Saturday, May 21, 2016


Heather Buckley graciously hosted the original prayer circle at her home. Heather had owned a spiritual book store in San Jose, and her husband was a trance channel, and together they wrote books and sold them at their store. When he passed away, she moved to Oregon, and sold the books at psychic fairs. Karen Holmes first met Heather at a psychic fair and bought several of her books many years before they were reintroduced and started the prayer circle. It was one of the group's first win-win agreements. One brought the idea, and the other brought in the people, and everyone benefited.

People came to the prayer circle to ask for help on some issue in their life. One of Heather's favorite comments was to raise her hands over her shoulders and to declare "Allow!" Years have passed, but the message is even more important as many people are now in crisis and are looking for help from the light-bearers.

The chaos that is running rampant is coming from the ultimate conclusion of the power games that people are playing. The games are oppressive to the people, but both the victim and the perpetrator, because there is always a backlash to the games.

Heather's message is still appropriate, but now it is that if someone sees a solution, rather than attempt to tear it and the person apart, it is in everyone's best interest for everyone to allow the solution to be created.

You cannot get out of your own crisis by preventing others from building a crisis center.