Thursday, March 31, 2016

The illusion that must be unraveled

Before the international government can be created, we must address the fears that it will enslave people. The idea of a conspiracy international government taking over the planet has been around for many years. 

Our organization is dealing with a hostile takeover, and the plan for the international government and its projects have been corrupted, playing on everyone's fears. The conspirators have woven a web of deceit and many people have been backed into the corner. Lies have been told, and no one knows the truth. The truth does not overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. 

Our organization consists of two main groups. We have investors and inventors. At this time, the organization is still in its potential state. Many people have chosen to participate with the conspiracy without be aware that they are.

The investors are wealthy people from California, who, because of the California Community Property Law, lost much of their financial support when their marriages broke up. That law was meant to protect families that are torn apart by divorce, but the plan has major problems with it, and must be purified. Many marriages have devolved into family genocides, and ripples of effects have gone out from them, leading to major social problems. The investors have been the first to be targeted by the conspiracy. The project ideas were pirated and sold to them. They didn't know that independent membership in the organization is a paid position, and that they would be offered the opportunity, based on their business experience, to sponsor an inventor to create one of our innovative projects. When it became apparent that they couldn't create the innovative project ideas that they bought--because the projects are dependent on the creation of the plan for world peace--they protested, and they based their protests on legal routes, which created a feud.

The inventors are average people who have never been able to function on a higher level. They inventors were targeted when they believed that they could take the ideas and run with them, and all they needed was the funding to get their projects started. They were introduced to the investors. The problem was that only enough information about each plan was introduced to open the idea to debate, not enough  to create the plan. With no viable projects, the ideas were put on the proverbial back burner. Ripples of power games followed, and the inventors were backed into the corner, also. No one has enough income to wage a legal battle.

When someone is backed into the corner, the solution is to do what is in everyone's best interest, which is to join the organization, but people are in the illusion, and holding onto something that can't help them get the life they want and pushing away what can. 

The plan for world peace is the overview concept, and only two people see the widest picture. Then the plan divides into segments. Now the idea has started to focus on the technology segment and the segment that opposes it on the planning circle--conflict resolution. Before we can create the plan for the international government, mankind must address the unification of the planet and the perspective of the parts that make up the whole. 

The technology team is looking at the issue of where true power comes from. Does power come from money? Do our investors have more power than our inventors? Do the conspirators have more power? Can money and power be equated? If you lose your money, do you lose your power? Can power and brutality be equated? If you are arrested, how do you maintain your power?

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal sets up a protocol for ending this genocide, but its contingency is  that the United States amend our Constitution. This will take the inventors and investors working together as part of my organization rather than battling the conspirators. 

The conspiracy international government has no power. No one will vote for anything but what is in everyone's best interest. The darkness cannot overcome the light, but their efforts are to postpone the plan from coming about in the hopes that people will walk away from the fight, and at that point they win.

The solution is not to fight and to create a feud, but to debate the plan for the international government, and to join the framework to bring it about. All it takes is to let go of the power games and start to share one's talents and gifts. 

The difference between heaven and hell is that in heaven there is a solution to your problems.