Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The White Witch

In my last post, I said that it is up to Seth to deal with the White Witch, and today I would like to explain how a seventh dimensional entity can do so.

When the United States invaded Iraq with a preemptive strike, it went against one of the basic premises of the U.S. legal system that someone is presumed innocent until proven guilty. The U.N. weapons inspectors did not find any WMD, and warned against the invasion, and even on the 10th anniversary of the invasion, Hans Blix reaffirmed that no WMD had been found. Saddam Hussein was innocent of the charges placed against him because he was attempting to comply with U.N. sanctions. 

The preemptive strike collapsed the U.S. power base. Many people don't agree that it did, but that is not what matters. It is not what they think, but what other world leaders think that  matters. Many world leaders got into power by playing favorite power games, and the collapse of the U.S. power base became a grand opportunity to take their games to the global level, and they started to jockey for power. 

There are five main power games that governments play, including War, Genocide, Massacres (based on the game of  Greed), Slavery and Human Rights violations, and Terrorism. Three of the power games--War, Massacres and Terrorism--reached their ultimate conclusion, and the proverbial pendulum started to swing back to the midpoint, but the two that are based on weaving an illusion--genocide and slavery--have continued to expand because it is very hard to overcome the illusion.

Seth offers the solution for unraveling the illusion. It is the plan for world peace, starting with the Exit Strategy for Iraq. The difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven, there is a solution to your crisis. That does not mean the solution will be easy. 

Once the Grand Lie has been told, the truth does not overcome the lies. It just reaches the point where no one knows who to trust. Seth's plan for the economic structure of the international government is based on the cooperation of nature, which is based on win-win agreements, not games of one-upmanship. Win-win agreements build trust and set the stage for future agreement. 

But, in the illusion, people are backwards and attempt to make agreements with those who don't have the same goal. If the White Witch offers you something, he or she doesn't have it, and the agreement is a trap. 

White Witches are sociopaths who function only for their own interests. Their game is to outsmart you, like the allegorical devil. They seem to have all the power, but power doesn't come from weaving an illusion. Power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that you and others have done.

The solution is to support the plan for the international government, and allow the organization to demonstrate the potential of the plan to solve the problems. Seth can be considered the architect of the plan, and he has made the rule that peace must come from the people when the people are ready for it to come, and the invitations to join will come from the people, not from the governments jockeying for power. We are average people. We have no power other than we are assuming responsibility to demonstrate the potential of the plan in our own lives, because we are experiencing the same crises. 

Each of the proposals includes planning stages and steps, and each leads a nation out of its crisis and to the goal of the world conference, which will be hosted by our organization. It will last one month. The nations that have proposals will be advocates of the solutions and demonstrate that the solutions work. 

We have been dealing with a White Witch also. Seth has ruled that no one can be left out of the framework, and our organization is the first 200 people to come into the framework. Seth is responsible for explaining where each individual fits into the organization. The White Witch must be invited into the organization by his (or her) family. The games have gone on within the family, that is where the games are learned, and that family member has been subjected to the power games since childhood. This allows the family member to assume responsibility for security, and this creates a sense of equality, which is the first requirement for conflict resolution.

Seth and Karen Holmes channeled a booklet, called "The Initial Projects," when he introduced the first set of innovative projects ideas. Only enough information has been offered to open the idea to debate. Not enough to bring the project to fruition. It takes everyone working together to create a project, each sharing one's talents and gifts. The White Witch took the ideas and claimed them as his or her own, and offered them to the investors, and this seemed the golden opportunity for the inventors to have the funding to create the projects. But, Seth will not introduce additional information through anyone but Karen Holmes, and so the projects have been stalled until everyone is willing to work with Karen Holmes. 

To come into the organization, everyone must be willing to share one's talents and gifts, and the first people to come in are the channels--the prophets--who will offer group channeling sessions, and channel answers on any subject to audiences on every level, including the U.S. government, in our tent tour and advisory segments. No one who is not connected to the spiritual hierarchy will be able to function on a higher level than they are at that time. No one can consistently offer monthly best-seller trade books on subjects they know nothing about and that enable the experts in the fields to ask their own questions and get answers that are higher than what can be found on the internet. It takes someone who functions on the seventh dimension or higher to be able to do that. 

It makes no sense to fight the White Witch by using the exiting legal system. You are always in the reactive mode. The Exit Strategy for Iraq sets up the legal system to do that, because it is based on Universal Law, and the White Witch is fighting the Universe, and therefore can't win. 

The solution is to support the Exit Strategy for Iraq, and to walk away from the fight. The solution has been there all along, but no one has seen it yet.