Saturday, May 14, 2016

Trapped, but there is a way out of the trap.

The Illusion is very powerful now as the ripples of effects from the lies have gone out, and later ripples are log-jamming all the ripples into one chaotic quagmire. Many people have been backed into the proverbial corner. The solution normally would be to turn around and join the organization or the framework, but the door has been blocked.

People die when they believe they can't get the life they want, so these acts are so oppressive that people who don't see any way out are dying.

Seven or more potential independent members are now trapped by their spouses, who went down into the games of revenge, and the spouses have backed themselves into the corner so deeply that they also don't believe they can get the life they want. 

The White Witch draws people into the quagmire by offering them something he or she doesn't have. It is like the old con-game of selling someone the Brooklyn Bridge, but much worse. It is more like a child predator with a big sincere smile on his face offering candy to a child. 

While it seems that one major surge is the solution, people who have been enslaved--and this applies to both the victims of the crimes and the perpetrators of the crimes--want compassion. They want a way out of their crisis, and getting deeper into the battles is not the solution.

We were given our books, channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis. The books are the solution, but the books were pirated and the messages have been subverted. There is one statement that is in one of the books, that the only thing that God cannot help is when someone has been charged with crimes and has been given the death penalty, so the White Witch has backed people into the corner legally so deeply that even God can't help.

That is not the case, though, because there is a way to solve this crisis, too, and that is to do what is in everyone's best interest, and to reform the legal system to resolve this legal crisis. This is the rationale behind our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal--the creation of an international legal system based on Universal Law.

The White Witch has backed himself or herself into the corner, too, by playing all seven power games. The White Witch has outsmarted himself or herself, and at some point will be willing to watch someone demonstrate how to overcome the illusion without interfering. You cannot get the life you want by weaving an illusion. The White Witch is trapped in the illusion, on the "last wall of Hell." For each power games anyone plays that isn't corrected in its initial stage, the person faces the end of life crisis when it becomes apparent that the game doesn't work. The White Witch will face the end of life crisis seven times.

God does not judge anyone for playing the games. God warns us that you cannot get the life you want by playing the games.

The solution is the books and to take small steps, and to keep walking forward and demonstrating that it is possible to overcome any crisis by applying the information in one's own life.

As people face their end of life crisis, they can read the books and come out of it. Reading the books is like turning your life over to God, the Creator of us all, and having an angel come to help you our of your crisis. 

The first step in the Exit Strategy for Iraq is to bring together the Professional Publishing team. By getting revenge and going down deeper into the illusion, they leave themselves out of the framework. You cannot get the life you want by playing the power games. 

Archangel Michael told us "the difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven there is a solution to your crisis."

This proposal leads to the creation of a court system based on Universal Law, one that has the capacity to fairly address this legal crisis, also, and this is the lesson everyone must learn and apply to get their life on a higher level.