Friday, December 22, 2017

The U.S. Economy Is In Trouble. What can we do?

Many people equate money and power, two ideas that should never be equated, because if you lose your money, you lose your power. Equated ideas get people into trouble, and so the United States is getting into trouble.

How many people are wondering how the tax reform changes will affect them? The answer became much clearer to me when I saw the graph for income inequality. People are hoping the tax reform will help to make America great again, but when the wealth of a nation is concentrated at the top, which has gone on much longer than the tax reform act, the money doesn’t trickle down, the economy stagnates. Why? The power is consolidated there, too.

The power of every government is derived from the people, but the focus is shifting to the power being derived from the money. Imagine what occurs in dictatorial nations. The power is consolidated into one man, and if he plays the power game of Lust—which is based on weaving an illusion that leads to slavery—acts of terrorism occur, and then the nation becomes a failed state. Yemen is on the brink of becoming a failed state.   

Years ago, at our prayer circle, we were warned that the US government will cut start cutting social programs. The solution to this economic and political crisis we are facing as a nation and a planet is for the people to shift our focus from money to sharing our talents and gifts with each other. We are learning the principles of the cooperation of nature.

Think of it. What did people do before money existed? Everyone still had food to eat, and it was free. There was barter and trade. There were even societies where those who gave away all their wealth got the most power—potlatches.

I am not saying money is not important. I am saying that our economy is about to become stagnant, and the first principle to overcome that is for people to start focusing on sharing our talents and gifts with each other.

I have many plans that will help everyone overcome this crisis of equating ideas that should not be equated, starting with US Survival Cards, which help people understand how to rise out of poverty, based on how wealthy families from the past worked together to overcome an oppressive economy and went on to create a dynasty.

On a parallel basis, the same thing will occur between nations. The United States must rely on our niche, too, and that is not our wealth, but our Constitution, and our unalienable rights. It set us apart from other nations, and it drew people here from other nations that were more oppressive. It is what made America Great.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Genocides are Bad for Technology, Bad for Business

After many years in power, the leaders of the nations know what their neighbors want and what they don't want. They have history together. They have waged wars on each other and aligned with each other against other nations, and in the case of the Middle East, their relationships have gone back thousands of years. The Middle East is the cross-roads of civilizations that go back 60,000 years or more. Cultures live together in close proximity, and in diversity there is also a sense of unity, because they have lived together for so long.

There is a continuum of frequency around the world, but also between Iran, Iraq and Syria. Theirs is  based on the principles of equality, but the application of the principles is technology and having a strong financial foundation, which Iraq had had. Saddam Hussein encouraged education and prosperity, and discouraged terrorism. Iraq had oil reserves and the money went to help the people. He understood the historical significance of Iraq, and considered Iraq to be equal to all the other nations.

As the result of war, the borders between nations were redrawn across cultures, which led to great turmoil in the Middle East and greater influence from England and the United States in the region.
A series of wars followed, which set the stage for the Iraq War, which devolved not as a war but as a genocide.

The Iran/Iraq War lasted eight years and it was one of the most horrific conflicts in the history of the planet. They used chemical weapons on each other, and so making technological advances in nuclear and chemical programs were vital to the security of both nations, but also oppressive to the people. The United States played a major role in that war as an ally to Saddam Hussein. The WMD that were found after the Iraq War came from the Iran/Iraq War.

Then came the Gulf War, which set the stage for the Pentacle of Power to form. Saddam Hussein went to the Arab League and protested that the UN sanctions had killed 500,000 Iraqi children, and Madelaine Albright, the Secretary of State under President Clinton, when asked whether it was worth it, answered yes. Saddam Hussein assumed the other Arab leaders would side with him, but they didn't because of the oil relationships. 

Before the Iraq War started, Saddam Hussein sent his nuclear scientists to Iran, a kind of peace offering in hopes that Iran would side with him against the United States, but Iran saw no obligation to defend Saddam Hussein. Iran's focus was on becoming equal to the other nuclear powers, and that gesture allowed Iran to focus on building its nuclear program, but also to gain power in the region.

Iran went to other nations in the region to draw support, and that including Yemen and Russia.

When no WMD were found by UN weapons inspectors, the preemptive strike backlashed on George W. Bush. He didn't get control of the oil reserves. He started a conflict he couldn't end.

President Saleh was also interested in creating a nuclear power program, and so a strange alliance was formed between Yemen and Iran. He saw the collapse of the US power base as his opportunity to function on a higher level, and he took his power games one step further. His nuclear program ended quickly due to lack of support.

Bashar al Assad is a doctor who got dragged into the family business of being dictators of Syria. His focus is on making money, and having a strong financial foundation. For years, Syria influenced Lebanon, who was in crisis because of terrorism. They were eventually driven out of Lebanon.

President Saleh was the man behind the rise of ISIS as part of his web of deceit. His goal was to become the emperor of the planet, and he used the prophecy of the caliphate to his advantage.

The truth is, the plan for the international government allows all nations to be considered equal to all the other nations. For Iran to become equal related to technology, and Syria to "play with the big boys," they must become part of the proposed international government.

On a parallel basis to the America Revolution, Saddam Hussein was parallel to John Adams, Iran is parallel to Alexander Hamilton and Syria is parallel to George Washington.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

The Ripples Keep Going Out

Once the grand lie has been told, the truth doesn't overcome the lie. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. At that point, the only thing you can trust is Universal Law.

For world peace to come, every person on the planet had to be exposed to Universal Law, and the idea has trickled out to permeate the global society. That does not mean that everyone believes in it or lives their life in accordance with it.

Among the potential independent members of our organization, the ripples of effects have gone out, drawing in more and more people, and those who are playing the games of Lust and Envy are very busy weaving illusions to the point where the illusion is so strong, people are backed into the corner and see no way out. This is an existential threat for many people. Even the legal system has been corrupted. It is as if the truth has been twisted and turned, at first to benefit the few over the many, but then just to tear it apart out of a sense of jealousy and revenge.

I have been working to introduce into the US court system the fact that there are three levels to our legal system, not two. When laws and practises are based on two levels, that is when the laws contradict each other and can be used to justify denying citizens of that nation their unalienable rights that are granted to us by the Creator of us all. The laws are based on power games, not principles, so a law can be considered constitution, and therefore legal, but it is unlawful because it goes against the basic premises of our legal system.

When the president of the United States talks about fake news, it is a warning that we are in either a genocide or being enslaved. We are starting to see this same twisting and turning in regards to Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. People lie to protect their security, and the problem is, that once the ripples go out, those who are being investigated may have been twisted to the point they believe they are telling the truth, but it is not what really happened.

This is the point where the only thing you can trust is Universal Law.

An example of this is the justification to force Kim Jong Un to comply with demands for denuclearization.  Many people would consider that to be a good thing, but why should this be a unilateral demand? Why not treat every nation fairly and equally? If nuclear war is not something anyone wants, why not make it a global ban? Better yet, why not make it so soldiers have to fight with guns, which will satisfy the munitions manufacturers--but what about the innocent people who are dragged into conflicts? How about if mankind agrees to resolve disputes between nations in court rather than the battlefield, and the monies now wasted on war will go to the people instead.

The Iraq War devolved not as a war, but as a genocide. The grand lie was told to justify the preemptive strike on Iraq, and because it was based on a sense of judgment, the conflict devolved as a genocide, not a war. The knee-jerk reactions that ends a war makes a genocide worse. The ripples keep going out to draw in more and more people, and the truth is twisted and turned to the point that no one knows who to trust. This is occurring all over the world as the result of the Iraq War, within every nations and even within families.

This has been going on for a very long time. In the United States, there have been countless Black people who have been unjustly treated in our legal system because of character defamation and racial prejudice, and even executed--assassinated--without due process of the law, and their murders have gone free.

How can anyone have a fair trial?

Universal Law stands on seven principles--equality, liberty, freedom, compassion, abundance, capacity and tolerance. The international legal system will be based on these seven principles, and if even one person stands up to protest that the laws the international legislative branch makes do not stand on these principles, that individual can take the law and the international government to the supreme court. In the United States, anyone can take a law to the supreme court, but because so many Americans have forgotten about the three levels of our legal system, it will take a great deal of times and efforts to overcome the ripples of effects that have gone out from all the grand lies that have been told. Therefore, the international legal system will be based on the US Constitution, but not on our legal system, and it will function on a far higher level because of mankind's attention to Universal Law.

Our Exit Strategy for Iraq establishes a protocol to end genocides, and will offer everyone involved--the entire planet--to be able to function on a higher level.