Friday, May 13, 2016

Leaning on Each Other

Our organization started with a prayer circle in a little town in Oregon, on the west coast of the United States. One of our circle's teachers is Seth, who is famous for his work with channel Jane Roberts. The circle is not based on religion, but on spirituality--which respects all religions-- and as we prayed for peace, responsibility for bringing world peace was placed on our shoulders. Each of us assumed responsibility for a project that benefits everyone, and the focus of the group shifted from that you create your own reality to how to create the life you want. We are average people who have, for the most part, not been able to create a solid financial foundation.

Simultaneously, Seth worked with a group in California.  The majority of the people in that group have achieved wealth, but have taken losses due to the California Community Property Law, which requires couples when they divorce to divide their assets. This has led to major social problems for the State of  California, and it has caused a drain on the California economy.

Seth is bringing the two sides together in a win-win agreement. The Oregon group is the inventors, and we are learning about where true power comes from. We have fifty innovative project ideas. The California group is the investors, with the capacity and opportunity to sponsor and mentor the investors, and they are being offered the opportunity to regain their wealth and overcome their social issues that have torn them apart.

Seth is a seventh dimensional entity, and can be called the architect for the plan for world peace. He functions with eleven other seventh dimensional individuals in a twelve-pointed star agreement, based on the cooperation of nature. The Flower of Life patterns allows Seth's twelve-pointed star to bring in one billion people, all in a flat hierarchy, with everyone sharing talents and gifts. This is what we are attempting to recreate within our organization, and on the international level, based on the Flower of Life teachings.

The first two proposals address where true power comes from, and how to get out of the abyss. The California group has power, but no peace, and the Oregon group has peace, but no power. Coming together, the entire group has power and peace, and everyone functions on a higher level.

When you introduce an innovative project, you realize that you have something of great value, but anything of great value can and will be stolen. This is where the "boogie men" -- the pirates --come into the picture. While those who have never created a financial foundation are bouncing between having something of value and not knowing what to do with it, on the opposite side, those who have the wealth don't know how to overcome the issues in their own family, and are susceptible to the predations of the pirates as they rely on the existing structure to solve the problems.

The innovative projects function on a higher level than the existing structures, so while both sides are facing a severe test, the solution is to do what is in everyone's best interest--including the pirates.

The conflict ends when everyone is able to function on a higher level financially. This is why the pirates oftentimes target the assets of the wealthy side, and steal the plan, even without understanding the principles of the projects. Their plot involves dividing and conquering, and postponing the inevitable. The solution is to keep walking forward from the most general concept of world peace to the individual level, which includes those who function for their own interests.

The planning for the international government's first eight proposals was put online in 2102, and for the last four years, the two sides have faced the predations of the pirates. On the international level, ISIS has risen, and within our organization, the White Witch has run ahead of the rest and subverted the projects and events.

The solution to every crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest. Rather than to think of the international government as the root cause of the chaos, it is the solution that enables everyone on the planet to function on a higher level.

Why go down into the power games? Those who are perpetrating the hostile takeover of the planet and the organization believe they are outsmarting the rest of humanity, but in truth, they have nothing and are coming from such a limited perspective that they have no capacity to do anything but to make chaos.

There is always a backlash to the games. They are compensatory games that don't work. They go against Universal Law, and the first two proposals--the Exit Strategy for Iraq and the U.S. Constitutional Amendment project lean on each other to set up a protocol for creating an international legal and judicial system--based on Universal Law--for ending disputes so innocent people are not dragged into the chaos, and the monies now wasted on war go to support the people, instead.

If you wish to see the end of the chaos, start by adding your name to the list of affiliate members who already have seen the potential of the plan to end the oppression that comes from the games. Affiliate membership has enabled the plan for world peace to be leveraged onto the government level.