Saturday, March 19, 2016

Holding the Light

Today, let's look at the wider picture so we can understand where we are along the journey to create the international government.

Mankind exists within the third dimension, which is based on a sense of illusion.  Everyone is born with a blueprint in our hearts for our ideal life, and every choice we make is meant to get us closer to our goal, but misunderstandings occur and kick us off course. We rely on compensatory games to help us rather than standing on the principles of creativity--the principles of the cooperation of nature.

All nature functions based on the principles of the cooperation of nature, but as the religions teach, the one thing God, the Creator of us all, didn't create was our will. This is a free-will Universe. We are taught the principles by the prophets, but may not always follow the teachings. When we break the spiritual laws, there is a backlash, and because power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage, we must undo the damage we have done to regain our power.

There are seven compensatory games that people play, known as the Seven Deadly Sins, and they are considered deadly because at their ultimate conclusion, someone dies. Jesus of Nazareth overcome death by teaching about the Seven Deadly Sins. The games lead to wars, genocides, massacres, slavery, and terrorism on the national level, and the end of life crisis on the individual level. 

Everyone plays the games. People are not bad, the games are bad. They are oppressive to the people.

The games reach their ultimate conclusion when played on an innocent person. Until then, the games seem to work, because there is a time element for the backlashes to occur, but there is always a backlash to the games. Grabs for power always lead to the loss of power.

The issue of no WMD found in Iraq means that Saddam Hussein was innocent of the charges against him, and the preemptive strike backlashed on President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair. It devolved as a character defamation campaign, an individual form of genocide, but because it was between world leaders, it drew in the entire planet. It collapsed the U.S. power base, and triggered the other world leaders to jockey for power to see who will be the next superpower.

Those who are jockeying for power are playing the games they played to reach their own level of power within their nations and on the international level. 

The Seven Deadly Sins are based on three fears--loss, death and failure. As the games collapse, many people fear they cannot get the life they want, and the fear is spreading across the planet.

Most of the people are still oblivious to what is going on, and are continuing on. Many people see the collapse of the old structure and don't know what to do about it, because the games no longer work.

Something must take the place of the old structure, so the people in power who are aware of the crisis are looking for a new plan. Which will it be?

The United Nations has many wonderful programs, but according to Secretary General Kofi Annan, "George Bush made the United Nations irrelevant." It has proven it cannot end or prevent wars. Relying on it places mankind on the slippery slope. The European Union has had difficulties assimilating Turkey and dealing with issues within Europe, like economic crises in several nations. At this time, the United Kingdom is facing the Bexit vote to withdraw from the E.U. 

There is no need to withdraw from them, why not continue on and everyone work together to create the international government and allow the failing structures to fade away when no longer necessary?

The plan for the international government solves the problems that the existing structure cannot, and so we are working to demonstrate the potential of the plan until people are willing to work together to bring it about. We introduced the plan, but at first too many people were holding onto the existing structure to see the potential of the plan. People must be squeezed to participate or why else let go of it? 

Our first issue that we are dealing with is the squeezing action, and overcoming the fears associated with letting go of the old structure. This is manifesting as a series of curses or pandemics that are based on the Seven Deadly Sins. 

The first step in our Track Our Progress planning is to bring together the professional publishing team to handle the publishing and distribution of the channeled messages that were given to the original prayer circle and the books that cover the Creative process on how to overcome any crisis and to walk forward to create the life you want. Karen Holmes, a channel--a prophet--is working to demonstrate the potential of the books to help her overcome the crises in her own life, and proving the teachings are valid. 

Hundreds of people now see the potential of the books, but are facing conflicts based on the character defamation campaign against her, so this had led to a schism between those who are the victims of the power games, and those who are grabbing for power. 

When anyone offers a plan, there is always a counterpoint concept that must be addressed first, and that is conflict resolution. The people who were named as part of the technology team are addressing conflict resolution. Technology can be used as a tool or a weapon. 

This leads us to our Exit Strategy for Iraq proposal, and the Track Our Progress planning.