Saturday, March 5, 2016

A line has two ends, but it is also a line.

The plan for the international government was first introduced in May of 1999 as "A Manual for Peace" was being channeled through Karen Holmes, whose spiritual name is Suzeranda Melchizedek. Her gift from the Creator of us all is to be able to communicate with anyone "on the other side." Her guides include the past kings, queens and presidents of history who are returning to help introduce the plan for world peace, and to undo the damage they did during their lifetimes. They are all authoring books and speaking from their own experience.

Seth, the spiritual entity who is the author of "A Manual for Peace," is working simultaneously with other channels, and introducing information appropriate to their capacity. The groups were not aware the others existed, although logically, Seth has been free to work with whomever he chooses. His goal is to bring every person on the planet into the framework that enables world peace to come.

Bringing the two sides together is Seth's responsibility, but there is a test associated with this. He gave Holmes enough information about the plan for the international government to open it to debate, but then left and won't return until two more channels are willing to work with her before he will offer additional information.  Bringing families in based on the introduction of the proposals, which allow families--and nations--to function on a higher level. The first step is that the two sides must come together and assume responsibility and take back the power from those who have gravitated to the other end of the line, around the sociopaths, who seem to have the power.

Holmes also channeled "The Armageddon Series," with Seth, and Jesus of Nazareth, who speaks from his own experience on the concept of betrayal. The series explains how a Moment of Choice comes between two people, and one stands on the principles and one relies on power games, and then a series of battles between the two sides occurs. When two people of power make their choices at a Moment of Choice, movements start. The organization believes that the Iraq War was such a Moment of Choice, and the entire planet is going through the Battle of Armageddon.

The spiritual hierarchy offers the World Peace Marketing Strategy to draw everyone in, based on how the Moment of Choice affected them.  The Battles of Armageddon create a tug of war. The is a tug of war over the plan for the international government.

The schism has formed depending on one's definition of power. The sociopaths have connections in both groups, and are working to divide and conquer, playing the power games of genocide and slavery, which are both based on weaving an illusion. There is a mixing and matching occurring, because the sociopaths are oppressive to both sides. The ripples of the genocide are making people wonder which side they are on, and the illusion is crumbling, but the House of Cards is still creating mayhem.

The technology team is divided, stymied, learning about where true power comes from. Will you use technology to benefit mankind or use technology to create weapons to wage war?  The spiritual hierarchy channeled through Karen Holmes the "Power Series" to explain about how revenge works and why it doesn't work.

But, no one can do another's project, and only enough has been opened to debate, so as the Seth channels continue to walk forward around the planning circle, applying the information in their own lives, and demonstrating it works, and others have followed, and those who function for their own interests have gotten into line, too, and are watching it come about, still weaving their illusion that they have all the power, and attempting to divide and conquer. They are on the opposite side of the planning circle from the two Seth channels.

As it becomes apparent that the sociopaths don't have the capacity to succeed at creating the international government, the focus shifts to the battle over technology.

Seth told us not to worry about having a project pirated, because if they steal the plan, they don't understand the plan, and if they don't understand the plan, they will steal the principles, and then understand they don't understand the principles. Then they have to come to you.

As people walk around the planning circle, applying it in their own life and demonstrating the potential of the information to help them create the life they want, a time comes when they must ass their end of life crisis. Everyone plays the games, and the games all lead to someone's death, so people must pass the point of their end of life crisis by understanding that the solution to their crisis is to do what is in everyone's best interest, which is their project.

Holmes has the legal right to publish her own books, but the professional publishing team is associated with the other Seth group. To take their publishing niches to the higher level, they must work with Karen Holmes to publish the new Seth material. It is the application that you create your own reality. We must stand on the principles of the cooperation of nature.