Wednesday, May 25, 2016

The Chilcot Report offers the opportunity to address the root cause of genocides

Prime Minister Tony Blair and President George W. Bush have faced backlashes for their choice to preemptively invade Iraq and judge Saddam Hussein to be evil, but without an understanding of the root cause of the crisis, they have avoided the majority of the backlash. In July, when the Chilcot Report comes out, that sense of immunity will come to an end.

The Iraq War will be considered an illegal war.

We won't know until July if the Chilcot Report addresses the root cause of the crisis, which is that it devolved as a genocide, an act of revenge against Saddam Hussein, which draws together five groups of people, each playing favorite power games. While the facts delineated in the report may be brutal, the ramifications of two permanent members of the U.N. Security Council perpetrating a genocide against another member of the United Nations will tear apart the existing international structure, and all the nations that became part of the Coalition of the Willing. That doesn't even begin to address any reparations to be paid the victims.

The Chilcot Report also has the capacity to set the stage for the proposed international government, to make sure this type of conflict never happens again.

The Exit Strategy for Iraq is the solution that allows Tony Blair and George W. Bush to assume responsibility for their acts of revenge. It sets the stage for the creation of an international court system--based on the creation of the proposed international government-- and make acts of genocide a power game that anyone can play as part of the five power games related to revenge. It makes the games bad, not the people. And, because the same crises occur on every level, and almost everyone has experienced a genocide in the form of hostile divorce or workplace bullying, it is now possible to recognize the power games and eradicate them, and to have a unifying effect to help end the conflict.

The professional publishing team must come into the framework of the organization as the first stage in the planning for the Exit Strategy for Iraq. This stage brings in those who are necessary to be part of the advisory aspect, but also helps to end the conflict based on revenge within the organization. Before our organization can go to Oxford and Stonehenge, we must overcome the same crises to be able to speak from personal experience as advisors to governments.

Sixteen years ago this month, "A Manual for Peace" was channeled, and it has been on hold until a million people are in the right time, place and frame of mind for it to go forward. Hopefully, the Chilcot Report will trigger the professional publishing team to come together. It is a choice that enables everyone on the team to function on a far higher level.

The technology team would like to go to England. Who wouldn't want to go to Oxford and offer the professors of mathematics insights on the Unified Field Theory and the Nature of Time? This is Nobel Prize winning information! Who wouldn't want to go to Stonehenge and offer the anthropologists insights into how our ancestors resolved their conflicts? The technology team members are now learning about revenge and how it works and why it doesn't work, and how Time functions so they can speak from their own experience as advisors to governments. This information sets the stage for the three innovative inventions that will be introduced and opened to debate by the tech team.