Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The World Peace Plan

In 2006, Karen Holmes channeled a mini-book, "The World Peace Plan," with five of her guides--Bob Miller, Seth, Benjamin Franklin, Teresa of Avila, and Lady Gaia, who is the female aspect of God. Seth is one of the architects of the plan for world peace, and he asked her to send copies of it to the people on her mailing list. 

From the title, one would assume it introduces the plan for the international government, and so the reactions she got back from those who read it were mixed, but mostly quizzical. Not what they expected at all.

The book introduces the planning process, and each of the authors speak from their own experience about how it works. 

The planning process plays a very important part in the creation of world peace. If you know the root cause of a crisis, with the planning process, you can find the solution, so by reading this book, you can come to the understanding that world peace is possible. 

If one person realizes that world peace is possible, then it can come. 

For world peace to come, everyone must be able to get the life they want, and that involves coming up with a plan that benefits everyone--fulfilling your purpose in life--and going through the planning process stage by stage, and step by step, to create it. This book is a remarkable resource, and anyone who is Walking the Rainbow (hint) to create the life he or she wants will refer to it often.

This is not an ad for the book, so that you will rush out and send for a copy today. This is an ad for the Faith of the Pure Ray blog, so you can see that not only is world peace possible, but it is possible to unify the world's seven major religions by introducing the planning process.