Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ripples of effects of genocide continue to draw in people

Someone told me once that there are three kinds of obfuscation, and the ripples of illusion that have gone out from the Grand Lie are "flip flops" and "rocks next to the stream" and "spiraling down," and all are leading to chaos within the organization.

As we have reported to the IRS, we are dealing with a hostile takeover of the organization in the form of a character defamation, the same crisis that Saddam Hussein faced that lead to the global genocide that is expanding out. Our 200 independent members are parallel to the 200 nations of the world, and the organization itself is parallel to the proposed international government.

Our organization is separated into two parts, revolving around two individuals who are Seth channels. One part is in Oregon and the other in California. As the lies went out, the two individuals have been kept apart, and so imagine it is like what is occurring in Syria, with spies going between the two sides and triggering events to undermine both sides. Every nation will face this soon unless people start to work together to create the international government.

At this time, we can say the entire planet is facing a major crisis in the form of a hostile takeover that started with the Gulf War, and a global genocide that started with the Iraq War, and that all the nations are facing crisis and have been dragged into the illusion.

What makes the discernment more difficult is that the illusions that are being perpetrated are normal concepts for when the proverbial pendulum swings back, so it is as if the perpetrators of the illusion are caught in their own illusion.

Rather than to encourage copycat crimes by delineating the crimes that have been committed, let's say that every one of the potential independent members of the organization has been dragged into the abyss, including the perpetrators of the crimes, and everyone is facing a series of choices.

One of the crises is a form of mental illness that comes from making one's ascension. Mankind has evolved to the point where we are moving into the fourth dimension, and the line that separates the third from the fourth is the understanding that you can get the life you want. People have been offered the opportunity to get their life, which allows them to leap to the fourth dimension, but it is based on weaving an illusion, so they know they are fakes. It is a form of bipolar disease.

Another is Prion Disease.

The solution to the crisis is the application of our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, and to unravel the crisis one step at a time. The two individuals must come together.

To understand this better, I recommend you read the Narnia Series books by C.S. Lewis. They are allegory for this time period.