Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The First Family must be the overview concept or there will be chaos

There has been a battle over the plan for the international government. The battle is between those who stand on the principles and those whose financial support or security has been threatened and they are grabbing for power. This morning I would like to explain what it takes to end the battles that are raging.

Our organization has 200 independent members, and each of the families is parallel to a nation. The same battles are occurring within the families, like a divorce that is turning hostile, but there are battles between families, also, and a character defamation campaign against the head of the organization by someone who believes she has been left out, but that is not the case.

What is occurring within our organization now is that marriages have occurred between two people who have different goals, and those who rely on others for their security and support are fearful and fighting for supremacy, playing the games of revenge. Five power games are being played, including two that rely on weaving a web of deceit, and no one knows the whole truth. Everyone is holding onto something that cannot help them get their life. Offers have been made for them to join the conspiracy to help perpetrate the hostile takeover of the organization. Many people are trapped in the illusion, because the truth does not overcome the lie. They are overcome by fear, and like in a battle, are routed and running the wrong direction.

Participation in the organization offers the families the opportunity to become a dynastic family. Before the family can build its wealth, it must find its niche, what it does better than anyone else. The overview person--who we call the Pure Ray of the family--is the person who has the capacity to bring the family together and to enable everyone to function on a higher level. If the person who grabs for power is made the head of the family, he does not have the capacity to bring the family together.

At this time, Donald Trump is running for president, and he is triggering fears within the Republican Party because many people believe he does not represent the overview concept of the Republican Party. Is he the one who can represent all the Republicans? Is he the one who can represent the overview concept of the United States? He is not the Pure Ray of the Republican Party, nor the there is a battle going on within the party, and will be within the nation.

People support Donald Trump because he knows how to create wealth. They equate money and power. What we want as a nation is for everyone to function from his or her own capacity, but many people do not understand what their capacity is. It is a power game to get people to rely on you for their security or support. It un-empowers people.  It draws in people who equate power and brutality. This is how dictatorships form.

Our organization will have a first family, two Pure Ray individuals with a common goal--world peace. They bring in others who are functioning from their own capacity, but also demonstrate how to do so, so no one is left out. No one can be left out for world peace to come.  It is a matter of choice whether to participate, and a matter of letting go of the power games, because the games no longer work. The first man now has the potential but no drive, and the first woman now has the drive but no potential. They have not yet met, and they have been kept apart by those who are grabbing for power.

What you believe is what places you where you are, and your fears determine which direction you are headed. With the right woman, a man with little potential can rise, but with the wrong woman, a man with great potential can fall. They must have the same goals or they will eventually separate.

The "first man" has wealth and potential but no drive, so he is surrounded by women who are attempting to control the creation of the organization. They would like to see him fall. He seems to have the power to introduce the plan for the international government, but it is not his organization. He is battling the woman and her allies who are perpetrating the hostile takeover of the organization. Amongst her allies are members of his own family.

The "first woman" is very poor, so she seems to have no power. She is demonstrating to the other women the principles of how to become an entrepreneur, rising from the level of extreme poverty, based on the insights in her books. She is a channel--a prophet--functioning from her own capacity rather than relying on a man, or someone outside the family who functions for his or her own interests. She is the head and founder of the organization, but no one will come into the organization until the first man and the first woman come together, and she is enduring a character defamation campaign so even those who would be happy to join the organization are afraid to do so.

For conflict resolution, the first requirement is that everyone must be considered equal. The power grabs must have led to the loss of power, backlashed on the player of the games. Those who are victimized by the games must be rising in power because they are assuming responsibility to undo the damage that has been done. In the case of the character defamation campaign, someone must stand up to defend the person who is being defamed--the first woman-- and the only one who will do that is the man who has the same goal.

The plan for the international government has been introduced, and then it comes to the application of the plan. On the opposite side of the planning circle from the plan is conflict resolution. The organization's first family are parallel to the conflict between Iraq and the United States-- the first two proposals.

Our organization is introducing a plan to unify the world's seven major religions, called The Faith of the Pure Ray. The calendar segment that must be addressed first, opposite to the plan, is the principles of Hinduism, and the story of the Ramayana--the battle between Rama and Ravanna over Sita.

This battle is between two brothers who are fighting for supremacy within the family. One brother is jealous of another who has made better life choices, and would rather get revenge than to assume responsibility for his own family.

This Faith of the Pure Ray unification process is the first step in the second row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, which is the row that those who have been financially affected by the battles will work through. Everyone on the planet is welcome to choose whichever row he or she wants. This row is great for men who demonstrate little or no potential, and who have no woman in their life to help them to build their dynasty--the Ravannas of the world.

Eventually, the overview woman will be responsible for the first row of the World Peace Marketing Strategy, and the overview man will handle the second row. We are demonstrating where true power comes from.