Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Negotiating with the White Witch

The Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis is an allegory of these times, and it helps to solves the problems we are facing. Behind every story--every crisis--there is a White Witch, and on the international level, this is the person who is behind the rise of the caliphate.

White witches are sociopaths, so we are unraveling the world view of sociopathy, the belief that there is no cure for this form of mental illness. Our organization will offer classes in the future for families of sociopaths and psychopaths, but for now our focus is on stopping the mayhem they are causing.

Revenge brings together people who play five power games. White witches play the power game of Lust, which, like the game of Envy which leads to genocide, is based on weaving an illusion. People who play the game of Greed bring in White Witches.

Revenge doesn't work because no one has the same goal, and everyone eventually undermines each other. The problem is that when they don't reach their goal, the two people who weave an illusion come to the understanding that their capacity is in weaving an illusion, and this is where the real mayhem begins.

Power games are grabs for power, and there is always a backlash to the games. As their power is collapsing, the power base of those who stand on the principles must be rising. For conflict resolution the first requirement is that everyone be considered equal.

Our organization has a white witch, too, who is creating mayhem. You are unbeatable if your plan stands on the seven principles of Equality, Liberty, Freedom, Compassion, Abundance, Capacity and Tolerance. Our power base is the seven principles. We believe power comes not from brutality or conniving plots to enslave people, but from assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done. If a sociopath steals the plan, she doesn't understand the plan, and then she will steal the principles, and doesn't understand the principles.

Our organization is based on the principles of Universal Law, and if we leave anyone out of the framework based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, we leave ourselves out. The solution is the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which enables everyone to participate, but it separates the entire planet into four segments based on how a movement forms. The first row is for those who stand on the principles. The second for those who were affected financially. The third row is for those whose lives were affected, and the final row is for those who normally would not be affected, and were drawn into the conflict. The white witch fits into the fourth row. Actually, the fourth row is for the light-bearers, who teach the principles to the general population. White witches would rather pretend to be light-bearers than general population, so they spread the darkness rather than the light, and this is the illusion they weave.

The solution is a form of negotiation, but not from people who are trapped within their illusion. In the story, Aslan offers a plan for defense, but it is up to him to stop the White Witch. If you accept anything from the White Witch--Queen Jadis was female in the Narnia Series, so let's call the White Witch a she--she owns you.

Our organization is offering eight proposals each year to nations that share a common crisis. Our first year's nations all fell into crisis from a sense of judgment. Everyone wants to be part of the plan for the international government, so as the focus shifts to the proposals, on the parallel level, the focus shifts from an organization level to the family level. It is hard to weave an illusion within your own family. Families must address the conflict within their own family.

During the time of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, a census was called that required everyone to travel to their own towns. This was done to stop the mayhem being caused to overthrow the Roman occupation.  Our solution to this is our U.S. Survival cards, which enable families to become prosperous, and "create unity in diversity and leave no stone unturned."

The Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal starts with bringing in the professional publishing team, and the published materials that we will be offering  helps to overcome the effects of the mayhem, and stands on the principles of the organization. The next step is to start the process to create an international court system that takes disputes off the battlefield and into the court room, starting with an event at Oxford and Stonehenge.

We believe that Stonehenge was vandalized by a White Witch. The original conflict was between two men, where one stood on the principles and the other went down into the power games, including revenge. He drew in a White Witch, and together they killed the man who stood on the principles. The man who played the games was trapped by the White Witch, and took the conflict to Stonehenge. Those who played the game of Greed in the act of revenge understood that Stonehenge drew kings from all over the known world and the people were paid with gold, so they came for the gold.

To end the conflict between Iraq and the United States, the revenge must have collapsed, and George Bush and one of Saddam Hussein's lieutenants must face each other at Stonehenge, in mediation and in the court case.

The White White is not part of the resolution of the conflict in Iraq, but must be appeased in some way. That is the negotiation, which is based on the fact that the world leaders must be invited into the international government by their people. They must prove themselves first within their own nation by ending the conflict at home. Once they do, they are welcome to come to the conference of world leaders that we will host once our own nation has purified our legal system.

The planning for the creation of the international government can be found on our website.