Thursday, May 12, 2016

When to Fight the White Witch

Everyone has a big fear and a little fear, and when they flip-flop, it leads to mental illness.

The White Witch plays the power game of Lust, which comes from fear of a lack of intimacy, and attempts to bind people to him or her by weaving an illusion based on capacity. An example of this in literature is Sherlock Holmes.

The ultimate conclusion of the game of Lust is that you push everyone away, and unless you can overcome this fear, that is when you die. Ironically, the point of the end of life crisis is between issues of security and capacity, so the White Witch who has pushed everyone away and can't overcome this fear never has reached the point of demonstrating his or her capacity. Their capacity has been on weaving an illusion, and you can't get your life by weaving an illusion.

Every creative project has totems, and our organization's animal species is the horse. We function like a herd of horses. We have a stallion, who is responsible for defending the herd, and a head mare, who is responsible for ensuring that every member of the herd has what it needs, and takes the other mares and foals to safety when predators attack. If the stallion is overwhelmed by the predators, it is up to the head mare to protect the herd.

The colts are too immature to assume responsibility for their own herd, but a point comes when one will attract the attentions of one of the mares and go off to start his own herd, and that mare's maternal instincts take over and she starts to pay attention of where to run to for safety. This is how our projects will spin off.

When the stallion and head mare are undermined by age or infirmity, it is normal for another to rise to take its place, but our positions are for life because our projects are based on our talents and gifts. No one can do another's project. In nature, no horse will attack a foal. Any creature that attacks the foals is a predator.

Our organization stands on the principles of the cooperation of nature, and we also function as a beehive. The White Witch is not a queen bee, taking willing drones off to start a new hive, but functions like the fungi and viruses--the Darkness--that lead to beehive collapse syndrome. Wasps and viruses and fungi do not produce honey.

For world peace to come, and to participate in the global renaissance, everyone must function from their own capacity.

Our organization evolved in two main separate locations, and many people have been drawn into the organization as part of the character defamation campaign. The illusion is very strong. No one knows who to trust. The ripples of effects have gone out, and are log-jamming. Many people are backed into the proverbial corner and see no way out. Fears are running rampant. The herd is being attacked by predators.

Our organization believes in taking disputes to court. The existing legal system has problems with proving character defamation and genocides, and so we are working to establish a higher form of court system, one that is based on Universal Law. This is part of our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal. The two groups must come together to create the projects, including the court system.

The White Witch now has three choices. While he or she makes the choice, we will continue doing what is in everyone's best interest.

The first people to come into the organization framework are the original members of our prayer circle to verify their identity, and the channels working together in a group channeling situation to demonstrate that we are working with the spiritual hierarchy. The channels must be able to create a cash flow based on our talents and gifts, which is how the global renaissance will come about. The White Witch cannot demonstrate his or her capacity to channel the books, especially one each month  on subjects that he or she knows nothing about.

By attacking the children, the White Witch demonstrates that he or she is not part of the organization, but under Universal Law, we cannot leave anyone out of the framework, which potentially includes every person on the planet, so the White Witch is considered part of the general public at this time, and will be welcome to come to our mental health clinic once we establish it.

In terms of security, if a member of the general public comes to one of our events or clinics and plays a power game, that individual will be banned from attending any future events for six months to a year.