Sunday, April 24, 2016

Let's put this to a vote

 ISIS has been destroying antiquities, and in fact, has been setting up vast systems of mines to blow up entire towns. This is done as part of the hostile takeover of the country, and because there are sleeper cells in every country and in every state of the United States, they intend to take over the entire planet.

But, by destroying so much of a nations cultural heritage, what is left? What if schools and businesses are destroyed?

Third world nations oftentimes have vast amounts of natural resources, and they have become bank accounts for the industrialized nations. They have not gone to benefit the people. By the leaders of industrialized nation  taking advantage of the third world nations, they have set themselves up for the same crisis. They are being undermined, and no one knows how to defend their country.

The solution is not for the entire planet to fall to the point where everyone left is living in slavery, under the brutal control of one individual who rules by force, but for everyone to let go of the power games, starting with the United States, and work together to function on a higher level--create a global renaissance.

If you stand on all seven principles--Equality, Liberty, Freedom, Compassion, Abundance, Capacity and Tolerance--you are unbeatable. The solution is for all the people on the planet to work together to create an international government that stands on these principles, and invite the self-proclaimed emperor into the government.

If this was put to a vote, what would be the final outcome? It would be one vote for the global empire and the entire rest of the planet voting for the global renaissance.

Consider this to be my vote.