Thursday, June 2, 2016

Who has what you want?

The fourth row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy is for those who function for their own interests, and this group of people are the ones who when they are dragged into the crisis, have the capacity to create a rebellion.

If the conflict is a divorce, for example, one stands on the principles and one goes down into the games, and gets revenge on the other. Say, the wife goes out and complains to the neighbors or extended family, about her husband. Once they get involved, it is difficult to contain the conflict. If someone from outside the family wants to get revenge on the husband, it can become a character defamation campaign, which is an individual form of genocide.

To get out of your crisis, you must make a win-win agreement with someone, and it comes to the point where you must understand what it is that you want, and find the person who has it. The people who play the five power games associated with revenge all seem to have the same goal, but actually don't. The revenge is a means to an end, and everyone is actually undermining each other. The hell of it is when you want revenge, that is all you get out of it.

This is what has occurred within our organization, and is occurring on the international level.

Ripples of effects have gone out to draw in more and more people, and the ripples have log-jammed everyone into a huge sense of illusion. No one knows who to trust. Some people have come into the quagmire because they were offered something, and it was a grand opportunity, but the person who offered it didn't have the legal right to it, and it was meant to trap the person to prevent them from joining the organization. Those who function for their own interests don't care whether someone is in crisis.

It is as if people are caught in their worst fears. Everyone has a big fear and a little fear, and when those fears are flip-flopped, they become mentally ill. They have sold their soul to the allegorical devil.

Many people are in their end of life crisis because they don't see how they can get the life they want.

To get the United States out of its economic crisis, President Obama went to the think-tanks and the leaders of major corporations, and businesspeople, for advice, but he was 180 degrees from where he thought he was. Everyone he talked to functioned in the mainstream sector of the economy, and had a personal agenda. The person President Obama was looking for was the person who was on the bottom and was rising out of the crisis, and could drag everyone out of it, too.  The person who had experienced the same crisis and had a plan for getting out of it. The person who had no voice because he or she was on the bottom of the economy, and when they came together, everyone could function on a higher level.

In the scenario of the divorce, the wife is getting revenge because she relies on her husband for her security and support, and she fears having to be responsible. She fears having to go out and make her own living, but that is what she must do.

The husband is dealing with a character defamation, and during this time of crisis, must rise out of his own crisis, and demonstrate that it is possible to get his own life. When it becomes apparent that by getting revenge she is losing her power, and he must keep on rising in power, and when they meet at the middle, that is when conflict resolution is possible.

For conflict resolution, the first requirement is that everyone must be seen as equal. To stop the genocide, someone must defend the person who is standing on the principles.

When Karen Holmes introduced the plan for the international government, it threatened the security and support of her husband. Karen is parallel to Saddam Hussein, and her husband is parallel to George W. Bush. It affected the life of their child, and the rest of the family, and many others were draw into the conflict.

Our organization is offering our Exit Strategy for Iraq as our solution for defending Saddam Hussein, and for ending the character defamation against him.

The first principle of the global renaissance is that every person function from within their own capacity, by sharing one's talents and gifts. Most people don't know how to do that, so the focus should be on fulfilling one's purpose in life, which is to do what is in everyone's best interest, including those who are actively getting revenge on you. The conflict stops when everyone sees it is possible to create a financial foundation, because it undermines those who are getting revenge.