Monday, May 9, 2016

The hostile takeover of the planet

The potential independent members of our organization are spread all over the United States, and even in other countries. We have two main segments, one in Oregon and one in California, and they came as the result of prayer circles that were started by our of our spiritual guides--Seth, who is famous for his books through Jane Roberts.

The Oregon segment is made up of average people who have been given innovative project ideas--the inventors. We have never been able to rise out of our socioeconomic level. The California segment--the investors--are businesspeople who have been dealing with the sociological effects of the California Community Property Law. They are the investors. As a result of their divorces, they lost their businesses or half their assets, and their children are left without a foundation for them to get their life. Together, we have a great deal of potential to create our fifty innovative projects. Working with the Creator of us all, we have the potential to lift the entire planet into a global renaissance.

The two groups have another thing in common, and that is Seth has worked with one individual in each group as his main channel. The two groups were triggered to come together when one individual discovered she knew people in both places.  When it became apparent that the potential of this enterprise is phenomenal, we became a "giant peach ready to be plucked." She understood she could control how much each side knew about the other side, and introduce the remarkable information as if it came from her, not from the spiritual hierarchy, and specifically from Seth.

She also has controlled how the plan is spread outside the outside the organization. She seems to have all the capacity to impress others because she has the ideas and the wealth behind her, and most people give her the benefit of the doubt. They consider her to be the head of the organization, but she is not even part of it. She is a catalyst--a trigger. The ripples of effects of the hostile takeover have gone out to draw in many people and to back them into a corner. She has gathered an army of people around her who have no way to defend themselves from her control.

This is how the hostile takeover of the organization occurred.

Those who are perpetrating the acts of mayhem have come to understand that the power games they are playing aren't working as they expected. As they stole the plan, they didn't understand the plan, and then they tried to steal the principles, and they realized they didn't understand the principles.

Who the person is behind the hostile takeover is not important. The same crises occur on every level. The White Witch is any sociopath who seems to be unstoppable, but is grabbing for power and actually backs himself or herself into a corner.

So, this is the first test for the entire planet, because we are parallel to what is going on out in the world. Where does true power come from? From wealth? From a great business idea? How can you demonstrate peace by waging war? What if you are getting revenge on someone who is doing what is in everyone's best interest?  How do you overcome the mayhem that is tearing people apart, and how do you overcome the illusion that is the basis for a global genocide?

There is a series of allegorical stories that were written for this time period. The Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis have always been childhood classics, but now they are demonstrating their potential for helping mankind to understand how to bring world peace. Seth is parallel to Aslan, and it is up to him to deal with the White Witch who is behind the hostile takeover of the planet. We have the Exit Strategy for Iraq to help us overcome this crisis, which came from Seth.