Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The World Peace Plan

In 2006, Karen Holmes channeled a mini-book, "The World Peace Plan," with five of her guides--Bob Miller, Seth, Benjamin Franklin, Teresa of Avila, and Lady Gaia, who is the female aspect of God. Seth is one of the architects of the plan for world peace, and he asked her to send copies of it to the people on her mailing list. 

From the title, one would assume it introduces the plan for the international government, and so the reactions she got back from those who read it were mixed, but mostly quizzical. Not what they expected at all.

The book introduces the planning process, and each of the authors speak from their own experience about how it works. 

The planning process plays a very important part in the creation of world peace. If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process, you can find the solution, so by reading this book, you can come to the understanding that world peace is possible. 

If one person realizes that world peace is possible, then it can come. 

For world peace to come, everyone must be able to get the life they want, and that involves coming up with a plan that benefits everyone--fulfilling your purpose in life--and going through the planning process stage by stage, and step by step, to create it. This book is a remarkable resource, and anyone who is Walking the Rainbow (hint) to create the life he or she wants will refer to it often.

This is not an ad for the book, so that you will rush out and send for a copy today. This is an ad for the Faith of the Pure Ray blog, so you can see that not only is world peace possible, but it is possible to unify the world's seven major religions by introducing the planning process. 

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Confusion about the hostile takeover of the organization

In a normal organization or government or business, it is possible to perpetrate a takeover when the existing leadership proves to be not up to the task. Not so in our organization. The position is for life, whether we are totally inept or not. We are working to fulfill our purpose in life, not to run a normal business or organization. God allows us to stumble and fail as part of the learning process. It is expected.

No one has the capacity to do another's project. Imagine someone doing a hostile takeover of Martha Stewart and declaring herself to be Martha. There is only one Martha Stewart. This would be even harder than that.

Our organization is incorporated as Seth and Suzeranda Corporation. Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his work with Jane Roberts. He is the source of the government proposals and books. Suzeranda is the spiritual name of Karen Holmes. Seth will only channel additional information through her.

The perpetrators of the hostile takeover have stolen the plan and have gone forward and have tried to do the projects associated with the proposals, but are not connected to the source of information. Imagine that a third dimensional entity is trying to compete with a seventh dimensional being--or a twelfth dimensional being--God. Imagine Seth can write books on any subject, one each month.  Who can do that other than a channel who just has to listen and speak?

The plan for world peace has offered everyone the opportunity to get their life on a higher level, but the plan is based on sharing one's talents and gifts. When the power games associated with Pride, Greed and Anger reached their ultimate conclusion, and the proverbial pendulum started to swing back to the midpoint, those associated with weaving an illusion continued to swing the pendulum out. How do you sort out all the lies? Ripples of effects have gone out and have logjammed.

The solution is to rely on God, but even God has been dragged into the illusion, so it comes down to Universal Law. This is the basis for the proposed international government's legal system.

Those who are breaking Universal Law are leaving themselves out of the organization, and the opportunity. We can be inept, but cannot break Universal Law.

At this point, we can once again see the organization as a normal organization or business. Only two people are now considered part of the organization-- Seth and Suzeranda--Karen Holmes. Independent members are listed in our bylaws, and this is a paid position. At this time, no one is listed in the bylaws because the funding sources have been also obfuscated.

Seth has set rules about how people join. He is the one who offers the project ideas, so anyone who refuses to stand on the rules has no project.

On a parallel basis, the plan for the international government is going through the same crisis. Many people are talking about it and say they support the idea, and even believe they are an active participant, but that does not mean they are connected to the source.

Eventually, there will be 60 proposals, and over 200 trade books. Without Seth, it is impossible for it to come.

By leaving Karen Holmes out--who is parallel to Saddam Hussein--no one is in. Seth has worked with many channels over the years, but everyone is still in the potential state. Anyone who tries to take another's project, will eventually realize they are not paying any attention to create their own project.

This leaves the vast majority of  people grabbing for power, and still getting revenge, and even murdering others as they grab for the opportunity to be part of the plan. You cannot get your life by doing so.

The first lesson is whether you are willing to stand on the principles of Universal Law. The only thing God did not create is our will. Now that is being addressed.

We are learning that revenge doesn't work. That weaving an illusion to get our life doesn't work. That you can't fool God. That no matter how much chaos and mayhem what one perpetrates, the perpetrator goes down in power while the victim goes up. Even that has been obfuscated. The teaching have been obfuscated, but that does not mean they are not true.

The only thing you can trust at this time is Universal Law.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Next Family to Come In Is Facing Their Choice

One would think that world peace will be decided by the world's leaders, but that is not so. At some point in time, the decision will rest on each person on the planet. One choice triggers the next choice.

This is Armageddon, which means "the silly things people do." The potential independent members of our organization are making their choices and doing some very silly things, running around and creating mayhem rather than to take advantage of the offer to join the World Peace Movement. The Moment of Choice that everyone has is covered in the Armageddon Series, by Seth and Karen Holmes, and several others of our books.

The first choice was made several years ago, when an elderly man was squeezed to decide what to do with assets in his will, and he went to his business partner, who had a stake in the matter, to get his permission--or maybe it would be more accurate to say he went to convince his partner that he was going to exercise his free will as what to do with the assets.

The man had three options, but when the man made his choice to go up and to stand on the principles, the two options that were "straight ahead" and "down" came together to prevent him from being able to apply his choice, and chaos erupted. Each choice from then on was obfuscated.

There is no way of knowing how many people have been squeezed to make their choices as a result of that first choice.

The independent members can come into the organization in several ways, and one is that a child can come and ask for help, and before he or she can be part of the organization, one parent must be willing to share his or her talents and gifts as part of the win-win agreements. 

By the time you read this, the decision one young man will make will have passed on, and mankind will live with the consequences of his choice, too. 

The young man has been dealing with the fact that his mother has been married to two men, and they are brothers. One is the biological father, and the other raised him. He has been torn between the two men, and he loves his mother. He has three choices. Which parent will he choose? Only one of the choices allows everyone to function on a higher level. If he chooses one of the others, no one functions on a higher level.  The family knows which parent is the choice that allows everyone to function on a higher level, and the family members must decide whether to defend his choice.  They have three options, too.

The choice to participate in the creation of the international government is coming to the point where one family will come in at a time, and the same is occurring with the nations.

The first two proposals are for the United States. The Exit Strategy for Iraq is actually a U.S. economic stimulus plan.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Chilcot Report offers the opportunity to address the root cause of genocides

Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush have faced backlashes for their choice to preemptively invade Iraq and judge Saddam Hussein to be evil, but without an understanding of the root cause of the crisis, they have avoided the majority of the backlash. In July, when the Chilcot Report comes out, that sense of immunity will come to an end.

The Iraq War will be considered an illegal war.

We won't know until July if the Chilcot Report addresses the root cause of the crisis, which is that it devolved as a genocide, an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein, which draws together five groups of people, each playing favorite power games. While the facts delineated in the report may be brutal, the ramifications of two permanent members of the U.N. Security Council perpetrating a genocide against another member of the United Nations will tear apart the existing international structure, and all the nations that became part of the Coalition of the Willing. That doesn't even begin to address any reparations to be paid the victims.

The Chilcot Report also has the capacity to set the stage for the proposed international government, to make sure this type of conflict never happens again.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is the solution that allows Tony Blair and George W. Bush to assume responsibility for their acts of revenge. It sets the stage for the creation of an international court system--based on the creation of the proposed international government-- and make acts of genocide a power game that anyone can play as part of the five power games related to revenge. It makes the games bad, not the people. And, because the same crises occur on every level, and almost everyone has experienced a genocide in the form of hostile divorce or workplace bullying, it is now possible to recognize the power games and eradicate them, and to have a unifying effect to help end the conflict.

The professional publishing team must come into the framework of the organization as the first stage in the planning for the Exit Strategy for Iraq. This stage brings in those who are necessary to be part of the advisory aspect, but also helps to end the conflict based on revenge within the organization. Before our organization can go to Oxford and Stonehenge, we must overcome the same crises to be able to speak from personal experience as advisors to governments.

Sixteen years ago this month, "A Manual for Peace" was channeled, and it has been on hold until a million people are in the right time, place and frame of mind for it to go forward. Hopefully, the Chilcot Report will trigger the professional publishing team to come together. It is a choice that enables everyone on the team to function on a far higher level.

The technology team would like to go to England. Who wouldn't want to go to Oxford and offer the professors of mathematics insights on the Unified Field Theory and the Nature of Time? This is Nobel Prize winning information! Who wouldn't want to go to Stonehenge and offer the anthropologists insights into how our ancestors resolved their conflicts? The technology team members are now learning about revenge and how it works and why it doesn't work, and how Time functions so they can speak from their own experience as advisors to governments. This information sets the stage for the three innovative inventions that will be introduced and opened to debate by the tech team.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Wading through Molasses in January

In January of 2012, the idea for the international government became a plan, and started around the planning circle. Opposing sides of the planning circle address the same ideas, but from different perspectives. Opposite to the Plan that benefits everyone is the Crisis in the Family segment and then it moves into Conflict Resolution issues.

The crises in the family are coming from the Battles of Armageddon. The battles start when one person stands on the principles, and it triggers fears in the person whose depends on the old structure for their security and support. The person whose financial support is threatened goes down into the power games, including acts of revenge. 

Revenge draws together people who play five power games, including genocide, which involves character defamation. Two of the games involve weaving an illusion, and this is where the sense of log-jamming the crises occurs. Moving forward at this point in the planning circle is known as  "Molasses in January."

Conflict resolution comes when those who stand on the principles assume responsibility rise in power and those who seem to have all the power by playing the games fall in power as they face the backlashes from the games. Everyone meets in the middle. 

The technology team is responsible for the plan segment, and they are learning about power and abuse of power.  How their inventions can be used as tools or weapons. 

Many people are dying around the world from the Battles of Armageddon.  For every person who dies from conflict, there is a huge loss, the extent that cannot be even imagined. Even one person's death is too much. 

The first proposal is the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and we are addressing the fact that it makes more sense to handle disputes between nations in an international court system rather than the battlefield. The monies now wasted on war will go to support the people, instead. 



Saturday, May 21, 2016


Heather Buckley graciously hosted the original prayer circle at her home. Heather had owned a spiritual book store in San Jose, and her husband was a trance channel, and together they wrote books and sold them at their store. When he passed away, she moved to Oregon, and sold the books at psychic fairs. Karen Holmes first met Heather at a psychic fair and bought several of her books many years before they were reintroduced and started the prayer circle. It was one of the group's first win-win agreements. One brought the idea, and the other brought in the people, and everyone benefited.

People came to the prayer circle to ask for help on some issue in their life. One of Heather's favorite comments was to raise her hands over her shoulders and to declare "Allow!" Years have passed, but the message is even more important as many people are now in crisis and are looking for help from the light-bearers.

The chaos that is running rampant is coming from the ultimate conclusion of the power games that people are playing. The games are oppressive to the people, but both the victim and the perpetrator, because there is always a backlash to the games.

Heather's message is still appropriate, but now it is that if someone sees a solution, rather than attempt to tear it and the person apart, it is in everyone's best interest for everyone to allow the solution to be created.

You cannot get out of your own crisis by preventing others from building a crisis center.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Who has what you want?

For world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to create his or her life, be treated fairly and equally, and to have a voice in their government. These are the inalienable rights granted to us by the Creator of us all. Our plan for the international government guarantees to every person on the planet these rights, but first we must address what has prevented these rights to be accorded to every person on the planet.

World peace is able to come because over half the population of the planet has prayed for peace, and our prayers have been answered. But, God does not work with anyone who does not stand on the principles of Universal Law. We may believe we are the Chosen people of God, but that does not give us the right to break God's Law.

What prevents us from being able to enjoy these rights is seven power games, known as the Seven Deadly Sins. Everyone plays the games. The games lead to wars, genocides, massacres, terrorism, poverty, disease and famine. The games are oppressive to the people. There is Darkness in each of us. Mankind lives in the illusion that we can get the life we want by relying on the power games, and once we realize that the games don't work, that is when we die.

The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for the light-bearers, who are teachers to their cultures and languages, and watchdogs of the organization.  The light-bearers  are the channels (prophets) and seers and healers and teachers, who have received their spiritual gifts from the Creator of us all. There are always at least 144,000 light-bearers on the planet, but because of the spiritual test that everyone is going through, based on the collapse of the power games, even the light-bearers are in the darkness.

The light-bearers at this time don't know what to teach. Until this time, spiritual insights have been based on the fact that we create our own reality, but now the teachings have shifted to how to create your own reality. There is a resistance to the changes that are occurring, even amongst light-bearers, especially when the light-bearers' security and support is based on their spiritual gifts.

At this point, no one really knows how to create the life they want. There are self-help gurus that teach small parts of it, but there are no institutions that teach the whole body of knowledge. The planet must be unified, starting with the seven major religions, because each teaches one segment of the body of knowledge necessary to create the life we want. It will reach the individual level, because God, the Creator of us all, gives individuals spiritual gifts of prophecy, visions, healing and teaching, and works through the light-bearers.

So, imagine that one prophet has received the body of knowledge that unifies the entire planet. This is not hard to do because God has worked with other prophets in the past and they have received information with the capacity to unify the planet, but the information came in like waves, and the waves didn't reach all the way up the beach. Now the eighth wave has come, and it brings together all the religions into one spiritual body of knowledge.

To spread the Light to all the people on the planet, the question is "Who has what you want?"

If you want revenge on someone, you are 180 degrees from where you think you are, because you cannot get the life you want by getting revenge, which is based on five power games.

You cannot get the life you want by playing the games, because the games go against Universal Law.

The first proposal sets the stage for an international court system based on Universal Law. Disputes between nations will be resolved in court rather than the battlefield.

The preemptive strike on Iraq went against Universal Law by denying the people of Iraq their inalienable rights of sovereignty. This was a power game that was played by President George W. Bush, and by denying the Iraqi people their inalienable rights, the United States have lost their rights, also. Now, to get them back again, the United States must guarantee to every person on the planet their inalienable rights, and this is the second proposal--the U.S. Constitutional amendment proposal.

Within our organization, the first people to come in are the channels who are trapped in the illusion. They must see they can create their life on a higher level by working with the organization rather than be getting revenge.

Those who are attempting to control the potential members of the organization and to prevent it from coming about are playing the power games, and the games don't work. They are in crisis, too.

Monday, May 16, 2016

It Will Be a Miracle

The information the spiritual hierarchy has given us allows everyone to function on a higher level, but it is innovative and can have a learning curve to it, like older people first learning how to use a computer or to understand how the remote works on a new television system.

For some of us, getting through the learning curve can be considered a miracle.

The second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for the people who have been affected financially during a Moment of Choice between two individuals, and they are trying to rebuilt a solid foundation again, but rather than to rely on another individual, they must function from their own capacity.

A Moment of Choice affects everyone financially, so eventually most of the people on the planet will work our ways through these teachings.

This row starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray, which teaches the principles of how to create the life you want, and the second step is to learn how to perform the four miracles that our organization will eventually teach--should we learn them ourselves first.

Twelve people have been named to teach the four miracles, with three to a team, and we are presently struggling to overcome the events in our lives that make us open to learning the miracles. Two will demonstrate the miracles and one will be the teacher. It takes two to demonstrate, one by intent and one by default, but for each of the miracle teachers, it will be a true miracle in every sense of the word.

The miracle team that is learning how to walk on water is at present so overcome by their emotions that they are drowning.

The miracle team that is learning how to manifest have discovered they have brought into their lives something they aren't sure they want.

The miracle team that is learning how to manifest instantaneously has been given a huge amount of things, but they are losing it to the pirates.

The miracle team that is learning time travel, have lost the respect of others and rather than to leap from the bottom of the abyss to where they want to be in one step, have nailed themselves to the bottom of the abyss.

In every case, while some people may be able to learn these lessons easily, it will be a true miracle for others.

The miracles seem to oppose each other. The White Witch has been named as one of the miracle workers. By preventing another person from being able to perform their miracle, they cannot do theirs. The Faith of the Pure Ray teaches the principles, but the miracles are the application of the principles of Universal Law.

Being able to perform miracles may sound like a trick you can perform at parties to impress you friends, so how important is this row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy?

  1. Twenty five percent of the population of the planet is struggling economically. 
  2. To end the conflict in the Middle East, everyone involved must be able to create a sense of abundance in their lives so this can help to end the conflict.
  3. The knowledge base related to the Faith of the Pure Ray allows the religions to function on a higher level, and has the capacity to unify the world's seven major religions.
  4. It allows people who have relied on others for their security and support to assume responsibility for their own support, and this is the first principle of the global renaissance. 

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trapped, but there is a way out of the trap.

The Illusion is very powerful now as the ripples of effects from the lies have gone out, and later ripples are log-jamming all the ripples into one chaotic quagmire. Many people have been backed into the proverbial corner. The solution normally would be to turn around and join the organization or the framework, but the door has been blocked.

People die when they believe they can't get the life they want, so these acts are so oppressive that people who don't see any way out are dying.

Seven or more potential independent members are now trapped by their spouses, who went down into the games of revenge, and the spouses have backed themselves into the corner so deeply that they also don't believe they can get the life they want. 

The White Witch draws people into the quagmire by offering them something he or she doesn't have. It is like the old con-game of selling someone the Brooklyn Bridge, but much worse. It is more like a child predator with a big sincere smile on his face offering candy to a child. 

While it seems that one major surge is the solution, people who have been enslaved--and this applies to both the victims of the crimes and the perpetrators of the crimes--want compassion. They want a way out of their crisis, and getting deeper into the battles is not the solution.

We were given our books, channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis. The books are the solution, but the books were pirated and the messages have been subverted. There is one statement that is in one of the books, that the only thing that God cannot help is when someone has been charged with crimes and has been given the death penalty, so the White Witch has backed people into the corner legally so deeply that even God can't help.

That is not the case, though, because there is a way to solve this crisis, too, and that is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and to reform the legal system to resolve this legal crisis. This is the rationale behind our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal--the creation of an international legal system based on Universal Law.

The White Witch has backed himself or herself into the corner, too, by playing all seven power games. The White Witch has outsmarted himself or herself, and at some point will be willing to watch someone demonstrate how to overcome the illusion without interfering. You cannot get the life you want by weaving an illusion. The White Witch is trapped in the illusion, on the "last wall of Hell." For each power games anyone plays that isn't corrected in its initial stage, the person faces the end of life crisis when it becomes apparent that the game doesn't work. The White Witch will face the end of life crisis seven times.

God does not judge anyone for playing the games. God warns us that you cannot get the life you want by playing the games.

The solution is the books and to take small steps, and to keep walking forward and demonstrating that it is possible to overcome any crisis by applying the information in one's own life.

As people face their end of life crisis, they can read the books and come out of it. Reading the books is like turning your life over to God, the Creator of us all, and having an angel come to help you our of your crisis. 

The first step in the Exit Strategy for Iraq is to bring together the Professional Publishing team. By getting revenge and going down deeper into the illusion, they leave themselves out of the framework. You cannot get the life you want by playing the power games. 

Archangel Michael told us "the difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven there is a solution to your crisis."

This proposal leads to the creation of a court system based on Universal Law, one that has the capacity to fairly address this legal crisis, also, and this is the lesson everyone must learn and apply to get their life on a higher level. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Leaning on Each Other

Our organization started with a prayer circle in a little town in Oregon, on the west coast of the United States. One of our circle's teachers is Seth, who is famous for his work with channel Jane Roberts. The circle is not based on religion, but on spirituality--which respects all religions-- and as we prayed for peace, responsibility for bringing world peace was placed on our shoulders. Each of us assumed responsibility for a project that benefits everyone, and the focus of the group shifted from that you create your own reality to how to create the life you want. We are average people who have, for the most part, not been able to create a solid financial foundation.

Simultaneously, Seth worked with a group in California.  The majority of the people in that group have achieved wealth, but have taken losses due to the California Community Property Law, which requires couples when they divorce to divide their assets. This has led to major social problems for the State of  California, and it has caused a drain on the California economy.

Seth is bringing the two sides together in a win-win agreement. The Oregon group is the inventors, and we are learning about where true power comes from. We have fifty innovative project ideas. The California group is the investors, with the capacity and opportunity to sponsor and mentor the investors, and they are being offered the opportunity to regain their wealth and overcome their social issues that have torn them apart.

Seth is a seventh dimensional entity, and can be called the architect for the plan for world peace. He functions with eleven other seventh dimensional individuals in a twelve-pointed star agreement, based on the cooperation of nature. The Flower of Life patterns allows Seth's twelve-pointed star to bring in one billion people, all in a flat hierarchy, with everyone sharing talents and gifts. This is what we are attempting to recreate within our organization, and on the international level, based on the Flower of Life teachings.

The first two proposals address where true power comes from, and how to get out of the abyss. The California group has power, but no peace, and the Oregon group has peace, but no power. Coming together, the entire group has power and peace, and everyone functions on a higher level.

When you introduce an innovative project, you realize that you have something of great value, but anything of great value can and will be stolen. This is where the "boogie men" -- the pirates --come into the picture. While those who have never created a financial foundation are bouncing between having something of value and not knowing what to do with it, on the opposite side, those who have the wealth don't know how to overcome the issues in their own family, and are susceptible to the predations of the pirates as they rely on the existing structure to solve the problems.

The innovative projects function on a higher level than the existing structures, so while both sides are facing a severe test, the solution is to do what is in everyone's best interest--including the pirates.

The conflict ends when everyone is able to function on a higher level financially. This is why the pirates oftentimes target the assets of the wealthy side, and steal the plan, even without understanding the principles of the projects. Their plot involves dividing and conquering, and postponing the inevitable. The solution is to keep walking forward from the most general concept of world peace to the individual level, which includes those who function for their own interests.

The planning for the international government's first eight proposals was put online in 2102, and for the last four years, the two sides have faced the predations of the pirates. On the international level, ISIS has risen, and within our organization, the White Witch has run ahead of the rest and subverted the projects and events.

The solution to every crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest. Rather than to think of the international government as the root cause of the chaos, it is the solution that enables everyone on the planet to function on a higher level.

Why go down into the power games? Those who are perpetrating the hostile takeover of the planet and the organization believe they are outsmarting the rest of humanity, but in truth, they have nothing and are coming from such a limited perspective that they have no capacity to do anything but to make chaos.

There is always a backlash to the games. They are compensatory games that don't work. They go against Universal Law, and the first two proposals--the Exit Strategy for Iraq and the U.S. Constitutional Amendment project lean on each other to set up a protocol for creating an international legal and judicial system--based on Universal Law--for ending disputes so innocent people are not dragged into the chaos, and the monies now wasted on war go to support the people, instead.

If you wish to see the end of the chaos, start by adding your name to the list of affiliate members who already have seen the potential of the plan to end the oppression that comes from the games. Affiliate membership has enabled the plan for world peace to be leveraged onto the government level.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

When to Fight the White Witch

Everyone has a big fear and a little fear, and when they flip-flop, it leads to mental illness.

The White Witch plays the power game of Lust, which comes from fear of a lack of intimacy, and attempts to bind people to him or her by weaving an illusion based on capacity. An example of this in literature is Sherlock Holmes.

The ultimate conclusion of the game of Lust is that you push everyone away, and unless you can overcome this fear, that is when you die. Ironically, the point of the end of life crisis is between issues of security and capacity, so the White Witch who has pushed everyone away and can't overcome this fear never has reached the point of demonstrating his or her capacity. Their capacity has been on weaving an illusion, and you can't get your life by weaving an illusion.

Every creative project has totems, and our organization's animal species is the horse. We function like a herd of horses. We have a stallion, who is responsible for defending the herd, and a head mare, who is responsible for ensuring that every member of the herd has what it needs, and takes the other mares and foals to safety when predators attack. If the stallion is overwhelmed by the predators, it is up to the head mare to protect the herd.

The colts are too immature to assume responsibility for their own herd, but a point comes when one will attract the attentions of one of the mares and go off to start his own herd, and that mare's maternal instincts take over and she starts to pay attention of where to run to for safety. This is how our projects will spin off.

When the stallion and head mare are undermined by age or infirmity, it is normal for another to rise to take its place, but our positions are for life because our projects are based on our talents and gifts. No one can do another's project. In nature, no horse will attack a foal. Any creature that attacks the foals is a predator.

Our organization stands on the principles of the cooperation of nature, and we also function as a beehive. The White Witch is not a queen bee, taking willing drones off to start a new hive, but functions like the fungi and viruses--the Darkness--that lead to beehive collapse syndrome. Wasps and viruses and fungi do not produce honey.

For world peace to come, and to participate in the global renaissance, everyone must function from their own capacity.

Our organization evolved in two main separate locations, and many people have been drawn into the organization as part of the character defamation campaign. The illusion is very strong. No one knows who to trust. The ripples of effects have gone out, and are log-jamming. Many people are backed into the proverbial corner and see no way out. Fears are running rampant. The herd is being attacked by predators.

Our organization believes in taking disputes to court. The existing legal system has problems with proving character defamation and genocides, and so we are working to establish a higher form of court system, one that is based on Universal Law. This is part of our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. The two groups must come together to create the projects, including the court system.

The White Witch now has three choices. While he or she makes the choice, we will continue doing what is in everyone's best interest.

The first people to come into the organization framework are the original members of our prayer circle to verify their identity, and the channels working together in a group channeling situation to demonstrate that we are working with the spiritual hierarchy. The channels must be able to create a cash flow based on our talents and gifts, which is how the global renaissance will come about. The White Witch cannot demonstrate his or her capacity to channel the books, especially one each month  on subjects that he or she knows nothing about.

By attacking the children, the White Witch demonstrates that he or she is not part of the organization, but under Universal Law, we cannot leave anyone out of the framework, which potentially includes every person on the planet, so the White Witch is considered part of the general public at this time, and will be welcome to come to our mental health clinic once we establish it.

In terms of security, if a member of the general public comes to one of our events or clinics and plays a power game, that individual will be banned from attending any future events for six months to a year.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The First Shall Be Last...

The allegorical White Witch is a sociopath, and according to modern mental health experts, there is no cure for sociopathy. But, for world peace to come, every person on the planet must be able to get his or her life, and even sociopaths must be able to overcome this terrible and terrifying crisis.

The fact that the experts in mental health have no cure for the crisis means that sociopaths are backed into a corner. They have two apparent options and both are untenable, and the third option is to turn around and to join the framework of the international government or our organization.

One of our organization's exempt purposes is to offer loans to our independent members to create clinics for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Our World Peace Marketing Strategy, the last column of the third row, is the Taking on the Fears classes project, and it will be turned over to a team of independent members whose lives have been affected by a sociopath. Everyone will help to bring it about, sharing our talents and gifts, because we have all been dealing with the hostile takeover of the organization.

The third row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for the 25 percent of the population whose lives are affected by the Moment of Choice between two leaders, when one stands on the principles and one goes down into the games. If the dispute is between two parents, this is the row of projects that allows their children to reestablish a foundation for their lives.

The sociopath functions entirely for his or her own best interests, and that puts that individual first all the time. That is the exact opposite of how our organization functions. The organization, and the framework of principles we stand on, is based on making win-win agreements, and the White Witch has nothing to offer. Because they function on the individual level, they are the last to come into the framework of projects.

The question of where true power comes from is the first issue that must be addressed. Sociopaths can appear to be very powerful, but true power comes from assuming responsibility, and the sociopath will always shift blame to others.

Their fall into the abyss seems to come after they are drawn into an act of revenge, which is based on five power games. They are drawn into the Pentacle of Power by those who play the games of Greed. Sociopaths play the power game of Lust, which is what leads to slavery and human rights violations. The power game of Lust is based on weaving an illusion, and sociopaths  seem to have everything, but they have nothing.

In "A  Little Angel Told Me..." by Archangel Michael, which he wrote for those who are facing their end of life crisis, he tells us that "it is like playing poker with the devil, and you think you don't have even have a pair of sevens, well, Fate doesn't even have that."

How many world leaders have risen to power by outsmarting others? The illusion they weave is very powerful. They offer you something they don't have, and it is a trap. They are outsmarting you, and it is a big game to them. The U.S. government wages war, which is based on the power game of Pride, which is the first game of acts of revenge. By waging war, we are actually working to trap ourselves  by working with oppressive regimes.

This is why joining the international government is the solution. The departments of the international government will make trade agreements, and disputes between nations will be settled in court rather than the battlefield.

The invitation to join the international government must come from the people, when the people are ready. The oppressive governments must stop playing the power games and work to support their people for them to agree to come into the plan. The power a nation has in the international government will be based on its population, and it is in the best interest of everyone for the governments to support its people.

The Power Series books explain where true power comes from. This series is associated with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. The Getting Out of the Crisis Series also addresses how to step away from the crisis related to the White Witch.

The Taking on the Fears classes will be held after the Full Training Session, when all our independent members comes together for the first time to prepare for the conference in Europe of world leaders. During this training session, the fifty projects will be turned over to their teams, so the timing implies that the sociopaths will be helped only after everyone else has been able to demonstrate their willingness to assume responsibility for their projects. The classes are not for the sociopaths, but for the family members who wish to end the conflict in their family.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The White Witch

In my last post, I said that it is up to Seth to deal with the White Witch, and today I would like to explain how a seventh dimensional entity can do so.

When the United States invaded Iraq with a preemptive strike, it went against one of the basic premises of the U.S. legal system that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The U.N. weapons inspectors did not find any WMD, and warned against the invasion, and even on the 10th anniversary of the invasion, Hans Blix reaffirmed that no WMD had been found. Saddam Hussein was innocent of the charges placed against him because he was attempting to comply with U.N. sanctions. 

The preemptive strike collapsed the U.S. power base. Many people don't agree that it did, but that is not what matters. It is not what they think, but what other world leaders think that  matters. Many world leaders got into power by playing favorite power games, and the collapse of the U.S. power base became a grand opportunity to take their games to the global level, and they started to jockey for power. 

There are five main power games that governments play, including War, Genocide, Massacres (based on the game of  Greed), Slavery and Human Rights violations, and Terrorism. Three of the power games--War, Massacres and Terrorism--reached their ultimate conclusion, and the proverbial pendulum started to swing back to the midpoint, but the two that are based on weaving an illusion--genocide and slavery--have continued to expand because it is very hard to overcome the illusion.

Seth offers the solution for unraveling the illusion. It is the plan for world peace, starting with the Exit Strategy for Iraq. The difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven, there is a solution to your crisis. That does not mean the solution will be easy. 

Once the Grand Lie has been told, the truth does not overcome the lies. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. Seth's plan for the economic structure of the international government is based on the cooperation of nature, which is based on win-win agreements, not games of one-upmanship. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreement. 

But, in the illusion, people are backwards and attempt to make agreements with those who don't have the same goal. If the White Witch offers you something, he or she doesn't have it, and the agreement is a trap. 

White Witches are sociopaths who function only for their own interests. Their game is to outsmart you, like the allegorical devil. They seem to have all the power, but power doesn't come from weaving an illusion. Power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that you and others have done.

The solution is to support the plan for the international government, and allow the organization to demonstrate the potential of the plan to solve the problems. Seth can be considered the architect of the plan, and he has made the rule that peace must come from the people when the people are ready for it to come, and the invitations to join will come from the people, not from the governments jockeying for power. We are average people. We have no power other than we are assuming responsibility to demonstrate the potential of the plan in our own lives, because we are experiencing the same crises. 

Each of the proposals includes planning stages and steps, and each leads a nation out of its crisis and to the goal of the world conference, which will be hosted by our organization. It will last one month. The nations that have proposals will be advocates of the solutions and demonstrate that the solutions work. 

We have been dealing with a White Witch also. Seth has ruled that no one can be left out of the framework, and our organization is the first 200 people to come into the framework. Seth is responsible for explaining where each individual fits into the organization. The White Witch must be invited into the organization by his (or her) family. The games have gone on within the family, that is where the games are learned, and that family member has been subjected to the power games since childhood. This allows the family member to assume responsibility for security, and this creates a sense of equality, which is the first requirement for conflict resolution.

Seth and Karen Holmes channeled a booklet, called "The Initial Projects," when he introduced the first set of innovative projects ideas. Only enough information has been offered to open the idea to debate. Not enough to bring the project to fruition. It takes everyone working together to create a project, each sharing one's talents and gifts. The White Witch took the ideas and claimed them as his or her own, and offered them to the investors, and this seemed the golden opportunity for the inventors to have the funding to create the projects. But, Seth will not introduce additional information through anyone but Karen Holmes, and so the projects have been stalled until everyone is willing to work with Karen Holmes. 

To come into the organization, everyone must be willing to share one's talents and gifts, and the first people to come in are the channels--the prophets--who will offer group channeling sessions, and channel answers on any subject to audiences on every level, including the U.S. government, in our tent tour and advisory segments. No one who is not connected to the spiritual hierarchy will be able to function on a higher level than they are at that time. No one can consistently offer monthly best-seller trade books on subjects they know nothing about and that enable the experts in the fields to ask their own questions and get answers that are higher than what can be found on the internet. It takes someone who functions on the seventh dimension or higher to be able to do that. 

It makes no sense to fight the White Witch by using the exiting legal system. You are always in the reactive mode. The Exit Strategy for Iraq sets up the legal system to do that, because it is based on Universal Law, and the White Witch is fighting the Universe, and therefore can't win. 

The solution is to support the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and to walk away from the fight. The solution has been there all along, but no one has seen it yet. 

Monday, May 9, 2016

The hostile takeover of the planet

The potential independent members of our organization are spread all over the United States, and even in other countries. We have two main segments, one in Oregon and one in California, and they came as the result of prayer circles that were started by our of our spiritual guides--Seth, who is famous for his books through Jane Roberts.

The Oregon segment is made up of average people who have been given innovative project ideas--the inventors. We have never been able to rise out of our socioeconomic level. The California segment--the investors--are businesspeople who have been dealing with the sociological effects of the California Community Property Law. They are the investors. As a result of their divorces, they lost their businesses or half their assets, and their children are left without a foundation for them to get their life. Together, we have a great deal of potential to create our fifty innovative projects. Working with the Creator of us all, we have the potential to lift the entire planet into a global renaissance.

The two groups have another thing in common, and that is Seth has worked with one individual in each group as his main channel. The two groups were triggered to come together when one individual discovered she knew people in both places.  When it became apparent that the potential of this enterprise is phenomenal, we became a "giant peach ready to be plucked." She understood she could control how much each side knew about the other side, and introduce the remarkable information as if it came from her, not from the spiritual hierarchy, and specifically from Seth.

She also has controlled how the plan is spread outside the outside the organization. She seems to have all the capacity to impress others because she has the ideas and the wealth behind her, and most people give her the benefit of the doubt. They consider her to be the head of the organization, but she is not even part of it. She is a catalyst--a trigger. The ripples of effects of the hostile takeover have gone out to draw in many people and to back them into a corner. She has gathered an army of people around her who have no way to defend themselves from her control.

This is how the hostile takeover of the organization occurred.

Those who are perpetrating the acts of mayhem have come to understand that the power games they are playing aren't working as they expected. As they stole the plan, they didn't understand the plan, and then they tried to steal the principles, and they realized they didn't understand the principles.

Who the person is behind the hostile takeover is not important. The same crises occur on every level. The White Witch is any sociopath who seems to be unstoppable, but is grabbing for power and actually backs himself or herself into a corner.

So, this is the first test for the entire planet, because we are parallel to what is going on out in the world. Where does true power come from? From wealth? From a great business idea? How can you demonstrate peace by waging war? What if you are getting revenge on someone who is doing what is in everyone's best interest?  How do you overcome the mayhem that is tearing people apart, and how do you overcome the illusion that is the basis for a global genocide?

There is a series of allegorical stories that were written for this time period. The Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis have always been childhood classics, but now they are demonstrating their potential for helping mankind to understand how to bring world peace. Seth is parallel to Aslan, and it is up to him to deal with the White Witch who is behind the hostile takeover of the planet. We have the Exit Strategy for Iraq to help us overcome this crisis, which came from Seth.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Facing the Issue of Revenge

Everyone wants to get started on creating their own life by taking advantage of this wonderful opportunity that has been offered, but before that can happen, everyone must address the issue of revenge.

The idea for the international government was introduced and opened to debate, and it offers mankind a solution to all the wars and genocides that have plagued mankind. Then the planning was offered. If the idea is in the center of the planning circle, the plan comes next and on the opposite side of the planning circle is conflict resolution, so that must be addressed, too. (We address this dance in the Faith of the Pure Ray blog.)

People must be squeezed to let go of the old structure because there is no need to change if everything is working fine. The squeezing action has come because of the ripples of effects that have come out from the conflict in Iraq. Many people don't see any real need for change, but Kofi Annan in his farewell speech, told the United Nations that George W. Bush "made the U.N. irrelevant." If the United Nations cannot end or prevent wars, what can?

The conflict in Iraq devolved as a genocide, which is one of the power games associated with revenge. It was part of an act of revenge that brought is large numbers of people around the planet, so let's consider that anyone who considers the world a better place without Saddam Hussein is on one side of a room and everyone else is on the other side.

This schism is what has divided the Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. government, and in many other governments around the world. It has led to the world leaders who saw that the United States lost power by preemptively invading Iraq to jockey for power to see who will be the next superpower, and the rise of the caliphate.

Our organization has been going through a hostile takeover, too, and those who stole the plan have taken advantage of the conflict. They stole the plan, but they didn't understand the plan, then they stole the principles and then demonstrated they didn't understand the principles. Many people considered them to be very powerful, and at first supported their takeover bid, but when they started  using acts of mayhem to cover their lack of power, it is as people have backed away from the plan entirely, and no one knows who to trust. There is a huge logjam that has occurred.

This is why the proposals are lined up as they are--they break free the logjam.

There are six principles associated with revenge, and how it works and why it doesn't work. The question is where true power comes from. The acts of revenge have failed, or are failing, and that led to a grab for power, which is the second principle...

These six principles are addressed on one page of the One The Rainbow Peace Store catalog--the first page of the technology segment. Each of the proposals has recommended reading on one page of the catalog, and before we can start to create the international government, we must go through this dance around the planning circle. At this time, we are still working to learn these principles, too.

Those who stole the plan appeared to have the capacity to create the international government, but they have not learned the first lesson, and that is that you cannot get the life you want by breaking Universal Law. The future court system that is associated with the international government will be based on Universal Law. This is the unifying element that brings together every person on the planet, because all the seven power games break Universal Law and everyone plays the games.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Iran and Nuclear Power

The focus has been on the Iranian nuclear power agreement. The plan for the international government opened the door to the dialogue between the United States and Iran, but the issue of conflict resolution must be addressed first. This is how the international government addresses nuclear power.

Before the Iraq War started, Saddam Hussein sent his nuclear scientists to Iran. He was probably hoping that Iran would support him during the conflict, or keep them safe to return to Iraq following the war. They didn't support him, probably because of the horrific eight year Iran-Iraq War that was one of the bloodiest in the history of mankind.

Having nuclear power puts Iran in an interesting place geographically--if you look at the region as a continuum of frequency from east and west and from north and south.

Its north to south place in the continuum is Russia--Iran--Yemen and the failed state of Somalia, and east to west it is China, India, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq and Syria.

Russia became Iran's mentor, but the question of whether Iran would use its nuclear capacity as a weapon is part of the continuum, because Yemen and the nations surrounding Yemen are anxious to acquire nuclear power, too. Yemen attempted to get into the elite nuclear power group, too, by working with Iran.  East to west, nuclear power makes Iran equal to India, and a wealthy nation.

If you place world peace in the center of a circle, on opposite sides of the circle is technology and its counterpoint of conflict resolution. Technology can be used to help mankind if there is a balance with conflict resolution. If there is no balance, it is used as a weapon. Iran is a technological nation, but also desires wealth and equality, and the plan for the international government offers Iran the opportunity to have it all.

The solution that the international government will offer is conflict resolution, but also an evolved form of technology that can only be used for peaceful purposes. Our three innovative technological inventions are also being opened to debate as part of the Exit Strategy for Iraq and World Peace Marketing Strategy.

The first issue to address is technological review of new inventions. With shared research, there won't be holding it back to keep it for oneself, but if there is objection that some invention is culturally not acceptable or needs natural resources that obtaining them places a burden on the people of a nation, then the invention won't be allowed to be created.

Our fifty innovative projects will be offered to the world's leaders as part of our advisory segment, and we have a way so that even the poorest nations can afford to have access to them.

Nuclear power won't be acceptable in the future at all, and we will offer information about that as information is introduced. There won't be need for it as the inventions are created and manufactured.

Before we can introduce our new technology, we too must address conflict resolution to keep the peace.

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How the United States is making the battles against ISIS worse

For several years now, our focus has been on offering the plan for the international government as the solution to every crisis. 

When you slide into crisis, your perspective narrows, and you begin to see only two options, and both are untenable. If you are backed into a corner, you can either go over the top and fight or continue to be squeezed. The solution is to turn around to find a little door in the back of the corner. It may seem like there is no door, but the solution to every crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and because our plan benefits everyone, that is the solution.

By fighting ISIS, the United States is backing itself into the proverbial corner. There are sleeper cells in every nation that can rise up at any time, and they can create mayhem.

The founder of the organization, Karen Holmes, introduced the plan for the international government first at the group's prayer circle in 1999 when she brought chapters of a book she channeled with a seventh dimensional entity by the  name of Seth, who was famous for his books through Jane Roberts. Everyone liked the idea for the international government, and started to consider how they could participate by working on projects that fit into the idea. 

The idea continued to spread, and in 2003, Holmes channeled the first eight proposals, and when she put it online, she started to collect the names of people who support the plan. As it continued to spread out, it also reached the ears of people who function for their own interests, and they tried to steal the idea and claim it for their own. They stole the plan, but they didn't understand the plan. Then they stole the principles, but didn't understand the principles. As they got caught in their lies, they tried to defend themselves by creating an illusion. Ripples of effects continue to expand out to draw in more people. 

Holmes understands that the solution is the plan for the international government, but the illusion is so powerful that everyone fears that the third option leads to their death, too, and so everything is log-jammed, just like the international level with extremist groups like ISIS.

The solution is not to fight, or not to allow yourself to continue to be squeezed, but to support the plan for the international government, because it benefits everyone, including the man who would like to be crowned the emperor of the planet. 

The United States is the first to come in.  By not turning around and going through the little door in the back of the corner, the United States is preventing others from going through the door, too.