Sunday, January 31, 2016

Where true power comes from

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal must be addressed before we start to create the international government. The contingency for the Exit Strategy is that the United States start to address creating the international structure within the United States. Before people will agree to the plan, the old international structure, including foreign policy, has had to prove it isn't working. People in power must let go failed policy and start to search for something that will work.

If your plan doesn't address the root cause of a crisis, it makes it worse. You may be able to offer the plan, bring in the people, get the support you need, and even face the glitches, which are all parts of the planning process, but security issues can't be resolved.  You can't bring peace by going to war and forcing an agenda.

The root cause of wars and genocides--all seven of the crises facing mankind--is the power games that all people play to gain power and prestige. They all go against Universal Law, and so there is always a backlash to the games. It takes time for the backlashes to be seen, so the games seem to work. Grabs for power always lead to the loss of power.

It comes down to the point where mankind is learning where true power comes from, and this must be addressed before mankind will be able to create the international government. The old structure is based on climbing the ladder of success, swaggering and games of one-upmanship.

In our organization, the misunderstanding about the definition of power has triggered the inventors to look to the investors as the most powerful and capable people, and so the inventors have denied their own capacity. By doing so, they have fallen into the power games, also. Everyone has naturally gravitated toward those who seem to demonstrate the most power, the investors or those who are part of the conspiracy and who equate power and brutality. Many have had no way to defend themselves from the illusion and the traps.

Equated ideas are what get people into trouble, so many people equate money and power, or brutality and power. That idea collapses when you lose your money, or are arrested for breaking the law.

Money allows you to do things that you normally would not be able to do, but it makes you vulnerable to bribes. If you are already getting the life you want, you can't be bribed, no matter how much money you are offered. Brutality may seem to work for a while, too.

True power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you have done, and functioning from one's own capacity, creating a plan and a project that benefits everyone, based on the root cause of the crisis, enables us to assume our own power. It also allows us to address the conflict resolution stage of the planning process.

Our technology team--who are still trying to figure out how to create their projects--will address this at our Technology training session, which is part of the Oxford and Stonehenge events.

Our projects are innovative and "evolutionary." We are looking at ideas that can only be created if mankind is functioning on a higher level. The projects won't work unless someone is standing on the principles of the organization.

For example, the first technology principle is the Grand Unification Principle. Albert Einstein called it the Unified Field Theory. It is the definition of All That Is. By leaving out one part, you leave out  the concept of the whole. You are no longer looking at All That Is. All That Is is another name for God, the Creator of us all. By leaving out another religion, you are leaving God out of the idea of religion, and falling into the trap of the games. The technology team cannot demonstrate they understand the Grand Unification Principle by leaving anyone out, including the children and the person who offered them the idea for the project for the Unified Field Theory. The idea of winning the Nobel Prize for Mathematics overpowered the principles. When they proved they didn't understand the principles of the Grand Unification Principle, they have had to leap to the other side of the planning circle to address conflict resolution, which is also demonstrated in our Oxford and Stonehenge projects. This set the stage for theology and our spiritual guides to be introduced.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Why is it so hard to understand world peace?

Our organization is a microcosm of what is occurring on the international level, and what is occurring within our organization is that the idea for the international government has been opened to debate, and people keep thinking that it is possible to bring it about by taking the ideas and running with them, but they are not standing on the principles of the organization and the cooperation of nature.

You can't bring peace by going to war--even if people keep trying to do so.

The illusion is very strong now, and people are 180 degrees from where they think they are, pushing away what can help them get the life they want and holding onto what can't.

Rather than making win-win agreements that benefit everyone, people are getting revenge, which brings in people who play five different power games. People are relying on the same games that got them to where they are now, and have not yet seen that the games don't work, and that there is always a backlash to the games.

Once the idea for the international government was introduced, its creation seemed logical. Just go to people, offer them a great project idea, and the person would jump at it. The planning steps and stages made it seem easy to accomplish, and it is. It takes one baby step at a time. But, our ideas are evolved concepts, and there is a continuum of frequency from the most general to the most specific.

Understanding the concepts can be extremely difficult, like overcoming alcoholism, drug addiction, diabetes or cancer, overcoming the end of life crisis, because people have to change what they believe, and our belief structures come from a lifetime of experiences. If you have never been an alcoholic, it is easy to understand that alcohol can't help you get the life you want, but for the alcoholic, it is a different story. This is why we are taking baby steps and introducing the ideas slowly and in perfect order. It must be done by demonstration, and from people who have been able to solve the same problems in their own life. Like following someone out of the abyss.

The first people to see the benefits of the idea have been those around the world who see the plan for the international government as the solution to the oppression they have faced. They may have problems making the changes in their lives that enable them to experience the abundance associated with the global renaissance. Then those who think globally have seen the potential of the plan, because they see everyone on the planet as equal. "I like to travel to foreign nations, and the Ugly American concept makes people angry." The little children understand what it takes, and are willing to stand on the principles long before the parents do, except the parents have a tendency to squash them.

Forcing your own agenda doesn't work. Playing the games doesn't work. Thinking you are better or more important than others doesn't work. That is the power game of Pride, which leads to wars. The games go against Universal Law. You can't get the life you want by playing the games.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Unravel the illusion to have a fair trial

When the Grand Lie has been told to justify the character defamation, ripples of effects go out to draw in more and more people. The truth doesn't overcome the lie, it just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. Under these circumstances, there is no way to have a fair trial. The illusion must collapse first. 

The first step to create world peace is to create an international court system so that disputes between nations are taken off the battlefield. The first dispute is between Iraq and the United States to end the Iraq War. This conflict devolved, not as a war, but as a genocide,  and because it was between two world leaders, it has affected everyone on the planet in some way. The existing international system has proven it can't end or prevent wars and genocides, so this can be considered a worst-case scenario for the planet.

This conflict is many years old now, and Saddam Hussein is dead, but the effects of the conflict have gone out to include every person on the planet in some way, and within the United States, there is still some support for war. The 2016 U.S. presidential election has been affected by the Iraq War as questions arise about whether a candidate supported the war. Was his or her choice a matter of faulty intelligence or a lack of understanding about the principles? Jeb Bush has had problems gaining support for his presidency because of questions surrounding his support his brother's foreign policy decisions.

For the conflict between the United States and Iraq to be resolved, everyone must first be considered equal, everyone must assume responsibility for their actions, everyone must come up with a plan that benefits everyone, and everyone must work together to create the plan. Support for the war is collapsing, and we are now almost ready for people to assume responsibility for their actions.

The illusion must be unraveled, and that involves bringing in the professional publishing team.

The only legal system that equally affects every person on the planet is Universal Law. At this time, every person on the planet has been exposed in some way to Universal Law of Cause and Effect--karma, or the Golden Rule. "Do unto others as you would have them to unto you."

The professional publishing team are all spiritual people whose livelihood or life depends on spiritual teachings based on Universal Law. As they got caught up into the illusion of the character defamation campaign against Karen Holmes, they are breaking Universal Law, and facing an optical illusion concept. They have been holding onto what can't help them get the life they want and pushing away what can. By continuing on with the character defamation campaign, they lose everything. By letting go of the power games, they can take their careers to a far higher level.

There is a countering concept to that, too. The conspiracy is creating a flip-flop concept so that if they let go of the games, they believe they will let go of their life. So, rather than address the conflict between George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein, we are taking one step back and addressing the "two brothers genocide." This conflict is within the next family to come into the organization.

Genocides end when one individual stands up to defend the person who is being defamed. Karen Holmes defended Saddam Hussein, speaking from her own experience. This addresses who will defend her. The person who defends her defends himself, his family and friends, and the entire planet. He is part of the professional publishing team.

They all know who Seth is. They may not wish to work with Karen Holmes, but the know who Seth is. By refusing to work with Karen Holmes--whose spiritual name is Suzeranda Melchizedek--they undermine their work with Seth.

Seth is a very famous seventh dimensional entity--a spiritual teacher--who worked with Jane Roberts, and together they sold over seven million books. Seth came to Karen Holmes's prayer circle and taught the group, along with a long list of others, including the male and female aspects of God, the Creator of us all. Seth and Holmes is the source of some of the books, and the organization's founding documents and the government proposals.

Many people may question Seth and his motives for the planet, but then it goes back to Universal Law.

Holmes channeled the books--"channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis," but was told to only print 200 copies of the books so the inventors and investors can have access to them and apply the information in their own lives. Then she will turn the manuscripts over to the professional publishing team, once they have overcome the illusion in their own lives.

This is where everyone is or will be shortly. The games don't work anymore. Mankind really doesn't understand the games. We play the games without understanding the ramifications of the games. Power grabs seem to work, but there is always a backlash to the games.

This sets the stage for the events at Oxford and Stonehenge, and enables the United States to start to address the Constitutional Amendment proposal.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

The two brothers genocide

The plan for the international government was introduced and opened to debate, but before the overview nation--the United States, because as a "melting pot" of cultures we are a microcosm of the world--addresses its creation within our nation, mankind must address the resistance that arises from the people who rely on the old structure for their security and support. 

The conflict ends when everyone is able to establish their security and support based on the new structure. 

As Karen Holmes was introducing the plan for the international government in Oregon, a parallel conflict was rising in California between two brothers. 

Iraq is not the overview nation, but the conflict in Iraq based on the preemptive strike triggered a global conflict, so the Exit Strategy for Iraq is our first proposal, something like the maneuver to turn a ship around to get it back on course.

The California family conflict involves two brothers, and one stands on the principles and other other went down into the games. The one who stands on the principles is being overwhelmed by acts of crimes against the investors, and the one who went down into the power games and is playing power games and getting revenge. He was drawn into the conspiracy, and once he is charged with crimes, he faces life in prison. 

To draw the two sides of the organization together, Karen Holmes sent emails to everyone on her email list to offer the two brothers the opportunity to end their conflict based on the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. They are both in crisis and see only two options, and both are untenable. This offers them the solution to their crisis, the opportunity to go up and to do what is in everyone's best interest.

Genocides continue to draw in people until someone says "stop." Someone must stand up to defend the person who is being defamed. Holmes is standing to defend Saddam Hussein, and speaking from her own experience as his parallel--going through the same experiences he faced. This offer to end the two brothers genocide allows her to be defended, also. Neither is defending her, they are defending themselves.

Holmes has been working to introduce the Faith of the Pure Ray, an organization project that unifies the world's seven major religions. It is based on the idea that each of the seven major religions teaches one segment of the body of knowledge necessary to create the life you want. Christianity teaches the principles of coming up with a plan that benefits everyone, and just as we just address the resistance to any plan, Hinduism teaches the principles of conflict resolution. Holmes thinks of the "two brothers genocide" as Rama defending Sita from Ravanna's abduction, the story of the Ramayana.

The Faith of the Pure Ray is the first step in the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which enables those who went down into the power games at the Moment of Choice to regain their security and support. Under Universal Law, by offering the two brothers the opportunity to end their conflict and regain their security and support, she is able to do so, also.

At this time, the battles between the two brothers are still raging. 

The battles are raging

A time comes when two people reach a Moment of Choice, and one stands on the principles and his or her choice threatens the other's security and support. Facing fears, the second person falls back to relying on power games. A series of battles occur.

The battles affect those who rely on them for their life, and then people who normally would not be affected by the battles can be drawn into the conflict, also.

This occurs in families, between husband and wife. Their battles affect the children, and then draw in extended family, friends and neighbors. It also occurs within nations, between factions of the government. 

Within the organization, the initial Moment of Choice came in 1999 between Karen Holmes, who is parallel to Saddam Hussein, and her husband, Jeff Holmes, who is parallel to George W. Bush. Karen was squeezed out of her job as a dental hygienist, and so she chose to work to get her new book with Seth published. Karen Holmes is a channel--a prophet--and Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his books through Jane Roberts. Karen Holmes attempted to contact the publisher of the Seth and Jane Roberts books, but the book was rejected. 

Jeff turned to his mother, who is parallel to George H.W. Bush, for his support. Karen was asked to leave the family after a dispute, and she and their daughter became homeless. Karen and her daughter went to stay with friends who were part of the prayer circle. 

This family dispute set the stage for the character defamation campaign. Karen continued to work to establish the organization and the website and newsletters, and talk to family, friends and acquaintances about the plan for world peace. She channeled more books, booklets and the founding documents for the organization. She channeled information about innovative projects and started to talk to people about them. Holmes assumed others would be interested in the plan, but it was too large for them to see the benefits of the plan, and so when approached by Jeff and his mother, many believed Jeff's side of the story. Some didn't wish to get involved with a family dispute and took the project ideas and left her out of their creation. 

In 2007, a connection was made between her Oregon aspect of the organization, which consists of the inventors, and a Seth group that was rising simultaneously in California, which consists of the investors. The connection was made by people who know both sides, but they have prevented  the two sides from joining. They wove the illusion that they are the ones who own the intellectual property of the organization, and they kept Karen from being able to communicate with the investors. They told everyone that Karen stole the idea for the international government from them. 

Marriages have broken apart, and battles are raging in many families. The children have been left without any proper parental guidance. The illusion that has been woven is very strong. The people most vulnerable are those who chose to go down into the games, and the children whose lives are affected by the battles. Everyone has been drawn into the battles, and many are fighting for their lives. People have been targeted without even knowing the underlying cause.

Those who are getting revenge on others have coalesced into gangs, and intimidating and threatening others who wish to remain more neutral--those who are standing on the principles.

The channeled books are "messages from God on how to overcome any crisis." By applying the solutions in her own life, Holmes is working to demonstrate the insights work to end the crises in her family, in the organization, and on the parallel international level. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Will the hostile takeover bid succeed?

It all comes down to a moment of choice.

Our organization is parallel to what is occurring on the international level with the rise of ISIS.

There are people who rely on the old structure for their security and support. They cannot function on a higher level because of the power games they play, so their goal is to prevent or postpone the new structure from being created. They are getting revenge, conspiring, and weaving an illusion that they have the power and capacity. By offering others the opportunity to function on a higher level, they are drawing people into conflict.

It is a matter of divide and conquer. One side is standing on the principles and the other is standing on the power games. The side that is grabbing for power is offered the opportunity to rise in power by the conspirators, but it is based on misunderstandings of the definition of power. They are offered something they want, but does not benefit them to have.

This is occurring within families, between husband and wife, and within nations. One side stands on the principles and the other falls into playing the power games.

Imagine the lies have gone out to draw everyone into the conflict. People are fighting and it has come down to one on one battle. As the battles--we call them the "Battles of Armageddon"--rage, one person reaches a point of tolerance, and declares, "this is not right," and walks away from the battle. The last stage of a genocide, one side walks away from the conflict, either by dying or by leaving the family or home.

The first person to walk away from the battle is the winner. This triggers another person to say the same thing, and to walk away also.

If the entire planet is facing the rise of ISIS, everyone is facing this same battle. As the proposals are introduced, solutions are being offered. The one who walks away is the person who sees the potential of the plan to solve his or her problems. The others who are still fighting see only two options, and both are untenable, and so it is a "battle to the death." Eventually, everyone will stop fighting and watch the solution with the perspective of "what do you have that I want?"

The first requirement for conflict resolution is that everyone is considered equal, and what unifies everyone on the planet is that everyone is in crisis. Everyone is being squeezed to participate, not by the actions of one individual, but by the end of the opportunities to get their life.

Our proposals will be introduced in order, starting with the global genocide that started with the preemptive strike on Iraq--the conflict between George W. Bush and Saddam Hussein. It was a character defamation campaign, an individual form of genocide, and because it was between two world leaders, it eventually has affected every person on the planet in some way.

What is occurring now within our organization, the hostile takeover bid has drawn many people over to the side of the conspiracy group. People thought the conspirators had more power and more capacity to help them reach their goals, but now they are trapped in a sense of illusion. Some are fighting for their lives, and others are fearful for their future.

Our potential independent members are divided into two parts. The "inventors" are average people who to this point in their lives have not been able to rise out of lower income classes.  The inventors have been given given fifty innovative projects, and we have the expertise to be able to bring them about, but it takes all 200 families coming together to bring them about. The "investors" are wealthy people with experience in business and economics, but they have been torn apart by conflict in their family because of the California Community Property Law. They are being offered the opportunity to regain their financial foundation by working with the inventors on the innovative projects.

The conspirators have pirated the project ideas and offered them to the investors, and insinuated themselves into the lives of the inventors. Only enough information has been introduced to open the ideas to debate, but not to carry the ideas forward.  When they realized they had been swindled of their investments, some stood in protest, and they were targeted. Their families were dragged into the conflict.

The investors assumed they were part of this organization, but they are not. It has been a matter of judgment, and character defamation. The first people to see through the illusion were the people who personally know Karen Holmes, the founder and director of the organization, and the investors who are/were globally oriented.

The hostile takeover cannot succeed, but the organization is being blocked. We are experiencing a genocide.

The last stage of a genocide involves a sense of negotiation. We have reached the point where the conspirators want to negotiate for what they are trying to extort, which in untenable. No one is in agreement for this to come, because it perpetuates the games they are playing.

Karen Holmes,

Friday, January 15, 2016

Disputes between nations will be settled in court rather than the battlefield

Genocides and slavery are based on weaving an illusion, and genocides continue to draw in people until someone says "stop." The preemptive strike on Iraq was a character defamation campaign against Saddam Hussein, and character defamation is an individual form of genocide. Because the conflict is between world leaders, ripples of effects have gone out to affect every person on the planet in some way. 

The same thing is occurring within our organization. We are experiencing a hostile takeover in the form of a character defamation campaign against Karen Holmes, the founder and director of the organization. Potential independent members have been drawn into the genocide, and when they stand in protest, have been targeted, also. 

There is no existing international protocol for ending genocides. World leaders stand by and watch people being massacred. The accepted definition of a genocide is "ethnic cleansing," which is inadequate, and so the genocides continue to get worse. The root cause of a genocide is based on the power game of Envy, which is based on the belief structure that someone has the right to judge another. No one has the right to judge another person, especially to judge that person to be evil--"Axis of Evil."

When governments and people in power wage war or perpetrate genocides, the people are oppressed. The games are oppressive. Therefore, there is a need for disputes between nations to be resolved in court rather than the battlefield. 

The United States already has demonstrated this concept, because disputes between states are resolved in court, and the only time in our history where states waged war against each other was during our Civil War in the 1860s, when the southern states wanted to secede from the union due to a dispute over the right to own slaves. This was an issue that our founding fathers chose not to address, and it took many years for America to reach the point where it was time to take on the issue.

The problem is that it is impossible to have a fair trial because of the sense of illusion. How can you unravel the illusion when the later ripples seem to reinforce the previous ones? Those who weave the illusion cannot tolerate the truth to come out. Once it does, they have broken so many laws that they face the death penalty. They have backed themselves into the proverbial corner. They continue to hold onto the illusion, and can even speak as if what they are doing it the truth, because from their own perspective, it may be. It is a matter of the "letter of the law" rather than the "intent of the law."

Our planning solves this problem. The plan for the international government has been opened to debate, and even the efforts to subvert the idea have been beneficial, because the debate is based on what people want and what we no longer wish to experience.

Prior to addressing the conflict within her her family, Holmes--who is parallel to Saddam Hussein, and her family is parallel to Iraq--is offering to apply the protocol solution to end the dispute between two brothers, one of whom is parallel to the United States. He will bring the next family into the organization. That will set the stage for all the family genocides to be resolved based on the same protocol.

The conflicts start when one person stands on the principles and the other goes down into the power games. It triggers a series of battles, called "battles of Armageddon." Armageddon means "the silly things people do." Holmes channeled a series of booklets on revenge and on the Battles of Armageddon, but at this time they are only available to the independent members of the organization to use as we apply the protocol for ending genocides. The books help to unravel the illusion. They are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis."