Sunday, March 6, 2016

Trapped by the Lady of the Green Kirtle

The Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis starts "The Magician's Nephew," but also with "The Last Battle."  If you have not yet read them, they are great books to read to your children, or to study them as allegories for this time. The stories continue to spin off, and address the crises facing mankind and explain our progress in creating Heaven on Earth.

"The Silver Chair" is a story about the power game of Greed, and a hostile takeover bid by the Lady of the Green Kirtle, but there is always a white witch behind every story.  The White Witch is a sociopath who has said the deplorable word--genocide-- in a battle between her and her sister in "The Magician's Nephew," and has destroyed her own planet, she has made her way into Narnia, and is perpetrating a hostile takeover. She is not mentioned in the story, but she is behind every Lady of the Green Kirtle, who has killed the queen and taken control of the Prince, and keeps the dwarves in the dark.

The only one who can stop the White Witch--Queen Jadis--is Aslan, and the prophecy is that when four children--two Sons of Adam and two daughter of Eve--sit on the throne, the era of the White Witch will end, and peace will reign in Narnia.

This is occurring within our organization now, and must be addressed before we can advise governments.

On a parallel basis, there are seven--or more now--world leaders who are backed into a corner, and are controlled by someone who is perpetrating a hostile takeover within the nation, and a sociopath--who cares only about himself or herself is behind an overview plot to become emperor or empress of the planet. This is probably what is occurring in Syria, with the creation of the caliphate.

The only one to stop this hostile takeover of the planet is Seth, a seventh dimensional entity.

This sounds all very dramatic, but that isn't necessarily so. Seth won't appear on Earth in the form of a huge lion. Seth will appear in his books, along with the past kings, queens and presidents to help mankind bring world peace, starting with our first book, "A Manual for Peace." He is offering everyone on the planet the opportunity to be part of the global renaissance, and the Thousand Years of Peace that has been prophesied in the Bible.

The caliphate is also based on a prophecy, that Jesus and Mohammed will come together, and they will in the Faith of the Pure Ray, which brings together all the worlds major religions.

No one must be left out of the plan for world peace, including the sociopaths. In the future, we will offer classes to family members to help psychopaths and sociopaths overcome their mental illness. Once again, the solution must be done by demonstration, so their family members must work to create their own lives and then invite them in.

How this is done is that the plan for the international government is being debated by the world's leaders, but the people of the nation must invite them in. Within the United States, it is a constitutional amendment to create the additional layer of government over what already exists. That can take up to seven years, but the entire planet will start with the Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, which sets the stage for the creation of an international court system, and the contingency is that the United States work together to amend our constitution.