Friday, March 4, 2016

None of our potential independent members is ready to advise governments

According to our organization's Articles of Incorporation, the only advice we can offer governments is to do what is in everyone's best interest, because that is the solution to every dilemma--to every crisis. Our demonstrations are meant solve the problems within our own organization, and then the world leaders apply the solution on their level. We are a microcosm of the international level.

The organization's genocide is based on a hostile takeover, a character defamation campaign. The Grand Lie was told, and the ripples of effects have gone out. The woman who is parallel to Saddam Hussein has been driven out and no one will defend her, each for his or her own reasons.

The defamed woman is the founder of the organization, a channel--a prophet--and she introduced the plan for the international government starting with the book, "A Manual for Peace," which she channeled with Seth, a seventh dimensional entity, in the summer of 1999. It was first introduced, chapter by chapter, at her prayer circle. Everyone liked it and was very happy to see that the spiritual hierarchy was working with mankind to help bring world peace.

The prayer circle changed as everyone started to apply the teachings of how to participate in the plan for world peace. Everyone assumed responsibility for his or her own project, and took the ideas and ran with them. No one understood what it takes to create such an international project.

Each attempted to draw in others to work with them, and that is when the conflict started, because some people who were drawn in seemed willing to help and had the capacity to be helpful were also functioning for their own interests, and in the illusion everything is backwards, so those who seemed to have all the capacity actually may have had none, and those who have the capacity, because it is based on one's talents and gifts, were giving away their capacity to those who were functioning for their own interests.

The project ideas are prophesied to be very valuable, but they are fourth and fifth dimensional technologies. Mainstream businesses prize teamwork, but our employees must function based on how a heavenly business would function, with everyone having a common goal, and building on each other's efforts, sharing talents and gifts, every problem solved by everyone doing their job and doing what is in the interest of every person on the planet.

No one understands how to do that yet. Only two people on the planet see the potential of the plan for world peace, and then a line has started to form behind them, a continuum of frequency from those who think globally--actually universally--to those to think only of their own interests and function in no one's best interests--the sociopaths. Many people still think the sociopaths are the ones with all the power and capacity.

The Biblical concept of the allegorical Banquet Table is the fifth dimensional concept, where everyone has a place at the table, but no one has shown up for the feast except the dogs who are aware that crumbs will fall from the table, and are willing to fight for them as they fall to the floor.

Imagine that the Banquet Table has a tablecloth that is the color of a rainbow, with each of the colors representing a segment of world peace. Red is the color of creativity, innovation, coming up with a plan. Orange is technology, also a plan but the application of a plan, the blueprint of someone's idea for a project. Yellow represents business and economics. Green is dealing with the glitches as you work to create your project. Blue addresses security issues. Violet is tolerance and empowerment.  The plan for the international government has been placed on the table in the middle of the Red/Creativity section, and it allows others to spin off from that in the form of our fourth and fifth dimensional projects. We are solving problems by doing what is in everyone's best interest, and demonstrating to others how to do it.

The problem is that the first issue is to deal with the fact that there is a place for everyone at the Banquet Table, because no one can be left out of world peace, including the person who introduced the plan for the international government.

This is why the first step in our planning is to bring together the professional publishing team. They each had their reasons for leaving Karen Holmes out of the plan for the international government, but she is the solution to help them function on a higher level. By fighting over the crumbs that fall off the table, they stay firmly in the third dimensional thinking, where the rest of mankind is at this time.

The third dimension is called "The Illusion" because mankind relies on power games rather than the principles of the cooperation of nature to get what we want, and the ultimate conclusion of the games is that someone dies. We must overcome death to create Heaven on Earth, and unravel the illusion that makes us rely on the power games. That is also part of the planning process, the point where if you can't overcome security issues is when you hit your end of life crisis.

The books are "channeled messages from God on how to overcome any crisis," so Karen Holmes is working to create her niche--On The Rainbow Publishing.  At this time the books are only available to the independent members to enable them to function on a higher level, but soon, everyone on the planet will be able to purchase the books, and the books will be proven to work.