Saturday, July 21, 2018

Undermining the Pentacle of Power

The first two stages in the planning process involve meeting and overcoming  resistance from the people who rely on the existing structure their security and support, and those who function for their own interests. They come together with what appears to be a common goal, but what could that goal be when someone functions for their own interests?

It is a matter of revenge. It is darkness based on fear. It is a Pentacle of Power that is based on power games that go against Universal Law, and so the player of the games faces backlashes. No one involved in the revenge has the same goal, so it will eventually collapse as they undermine each other.

Our first government proposals ends the Iraq War, and the Pentacle of Power that came about as the result of the preemptive strike on Iraq. On a parallel basis, imagine Barack Obama received a letter from Ahmadinejad of Iran in support of the plan for the international government, and Obama and John Kerry joined the debate among the diplomatic community in Washington, DC. It is a plan that benefits everyone, but Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are jockeying for power by playing their favorite power games of one-upmanship, and they rely on the existing structure, and so they come together to undermine the creation of the proposed international government. They would have what appears to be a common goal, but it is based on revenge against Obama, and with revenge, no one has the same goal so they undermine each other.

The resistance ends when they see how the plan benefits them, but the plan must continue to progress for that to happen. Everyone must continue to walk forward in its creation, and there are people who have been dragged into the conflict, and many, many people are doing everything they can to stop what they see as a matter that they believe is undermining their national security.

In our organization, the Pentacle of Power that came together against Saddam Hussein is collapsing. The plan made it to Obama's desk in 2011, and we are still focusing on taking the first step--bringing together the professional publishing team--to publish a book that was channeled in 1999.

Everyone relies on the existing structure. This is not just Trump and Putin. If you are a cancer patient who is going through  chemotherapy, will you let it go easily? Does a diabetic give up insulin easily? For this first step to come about, a billion people have to be in the right time, place and  frame of mind. People must be squeezed by the collapse of the existing structure to let go, but if the ship is sinking, we don't want anyone drilling holes in the bottom of the life rafts, and this is what those who can't adapt and are mentally ill are doing. They are trying to undermine the plan for the international government, but the plan has gone too far to stop, and their Pentacle of Power is collapsing.

As Trump and Putin jockey for power, and possibly get revenge on Barack Obama, the Pentacle of Power against Saddam Hussein is collapsing. In our organization, it involves the professional publishing team, but on the international basis, it involves oil and nuclear power. President Saleh wanted to create a nuclear power program in Yemen, but didn't have the resources--the capacity--to do so. Obama established the JCPOA to control Iran's nuclear power program, but that also ended Saleh's plans. The 2016 election ended the Bush Dynasty's plans to beat the Adams Dynasty's  achievement, and have three presidents from the same family. Let Trump and Putin learn from history that revenge doesn't work.