Sunday, March 27, 2016

People must be squeezed to participate

The introduction of the plan for the international government has progressed through a huge circle, based on whose voice people will regard.

The plan for the international government was first introduced to a small group of people at the prayer circle that founder, Karen Holmes, started in the early 1990s. In May of 1999, Holmes and her guide, Seth, channeled a book, "A Manual for Peace." Each night they channeled a chapter and Holmes took the chapters to the prayer circle and passed them around. People liked the book, and were amazed that Seth, who had originally worked with Jane Roberts and is a famous spiritual guide, would write a new series of books through Karen Holmes.

The prayer circle started to transition from praying for people in crisis, to how to create the life you want. The classic spiritual books are about the fact that you create your own reality, but the focus is shifting to how to do so. Three of the people from the circle chose projects associated with the plan for world peace, plans that came from their heart, and each of the people with ideas tried to create their plans, but the projects were too big. One left the group and tried to work on it alone.

Holmes sent out newsletters to family and friends, introducing the general idea of the plan for world peace, but no one listened. The idea was too large. The response was "let the United Nations handle world peace." "What can one person do?"

Holmes started a website to get the message out to the entire planet. Then, at the start of the Iraq War, the government proposals were channeled, and were faxed to their governments, but no one listened. Holmes started "World Peace" newsletter and put the affiliate membership form on the website and asked for people who liked the plan to become affiliate members of the organization. The number of affiliate member nations was noted in the newsletter, and this got the attention of the ambassadors in Washington DC.

Interest in the diplomatic community allowed the plan to be leveraged into the world leaders, and they leveraged the idea into the Whitehouse.

While this was going on, the potential members of the organization were approached by people who are attempting to do a hostile takeover of the organization. The hostile takeover is in the form of a character defamation campaign--an individual form of genocide. The conspirators have woven a web o deceit. Many people were approached by the conspirators and told they are legitimate members of the organization. Who is taking over whose organization? The idea has been flip-flopped.

The conspirators seem to have more power and capacity, and so many people turned in that direction, so the questions are, where does true power come from, and how do genocides function?

The conspirators actually don't have the capacity to follow through on the plan because every aspect of our innovative projects are based on one's talents and gifts. The books and government proposals are channeled messages, and the organization's spiritual guides will not work with anyone but the person whose project it is.

If someone steals the plan, they don't understand the plan, and if they steal the principles, they don't understand the principles.

Just enough information about any project has been introduced to open it to debate. It takes the full 200 independent members to bring about each of the projects. As the ideas were put online, the conspirators have taken them and run with them, perpetrating covert and overt acts. Many people have been backed into the proverbial corner and see no way out. Joining the organization is the solution to the crisis, allowing the person to function on a higher level.

There is a form of mental illness that is pervasive in the organization. When someone is offered a chance to get their life on a far higher level, but it is based on a sense of illusion--such as getting the offer from the conspirators-- it results in a type of bipolar crisis, where they are getting their lives but they know they are fakes, and the two sides can't be reconciled.

The test that the potential independent members are facing now is who to trust.

Our independent members, once everyone overcomes their end of life crisis, will be advisors to governments, and we can't be bribable. To protect our reputations, we must already be getting the life we want so that even a bribe of billions of dollars holds no enticement.

The governments are watching now, and the conspirators have proven they cannot create the international government, so now it comes to the point where the potential independent members are being squeezed to participate.

Each is holding onto something that is dragging them into the abyss. They were offered something that they thought would help them get the life they want, and they are 180 degrees from where they think they are. They are at the point of the Brick Wall, like being lost and headed the wrong way on a road. To reach their destination, they must turn around. What they want is behind them.

Rather than to rely on people who seem to have all the power and capacity, our independent members must take back their lives and demonstrate their own capacity by sharing their talents and gifts with others in a series of win-win agreements.

The United Nations had to prove it doesn't have the capacity to bring world peace. The governments had to be looking for an alternative plan. The other options, like NATO and the EU had to prove they are not viable options. We have had to demonstrate within our organization that those who deny their own capacity and perpetrate hostile takeovers actually are grabbing for power, and that opening an idea to debate to allow everyone to participate in the creation of the plan is a far higher form of functioning. We are average people placed into remarkable circumstances.

We had to go full circle and be squeezed to let go of what never had the capacity to help us get the life we want to participate in the plan for the international government.

There is no need to change anything if what exists is working. People must be squeezed to let go of the old and to come into the new. We have had to let go of the games of revenge, and instead function based on the principles of the cooperation of nature.