Friday, April 29, 2016

The Battles of Armageddon Are Raging

If you know what to look for, you can see it all over now. The Battles of Armageddon are raging across the planet. A schism has been forming, and the world is dividing.  The World Peace Movement has started.

The same crises occur on every level. If you have ever been through a divorce, you know how it works. You know what to look for. The family separates into husband, wife, and children, and extended family, friends and neighbors are mostly likely drawn into the conflict in some way.

The separation starts when one stands on the principles and his or her choice affects the other person's security and support, and he or she goes down into the power games--gets revenge on the person who stands on the principles.

The global conflict started with the revenge against Saddam Hussein. Within the organization, the conflict started with the revenge against the founder of the organization, Karen Holmes, who is is parallel to Saddam Hussein.

This is the first step. We are bringing in the people with the Pass It On books starting with the Battles of Armageddon Series. The first booklet of the Series looks at the Moment of Choice when one stands on the principles and the other chooses power.

Our potential members have been learning about revenge and where true power comes from. To become advisors to governments, this is a lesson everyone must learn.