Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How the United States is making the battles against ISIS worse

For several years now, our focus has been on offering the plan for the international government as the solution to every crisis. 

When you slide into crisis, your perspective narrows, and you begin to see only two options, and both are untenable. If you are backed into a corner, you can either go over the top and fight or continue to be squeezed. The solution is to turn around to find a little door in the back of the corner. It may seem like there is no door, but the solution to every crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and because our plan benefits everyone, that is the solution.

By fighting ISIS, the United States is backing itself into the proverbial corner. There are sleeper cells in every nation that can rise up at any time, and they can create mayhem.

The founder of the organization, Karen Holmes, introduced the plan for the international government first at the group's prayer circle in 1999 when she brought chapters of a book she channeled with a seventh dimensional entity by the  name of Seth, who was famous for his books through Jane Roberts. Everyone liked the idea for the international government, and started to consider how they could participate by working on projects that fit into the idea. 

The idea continued to spread, and in 2003, Holmes channeled the first eight proposals, and when she put it online, she started to collect the names of people who support the plan. As it continued to spread out, it also reached the ears of people who function for their own interests, and they tried to steal the idea and claim it for their own. They stole the plan, but they didn't understand the plan. Then they stole the principles, but didn't understand the principles. As they got caught in their lies, they tried to defend themselves by creating an illusion. Ripples of effects continue to expand out to draw in more people. 

Holmes understands that the solution is the plan for the international government, but the illusion is so powerful that everyone fears that the third option leads to their death, too, and so everything is log-jammed, just like the international level with extremist groups like ISIS.

The solution is not to fight, or not to allow yourself to continue to be squeezed, but to support the plan for the international government, because it benefits everyone, including the man who would like to be crowned the emperor of the planet. 

The United States is the first to come in.  By not turning around and going through the little door in the back of the corner, the United States is preventing others from going through the door, too.