Friday, March 11, 2016

Preliminary steps for Oxford and Stonehenge

The planning for the Exit Strategy for Iraq starts with bringing in the people within the organization who are necessary to carry the project forward, and every proposal will do the same. At this time, many people are aware of the plan, but don't know where they fit. The lies have gone out, and among them are offers to people to get their life on a higher level by joining the conspiracy against the organization when the original offer was from the organization. This flip flop obfuscation has backed many people into the proverbial corner, and has triggered a form of mental illness based on making one's ascension.

Our organization will offer classes on mental health as part of the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, but they will be offered after all the independent members attend our Full Training Session, nine months after the entire group come together to become independent members. Overcoming mental illness must be done by demonstration by the family members who have been torn apart by the conflict within the family.

The offer to host the "two brothers genocide" within our organization was meant to bring in the next family, whose pure ray (person whose perspective and plan allows everyone to function on a higher level) is ready, willing and able to assume responsibility for the U.S. Constitutional Amendment proposal, and to bring in those that will assist in the plan, he will trigger the U.S. Survival Cards marketing concept. It allows his family to become a dynastic family.

On the international level, this family is parallel to the United States, but they are also citizens of California, and that state is a smaller microcosm yet of the international level, because so many different cultures live there. California, if it was a nation, would have the world's third or fourth largest GDP of the nations, and because of its California Community Property Law, the sociological crises include family genocides.

Before the two brothers will come to Oregon for the Oxford and Stonehenge event, they must deal with their family genocides. The Battles of Armageddon are raging within their families, too, between husband and wife. One is standing on the principles and the other is falling deeper into the games. Women wage war when their security or support is threatened, so taking their dispute to Oregon is a matter of choice, which wise counselor will the "king" listen to? His military advisor or his wife or the principal of the organization who offers the two brothers the opportunity to become a dynastic family, and the opportunity to help to purify the U.S. legal system.

President Obama is in the same crisis. Will he listen to his military advisors about Iraq, a person whose security and support is threatened (not naming any names), or our organization with the Exit Strategy for Iraq.

The preliminary step is for the professional publishing team to come into the organization to assume responsibility for our trade books. At this time, the effects of the genocide have torn apart many people, and we are in crisis. The books are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis." They have been pirated by the conspiracy group, and so this offers people the same flip flop opportunity that trapped them into the abyss with no way out. The publishing team must make their choices, too, but it is the intent of the team that decides the final outcome as to whether the team will work with the legitimate authors of the book, the pirates as part of the conspiracy and acts of revenge, or to walk away from the offers completely.

The conflict will end when everyone is able to get their financial support.

The proposals will progress in stair-step fashion, with the professional publishing team triggering the second family to come in, and that allows the second step of the first proposal to come about. The professional publishing team triggers the crisis center in Brookings, Oregon, which enables the Oxford and Stonehenge event between the two brothers to come about.

Both must be willing to deal with the conflict within their own family first. The first published material is our Conflict Resolution brochures, which can be found on our website.