Monday, May 16, 2016

It Will Be a Miracle

The information the spiritual hierarchy has given us allows everyone to function on a higher level, but it is innovative and can have a learning curve to it, like older people first learning how to use a computer or to understand how the remote works on a new television system.

For some of us, getting through the learning curve can be considered a miracle.

The second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for the people who have been affected financially during a Moment of Choice between two individuals, and they are trying to rebuilt a solid foundation again, but rather than to rely on another individual, they must function from their own capacity.

A Moment of Choice affects everyone financially, so eventually most of the people on the planet will work our ways through these teachings.

This row starts with the Faith of the Pure Ray, which teaches the principles of how to create the life you want, and the second step is to learn how to perform the four miracles that our organization will eventually teach--should we learn them ourselves first.

Twelve people have been named to teach the four miracles, with three to a team, and we are presently struggling to overcome the events in our lives that make us open to learning the miracles. Two will demonstrate the miracles and one will be the teacher. It takes two to demonstrate, one by intent and one by default, but for each of the miracle teachers, it will be a true miracle in every sense of the word.

The miracle team that is learning how to walk on water is at present so overcome by their emotions that they are drowning.

The miracle team that is learning how to manifest have discovered they have brought into their lives something they aren't sure they want.

The miracle team that is learning how to manifest instantaneously has been given a huge amount of things, but they are losing it to the pirates.

The miracle team that is learning time travel, have lost the respect of others and rather than to leap from the bottom of the abyss to where they want to be in one step, have nailed themselves to the bottom of the abyss.

In every case, while some people may be able to learn these lessons easily, it will be a true miracle for others.

The miracles seem to oppose each other. The White Witch has been named as one of the miracle workers. By preventing another person from being able to perform their miracle, they cannot do theirs. The Faith of the Pure Ray teaches the principles, but the miracles are the application of the principles of Universal Law.

Being able to perform miracles may sound like a trick you can perform at parties to impress you friends, so how important is this row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy?

  1. Twenty five percent of the population of the planet is struggling economically. 
  2. To end the conflict in the Middle East, everyone involved must be able to create a sense of abundance in their lives so this can help to end the conflict.
  3. The knowledge base related to the Faith of the Pure Ray allows the religions to function on a higher level, and has the capacity to unify the world's seven major religions.
  4. It allows people who have relied on others for their security and support to assume responsibility for their own support, and this is the first principle of the global renaissance.