taken five years to go through the plan on the mental level, and now we can start to make the plan a reality by taking it to the physical level.

The first proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq. It leads to the creation of an international court system based on Universal Law where disputes between nations are resolved in court, and the monies wasted on war go to the people instead.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Trapped in the Illusion? Walk Away

Yesterday I made a bold statement on the organization Facebook page. I commented on the Las Vegas shooting, and said I believe the shooter had been enslaved.

Something had to have been bothering the man to motivate him to perpetrate such an horrific act of violence. The article I read about him described the shooter as an accountant, a wealthy businessman, a man who liked to gamble for high stakes. Gambling and guns are not unusual, especially in Las Vegas. What caught my attention was his relationship with a  woman, and that he became more alienated from his relationships.

Wealthy businessmen usually have a network of associates, acquaintances and even adversaries, and work hard to maintain their network. Women naturally have a nesting instinct and are attracted to men who are "good catches." A man who is wealthy and available is not just a good catch, he can be a great catch, and in a place like Las Vegas, where there are many beautiful women wherever you look, a woman who fears losing her man--her financial support--can rely on power games to keep him.

One of the five power games associated with revenge is the game of Lust, and while Las Vegas is known for its loose morals, it is not known for enslaving people. The game of Lust is not based on sexual desire. It is one of the Seven Deadly Sins, and it is a compensatory game played by people who fear loss, and so they alternately bind people to them or push them away. In the mild form it can lead to jealousy, but in the extreme form, it leads to slavery. A man who has been enslaved and controlled by others can resort to extreme violence.

 Our Power Series books goes into revenge, and how it works and why it doesn't work. This post is about how to overcome slavery.

One of the most famous demonstrations of how to walk away from enslavement comes from the Bible, with Moses leading the Hebrews out of Egypt. The Hebrews had to have some place to go, so the promise of a Holy Land, a home where they could live their lives without interference, was the first step in the journey.

Slavery is a power game based on weaving an illusion. Moses also had to demonstrate that his power base was stronger than that of the pharaoh's, and that he understood how to overcome the illusion.

What is a home? Is it just a house? We are citizens of a town, a state, a country. We are also citizens of the Earth and the Universe. If we think globally, no matter where we are, we are at home, and every person we meet is part of our family. When we think Universally, we are part of "All That Is."

The proposed international government is the solution to the slavery crisis. It is a state of mind that implies where you belong. Where you can live your life without interference. Where you have a voice in your government, and where you can create the life you want. The first step in its creation involves learning the principles of Universal Law, and that is what overcomes the Illusion. We learn about what keeps everyone entrapped in the Illusion, because people who rely on power games are also trapped in the Illusion.

People are not bad. The games are bad. I can't judge the man who shot those people. They all got caught up in the Illusion.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The UN is Obsolete

In 2006, the woman whose family is parallel to the United Nations died of pancreatic cancer, which comes from the beliefs that she lacked compassion and capacity, and also an event came into her life that made her believe she couldn't get her life. On a parallel basis, the United Nations is facing these same crises, and has reached the end of life crisis, also. 

The woman was one of the core group of our prayer circle, in her 70s or 80s, and an avid student of spirituality, and she had her spiritual gifts. She was very poor, but had a health food cooperative, which was where the prayer circle met. She was focused on spirituality, not currents events. When the plan for the international government was introduced, she was offered a part to play at the conference in Europe, graciously handing out cookies to the delegates. 

She believed being nice would ingratiate herself with other people, and many people liked her, but that belief prevented her from standing up to defend others from being bullied. Once she was asked to help end a dispute in a family, and she willingly agreed. When she arrived, and was treated graciously, she sided with the family rather than defending the one who had been estranged. She judged people based on behavior rather than on their rights. It was a matter of civility. 

This is what is occurring now with North Korea, and the other rogue nations. Rather than seeing them as sovereign nations, and therefore equal members of the United Nations, and defending their unalienable rights, the rogue nation are seen as the troublemakers. 

For the most part, the Secretary Generals of the United Nations come from third world nations, and they are glad to be given the honor. They are gracious, but they don't have the power to stand up to the five permanent members of the Security Council, and demand they stop playing power games. 

The Charter has five main flaws, and attempts to reform it have failed. The first flaw is that it does not treat all nations fairly and equally. The first requirement for conflict resolution is that all must be considered equal. The United Nations has demonstrated it cannot end or prevent wars.  Any institution that does not treat all its members fairly and equally will eventually collapse.

The United Nations will continue to play an important role in the world, but that role will continue to evolve. The UN will continue to focus on functioning within their own capacity, and turning over responsibility to those who can better handle what is outside of  their capacity, which is something everyone will be doing. 

The effects of the flaws will become evident. The question today is if the UN collapses, what will take its place. The devolving conflict between the United States and North Korea places mankind on the edge of the abyss, and this option, which for many has been mankind's sole hope for world peace, is no longer viable. That leaves mankind with two options--an international government that allows mankind to evolve to the higher level or devolve into a global conflict. 

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Who will defend you?

I have talked about the family that is harassing me. They are just like many other people--and governments around the world--and they are playing the games of revenge because they believe the games will help them get the life they want. They are not necessarily getting revenge on me, but on members of their own extended family for events that occurred years ago, and they are blaming others for their own choices that put them into the abyss.

What is happening is something we will talk about later, concerning the Cycle of Misunderstandings. People are born with a blueprint for the life they want--based on fulfilling their purpose in life--and each step is supposed to help you get your life, but misunderstandings kick you off course, and then you rely on compensatory games, and eventually the games stop working. The games of revenge are compensatory games

The potential members of the organization have divided into the four segments of the World Peace Movement, and there is this battle going on between those who stand on the principles and those whose financial foundation has been affected, like between husband and wife, but then the extended members of the family have been brought in and they are reinforcing the conflicts.

Genocides are oftentimes started by people who believe they have been victimized. An historical example of this can be found in the journals kept by the white people who lived in what is now the Democratic Republic of Congo during the times of Stanley and Livingston. They had perpetrated heinous crimes against their slaves, and afterwards they felt such torment, they blamed the slaves. Eventually, when their were natural resources to fight over, neighboring nations were dragged into the conflict.

When we all come together to address the DRCongo proposal, we will go into this in greater depth, but now let's consider that in Iraq, the Coalition soldiers believed they were defending their own lives from the insurgency while invading the homes of the Iraqis with no due process of the law. Iran and Syria, and Russia have been dragged into the conflict.

What is the solution? Let's start with our Conflict Resolution brochures, and the idea of lifepartnerships. The brochures explain that your advocate is someone who can speak from experience because he or she has had the same crisis in their life.

The US government is not the solution. It is our organization and the family that is parallel to Iraq that has the capacity to offer the solution, because we are like lifepartners to the nations because we function on a different level. We are not able to takeover a nation, just mentor, and in the process, they mentor us in a win-win agreement. We are parallel to the 200 nations.

Will the man who is harassing me defend me? Can he prove his capacity in running my business by attempting to control me? No.

If the United States, or any other nation, succeeds in taking over another nation, such as Iraq, can they create a stable government in that country? No, and therefore the insurgency in Iraq and Syria can be stopped even by dropping the MOAB on them.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Rama's Crisis

Students of the Faith of the Pure Ray are working to address issues related to security and conflict resolution, and so are all the potential independent members of our organization. This segment of the curriculum focuses on the lessons Rama taught when his wife, Sita, was abducted and he rescued her.

At this time, there are several separate channels, and each addresses a different segment of the planning process. Only two people have the overview concept of world peace, and the rest address the individual planning stages. The two overview people are like allegorical versions of Rama and Sita.

The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, but as students of the Faith of the Pure Ray understand, when you start out with your plan, opposing you on the planning circle are your adversaries. Your choice to create your project affects the security and support of those who rely on you, and when there is conflict in that relationship, like between husband and wife, it also affects the lives of others, and even draws in those who normally would have no interest in your choice. This is known as the Battles of Armageddon. This separation is resolved through our World Peace Marketing Strategy.

People make plans on the mental level and never follow through on them. It is when you actually start to make the changes on the physical level that people stand in protest and the battles related to revenge start, five power games associated with revenge.

During this segment of the Faith of the Pure Ray calendar, students are addressing issues related to security, and celebrating Diwali, which is meant to teach the principles of getting along with family and friends. The story of the Ramayana takes the teachings beyond Diwali to the worst case scenario for a marriage relationship--something that is more of a bullying tactic that an older brother who has no girlfriend will use on a younger brother, and the father doesn't treat both brothers fairly and equally. The older brother gets revenge on all three of them, weaving an illusion, and drawing in others from outside the family as part of the revenge.

The Battles of Armageddon are raging across the planet. For conflict resolution, everyone must be considered equal. The side that is grabbing for power must be losing power based on the backlashes from Universal Law and the side that seemed to have no power must be rising in power by assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done and they meet at the middle.

The first step, then, once the truce has been called on a battlefield is for the casualties to be cared for. Those who are in danger of dying because they believe the conflict has prevented them from getting their life must be cared for, and that is done through our books, which are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis. As everyone realizes that everyone is in crisis, then we can start to address conflict resolution.

Our Exit Strategy for Iraq addresses how to step away from armed conflict and into resolving disputes in court. The contingency is that the allegorical Rama be willing to share his talents and gifts at the crisis center, and work to amend the US Constitution to create the additional layer of government over what already exists.

All it takes to solve one's crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and that is to do one's project--if it is based on the principles of our organization and the cooperation of nature.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, but for the last ten years there has been a standoff that keeps people from being part of the organization. Everyone's attention has been focused entirely on a small group of people who, at first, everyone believed has more power to bring the projects about, but in fact,  they have no power at all. For various reasons, including fear for their lives, people have pushed away being part of the organization.

The allegorical "White Witch" from the C.S. Lewis Narnia Series keeps everything in a stasis so that it is "always winter, but never Christmas."

The standoff  leaves everyone out of the legitimate organization, which is what the buggi-pirates of the first stage of the planning process want, but at the same time, it leaves them out of the plan for world peace, too, which is not what they want.

Each of our projects is based on our talents and gifts, and so no one can do another's project, and our projects enable us to fulfill our purpose in life.

The Catholic church goes through a long process to name someone a saint, but the reason people are sainted is because no one else showed up! God, the Creator of us all, sees everyone as being equal in capacity, opportunity and equality.

It takes everyone working together--all 200 independent members of the organization--to create any of the fifty innovative organization projects, and people are actually working on their projects, but getting nowhere, and will continue to do so until everyone comes together.

The entire planet is therefore still addressing the first proposal, the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and learning the lessons associated with power. Where does true power come from? Does revenge actually work?

The buggi-pirates are focused on getting revenge, not on creating a project. Imagine, for a moment, there are two brothers, and one is getting revenge on the other, trying to keep him from having a relationship with a woman. Stepping back from this to see it from the wider perspective, is the vengeful brother making any effort to have his own relationship? What does he get out of all his efforts to get revenge? Nothing. You cannot get your life by getting revenge on another person.

People must be squeezed to participate in the organization, but the squeezing action comes from the fact that the power games each plays reaches its ultimate conclusion, and people are squeezed to let go of the games. The games end when they are played on an innocent person.

During his campaign, Donald Trump promised his followers he would undo everything President Obama did while he was in office. Many Republicans in office like the plan, but is Trump's plan an act of revenge? This morning there is an article in news that, once again, Congress is considering lowering the required number of votes for passage of their legislation. That is not a solution to the problem. That does not address the root cause of the problem. If Congress is facing any crisis, and therefore there is a rationale for making a change, and people are backed into a corner, then the only solution to get out of the crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest. Shouldn't there be a 100% approval rating required?

Is it possible to get a 100% approval rating for any plan? Yes, and the plan for world peace must meet that standard. But, we don't give in to the power games, and we don't give in to those who are resisting the plan, and we don't turn it over to them so they can continue to prove they are more important than others, and therefore, are oppressive to the people.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Is Donald Trump mentally ill?

Can I shed some light on a crisis that is spreading across the planet? It is now a major crisis within the potential members of this organization, and this crisis must be resolved before world peace can come.

Mankind has lived within the third dimension, which is also known as "the Illusion." The illusion is that we can get out life. When we believe we can't get the life we want, that is when we die. This has been going on for a long as mankind has been in the third dimension, but the planet is now making its ascension, and we are letting go of the illusion, and learning to overcome what causes people to die. The fourth dimension is based on the idea that you can get your life, but you are also blaming others for their interference.

What exactly occurs during the end of life crisis? That is one on the things that our books cover. They are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis, including the end of life crisis.

This time is known as the Rapture, and Christians have talked about it for a long time. It is also known as Armageddon, which means "the silly things people do."

Rather than to go deeper into this, I would like to tell you what is occurring within the organization, and around the planet.

There is a form of mental illness that is running rampant, and it is based on this planetary ascension. As I said, mankind lives in the illusion, but two power games are based on weaving an illusion, and so when someone who is playing one of these two power games offers another the opportunity to get his or her life, but it is based on weaving an illusion, it creates a kind of bi-polar crisis, where the person bounces back and forth between the dimensions because they believe they can get the life they want, but it is based on weaving an illusion. The person who plays the game believes the same thing, that he or she can get his or her life by weaving an illusion.

While all the mayhem is occurring, there is still the fact that each of us was born with a purpose in life, and each of the choices we make is supposed to help us reach our goal, but misunderstandings kick us off course. There are seven power games that people play, and they go against Universal Law, which is what breaks apart the illusion.

People lie to protect their security, and next week Jared Kushner is testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee, so let's look at the investigations into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election to see if this crisis is occurring now within the White House, and if it is, what can be done about the crisis.

The power games each of us plays continue on until an innocent person is crucified, and when George W. Bush preemptively invaded Iraq, but then no WMD were found, the power games ended. It collapsed the US power base, and triggered numerous world leaders to take their own power games to the international level. They have been jockeying for power to see who will become the most powerful world leader.

Russia has a history of taking over other countries. Putin was part of the KGB with its espionage, and he promotes oligarchs in various industries by "investing" his money in them. Donald Trump has built his international real estate empire by working with the powerful elite and oligarchs in many nations.  By working with Putin, Donald Trump could become president of the United States.

Mankind is separated into four segments, with 25% standing on the principles, 25% being financially affected by those who stand on the principles, and they have gone down into the power games, and 25% have had their lives affected, and 25% care only about their own interests.

If Donald Trump and his followers are in it for the money, then Putin is in it for his own interests. Donald Trump, and possibly Putin, is demonstrating signs of mental illness related to his ascension. Neither man is standing on the principles of equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance, and mankind is headed toward a global conflict-- but George Bush already started a global genocide, and these two men are taking it to the point of violence.

Once the Grand Lie has been told, the truth does not overcome the lies, so don't expect the Intelligence Committee or the media to have an real effect on what is occurring within these two governments. What breaks apart the illusion is Universal Law, and at this time, everyone on the planet has been exposed to Universal Law, so this is almost a genocide watch now.

These two men believe they are the most powerful people on the planet, but power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you and others have done, so the power is shifting to the people, and it is time for people to stand up and assume responsibility, which is to fulfill our purposes in life.

Just as within our organization, those who believed they could demonstrate their capacity to bring world peace by weaving an illusion are demonstrating that they can't bring world peace. If they function only for their own interests, they will be the last people to come into the World Peace Movement because they fit into that last 25% of the people segment. Mankind must do an end-run around the governments for a time, because world peace must come from the people, when the people are ready, not the governments.

Within the United States, joining the World Peace Movement involves amending our Constitution, and the president of the United States does not sign an executive order or a bill from Congress to make it a law. Trump is equal to every other American citizen when it comes to world peace.

I don't know what Trump's purpose in life is, but once he starts to address it, his mental illness will be resolved. He will face his fears, and his family will probably have to demonstrate to him how to overcome the crisis he is facing in his life.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Unraveling the Misunderstandings: Our Soul Group

There have been many misunderstandings about our organization, and I would like to start a series of posts that help to unravel them. I will post daily for the next three weeks or so, as part of this series.

Who are we?

The World Peace Organization for the One World Government is a nonprofit organization that is incorporated in the State of Virginia, but we are also unique in that our independent members are part of a soul group, and we all share a common overview purpose in life. Everyone plays a different role in the project.   

Everything starts first on the spiritual level, and then trickles down to the mental and then the physical level. When something occurs on the spiritual level, it becomes possible. On the mental level, it becomes probable. On the physical level, that is when you are working to make it likely.  

Seth and  Jane Roberts
Paintings by Jane Roberts's husband,
Rob Butts
Is reincarnation an accepted fact yet?  Soul groups reincarnate over and over again, each time replaying the same  roles or switching roles. On the spiritual level, we make soul agreements within our soul group to meet at a certain time and place to play out these roles, to undo the karmic debts we have accumulated from previous lifetimes, and as we do, we progress spiritually. Until recently, when people were born, we forgot our purpose in life, but children nowadays are oftentimes born remembering what their purpose in life is, and this is something Seth, one of our guides, talks about in "A Manual for Peace." 

Seth is famous for his books with Jane Roberts, who died in the 1980s. Together, they sold over 7 million books, and they are considered classics of spirituality, explaining that we create our own reality. Now he is returning to start a new series on how to create the life you want.  

Our organization is working to introduce fifty innovative projects, and the entire soul group came together on the spiritual level, so the projects are possible to create. Some are on the mental level, and only a few are on the physical level. It takes all 200 independent members to bring a project about.

This first misunderstanding about the organization is that our organization is a normal nonprofit organization, and that led to a hostile takeover. We function as a  normal nonprofit, but also as a soul group, and it is impossible to do another's project. Our members are very specific people, the Founding Parents of the proposed international government.

In the planning process, the first step involves having a plan and not realizing that there are people who will attempt to steal it from you, and the reason is, they don't understand that no one can do another's project. Our projects are based on our talents and gifts--and also on soul agreements. 

Our Creator set into place a framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, but this is a free-will Universe, and we create by intent or by default. Until this time, no one has really been willing to work together. It was more likely that if someone had a plan, rather than to work together to bring it about, they would attach themselves to someone who seemed to have more power, and that became a trap. The children still are willing to share talents and gifts and work together, but mostly because they remember doing it all before they were born, and now they have been dragged into crisis. 

The ideas for the fifty innovative projects were stolen, and the pirates offered the ideas to others who may or may not be part of the soul group. That pulled many people into their grasp, but even after ten years, they all have not been able to bring a project about. They don't understand the plan and the don't understand the principles.

Seth is our guide that is responsible for offering project ideas, and he can do that because he worked with all of us on the spiritual level. Only enough information has been introduced at this time to open a project idea to debate. Seth works with many channels now, but each of us has a particular role we play. He will only introduce projects ideas through me, and write books through me now. Step by step, we are learning to overcome our fears and belief structures, based on what is covered in the books. 

People must be squeezed to let go of the power games each of us plays. It is like a test to see if each of us can overcome the squeezing action and choose to work together to create the projects. That leads to three choices--to rely on the existing structure, like going to the doctor, or working with the pirates and getting deeper into a legal quagmire or being murdered, or working with me and this organization to function on a higher level. 

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mozart, Moses and Mediocrity

The potential members of this organization-- I am the only independent member at this time-- have
been dragged forward in our progress through the principles that are outlined in the Power Series books, and now we are entering into "The Power of the Law," by Moses, Mozart and me.

Revenge consists of five power games, and eventually, those that lead to war, massacres and terrorism reach their ultimate conclusion, but the two that are based on weaving an illusion--genocides and slavery-- continue to swing the proverbial pendulum outward, and the criminal acts become so oppressive that they are like a big impenetrable wall of darkness. Over the last week or so, that wall of impenetrable darkness was destroyed by introducing Universal Law into the US legal system, and that is the concept of the Power of the Law. 

Mozart and Moses speak from their own experience about oppression. Imagine your father proudly brings you, at age three, before the emperor to demonstrate your genius at music, and the emperor's chosen court musician is a mediocre man who has the power to make your short and productive life hell. Every demonstration of power made by Moses only made the pharaoh's jealousy worse. 

What triggered the brutality of the Holocaust was fear and mediocrity. Mediocre people seem to have no power and no capacity, and when they see someone with greater capacity, they must put it down. The Jews were people of great talent who had managed to build a refined and prosperous culture while many Germans were struggling. Judaism teaches the principles of Productivity.  It was easy to draw in the average Germans, who were trying to recover economically from previous conflicts, and turn them against the Jews, who after centuries of oppression, had begun to shine with demonstrations of art, music and literature. 

The power game of Lust is based on the idea that if you can take something from someone, you own them. Third world nations oftentimes have vast amounts of natural resources, and they become nothing more than bank accounts for the industrialized nations.  It appears to be in the best interests of the leaders of industrialized nations to keep the people of third world nations under their thumb. If the resources of third world nations ever go to benefit their people, they will rocket out of their abyss.

The plan for the international government is expanding exponentially, but is also being held down by mediocre people who seem to have power. They are weaving a web of deceit that has creating this huge wall of impenetrable darkness. 

The family that is personally trying to keep me held down is made up of five generations. What makes them mediocre is that their family has demonstrated great capacity in the past, but the succeeding generations have fallen away from the concept of a dynasty, where the family works together to create a family niche. The first generation did something remarkable, then second generation started his own family to go off course because he was in it for the money. The next generation was there for the support jobs, the next generation has been dragged into crisis in the family, and the next generation has no sense of security. This branch of the family tree will die off unless they end their power games and start to function from their own capacity.   

What are the principles that will actually make America not just great again, but part of the global renaissance? Please remember that the Iraq War was an act of revenge that drew in the entire planet, and so this same concept is expanding around the entire planet. Our US Survival cards start the process of creating a global renaissance by encouraging individuals to create an individual niche based on talents and gifts, and drawing in family members to create a family niche, and then marketing it with their friends, who do the same. 

How can anyone compare himself or herself to Moses or Mozart? No one has to. By being willing to work within our own family structure to create a family niche, we become part of the family dynasty. 

The global renaissance is a flat hierarchy that is based on everyone sharing his or her talents and gifts in a series of win-win agreements. It is easy to share talents and gifts, and because everyone is born with them, no one can be left out of the global renaissance. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Friend of the Court

One of our exempt purposes is to purify the US legal system. Before the US Constitution can be used as the basis for the international government, certain practices and laws that have been causing chaos in our legal system must be purified to prevent the chaos from spreading onto the international level.

We will eventually function as advisers to the governments, but we are average people, so where does this start? At this time, the only advice we can offer to governments is to do what is in everyone's best interest.

As we all fall into a crisis, our perspective narrows, and the final stages are circular thinking, that we must do something, but we don't know what to do... but we must do something, but we don't know what to do. The solution to every dilemma is to do what is in everyone's best interest, so this advice can be considered the overview, generic solution to every crisis. This same advice applies on every level, and even as average people, we have the right to do what is in everyone's best interest.

Our Founding Fathers understood that our unalienable rights come from our Creator. They declared, "We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness." Our unalienable rights are to be able to create our lives without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in our government.

The application of Universal Law within the United States is our Constitution, which guarantees to all Americans these rights, but no one functions alone, and so our foreign policies must not prevent others from having these same rights or we face the backlashes from breaking Universal Law--to "do unto others as we would have them do unto us."

The Universe has three levels--the Father, the Mother and the Son, or another perspective is the Principles, the Power and the Project. In regards to our US legal system, it is Universal Law, Constitutional Law and Federal Law.

Universal Law is fixed. It is immutable. It fixes our nation on a very high level. It applies to every atom in the Universe, and in fact, God, the Creator of us all, also stands on the principles of Universal Law, and so as we evolve, we will never evolve out of being subject to the principles of Universal Law.

Constitutional law is the application of Universal Law in the United States, and it guarantees to us our inalienable rights granted to us by our Creator. It is our niche. It is what has made America great.

Federal law is supposed to be the product of Universal Law and Constitutional law, but when Universal Law has been forgotten, federal laws become contradictory.

The problem is that the focus of our legal system then became constitutional law and federal law. We have been set adrift by power plays and contradictions so that policies and practices appear to be constitutional when they are not based on Universal Law.

In December of 2016, I watched with interest a court case that had made it to the appellate court level, and saw the attorney struggle to defend a woman using federal law in a case that went against Universal Law. My interest in the case was that if the plaintiff won the case, the Iraq War would finally be considered an illegal war, and that would set the stage for our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. I sent an email to the attorney and explained how, under Universal Law, President Bush did not have the right to invade a sovereign nation and to topple another government. I proved that it was an illegal war based on all three levels of our legal system.

Since then, I have offered the same insights in two other law suits, but the same principles apply on every court case. No one can use the US legal system to justify breaking Universal Law.

While this may seem unsettling to some people, our legal system must function to do what is in everyone's best interest to prevent our nation and the entire world, because we do not function alone, from falling into chaos.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Under new management

How many times have you seen a restaurant be opened and it serves great food, but then it is taken over by new management, and within a year, it is out of business? No one can do another's project because it is based on one's talents and gifts.

Recent scientific findings at Stonehenge demonstrate that the original founders of Stonehenge were somehow replaced by a different culture, and soon after that, Stonehenge was no longer drawing the kings and queens for rites of conflict resolution. This didn't have to be from hostile intent, but just from lack of understanding how to do something that looked simple from the outside perspective.

Our organization has endured a hostile takeover over the last ten years. The pirates stole the plan, but didn't understand the plan. They stole the principles, but didn't understand the principles. Now, to save face, and to protect themselves from legal repercussions, they must work with me, but how much is left of the original plan?

Acts of revenge involve five power games, and when they reach their ultimate conclusion, there is a flip-flop effect, and the pendulum swings back the other direction.

For example, for many years the members of the professional publishing team have in some way protected Seth and his books, but now what has come to light is that Seth has worked with many channels over the years, and the professional publishing team are now leaving themselves out of Seth's project and are not standing on the principles of what he teaches. It has been a test to see if we can take the teachings to the next level. How many people can pass this test?

With acts of revenge, three of the five power games reach their ultimate conclusions and the pendulum swings back, but the two that are based on weaving an illusion continue to swing the pendulum further out. The power games are Envy and Lust, and when played on the government level, they lead to slavery and genocide.

In the case of the restaurant, new management can be a continuum from the simple sale of a retiring chef to a hostile takeover through intimidation and character defamation, and even murder.

My organization will eventually bring together two of the Seth channels, and each of us has a large number of friends and acquaintances with diverse talents and gifts. My focus is on the international level, and his is on the level of the State of California, and by bringing the two groups together, everyone can function on a higher level. Failing marriages will end and we reform as life-partnerships, which allow everyone to function on a higher level. Lifepartnerships can be either a marriage or a business relationship. Marriages will end only when it becomes apparent that they have different goals, and rather than to terminate in a family genocide, we have programs that allow everyone to function on a higher level.

If this was the restaurant that was being run by a talented chef who is an amateur businessperson, then the logical solution is to find someone whose vocation is business and who is an amateur cook. Together, they carry the restaurant to the higher level by mentoring each other.

Everyone always has three choices--a Moment of Choice has three options--to go up, down or straight ahead. There is Heaven, Hell and Purgatory. We can stand on the principles, ignore the crisis and pass it on to future generations, and it will take seven generations to undo the damage, or we can go down into the power games and face the backlashes, because the games go against Universal Law.

Mankind is learning about Universal Law. You cannot get your life by playing the games. While revenge may seem to work, there is always a backlash to the games.

You cannot get the life you want by enslaving others or by perpetrating a character defamation campaign against someone. You might be able to perpetrate a hostile takeover of a restaurant or an organization, or even a marriage, but that doesn't mean you will be successful.

Stonehenge fell into decline over the years, and all that gold that was paid for the rites of conflict resolution has been slowly uncovered over the last 5,000 years as farmers tilled their fields or someone has dug a hole for the foundation of a new house.

When George W. Bush and Tony Blair perpetrated a hostile takeover of Iraq, their power games reached their ultimate conclusion.  The US foreign policy of regime change didn't end in control of Iraq's oil reserves, but in a civil war and no one got control of the oil. They judged Saddam Hussein to be evil, and now they are being judged. Four of the five power games have reached their ultimate conclusion, except Lust, and that game is being played by the world leaders who declare themselves to be supporting the United States in the War on Terror in order to line their own pockets with US dollars at the expense of their own people.

Mankind has a choice. We can choose to create a global renaissance by standing on the principles. We can ignore the crisis and face a gradual decline that leads to the edge of the abyss. We can devolve into a global conflict. To free those who have been enslaved by those who believe they own us, the solution is for everyone to declare support for the international government, which will guarantee the rights of the people to leave a nation if they believe they are being oppressed.

A nation that condones attacks on its own people will  lose power in the international government, because the power a nation has on the international level will be based on population rather than military might. If that nation lets go of the power games and embraces the plan for the international government, that nation will rise to the higher level.

The entire planet will be under new management soon. What are we, as a planet, willing to create?

Friday, May 26, 2017

Outsmarting your enemy doesn't work

This morning I want to make a correlation between two things that appear to have no connection whatsoever. By doing so, I am offering a solution to what some people believe is the greatest problem facing mankind and others consider to be a hoax or a tool wielded by liberals to prevent economic progress-- global warming.

As a student of spirituality, I have read many, many of books on the subject, and one comment comes to mind about the lesson the planet Mars teaches. Mars is associated with war, and every two and a half years or so, its orbit brings it closer to the Earth, and so it would seem that war in inevitable. The lesson in the book was that once you emotionally let go of the chaos, it disappears. 

Basically, the squeezing action is not bad. What is bad is how you respond to it. 

The popular Chinese martial arts movies show the invincible ninja warrior as having no fear, and in their personal lives, no emotional connections to something that can be lost. If you want something, you can be controlled.  

This time period is one of great changes, and so it is a time of darkness as the fears rise in those who rely on the old structure for their security and support, and they resist the changes as the old structure appears to be collapsing. They don't see that the future can be an improvement over what exists, perhaps because they fear failure. We have a physical body, but it is made up of energy, and fear is a very low frequency. The Earth is made up of energy, and so the fears are rising and creating a sense of resistance and friction in the planet, which is leading to global warming. 

There is no scientific explanation that would explain why the Earth is getting hotter. The sun goes through cycles, too, but there is no real significant addition to our solar system that would lead to a rise in the core temperature in the Earth, but it has risen, The only  significant change is that the cycles have lined up, and this has been a time of great changes. 

The plan for the international government has gone out too far to stop, but there are people who are getting revenge and attempting to trigger fears in others. They play the role of the allegorical devil, dragging people backwards in their progress, They are waging war. They are weaving an illusion, and dragging others deeper into the chaos. They believe they are outsmarting those who seem to have the power. The conflict has become a feud, and it continues to spiral down deeper into the abyss.

To stop a genocide, someone must say stop. The winner of the conflict is not the one who outsmarts everyone else. The winner is the first one who walks away from the conflict, and not by being a refugee who is fleeing from the chaos. This is where Stonehenge comes in during this cycle. The cost of the conflict, in terms of loss of lives and resources, becomes too much to bear, and so a plan must be set into place that allows everyone to function on a higher level. 

The ultimate conclusion of the power games is that you end up with nothing. If you grab for power, you lose your power. If you grab for what is not yours, you end up with nothing. If you put someone down, you will be put down. Under Universal Law, what you do to another will be done to you. You cannot get your life by taking it from someone else. 

This is what one of the zen-like cards from our Power Packet says, "If you are so smart, why are you fighting the Universe?" 

Monday, May 22, 2017

World Peace

The plan for the international government has gone out and has continued to spread to draw in many people on every level. The first two government proposals are for the United States, but the present administration has their own agenda, and so our focus will shift from the United States to the entire diplomatic community through our "World Peace" newsletters to the embassies and to the general public.

The United States does not have to participate for the international government to be created. This shift helps to take the burden off the US government for making the decision, and helps nations that have received their proposals and have seen the benefits of participation in the plan from facing resistance from those who rely on the existing structure for their security and support.

Within our organization, the same resistance is preventing people who like the plan from coming to participate. Therefore, we are letting go of the idea that certain people have been selected to participate in this grand endeavor, and considering that what unifies everyone is that everyone is in crisis. The contingency for the Exit Strategy for Iraq is that the United States government agree to amend our Constitution through an Article V amendment convention, but the resistance has been so great that the family that is parallel to the United States is being blocked from coming.

This has been a time of war within our organization, and what people who have been dragged into a war lack is a sense of equality, and so that is the first principle to address. Unification and conflict resolution are "two sides of the same proverbial coin," and so you can't have one without the other.

Unification comes first.


Thursday, May 18, 2017

John and Joan

This morning, I had a vision of falling into the abyss. I knew it was coming. As the ripples of effects that go out from the grand lie draw in more people, eventually there is a shift, and in this case, the shift is from John Adams to Joan of Arc.

For the last ten years, our organization has been playing out a parallel to the American Revolution. We are all soul mates that are aspects of the Founding Fathers of the United States, but history tells us they didn't always get along, but then the cycles spin off that particular series of events and draw in others. In terms of the American Resolution, John Adams is watching the Boston Massacre occur, but Joan of Arc has grown up and is suddenly aware of the Hundred Years War.

In "A Manual for Peace," Seth says that all the cycles lined up in the time period from the beginning of 2008 to the end of 2012, and because change only occurs easily at the beginning and the end of the cycle, this has been a time of great changes.

Aspects are like being reincarnated as someone. Each of us on the planet has up to twelve parallels, and before we are born, we work through the events, and then we are born at a particular time to play them out with our soul mates. This is a matter of soul agreement with our Creator to enable us to undo past karmic debts in the form of fulfilling our purpose in life.

Having the right understanding about what is going on is very helpful. Past life issues are just as difficult as the first time. What makes it easier is to have the tools, such as the World Peace Marketing Strategy and its first row "Getting Out of the Abyss" class materials, which enable the Flower of Life people who are being invited into a project to rise out of the abyss.

This will be my second time through the packets, this time with better understanding of the materials, and my previous experience has turned to wisdom.

My books are channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis. Like Joan, I hear voices, and there has been a hostile takeover of my home, which in this time period, is my organization and the plan for world peace.

Monday, May 15, 2017

Spiraling Down Into Consciousness

This morning, the US Appellate Court for the Ninth Circuit will hear arguments about Donald Trump's travel ban on Muslims entering into the United States, which he is presently limiting to a six Muslim nations. Trump declares he is doing this to protect the United States. He is aware that the directors of the CIA and the FBI have announced in the media that there are sleeper cells in the United States, and therefore we must defend ourselves by placing barriers around us, including a multi-billion wall between the United States and Mexico.

He believes the United States lacks security, and that his plan will protect the United States, but if his plan doesn't benefit everyone on the planet, he is dragging the United States into the abyss. He is in the process of making the United States less secure, not more.

This same process coming from the sense of lack is what leads to compensatory games--power games known as the Seven Deadly Sins--and it is going on all over the world. Everyone is coming from a sense of lack in some way, and continues to reinstate the sense of lack in our lives.

As we spiral down, we reach the point where we become part of consciousness. We lose our identity. We become part of Consciousness. We become part of the whole rather than an individual.

For example, if an individual is diagnosed with cancer, he or she looses his identity and becomes a cancer patient. Refugees no longer have an identity. Homeless people are part of consciousness.

The spiral down into consciousness is coming from a sense of lack, and from the lack of opportunities to get the life you want is the ultimate conclusion of cycles in our lives.

This is something that we address as part of our first two government proposals. The Time Series explains the different between Absolute and Relative Time, and the squeezing effect everyone is suffering through.

This squeezing effect is an horrific test to go through, but what is important is how everyone responds to the test. This is the purpose rising out of a crisis is done through demonstration, and why this blog exists. We are demonstrating how to rise out of the abyss of consciousness.

At this time, until the professional publishing team rises out of consciousness, our books are amateur-quality only, and can only be sold to independent members.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tor Hana's Freedom

When our prayer circle was still meeting, one of our channels came to me and told me of her contact with an entity named Tor Hana, who was buried alive in a cave in England. She asked the channel to help her, and to bring me into the project. After several millennia, the opportunity had arisen where Tor Hana could be freed.

We had no idea of how to help Tor Hana, but we were willing to make the effort. We didn't ask the spiritual hierarchy at that time what we could do to help. I assumed the other channel had done so, and before I learned more about Tor Hana, the prayer circle ended, and the channels went different directions.

Several years later, as I was channeling books and getting insights about the planning and project ideas, Seth brought up a new project--Tor Hana's Freedom.

I get just enough information about any project idea to introduce the idea to debate, then it is up to me to carry the idea through the planning stages and steps. It is like a test to see how much responsibility I am willing to take on myself, and how to bring it about, and to draw others into the World Peace Movement. Everyone must overcome the factors that keep each of us from being willing to work together.

At first, Tor Hana maybe sounded like the victim of a murder, but the circumstances being what they are--we are reliving the cycles of history--she was most likely a sociopath who was getting revenge on someone and was creating chaos in her community, and weaving a web of deceit that dragged everyone in the conflict. Dante called getting revenge the ninth level of Hell, the lowest level of them all.

Being buried in the tor was the closest thing they had at the time to a prison.

The problem that is that two of the power games associated with revenge are based on weaving an illusion, and the truth doesn't overcome the lies. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust.

I have talked about the rise of the oligarchs, who base their power on games of one-upmanship. Each plays a favorite power game. Eventually, the three games that are not based on weaving an illusion reach their ultimate conclusion, and the proverbial pendulum starts to swing back to the midpoint. The other two games, based on weaving an illusion, continue to swing further out. Mankind is now seeing more evidence of genocide and slavery across the planet.

In other words, out of the mass of oligarchs there is rising the prophesied anti-Christ.

This is the classic battle between Light and Darkness.

The power games continue on until an innocent person is crucified. The games seem to work until the last game is played on that one individual, and then they stop working. This is what occurred when George W. Bush judged Saddam Hussein to be Axis of Evil, and why the issue of no WMD being found is so important. Going after a man who could be innocent of the charges against him backlashed on George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

Our Creator is both Creative and Nurturing, not destructive. In the Bible, it says, "Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Lord."

Tor Hana was perpetrating acts of revenge, and acts of mayhem in her community to the point where she was so oppressive that everyone said, "enough it enough!" To stop her, she was buried alive in a tor--a cave in a big pile of huge boulders that rise out of the ground. But, long before that time came, the ripples of effects went out from the Grand Lie, and many, many people were dragged into the illusion. There are legends about Merlin, of King Arthur fame, who was also buried in a cave in a tor. He is also known for being able to weave an illusion. It was a matter of abuse of power.

This may have been the conflict that tore apart Stonehenge. They could end wars, but not overcome the illusion that was woven to perpetrate the genocide.

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to get their life on a higher level, The question is, what about those who align themselves with the anti-Christ, and perpetrate acts of revenge on purpose? What about those people who are working to tear apart the plan that benefits everyone, including them, and who have dragged many people into their ranks? What about the people who are normally law-abiding people who believe the anti-Christ is the solution to their crisis, and suddenly realize they will spend the rest of their lives in prison? What about the collaborators who goes along with the mayhem because their family is being held hostage?

All this is part of acts of revenge, and the fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is the solution to this crisis.

Looking back further into history, the idea for Stonehenge came from Atlantis, which was torn apart by a battle between the Sons of Light and the Sons of Darkness. They had technology that was based on lasers, and the technologically oriented Atlanteans, in an act of aggression, directed the laser that powered their society through the Earth in an attack against the people on an island continent in the Pacific Ocean, and the cataclysm tore apart the planet. It was so horrific that two continents went down and the advanced civilization that had aircraft powered by crystalline technology was kicked back to caveman days. The survivors of Atlantis fled to various places, including England. When Stonehenge was created, they were able to end wars, but not a dispute where one individual had the intent and capacity to destroy mankind.

Now, after all these millennia, mankind is once again in the situation where our technology is advanced enough to put the planet at risk.Mankind has clawed our way out of the abyss, and now it is time to take the next step in our evolution.

Stonehenge was built in a series of waves, and it was vandalized by a conflict that was a genocide. Now we will bring Stonehenge back to life and address its next step in its evolution--how to end a genocide. To do that, we must look at where sociopaths and those who would use technology to perpetrate acts of revenge on others.

Under Universal Law, we cannot keep anyone out of the framework of win-win agreements or we leave ourselves out. We must make it possible for even the sociopaths to be able to get their life.

The World Peace Marketing Strategy is the solution to bring every person into the plan for world peace. Sociopaths care only about themselves, so they are fourth row people. We just must learn to recognize the power games when we see them.

The games are bad, not the people, and everyone plays the games.