Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Prevent the Coming Global War

Watching the events unfold over the last two presidencies, we can see that this new Republican president is potentially following the same cycle as George W. Bush and the events associated with the Iraq War, but with more extreme measures. As President Trump takes office, he is facing great resistance. Our Light Source Invention demonstrates that Trump's reactions to the intolerance is taking the next cycle more extreme, and the next cycle starts with war.

Donald Trump is functioning outside of his capacity. He has no prior government experience. He is used to having "yes men and women" around him, giving orders and having them obeyed. He doesn't know how to work with Congress, or other governments, and so we are losing our allies. Last week, Trump alienated Mexico, and this week, with the immigration ban, our relationship with the UK is starting to show cracks. The UK has a very large Muslim population. We cannot rely on the United Nations or NATO. Trump's ambassador to the United Nations announced the president's intention to reform the U.N. or he will "take their names." If nothing prevents the cycle from progressing, this coming war will be the United States against the entire planet, and it will be fought on American soil.

One of the choices mankind has had for our future is the rise of one individual to become emperor of the planet. The Iraq War collapsed the U.S. power base, and other world leaders have used this as their opportunity to take their power games to the next level. The power games no longer work, and what appeared to be their grand opportunity has been met with backlashes. It is in no one's best interest for one individual to become emperor of the planet.

In a war, the principle that brings the pendulum back to the midpoint is Equality. The next step in the cycle is genocide, and the principle that brings the pendulum back to the midpoint--what people who have been dragged into a genocide lack--is Liberty. The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, and the solution to the crisis is here. The international government will guarantee to every person on the planet their inalienable rights to be able to create their life without interference, to be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in their government--which is the principles that ends terrorism.

As we learned at our prayer circle, the difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven there is a solution to your crisis. Mankind still can avert this global feud from devolving by working together to create the international government.

While the United States goes through our crisis, other world leaders are forcing their own agendas also. If the other nations stand back and watch the United States go through the Republican/Democrat Genocide, and the collapse of the two party system, we can avert a global war and genocide.

Sunday, January 29, 2017

The World Peace Grassroots Movement

Grass spreads through its roots, and when the plant is mature, it grows seeds.

The global renaissance starts with the principle that every person functions from within his or her capacity. People will create a niche based on talents and gifts. That implies that every person on the planet is able to create a cash flow, even those on the lowest economic levels, because we are all born with our talents and gifts from our Creator. No one will be left out of the global renaissance.

Imagine, by creating a financial foundation based on getting a job to enable you to pay your bills, you are settling for second best, and you will eventually sabotage yourself. Worse, if the economy collapses, you can lose everything you have worked for. By basing your cash flow on your talents and gifts, they are easy to share, and you can't imagine how you can get paid to do what you love doing.

That  is the problem, because many people can't imagine being able to create a cash flow based on doing what you love doing, so the first logical step is to work with those people who can both help you to understand what your talents and gifts are, and then to be part of a network of people who are willing to share their talents and gifts.

This is where our Crisis Center and our Multiply Your Resources Club come into the picture, and where our organization fits. We are channels and our gift from our Creator is to bridge between God and the people, and the Multiply Your Resources Club starts the network.

Many people are already applying their talents and gifts to create a cash flow. They can take their niche to the next level by being drawn into the grassroots movement when the seeds are mature.

The seeds are projects. Our organization is working to introduce 50 innovative project ideas, which will draw in people who have established niches. The project ideas diversify the kinds of plants that grow.

If you are starting a business, and you have no start-up capitol, you cannot go global the first week in business. You must start small and allow it to grow. Our U.S. Survival Cards are the solution. They allow one individual in the family to create an individual niche, and then market it with family members to create a family niche, and then the family markets the family niche with their friends, who do the same thing. The family business grows slowly and in perfect order. Families have been torn apart by conflict, but this allows even estranged people to come back into the family. This is how prosperous families from the past created their dynasty.

Our first niche to mature is the channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis, and this niche rises to the next level by drawing in the professional publishing team.

The dynasty idea allows the business to function on a higher level. Our fifty innovative projects allows this network concept to rise to the next level. Soon, the barren plane, with only one blade of grass rising out of the soil, will become a jungle, based on the principles of the cooperation of nature.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

The lessons mankind is working to learn now

World peace is a new idea. In the history of the planet, mankind has never experienced it before. Imagine, the entire planet living in peace. Maybe the only person who could have imagined living in peace was John Lennon. 

The plan for the international government is based on two proven ideas, so it is not that hard to imagine taking the next logical step, to apply what already exists within the United States to the entire planet. Americans know that the last war between the states was in the 1860s, and since then, every dispute between the states was settled in court. 

This is what makes the plan seem so simple and logical, but what makes it so difficult is that the old paradigm is based on power games, and people won't willingly let go of the games until forced to do so. You cannot change what someone believes. We all live in the illusion of the third dimension, and making the change is like convincing a diabetic to let go of diabetes, or a drug addict to let go of heroin addiction, or a homeless person to rebuild his or her entire life again. The transition is tough, but once enough people understand the process, it will be far easier for the people who follow.

Mankind has been headed off course for a long time, and at the point of realization that you are lost, the path you are on seems so logical. 

Each plan has a rationale, or why make any changes? Then, you must understand the root cause of the crisis. Then you create the plan, and it must address the root cause of the crisis or it makes it worse. Then, every plan has a contingency.

The rationale for the plan for world peace is the existing international structure cannot end or prevent wars, and the ultimate conclusion for depending on it is that mankind is on the proverbial slippery slope, or we can devolve into a global conflict that becomes a feud. The root cause of the crisis is the power games that people and governments play, and because the games go against Universal Law of Cause and Effect, there is always a backlash to the games. For each step forward, you take two steps backwards. 

The ultimate conclusion of the power games occurs when the player of the games targets an innocent person, and that occurred on a global level when George W. Bush justified his preemptive strike on Iraq. The conflict devolved as a genocide, and it sent off ripples of effects that have drawn in every person on the planet. Mankind reached the worst case scenario for the planet. A conflict that cannot be resolved by the existing international structure.

The Catholic Church teaches its followers about the Seven Deadly Sins, and they are deadly because at the ultimate conclusion of the games, someone dies. The games leads to War, Genocide, Massacres, Slavery, Terrorism, Famine and Poverty. On the individual level, they lead to aging, cancer, strokes, financial collapse, heart attacks, homelessness... 

The first step in the planning is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and its contingency is that the United States will assume responsibility to undo the damage that has been done by working to amend the Constitution to create the additional layer of government over what already exists.

You have heard all this before. The planning was introduced in Spring of 2012. The contingency has not yet been met for the plan to go forward.

That being said, the United States is spiraling down into acts of revenge, and our Light Source Invention demonstrates that we have entered into a time when open acts of violence are close at hand. The first cycle was the George W. Bush administration, which created a schism between the Republicans and Democrats, and the second cycle was the Obama administration, whose policy did not heal the schism, and now the third cycle is the Trump presidency, which is taking the wave action even more extreme. 

This same effect occurred in the DRCongo, between the Hutus and Tutsis, and in Iraq between the Sunnis and the Shia. Now we are facing the same schism between the Republicans and the Democrats.

Is revenge sweet, if it means that it devolves into a genocide? The lesson mankind is learning now involves revenge, how it works and why it doesn't work, and how it unravels. We are learning about power games and what happens when you grab for power, where power comes from, abuse of power, and the backlashes of Universal Law, and the Seven Deadly Sins, and how to turn around from a crisis by doing what is in everyone's best interest. We are looking at unification (is it unification if one person expects everyone to get in line behind him?) and conflict resolution. 

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is not the first step in the creation of the international government. It is more like cleaning up the mess you made before you move out of your house and start your new life. If you don't deal with the mess, you carry it with you, and wars and genocides are something mankind must leave behind. 

Is America Preparing for War?

Yesterday in the news, Mikhail Gorbachev said he sees the United States preparing for war. What are the signs of war?

When George W. Bush justified his preemptive strike on Iraq, he brought religion into the justification for war. President Bush, a Christian, equated Christianity and patriotism. Many Conservative Christians now believe it is patriotic to wage war.

Each of the seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge necessary to understand to create the life you want, but each of them also plays a favorite power game. Christians wage war, based on the game of Pride, which is one of the Seven Deadly Sins. It comes from the belief that you are better than others, and therefore you have the right to put others down.

President Trump, a businessman, was in the news talking about his plans to start building many navy ships, and behind him on the dais was Vice President Mike Pence, a Conservative Christian, who was first in the room to clap and nod his head in support of the plan.  

Equated ideas get people into trouble. Jesus of Nazareth taught the principles of Universal Law of Cause and Effect, to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you," and is known as the Prince of Peace. To create the life you want, you must help others to create the life they want. Universal Law is both a tool and a punishment, because there is always a backlash to the games. Each grab for power results in a loss of power.

Waging war is a Sin. The word "sin" in Spanish means lack, so people who wage war are coming from the lack of power. True power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done, and that does not mean to unravel the work of his predecessor, President Obama.

Our organization is working to introduce the Faith of the Pure Ray, which unifies the world's seven major religions into one spiritual body of knowledge so that its students can learn how to create the life they want. This is our plan for dealing with the global refugee crisis. We are working to undo the damage that has been done by oppressive governments. 

The one thing every person on the planet wants is to be able to create the life he or she wants, but equated ideas, like money and power, or military might and power, keep getting us into trouble. 



Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Punished, backed into the corner, and run into the ground

There is no way to defend yourself from prejudice and ulterior motives. When faced with covert and overt actions that are based on the illusion associated with a genocide, people keep trying to defend themselves and family, but there is no way to stop the oppressors and overcome the illusion.

It is futile to even try, yet for the last several years, potential members of our organization have been trying to defend themselves and innocent people, believing that by fighting the oppressors, they are having an effect. They aren't, because when someone resists, behind the scenes people are being punished their resistance. Innocent people are being backed into the corner just because they gave the oppressors the benefit of the doubt. They are run into the ground.

The power the oppressors have is in weaving the illusion, and the joy is in outsmarting the people who stand on the principles. The oppressors believe they are victims.

Who are the oppressors? When you see someone perpetrating an act of violence, that person may have been dragged into the conflict with a lie. Is someone who was dragged into the illusion with a lie, not based on ideology or conspiracy, the oppressor? It is important to understand how the power games work and why they don't work.

 Young people are most susceptible to the illusion, but anyone who gives others the benefit of the doubt is susceptible, and who accepts something from the person who is weaving the illusion.  What draws people into the conflict is the belief that you have the right to get revenge on someone. It is the act of betrayal that turns you over to those who would drag you into crisis. The dead eyes of the young man known as Jihadi John tell the story. From early photos, he appeared to be a young man who had plan for his life, and being dragged into the conflict destroyed his plan for his life.

Genocides keep expanding until someone says stop. This is why people call for a genocide watch, because a sense of "you are not outsmarting anyone" comes into effect. We see you. We know what you are doing.

When backed into the corner, you can continue to be squeezed until you die or you can come out fighting the overpowering force and die. The final choice you make in your life is whether to die quickly or slowly, but what is not evident is the choice to function on a higher level, and to use the crisis to your advantage. The solution is to do what is in everyone's best interest.

Rather than to fight ISIS, the solution is to introduce the plan for the international government and debate it. It offers solutions to every crisis. It is smart. It allows everyone to function on the higher level.

The first step is to address the power game of revenge--and where true power comes from, and to understand that there is always a backlash to the power games because they do against Universal Law.

If you look at the Track Our Progress planning stages and steps, you will see that for every proposal, one of the steps is to purify the US legal system. Even proposals that are specific to another nation have one stage based on purifying the US legal system. We are introducing 60 proposals! But, we are offering our Constitution as the basis for the international government, and before it can be applied, we must purify practices and policies that have created chaos within our legal system to prevent the chaos from spreading onto the international level.

We start with the principles of Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

Our legal system has three levels--Universal Law, Constitutional Law and federal, state and local laws.

Universal Law fixes our legal system on a very high level. So high that if there are aliens in our galaxy, if our legal system was based on that law, we could find a sense of equality with them, because it affects every atom in the Universe.

Revenge goes against Universal Law. It functions on a very low level. Doing to others what they have done to you is a sign that you are losing your power base because you are about to face the backlashes from Universal Law.

So, let's unify the planet's legal system by taking it to the higher level. Then, we can address the counterpoint of that--conflict resolution.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Money, money, money....

This afternoon, President Trump visited the CIA, and during his speech, commented that the United States should have taken Iraq's oil when we had the chance, and then that another opportunity to gain control of the oil may arise.

There are five main power games that are played by governments, and people in general play all of them plus two more. The five games are associated with acts of revenge. The media source commented that Donald Trump was attempting to gaslight the CIA. Gaslighting implies weaving an illusion, and two of the power games associated with acts of revenge involve a sense of illusion--Lust, which leads to slavery, and Envy, which leads to genocide.

It is important to understand how to identify the games, how they work and why they don't work.

The power games are based on a sense of lack. The game of Lust is played by people who believe they lack intimacy, and revenge is a means to a goal. What Donald Trump wants by playing this power game is a combination of a voice and a sense of abundance.

Why am I bringing this up here? Our organization has been dealing with several men who have been trapped by women who are playing the power game of Lust. It is not that they desire a sexual relationship, it is a form of slavery or entrapment based on the woman grabbing for a better way of life. It is a hostile takeover bid.

The plan for the international government enables every person on the planet to function on a higher level, but it is based on sharing one's talents and gifts, and making a series of win-win agreements.  Win-win agreements create a sense of trust and set the stage for future agreements.

Seth uses the example of two people, one has a car and the other has the money to buy the gas. Together, they can go anywhere they want, and it builds a sense of trust. Once the gas runs out, another opportunity arises, and the next choice takes them further.

For example, Iraq has vast oil reserves, but needs food. The United States is a breadbasket but we need oil. This offers the potential for a win-win agreement. Once the trade has been made, what other opportunities are there? With each win-win agreement, you multiply your potential, ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times.

This is known as the cooperation of nature.

Consider what occurs economically during an act of war. NO one comes out ahead. Even the land is torn apart with the effects of the conflict, and no one prospers until the rifts are healed.

C.S. Lewis wrote a story, one of the Narnia Series--"The Silver Chair"--about this power game. It is a story of a hostile takeover of a kingdom. The queen is killed by the Lady of the Green Kirtle,  who can transform herself into a green snake, and the prince goes off to fight the snake, but the Lady of the Green Kirtle is wily, and weaves an illusion that traps the prince.

The California segment of the organization is particularly vulnerable to this power game because many men seem to be a "good catch." The California Community Property Law has created a society based on trophy wives, and it has created family genocides and ripples of sociological crises have spun off from this law.

The solution is the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which enables people who lack a financial foundation to assume responsibility for their own life rather than to depend on another person. The first stage of the Constitutional Amendment proposal involves bringing together the channels, and it is up to us to help people to understand what their talents and gifts are and to bring people together to create win-win agreements.

Donald Trump prides himself as being a man who knows how to make a deal. Now, everyone on the planet can make deals that enable everyone to function on a higher level.

Friday, January 20, 2017

We must play by the rules to create our projects

The adult level of this organization consists of two parts--the inventors and the investors. At this time, the two parts are divided. The first step must be to bring them together.

Ideas for fifty innovative inventions and projects were introduced and opened to debate, and offered to specific people, but they have not understood how to create their projects. The inventors are people with the capacity to create the projects, but have never been able to achieve a solid financial foundation. When the inventors started to work on their projects, the biggest obstacle in their minds has been how to get the funding to bring it about. The project ideas were channeled by Karen Holmes, a Seth channel from Oregon. Only enough information has been offered by Seth to open the ideas to debate. 

The investors all have something in common, besides living in California and being clustered around another Seth channel. They lost half of their wealth as the result of the California Community Property Law.  The California segment focuses on the legal system. One of the organization's exempt purposes is to purify the U.S. legal system. This part of the potential independent members are very capable people, but cannot function on a higher level except by working with the inventors. The California Community Property Law set the stage for family-level genocides, and ripples of social crises that have gone out from their divorces.

We are therefore looking at an organization hostile takeover campaign in the form of a corporate raid that turned into a character defamation campaign, a state-level genocide based on the California Community Property Law, and a global genocide based on the preemptive strike on Iraq. We have our first two proposals to solve all these crises. 

The inventors gravitated toward the investors, but during our hostile takeover, the project ideas were pirated and turned over to the inventors and investors. The pirates have no connection to the source of the information, but seem to have all the power because people equate ideas, like money and power.  Just enough information about any project has been introduced and opened to debate, but not enough to bring it to fruition. This has backed the inventors and the investors into the proverbial corner. It has also backed the pirates into the corner. What seemed like an easy corporate raid based on theft of intellectual property turned out to be an impossible goal to achieve.

The truth is that no one can do another's project. Each project is based on one's talents and gifts.  

The Track Our Progress planning steps for every government proposal starts with the introduction of the proposal and the second step is to bring in the organization's independent members. It takes all 200 people to create a project, but the focus is on the first independent members who come in with each proposal. This allows everyone to function on a higher level, but everyone must be willing to share their talents and gifts.

If you compare the World Peace Movement to the rise of personal computers, people had to allow Bill Gates and Steve Jobs the time and space to start their businesses, and it made more sense to buy a computer than to try to outsmart Gates and Jobs or do a hostile takeover of Microsoft and Apple back when most people used calculators to balance their checkbooks.  

The Exit Strategy for Iraq brings in the professional publishing team. The books enable the two parts of the organization to come together based on a common history with Seth, who is the architect of the plan for the international government. Just as important is what is written in the books. They are channeled messages on how to overcome any crisis, based on the power games that have been played during this global genocide, and the books and training/crisis center are vital for people's survival. 

Mankind is now looking at the lessons associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq:

  1. Where does true power come from?
  2. Why did the "hostile takeover" of Iraq fail?
  3. Does the U.S. foreign policy of regime change work? 
  4. Does revenge work? 
  5. What are the power games?
  6. How to you end the conflict? 
The channels have been given a huge amount of information, and the spiritual hierarchy will not return until we actually start to apply the information in our own lives. It is up to our organization to demonstrate the potential of our organization and this information to solve problems, but we must play by the rules to create our projects. Seth will not give us any more information until two more channels are willing to share their talents and gifts.

Everyone is backed into the corner, and the solution is to stop playing the power games and turn around and go through the door, which leads to joining the organization framework.

This is not that hard to imagine doing. 

If you are an executive in a large company, but also an alcoholic or drug addict, and you are spiraling down to the point where you cannot cover up your addiction and you lose your financial foundation, your home and your family, to rebuild your life, you must let go of what is dragging you into the abyss. You cannot continue to fool yourself into believing the lies that drugs and alcohol allow you to function on a higher level in any way. You must let them go, and it takes someone who has already gone through the same crisis to demonstrate that it is possible to rise out of the crisis, because they are one step ahead of you and are willing to hold your hand. 

This is where we are as an organization. We are one step ahead of the governments in overcoming our power games, demonstrating that you cannot get your life by playing the games. 

This is why the books are so important, and why they were pirated, but the pirates are not standing on the principles of letting go of the power games. 

Universal Law is the first lesson to creating a project. Are you willing to stand on the principles of Universal Law? Will it be a punishment or a tool to help you get the life you want? 

To bring both sides together, we must separate the inventors and the investors into the two parts, but combine them based on channeling information to help everyone rise out of their crises based on the backlashes of Universal Law. One side has the books and the other side has the capacity to bring together the channels. Both allow the channels to share talents gifts, and to create a solid financial foundation from our gifts from our Creator. It is up to us to help others to discover their gifts, too. 

The funding we get to create our projects must come from the people, not from the investors. We must sell our newsletters and books, which teach the principles and the application of the principles to get our funding. 

It is up to our organization to help nations discover their niches, too. The United States and England are first, based on the Exit Strategy for Iraq. For the United States it is our Constitution, and for England it is unification and conflict resolution based on Oxford and Stonehenge. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

How can sociopaths be stopped from playing their oppressive power games?

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to get his or her life. That does not mean if someone wants a penthouse on Park Avenue he or she will be given one. One's life is defined here as fulfilling that person's purpose in life. The plan for the international government therefore must address all the social crises we are facing as a planet. 

One of our organization's exempt purposes is to offer loans to independent members to create clinics for healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. 
The existing global structure has no cures for some of the crises, and so we are working with the spiritual hierarchy to find the root cause of the crisis, and then with the planning process, we can find the solution. Then, it is up to us to assume responsibility for creating the clinics.

There is no cure, according to the mental health experts, for the sociopath. We have been dealing with three or more sociopaths, who are working together as part of a hostile takeover of our organization. We call them "white witches" from the allegorical Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis. 

The sociopaths in our organization have been playing oppressive power games to take over the organization. They are playing the role of the allegorical devil. According to Lady Gaia, no one is evil, and the only definition she can use is that someone is dragging you backwards in your progress. 

Our mental health clinics won't be created until after the Full Training Session, when all the independent members come together to prepare for the conference in Europe. The clinics start with two classes, and the family members will attend the classes to find out how to deal with the sociopaths. The sociopaths will be invited to all the organization events, except for the Inventor/Investor Parties, by their family members. At the Full Training Session, the sociopaths will be there if they are invited to come by their family members who will assume responsibility for security. If they play any power games, their family will send them home on the first plane, and their clothing will be sent home by UPS. 

If the project is the "You Will See" Shakespeare play, the sociopaths won't become the producer of the play, but will be asked to participate by the producer, who will be given responsibility for the play at the Full Training Session. That won't occur until the sociopaths stop playing their power games that are so oppressive to the people and the family takes the classes and assumes responsibility for security issues. 

We have the first act of the play only. Its first performance will be at the conference in Europe for the world leaders and other delegates. Imagine how the games must end to insure security at the conference. 

The sociopaths may seem to have power, but they are not functioning based on the principles of Creativity. You cannot get your life by playing power games. 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Defending my right to share my talents and gifts

The economic foundation for the proposed international government is the cooperation of nature, which involves everyone sharing his or her talents and gifts with others in a series of win-win agreements. This is the basis for the Global Renaissance.

Our talents and gifts are given to us by our Creator, and every person on the planet, no matter how wealthy, or intelligent, has one or more gifts. We are given them by our Creator to enable us to fulfill our purpose.

But, what if people are prejudiced against the gift? What if our gift is to be a prophet, a seer or a healer?

The Bible says to beware of false prophets. How do you know who the false prophets are?

Many years ago, I was sitting with the woman who is parallel to the DRCongo, and we read an article in the news that little children in Kinshasa were being thrown out of their homes because they were spooking their parents, who considered them to be witches and didn't know how else to deal with them. As Seth says in "A Manual for Peace," children nowadays are Indigo Children, and they remember Heaven. They are more spiritually advanced than their parents, and the parents try to beat it out of them because they don't understand these children. She wrote a letter to the ambassador to the DRCongo defending the children, saying they are Indigo children, not witches, and got a reply to mind her own business. That made her not want to be part of the plan for the international government. Now it is time for her to return, because mankind must evolve to the point where everyone has the right to share their talents and gifts.

In the Illusion, everything is backwards. The people you push away are those who can help you get the life you want, and the one's you hold onto cannot help you.

As the planet makes its ascension, it is logical that some people will go forward ahead of others, but the intolerance is very oppressive.

The first people to come into the framework, starting with the independent members of this organization, are the channels. We are the prophets, the seers and the healers. It is our responsibility to help others know what their talents and gifts are.

God never intended for there to be anyone who had to speak for them, but this is a transition concept until everyone can speak to God and hear them, too. Eventually, everyone will be able to do that. Until that day, it is important to use discernment when you listen to the message of a channel, and remember that you are the "captain of your own ship."

Our technology team is in crisis right now, not only from the hostile takeover of our organization, but because they are concerned, for example, that our innovative technological inventions and the newsletters are spiritually-based. Some of them would rather just take their inventions higher based on pure worldly concepts and forego the battle with those who are purely technological.

Our solution at Oxford is to offer our books on the Unified Field Theory, and if the professors like what they are reading, they can ask questions--any question they want. Imagine, we are average people, and there is no way that we can know more than Stephen Hawking on the subject of mathematics and cosmology. The professors at Oxford and Cambridge are the top experts in their fields. To be able to teach them something that takes their field of knowledge to the next level is beyond anything you can find on the internet.

If you could talk to God personally, what would you ask?

As people come into the framework, each of us will be a bridge to the next person to come in. My gift from God is to be able to communicate with "anyone on the other side." I channel the spiritual hierarchy and the past kings, queens and presidents of history, and can bridge between, for example, Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

This is one way to discern false prophets, who only know what can be found on the internet or in books. They cannot function on a higher level than what exists now. If we can prove the teachings to the top experts in their fields by answering their questions, then they can take the teachings to the higher level and teach the people.

Each month we will be offering a new trade book on the application of the principles, and we will answer questions. We will share our talents and gifts with the people in general at group channeling sessions on the community level, and draw in the lightbearers around the world as we go on our tours, and they can start their own clinics and schools in their own communities.

I have the right to share my talents and gifts with others, and one of the groups of people are the senators, Supreme Court justices and even the president of the United States. We will purify the U.S. legal system and address the unfair and contradictory laws that have caused chaos in the system to prevent them from spreading chaos onto the international level.

 One of my organization's goals is to enable people to have satisfying and fulfilling jobs, and the way to start is to base employment on our talents and gifts rather than settling for working at a job you may not like just to be able to make enough to pay the bills. We start the process with our Multiply Our Resources Club, starting with the members of the original prayer circle. This is the start of the global renaissance.

Many Americans voted for Donald Trump because he projects the image of prosperity. If each of us is the captain of our own ship, it is time to turn it around and get back on track, and assume responsibility for creating our own prosperity, and that is by basing our financial foundation on what we love to do and is easy to share with others--our talents and gifts.

One more thing. A hint and a request. Please be tolerant to our technology team and reassure them that it is OK for our Creator to speak about fourth and fifth dimensional technology, and that is is OK for whales to speak about the oceans, because from their perspective, they know more about than we do. What would you ask a whale if you had the opportunity to do so?

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Parallels in American History

Everything moves in cycles. Parallels can be drawn, but mankind is evolving so the cycles are more like spirals and none of the parallels are exact.

The plan for the international government parallels the American Revolution. The first proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and it parallels John Adams defending the British soldiers who were involved with the Boston Massacre.

Most Americans think of how the British troops fired on the Americans who were protesting the British control over the colonies. If you read the Declaration of Independence, they had the right to protest. The revolution was inevitable. But genocides are often started by people who believe they have been victimized, and the conflict escalated.

John Adams took the case of the British soldiers and stood on the principles that everyone has the right to defend themselves, and the right to a fair trial. All these historical events set the stage for basic premises of the U.S. legal system.

The Iraq War was justified with a grand lie that Saddam Hussein had WMD and the intent to use them against the United States at any time. We could not defend ourselves if he could strike and give us only a half hour's notice.

I remember during the first month of the war, two young pilots were captured by the Iraqi people who shot down their helicopter gunship, and the pilots were treated well and released. I remember how odd that the pilots were considered victims of the war. They were invading a foreign nation and shooting people down with their gunship, and they were the victims? There was no Pearl Harbor to justify the attack. The Iraqi people also assumed that the intent of the U.S. government was to rid the world of the tyrranical Saddam Hussein, and that they would be able to live their lives without interference.

But, Saddam Hussein was the legal leader of Iraq, and it wasn't up to the United States to topple their government. To topple another government, under Universal Law, opens you up to being toppled.

The CIA World Factbook at the time stated that 70% of the Iraqi population was under 15 years of age. That was probably partially the result of the 8 year Iran/Iraq War, which is considered the most horrific war ever fought on the planet, because of the use of chemical weapons. In that war, Saddam Hussein was an ally of the United States, and we provided them intelligence.

John Adams wrote in his personal letters that defending the British soldiers was the most difficult thing he had ever done in his life. He was caught between the British and the Americans who wanted to trigger the rebellion.

Within our organization, the young and the naive have been dragged into the conflict and have no way to defend themselves, from the oppression of the adults who are playing the power games for their own benefits and the adults who are trying to stop them by fighting.

Five thousand years ago, wise counselors would advise their kings that, rather than to decimate their warriors, they should go to Stonehenge for their rite of conflict resolution.

Why fight a war when, like Iraq, you leave your people vulnerable? The power games are oppressive to the people. Enough is enough.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Prion Disease and the Iraq War

The premise of this blog is that crises occur on every level, but that also includes the physical level--the physical body.

Prion disease is the human form of Mad Cow Disease, and doctors believe there are genetic causes for it, but that is not so. The physical body reflects what is going on in the mind, and Prion disease is the physical manifestation of a genocide. It is a weapon that has been used in genocides--including character defamation. It is the human form of Mad Cow disease. Logically speaking, what farmer would feed his or her cows tainted food?

As we address the global genocide that is spreading out as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq, we can stop the global genocide and also heal prion disease by applying the principles of the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal on every level.

The most difficult part of healing prion disease is the log-jamming effect, and that is the same thing with a genocide. The prions trigger amyloidosis that surrounds the nervous system and causes it all to collapse. As the proposals are being introduced, one at a time, they have the capacity to unravel the illusion--and the amyloidosis.

To stop a genocide, someone must say "stop." Someone must stand up and defend the person who is being defamed.

The overview--global--genocide is the Iraq Genocide, and I am standing up to defend Saddam Hussein. There were no WMD, and the plan that I offer is the plan for the international government and the Exit Strategy for Iraq, because it is in no one's best interest for the entire planet to face a global genocide.

While it may not seem to be in the best interests of the United States to support the Exit Strategy for Iraq, it is an economic stimulus plan that plugs the drain on the U.S. economy. The Exit Strategy is contingent on the United States addressing the issue that Saddam Hussein did not have WMD, which is something that England is already addressing in the Chilcot Report.

If the U.S. government does not address this issue, then the United States is completely responsible for compensating the Iraqi people for war crimes.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

One Law, One Principle

This morning we will look at the foundation of the legal system of the international government, and the one principle it must stand on for it to be accepted by every person on the planet.

At this time, mankind is facing a Moment of Choice for the future of our planet. Mankind has been backed into the proverbial corner, with two apparent untenable options. We have the existing international structure that has proven to be unable to end or prevent wars and genocides, and if we continue to rely on it, we will arrive shortly at the edge of the abyss--global war. We have the rise of the Caliphate, or, like a King of the Mountain competition, one individual will attempt to rise to the top and become the Emperor of the planet. No one is in agreement for one individual to become Emperor of the planet, so his or her attempt will be based on taking the power games to the next level, and will also lead to global war.

The unseen third option is the creation of the international government, but there have also been attempts to corrupt the idea by world leaders who see the inevitability of an international government, but also the opportunity to control its creation.  The only international government that will be accepted will be the one where all the world leaders are considered equal. Equality is one of the seven principles that create a sense of balance.

The justification for the creation of the Caliphate is based on a prophecy, but prophecy is based on a potential future, and therefore there is the possibility for different outcomes. It can be that it will come about if you continue on the same path, or it can require you to change what you believe for it to come about, like encouraging you to make necessary changes in your life. Extremist Muslims interpret the prophecy as justification to murder people, but that is a misunderstanding. Seen from the wider perspective, the prophecy can apply to the creation of the international government.

Muslims are not the only people who misinterpret the teachings of the prophets. All of the religions rely on power games that go against the principles of Universal Law.

Muslims may say that the overview law is Sharia, because it comes from God, but religion is a cultural interpretation of Universal Law, so Sharia is only the overview law of the Muslim religion. None of the other religions will agree to instating Sharia Law over the entire planet.

The true overview Law is Universal Law, because it applies to every atom in the Universe, and every atom in the Universe covers a huge amount of territory. Bigger than huge, it includes from one end of the universe to the other and to all the dimensions, because scientists have yet to discover that each atom is a Universe in itself, full of potential. (Our books explain this further.)  There is a Universe within a Universe within a Universe.

Related to the creation of the proposed international government at this time, we are only addressing one of the Universal Laws, and that is the Universal Law of Cause and Effect--also known as the Golden Rule. At this time, every person on the planet has been exposed to this law that says, "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Not all people apply that Law in his or her own life. No one has the right to take the life of another individual.

The Universe has three levels--the Principles, the Power and the Project. God is seen as the Father, (the Mother was for all intents and purposes left out of the picture in antiquity), and the Son. We are all the creation of our Creator, and therefore the Project, but whatever part of the Universe you look at has the same three levels. If the Principle level is left out, that is when mankind creates by default, and we are responsible for undoing the damage we have done to regain our Power--to bring the female aspect of the Universe back into the picture.

The international government will be based on the principles of Universal Law, and that will peg mankind on a very high level. That will give the international government the opportunity to have the power it needs to insure to every person on the planet his or her inalienable rights to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," that U.S. founding fathers declared in our Constitution. The application of the combined principles and power levels will be the laws that are created by the legislative branch.

The international government will function on a far higher level than the U.S. government does because no one will be left out of the international government except by their own choice.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Somewhere To Go

Much attention has been focused on the fact that our organization is working to end the global genocide that started when George W. Bush justified the preemptive strike on Iraq with his Grand Lie, that there were WMD and Saddam Hussein's intent was to use them against the United States. His justification made it seem like the United States was being victimized by Saddam Hussein, and therefore, the people of the United States had the right to protect ourselves from his tyranny. The problem with that is, the global genocide is only one part of the Illusion that has gone out from the central conflict in Iraq.

The Iraq War was an act of revenge, which includes five separate power games. Three of the power games reached their ultimate conclusion, and the proverbial pendulum started back to the midpoint. Those power games of war, massacres and terrorism no longer work, and when attempted, the player of the game faces an immediate backlash. Two of the games--genocide and slavery--are based on weaving an illusion, and for both of them, the pendulum is still swinging outward.

Slavery is also based on weaving an illusion, and comes from the belief that if you can take what is not rightfully yours, based on the game of Greed, then you own that person. The slave is backed into the corner and sees no way out. It is the power game of Lust, which comes from the fear of loss, and so the person who plays the game holds on tightly or pushes others away due to the fear of being hurt. The player of the game weaves an illusion to keep the victim close, or to torment the victim who expresses a sense of independence.

The slave has no where to go. African Americans, prior to the American Civil War, could not return home to Africa. They were allowed no possessions because they were possessions. Slavery shares characteristics with genocide and war--so they were dehumanized and put down utterly. Slaves in America were finally freed by President Abraham Lincoln in his Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

To stop slavery, the slave must have somewhere to go.

During the American Civil War, sympathetic people created an Underground Railroad that channeled runaway slaves to the North, where they were free but oftentimes still under existing laws that allowed bounty hunters to apprehend them and return them to their owners. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves in 1863, but his justification was not that it was the right thing to do. He did it because it would help to end the Civil War. If they were freed, they would fight for their freedom.

Lincoln had a difficult time convincing those around him to emancipate the slaves. He was not the first president to face resistance to ending slavery. Looking back even further, our honorable and respected Founding Fathers debated whether to abolish slavery in the 1780s, and not all were willing to take the leap. They guaranteed to every American citizen our inalienable rights to "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness," but got around that by being creative with the definition of an American citizen. Slaves were only 2/3 of a person. It wasn't until the 1960s, with the American Civil Rights Movement, that all African Americans had any sense of Liberty and Equality.

With a global crisis, where can slaves go and be free to live their lives without interference? The solution is the international government. It will guarantee to every person on the planet our inalienable rights granted to us, not just by our Constitution, but our Creator.

The question is, how many years will it take to overcome the power game of slavery so that every person on the planet has his or her inalienable rights granted to each of us by our Creator?