Tuesday, October 10, 2017

My Soul Group

No, I am not talking about music. I am talking about karmic debts, becoming truly empowered and functioning on a higher level.

Mankind plays power games with the belief that by doing so we can get our life on a higher level, but what happens if that is a misunderstanding? What happens if you can't get your life by playing power games? You reach the ultimate conclusion of the misunderstanding, and if someone doesn't set you straight again, that is when you die. The lesson mankind is working on now is where true power comes from.

Everything happens first on the spiritual level, then progresses to the mental level, and finally to the physical. In Heaven, before we are born, we have already learned that lesson. To evolve to the higher level, we must assume responsibility to undo the damage we have done. Everyone on the planet is part of a soul group, a group of people who reincarnate together to replay past lives, a spiritual kind of do-over. The soul group has a common goal, and all work to help mankind evolve. Mankind is always spiraling upwards, so each time it is a bit easier to deal with the karmic debt.

I sure there are questions about why this organization is functioning as it does.

One of the reasons we don't just invite people to join our organization as most others do is because our independent members are part of a soul group, and we are replaying past lives, working to undo the damage that has been done in previous lifetimes. We may be reincarnated people, or aspects or archetypes of people replaying major events in history. Aspects are people who have not yet been born who follow someone in the body around so that they can be reborn at a later time to play out the same scenario, Archetypes are more general, like a similar plot in a story. Many people believe they were Joan of Arc in a past life, but it really doesn't matter whether you were that person, you are an aspect or an archetype, and besides, who really wants to be persecuted as Joan of Arc was? Maybe it is a way of saying "I am being persecuted, but history will remember me as being a saint."

We also have racial purposes, which are that we are descended from people who were involved in some sort of conflict that kicked the family off course. This is known as a "curse of the generations" in the Bible. My family is dealing with a two thousand year old curse of the generations.

Everything functions in cycles, and during the time period between January 2008 and December of 2012, all the cycles lined up. Change only occurs easily at the beginning and the end of cycles, so this has been a time of great changes. We are replaying major events in history, such as the time of Jesus of Nazareth, the American Revolution, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Genghis Khan. 

For all intents and purposes, mankind can wipe clean all those karmic debts and curses by working on our projects that benefit everyone.

On a parallel basis, our organization is working to set up an international court system so that disputes between nations are resolved in court rather than the battlefield and the monies wasted on war go to the people instead. The existing international structure, based on the United Nations, is flawed. One of the flaws in the UN Charter is that a nation doesn't have to be a signatory of the international courts, so disputes between nations are not resolved. While it may seem to be in the interests of that nation to not be a signatory of the courts, eventually the anger builds against that nation. As I said, true power comes from assuming responsibility to undo the damage you and others have done, so by not assuming responsibility, you eventually lose power.

The United States can wipe clean the disputes against our nation by agreeing to participate in the plan for the international government, but by not agreeing to participate, now that the plan has been introduced, by forcing an agenda the anger is once again building, and a new slate of court cases is being established. A new cycle of crises are being passed on to future generations.

An easier way to see this is the choice between Heaven, Hell or Purgatory.

The difference between Heaven and Hell is that in Heaven, there is a solution to your problems.

Hell is to go down into the power games of revenge, or any of the Seven Deadly Sins, which are based on the fears of loss, death and failure.The power games lead to war, genocide, massacres, slavery, terrorism, famine and diseases.

Purgatory is to ignore the crises and pass them on to future generations, and it can take even up to two thousand years to undo the damage.

We are all born with our spiritual gifts from our Creator so we can fulfill our individual purpose, our group purpose and our racial purpose. It is not a matter of money, because we have everything we need to fulfill our purpose. It doesn't matter whether you live in a palace like Versailles or a little hut made out of sticks in the desert, you can still fulfill your purpose in life. Each of us made a soul agreement with our Creator to be provided with everything, including relationships, at the right time and place. We are gently nudged, like a shepherd guiding his or her sheep, to get back on track if we get lost along the way.

My gift for our Creator is to be able to communicate with anyone on the other side. I am channeling books with the past kings, queens and presidents, who are returning to undo the damage they have done during their lifetimes.

Mankind is being unified. All the soul groups are working together to bring world peace. We have become one soul group with each of us born to undo the damage and working together to do what is in everyone's best interest. The first project is the plan for the international government. Everyone will have a say is how it functions, so please join the debate on the plan. That opportunity to have a voice will continue to exist, because the One World government will enable the individual to take unfair laws and practices to the Supreme Court.