Sunday, May 29, 2016

Confusion about the hostile takeover of the organization

In a normal organization or government or business, it is possible to perpetrate a takeover when the existing leadership proves to be not up to the task. Not so in our organization. The position is for life, whether we are totally inept or not. We are working to fulfill our purpose in life, not to run a normal business or organization. God allows us to stumble and fail as part of the learning process. It is expected.

No one has the capacity to do another's project. Imagine someone doing a hostile takeover of Martha Stewart and declaring herself to be Martha. There is only one Martha Stewart. This would be even harder than that.

Our organization is incorporated as Seth and Suzeranda Corporation. Seth is a seventh dimensional entity who is famous for his work with Jane Roberts. He is the source of the government proposals and books. Suzeranda is the spiritual name of Karen Holmes. Seth will only channel additional information through her.

The perpetrators of the hostile takeover have stolen the plan and have gone forward and have tried to do the projects associated with the proposals, but are not connected to the source of information. Imagine that a third dimensional entity is trying to compete with a seventh dimensional being--or a twelfth dimensional being--God. Imagine Seth can write books on any subject, one each month.  Who can do that other than a channel who just has to listen and speak?

The plan for world peace has offered everyone the opportunity to get their life on a higher level, but the plan is based on sharing one's talents and gifts. When the power games associated with Pride, Greed and Anger reached their ultimate conclusion, and the proverbial pendulum started to swing back to the midpoint, those associated with weaving an illusion continued to swing the pendulum out. How do you sort out all the lies? Ripples of effects have gone out and have logjammed.

The solution is to rely on God, but even God has been dragged into the illusion, so it comes down to Universal Law. This is the basis for the proposed international government's legal system.

Those who are breaking Universal Law are leaving themselves out of the organization, and the opportunity. We can be inept, but cannot break Universal Law.

At this point, we can once again see the organization as a normal organization or business. Only two people are now considered part of the organization-- Seth and Suzeranda--Karen Holmes. Independent members are listed in our bylaws, and this is a paid position. At this time, no one is listed in the bylaws because the funding sources have been also obfuscated.

Seth has set rules about how people join. He is the one who offers the project ideas, so anyone who refuses to stand on the rules has no project.

On a parallel basis, the plan for the international government is going through the same crisis. Many people are talking about it and say they support the idea, and even believe they are an active participant, but that does not mean they are connected to the source.

Eventually, there will be 60 proposals, and over 200 trade books. Without Seth, it is impossible for it to come.

By leaving Karen Holmes out--who is parallel to Saddam Hussein--no one is in. Seth has worked with many channels over the years, but everyone is still in the potential state. Anyone who tries to take another's project, will eventually realize they are not paying any attention to create their own project.

This leaves the vast majority of  people grabbing for power, and still getting revenge, and even murdering others as they grab for the opportunity to be part of the plan. You cannot get your life by doing so.

The first lesson is whether you are willing to stand on the principles of Universal Law. The only thing God did not create is our will. Now that is being addressed.

We are learning that revenge doesn't work. That weaving an illusion to get our life doesn't work. That you can't fool God. That no matter how much chaos and mayhem what one perpetrates, the perpetrator goes down in power while the victim goes up. Even that has been obfuscated. The teaching have been obfuscated, but that does not mean they are not true.

The only thing you can trust at this time is Universal Law.